Monday, March 31, 2014

NEW in March :)))


Hello! New month, almost gone and a lot of newbies.. again! As I was really trying not to buy too much in February, I really went over again this month... still I got some really awesome discounts and some second hand stuff, so all in all this bunch has been a pretty good deal :)))

I'll start with a list of newbies:

- Schwarzkopf Gliss 6 Miracles Oil Essence
- Balea Papaya& Buttermilch hand cream
- Balea Golden Shine body lotion
- DM Das gesunde plus Panthenol cream
- Le Couvent des Minimes hair mask
- Inell Micellar solution
- Inell Lait Demaquillant Douceur
- Kahne face tonic Hamamelis
- Nivea  Aqua effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse
- Akoma original Ghanaian Black soap
- Essie Good to Go top coat
- Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Burgundy
- Bourjois So Laque! Ultra shine in 28 Rose Lounge
- Bourjois  10 Days Anti-choc nail polish in 18
- Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in shade 51 Vanille clair
- Deborah portable powder brush
- Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin in shade 150 Buff Chamois
- L'Oreal True Match foundation in shade R2-C2 Vanille Rose
- Deborah CC Cream 8in1 creamy correcting foundation in shade 01
- Bourjois Delice de Poudre, bronzing powder in shade 52
- MUA blusher in shade 2
- Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying powder in shade 52 Vanilla
- Catrice, Intensif'Eye wet&dry shadow in shade 100 Glamourose
- ArtDeco Pure Minerals eyeshadow in 820
- Sleek Glitter eyeliner in 273 Gem
- Essence Longlasting Eye pencil in shade 12 I have a green
- Bourjois Khol&Contour Ultra black eye pencil
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer in shade 51 eclat clair
- MaxFactor Smoky Eye Effect eyeshadow in Indigo Mist
- MaxFactor Excess Volume mascara in black
- Revlon  Super Lustrous glos in 215 Super Natural
- Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in 402 Across the Universe
- Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Finish in shade 08 Grand Cru
- Alverde Lipgloss Maximize effect in shade 10 Sunburst
- Deborah Milano MilanoRed Laquein shade 6
- Maybelline Color Whisper in 310 Mad for Magenta

OMG, that was another long list and it took me a really long time to type it all down... So.. what do you think? went a bit too crazy this month, right? Well, now I finally have a feeling like there's nothing I could possibly buy at the moment, also satisfied my wishes and my wishlist and feel really happy about it :) I shall invest in some clothing next month, I really have so many great products at the moment and I love using most of them :) Some of these have not been tested yet, as I have too much of them, but they will get their turn soon :)

First I'll start with DM Panthenol cream. I bought this one because I really had some bad time with my skin, around my mouth it got really red and sensitive, it took about two weeks to get my skin to get better. It's still not at it's best but a lot better than before. Also as this cream has panthenol it helped reduce my blemishes. Next I got this hair mask by Le Couvent des Minimes ( like a spinoff of more famous brand L'Occitane). I got it as a gift at work for Women's Day :) I haven't tried it yet, only smelled it and it has a very strong herbal scent to it.. will see if it does any good to my hair. Next is Balea Golden Shine body lotion. As the name already suggests it has a little golden glitter to it, which gives a subtle glow to the skin. I intent to use it on my legs.. I don't really need this since I have a couple of similar products.. so this really was just an impulsive buy.  Another Balea product is this hand cream, Papaya & Butter milch. Smells amazingly sweet, also is quite good with  nourishing. Next I got 50% discount coupon for all Gliss products and I decided to try the new hair oil, still waits for testing...

Another few items for face cleaning...  I got these two by Inell in LeClerc, the micellar solution is 500 ml and really cheap, about 2,50e... Also need to get a new make up remover so I wanted to see if this one by Inell would be ok, still waiting to test it. As my skin has been really bad in March I tried to find a gentle tonic and bough this one by Kahne, and it really is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin more or causes more blemishes. The last buy here was this Nivea cleansing foam, which I will test soon I hope. I had 50% discount in Dm so I decided to give it a go, hope it will be good :)

Another item for my face is this black soap by Akoma, which I have ordered from a slovenian web site, and it arrived really fast, like in two days. :) I am almost finished with the one I had from iHerb and didn't want to wait so long for a new one so I decided to get one by another brand, see the difference. I was really satisfied with previous one and it lasted me almost a year, it really has been a huge piece of soap... this one is a bit smaller, but what matters is that it will fit my skin... Review some time soon, I hope :)

