Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer favourite products :)

This summer I was using more make-up than usual for me, also I liked some  other products for body and hair. Here's a short presentation and review of all my favourites :)

For hair I was using a lot Syoss Nutrition Oil Care shampoo, Balea serum for split ends, Alverde hair oil and Gliss Oil Nutritive spray. This combination really took good care of my hair, they don't split so much anymore, they nourish them and givem them a nice shine. You must be careful not to use too much of the shampoo at once, because than it will make your hair became even more greasy in a shorter time. Gliss and Balea I've been using for quite some time now and they are both a very good product for the price. Alverde hair oil was new thing I tried and loved :) You must be careful how much you put on, I usually put it on right after washing my hair. With wet hair you can easily apply too much, since it doesn't feel like you put on too much. I never tried applying it on dry hair, but if you have really super dry hair and damaged hair ends you can do that too, even if they are not freshly washed.

For body I was mostly using these three shower gels :) Two very fruity scents and one flower one - lotus flower :) Nice and refreshing, also made my skin feel very good. No irritations, no dry skin, just a nice care for a normal skin. :)

For body I used mostly these three, Fa body lotion  Sensual Oil, has a really nice smell, it absorbs quickly, it doens't leave any grease on the skin or clothes. I used it a lot after shaving or any kind of depilation and it calmed my skin down and made it extra soft :) I discovered Dusch das through a friend and this has become one of my favourite deodorants ever. It smells very nice, very fresh, it actually doesn't leave any white stains on my clothes ( I have a lot of black t-shirts and dresses). Mostly they promise they don't but they still do.  :S Plus it is so budget friendly, this cost about 1,50e I think. Very good product for a low price. :) Also Balea Mango hand creme! I bought it just because of the smell, it is gorgeous! It absorbs quickly, it also nourishes my hands really well, my nails seem better too :)

For face I love Dr.Scheller face wash gel pomegranate. It has nice texture, it is clear coloured, turns into  a little bit like a foam. It is a very gentle cleanser suitable for all skin  types. Plus it's natural cosmetics. :) It doesn't have any particular smell. Balea Creme peeling with Aloe Vera is also a very nice product for all skin types. It has a lot of small granulas, you don't need much of the product for one wash and the whole tube lasts quite a long time :) For make-up remover I'm using this one from Alverde with marigold extract. It removes nicely, it's very creamy. It smells very gently of marigold. I can not say if it removes waterproof make-up, because I don't use it.

Next, after preparing my skin I put on Garnier BB cream for oily skin in light. It has a very nice, light texture. It doesn't make me more pimples or block my pores, it is a nice shade, suitable for my skin. It gives a nice matte finish. For concealer I use Healthy Mix by Bourjois in shade 51. It is a really great concealer, covers really well and gives matte finish. On top of that I use Essence Fix &Matte translucent powder, to fix the whole foundation. All this gives a really nice, light feeling on the skin, like I have nothing on. A really big difference between this and a real foundation which can be a lot more heavier, but also gives more coverage. For summer this was quite enough, perhaps now in fall and winter I will switch back to a real liquid foundation.

For eye make-up, I used quite a lot of different products. Mostly I loved these ones! As for mascaras I loved L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes, it really makes the best out of my eyelashes. :) Than this summer I tried something less expensive, so I got myself Essence I love Extreme Volume mascara. It's not as good as Volume Million Lashes, but still makes a nice daily look. You can always build it up, but the texture is a bit more liquidy and it tends to clog my lashes together. No more than three coats or it gets too heavy and looks more like fat, straight lashes. Very unflattering...

Than for eyeshadows, this summer I was using a lot of daily, classical shades. I was really not summery at all, the only more summery colour was a peach one, but it did not come into the collection of my favourites. Here you can see at the mascaras, left up Essence, Marble Mania LE, 01 Seriousely Mixed Up, than below Essence 59 Copper Island, on the other side of mascaras I have Essence  Colour&Shine, 11 Mercurious and ArtDeco  13 from Marrakesh Sunset LE. The Beauty Uk pallete in 4 Earth Child is so nice, very nicely pigmented, useful colours, small packaging so I always took her with me on my holidays or any other trip. A product I would really recommend to all. All the basic colours in one place, plus some green shades - to me this is a basic thing to have in your makeup bag. It has a little sponge applicator in it, but I was using my brushes to apply it. The Essence eyeshadows are all very nice too, long lasting, easy to apply and blend, give nice shimmery effect. As for the eyeliner, I loved these three by Revlon. They are named Antiqued Gold, Burnished Amber and Sueded Brown. They are really nicely pigmented, longlasting and easy to apply. The last one is a black one by Essence, Long lasting eye pencil in 01 Black forever. A really deep black colour, not greyish! It is longlasting and it's easy to apply, a really good black eyeliner.

My favourite nail polishes this summer were Deborah ShineTech in 50, Bourjois 1 seconde in number 8 and ArtDeco Ceramic Nail Lacquer in 412. I was going for a really classic colours this summer. Also because I finally discovered the shades of red I always wanted to have. :)

As for lips I was using so many products this was really the hardest thing to pick out. But I guess it is safe to say these were my summer favourites! First is a Revlon Matte lipstick in In The Red, second Catrice Lip Appeal in 100 Red-y, Steady, go!, than again Revlon Mineral lipglaze in 545 Stay Ablaze. Than two Alverde gloss lipsticks I got from this summers limited edition Nude&Flash, first one is 40 Smokey Rose and second one 60 Rich Coral.

Here are the swatches for all five of them. :) Again very classy colours I chose. Three more daily shades and two more pigmented and more suitable for a night out or dinner. :) Both Alverde ones give a bit more glossy finish, they have a nice smooth texture, the usual Alverde smell, like most of their products. They are very nice for daily use, for work and such. They leave a nice feeling on the lips and even when they dry they still leave a bit of colour on. They are not very long lasting, I had to reapply them a couple of times.

Catrice lip gloss gives a nice gentle colour to your lips, very useful for daily use, smooth application, doesn't smell of anythig in particular, but is not very long lasting.

Revlon have one of the most amazing lip products that are available in our drug stores! They are my total favourites for lip products. Both of these products are very nice to apply, they give a really nice finish. Both shades can be built up to look more full on. They are both very long lasting, they don't dry out my lips. Of course the pigmentation is super good! Lipglaze has a bit of a nice sugary smell, or at least that's how I would describe it. Unfortunately they are both discontinued and are no longer in stores, perhaps you can still catch some sales somewhere. Anyway I'm not too sad about it, because I'm sure that Revlon will launch even better shades and products and that we will want them even more than we want the old products. Like lip butters the whole make -up world is crazy about, they are not in Slovenia yet, but when they do come I hope we get all shades, because I already have a wishlist XD

(sorry for the  bad photo, the natural daylight did not help much, so the photo is a bit unjust to the colours)
from top to bottom: Alverde Rich Coral, Smokey rose, Stay Ablaze, Red-y, Steady , go!, In the Red.
These were my favourite summer products :) I believe some of them will remain so also in fall and winter :) I hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading!

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