Nails time.... I didn't have any top coat or base coat or anything.. so I got this 30% discount at DM for all decorative cosmetics and I decided to try this one by Essie. I have read some really good reviews.. I still have to test this one properly, hope it works for me. Other Essie nail polishes I had weren't  as good as I hoped and they are quite expensive. Next is Barry M Matte nail polish... got it from Lič for about 7euros. I saw advertisements for some lingerie and I noticed the girl with matte deep red nails... so I searched where could I find such a shade and this one fitted the bill. I have tried it once so far and I really liked it :) The two Bourjois nail polishes I got for 50% and 30% discount, also at DM store... I really like the blue one :)

Also from Lič I ordered this MUA blusher in shade 2, which is a bright pink and I've been using it almost every day since I got it. Really like the shade and how it make me look more fresh. From ASOS I order this Bourjois bronzing powder. I have read so much about it, everyone in make up world recommended this one but it's not available in Slovenia, so I was really happy to get it! Also needed some mattifying powder to go on top of my foundation and the Essence one was really not good enough, so I decided to get the Bourjois one and I am using it every day now, really workd well. Since I didn't have a portable powder brush I got this one from Deborah, and it really comes in handy, plus the price was almost the same as the Ebelin one.... Onto foundations... I went a little crazy this month with my search for my perfect foundation. Soon after I bought Bourjois CC cream I got 123 Foundation in shade 51 and oh my gooosssh, this one is amazing! Almost better than Revlon Colorstay I bought second hand, in shade Buff. I haven't  tested the new L'Oreal True Match yet, I had 50% discount in DM and used it the last day... I hope it will be good. I used a lot of L'Oreal foundations back in high school, so I hope they are still as good as they were... The Deborah CC cream I also got second hand, haven't tested it yet, but I hope it will be ok.. it looks like it will be a pain in the ass to apply it evenly..

For eye make up I got new mascara by MaxFactor, Excess Volume, and it really does something to my lashes which are really short and straight... it's still not a wow effect but it's pretty decent considering all my other mascaras... Bourjois concealer has been my repurchase, I think this is my third one in a row... I really love to use this on my blemishes as well as under my eyes to cover my dark circles.. Sleek Glitter eyeliner in Gem was on discount at Lič and I really wanted to try this one had it on my wishlist for some time now.. so I decided to buy it. Catrice eyeshadow has been a more impuslcive buy, I wanted something more spring like and I liked the marble shade of the product and the touch of pink shade in it. At the end of the month I also stumbled upon ArtDeco discount and thought this small mono eyeshadow would do well as a base and highlighter and also for when I'm on the go and don't have space or need for a lot of make up. MaxFactor Smokey eyes was another impulsive buy, still haven't tested it yet. I hope this light blue shade will be good, I really liked it in the store, but will see how it looks when applied. The last two items here are two eye pencils - one by Essence, I have  a green and one by Bourjois in Ultra Black. Tested both and I really like them a lot, very nice to use and very nice shades ;)

Saved my favourite part for the end ;) Finally got my hands on Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in shade Super Natural :) I really like the gentle shade and I know it's nothing special but I somehow fell for it and had it on my wishlist for months now. I got 25% discount at Muller store :P Next is Rimmel Apocalips in shade Across the Universe, a deep red shade, just my kind of lippie. After my first successful purchase at ASOS ( the Bourjois bronzing powder - this one was also on discount, but it's already back to the regular price 9euros and something) I saw these were on discount also and I got myself just one shade, the one that was the most pretty :P At the beginning of the month I was searching for orange lippies and I decided to test this Alverde lip gloss and it's really pretty orange, of course a lot more sheer than it looks in the packaging. Next is another product from my wishlist, Deborah lip lacquers. I got the darkest, deepest shade 6. It really looks more like a deep berry shade when applied and so far I really liked it :) Next is another product by Bourjois, the Rouge Edition matte lip glosses...? I don't really know if I can call these lip glosses? A wonderful deep red matte shade, aslo used the 30% discount on this one, with a really nice velvety finish. If only I coudl work with it faster - it takes some time and work to get the shade even on your lips. Last here is the Maybelline Color Whisper in shade Mad for Magenta, a nice pinky fuchsia like shade that I wanted to buy last summer, but never did... and I finally stopped waiting and got my wishlist almost done! Really lovely shade, works well with my new MUA blusher and really brightens up my face. :)))

Ok, now this was a really long post... And a lot of new products.. I got lucky with the 30% discounts for decorative cosmetics, I actually had two, than some other discounts at Muller and some coupons I got delivered  at home, some Asos discounts.. otherwise this would really cost me a fortune. I got some expensive items second hand, like the MF mascara, Revlon and Bourjois, Deborah foundations and cc creams... so all in all was still really expensive, if I make a sum of all the months purchases... But I finally almost closed up on my wishlist and I already know that April won't be so full at all.. It took me some months but I finally have almost every item I wanted to try :)) Feeling really happy to be able to afford so many goodies :) April will be a month of new clothing, as I am in need of some nice stuff to wear for work and just so ;) Oh, and did you already guess my favourite make up brand? :P

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, March 30, 2014

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK #2: Bourjois Color Edition 24H Cream to Powder eyeshadows

Hello again! Another sunday and again time for a POTW post ;) This week I've been regularly using these two little pots by Bourjois, the Color Edition cream to powder eyeshadows :) I got these twoas a gift for my b-day, they were on my wishlist since they were launched and I really wanted to try them. :) I've been using them regularly almost every week since I got them, but I tried to work with these two even more in the past week, to give a more accurate review :)

 I have two shades, one is golden shimmery shade in 02 Or Desir and the second one is a more purplish-brownish shade in 05 Prune Nocturne.

The packaging is simple, little plastic pots with black lids and transparent bottom, so you can see the shade instantly :)

I am aware that these look like a copy of more famous Maybelline Color Tatto pots, especially the packaging is very similar. Some of you might also compare these to MAC Paint Pots, but I don't have any of those to compare it to them.. I do however have three shades of Color Tatto's and you can read the review here :) Or even you could find a dupe here for a Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadows. ;)

The texture of these shades is a bit less creamy than Color Tattos, it feels like a cream for a second and than it's already more like a powder. Bourjois claims to add in the texture 6% resin to boost longevity as well as silicones and fine pigments so that the shadow glides on and  locks onto the skin. I like the smoothness of the texture and how easy it is to apply it. You can use it as an eyeshadow, a base for a more complex eye make up, or just as an eyeliner when applying with a brush. I mostly just use my fingers and gently dab the shadows. They are really nice to work with, even better than the Color Tattos. With those I sometimes feel like I need to work them some more to get the even shade all over my lids.

The pigmentation is good, but a bit less good than with Maybelline ones. Still, you can build up easily and if you prefer a more subtle look this product will work with you just fine :) Personally, I had bad and good experiences with longivety. Some days the shades would crease into a thin line, some days they would stay put... Luckly the days when these work great are more  numerous. I know what was the difference between some days, maybe I just didn't prep my lids well.. It can be used without any primer or with s little bit of it. I have tried both and I think that my lids need some primer first to make the product last longer. Most of the time I get a really good wear out of them, at least 8h with no problems...

And some swatches.... The second shade 05 Prune Nocturne is not easy to photograph and also doesn't look as purple on the yes as it does in the pot. But since it's still a really lovely every day shade I like to use it a lot :) The most used has been 02  Or Desire, a perfect golden eyeshadow.. not too yellow, not too greenish, not too shimmery.. just perfect and I love to wear it to work :)

Also, I have read that shade 05 Prune Nocturne is very similar to Chanel's Ebloui and can be a cheaper alternative. I also really liked the khaki shade in 04 Kaki Cheri, but probably won't buy it... I already have too many products that don't get enough attention :)

Do you have any of these little pots? Maybe by some other brand that I did not mention and are also worth trying? 

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: Essence - Longlasting eye pencils

Hello! So I managed to have some time to write a review of a couple of my eye pencils, they are all by Essence and are from the same range - Longlasting Eye pencil. I know these have been around for years, and I bet almost everyone has at least one of these at home, and if not, at some point you were in the shop holding it in your hands and thinking whether or not to buy it :) At the moment I own six different shades and I thought it would be really appropriate to write a short review of these pencils as I have been using them for as long as I'm into make up... it really has been years now.

The packaging is simple, the colour of the outside plastic indicates the shade of the pencil, simple to use, with a retractable mechanism and a plastic cap. Plastic is strong enough and I have never had a broken cap or cracked pencil case, even thou they seem to constantly seek the floor :P

Shades are changing with the Essence regular two times per year changes, spring/summer and autumn/winter season. I kinda like that they try to be "in" and try to offer different shades. Some are still a constant and that's for the best. the brown Hot Chocolate and the black Black Fever shade simply need to be where they are, since they are my go to shades for a quick make up look. The rest come and go, I use them up and sometimes repurchase.... I have repurchased Black fever at least 4 times... probably more. 

The texture of the pencils is smooth, creamy, application is easy and fast. Also it's not hard to make a fine, precise line with these, you just need a steady hand and to sharpen the end a bit with your hands or maybe cut off the end slightly to make the shape more thin. They set well without being waterproof, which is quite good, especially considering the price. For around 2e you get a very good eye pencil. Longivety depends on the eye base I use, or better if I use one. My eyelids are a bit more greasy and I need some primer under it to make it last all night/ all day...

My collection consists of shades 01 Black fever (deep black shade), 02 Hot chocolate ( deep, warm brown),  12 I have  a green ( full green with a bit of cool shimmer to it), 09 Cool Down ( abit more blusih than greenish shade with a hint of shine), 18 Berry Merry( between purple and brown with a touch of shine) and 10 Almost famous ( pearly shade). This is the lightest shade I have and I use it mostly for my inner corner and for waterline. I must say I like these a lot, they are cheap and efficient, shades are well pigmented and last well, easy to use, apply and blend.... what more could I wish for? They are not ideal and the black shade does tend to go a bit more transparent and grey after 8h wear, but I keep mine in my purse and just do some touch ups if I feel like it's not as it should be. But mostly I have no need for corrections. :)

Check some more photos and swatches of the shades ;)

I have a green, Hot chocolate, Almost Famous
Black Fever, Berry Merry ( a very bad swatch - sorry, but this one is impossible to make real on photos), Cool Down
Hope this was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, March 28, 2014

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK #1: Labello - Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia

Hello again! I have to apologize first for being a little absent and not posting at all... I had quite some work for my studies and I haven't actually finished anything yet, but I hope to squeeze posting on my blog in my busy week....

As the title suggests, I will be writing about my favourite product of the week. :) I'll try to write each week about a certain product but I give no promises, since I would really be better doing what I must do not what I would like to do... I'll be using this title for writing a review of a certain product, show you some photos, some swatches... Also I'll try to actually use the product every day for a week and see how it works on me and write a proper and honest review. Since I have so many things yet to test and so many things that I rarely use I thought this would be a good idea to shufle through my stash more quickly and also be more organised :)

So to the product - today I'll write about Labello Lip Butter  Vanilla & Macadamia. :) This is nothing new and I bet almost everyone tried this product or at least the other version of it - Raspberry rose, which is also available in Slovenia.

I have this little pot on my desk at home and mostly use it at home. It's packaged in a small  round tin pot, containing 19 ml of the product or 16,7g. I use it at home also because there I have access to bathroom and I can wash my hands regularly before using the product.. otherwise it would be full of bacteria and dirty really fast..

The moisturizing formula contains shea butter and almond oil. The formula melts on the lips, giving them a nice scent, healthy glow and most importantly, restores suppleness.

This product is ideal for all vanilla lovers, because it's  actually aromatized with real vanilla and macadamia aromas. I could not belive the amazing scent this product has! It's not invasive or in any way too strong or too fake and plastic, it doesn't smell sugary but actually like a vanilla extract.

For  me this product does half of what it promises -  pampers lips, relieves dry, chapped lips. I must say it is more nursing than their sensitive lip balm or the classic one... It will not be enough in a really harsh winter, but for a person working mostly indoors, this would be probably good enough :) Still the nourishing and pampered feeling doesn't last and it doesn't help when your lips are really needing some healing. It's a semi good product regarding the effect on the lips, but I don't regret the buy since the aroma is really nice and I am a big vanilla scent lover :P

What about you? Have you tried this product? Do you like it? I would really love to buy the other two that we don't have in Slovenia - caramel and original... I bet those two also have really nice scents :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014

Review: REVLON - Nearly Naked foundation in 130 Shell :)

Hey there! Today's post will be a review of my most used foundation - Revlon Nearly Naked in shade Shell. I was using this product for almost a year now, this is my second bottle. The first one I got as a gift and the second I bought myself at Click2Chic. When I first started to use this I was really impressed, because this foundation looked so natural I almost appeared like I have nothing on at all. Since last month, when I bought Bourjois CC Cream this opinion is a little bit changed, but still I really like this foundation.

Packaging: Classical glass botle with white plastic cap.  You get 30 ml of the product inside, it doesn't have any pump or  anything like that so the product spills right out on your hand. At first I had problems with this, but than I got used to how much I need and how to roll the bottle in my hand to prevent it from spilling too much. 

Application: I mostly use my fingers because I find it easier to apply, also a lot more faster. I also tried with my Ebelin foundation brush, and the finish was a bit better than with fingers, but it took me a little bit longer and I used more product, because the brush kinda absorbed a lot. Also, it workde best when I used a bit of primer, because it likes to settle a bit into the deep pores. 

Colour: I have shade 130 Shell, which is a bit on the yellow side, a tiny bit on the peachy, it looks warm on the skin, it's definitely not a cool shade. I haven't tried other shades, but judging by the swatched online and checking the shades in store I belive that Shell is my best match. Also, if you are not sure which would suit you best you can check Revlon's online guide here.

Texture: The formula of the product is really soft and melts into the skin, it's also a more sheer foundation  and kinda looks like a tinted moisturizer. When it sets the finish is almost powdery,  but not dewy, it looks really really natural, like you have almost nothing on. 

Coverage and staying power : This is really sheer and you can not expect a full coverage from this one. It helps hide the redness, but any larger dark or deep red spots you will have to work with concealer. As for staying power goes - I have oily skin most of the time and this lasts me decently, about 6 hours. Also, have in mind that this is a non-long-wear type of product and doesn't give promises of 16hrs and such...I tested this product in spring, summer, autumn and also winter, so I can say that even in summertime it worked just as well as it does in winter time. Actually in winter time my skin is a bit dry and oily at the same time, so I had more trouble with the foundation in winter time. Since I never get tanned the shade Shell suited me all year long. :)

Enjoy some more photos and my attempts at swatching :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Preview: Catrice - Haute Future LE :)

Hello again! It's Sunday and finally time for me to catch up to all the new information :) Today's post will be a preview of new limited edition by Catrice, called Haute Future :) Enjoy ;)

Future of Fashion. The latest designs are futuristic, edgy and straight. Reflecting surfaces, holographic materials and metallic elements bring the future into the present. A powerful digital look fulfils the highest couture demands and is eccentric as well as energising. The focus is on a palette of cool colours with shimmering green and silver nuances. The new Limited Edition “Haute Future” by Catrice offers the matching beauty products for this visionary look: must-haves are the Blush Pearls for soft accents, the Iridescent Topper as a highlighter for your face and body as well as the Holographic Flakes for nails in a trendy 3D-design. Meet the beauty galaxy.

Haute Future Baked Eyeshadow – Beauty-Beamer. The powder eyeshadow in intensive colours creates visionary eye make-up with holographic effects. It can be applied moist or dry and transports your look into a new galaxy. Three shades – cool silver-grey, bright turquoise-green and a beautiful brown-beige, each marbled with lighter pigments – can be applied mono or in combination. Available in shades C01 Gem Into The Future, C02 iROSEdescent, C03 Never Green Before.

Haute Future Blush Pearls – Stardust. The rosé, softly shimmering Blush Pearls create a flawless and radiant complexion. Applied with a large brush, the airy-light texture is smoothly and evenly distributed on your face and neckline – for even more radiance. The premium packaging is a further futuristic eye-catcher. Available in shade C01 iROSEdescent.

Haute Future Holographic Liner – Changing Universe. The liquid eyeliner with a colour-changing effect is easy to apply accurately thanks to its thin brush tip. For an intensive eyeliner look in iridescent blue-purple tones. Eye-catching eye make-up is guaranteed. Available in shade C01 GaLiLACxy.

Haute Future Iridescent Topper – Top of the Galaxy. This topper stands for one of the biggest trends in 2014: 3D-shimmer effects. The quick-drying liquid in a soft rosé-gold is applied on top of your eyeshadow or used as a highlighter for your body and face to intensify any styling. Glam-factor included! Available in shade C01 iROSEdescent.

Haute Future Iridescent Lip Colour – Out of Space. The limited lipsticks have a convincing, soft texture and offer subtle colour-dispersion to cover your lips with either a purple or apricot shine. Shades: C01 Holo Is The New Yolo, C02 iROSEdescent.

Haute Future Ultimate Nail LacquerMulti-Facetted Future Chic. Ultimate colour, ultimate coverage and ultimate shine. The Ultimate Nail Lacquer brings the time warp to your nails. Five limited colours with various effects in fashionable blue, green and taupe shades. Shades: C01 Eletrix Blue, C02 Never Green Before, C03 iROSEdescent, C04 GaLILACxy, C05 Gem Into The Future.

Haute Future Holographic Flakes Top Coat – Cyber Flakes. The transparent topcoat with holographic pigments in silver gives your nails a cosmic look. The flakes can be applied on top of any nail polish for an individual design. Available in shade C01 Holo Is The New Yolo.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly