Sunday, September 29, 2013

NEW in September :)

Hello everyone! How are you? Lately I haven't been posting much, because my computer broke and for now I can not access my photos and everything I already have prepared. So, for now, I am working on a borrowed one and I have to wait for more than a week to get to my promised help and retrieve the data from my previous computer. Until than I'll try to do my best and post as much as I can. I must admit it is very irritating to work on someone else's computer, very weird and uncomfortable... also it takes me some more time than usual...

Ok back to my newbies ... September is almost at an end. Very fast month, a terrible month for every student I guess, also  I really hate September's, if you haven't guessed already :P So to cheer myself up, I got so many goodies and there are still some to come, but I will include them in next post, because they will probably arrive in the next month :P  Ok, seriously, let's get started :D

I like to write a list of newbies, so here it is:
- Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palette in SUNSET and Vintage LE, ROMANCE palette
- MeMeMe, Eye Inspire Baked Eyeshadow, 04 Fire Eyes (got as a gift to test for MojaDrogerija)
- Catrice, Powder Kajal, Eve in Bloom LE,  C02 Floralilac
- Ingrid Cosmetics, Beauty Five Longlasting eyeshadows in 06
- I love ...., Coconut & Cream shimmer&shine lip gloss
- Figs&Rouge, 100% Organic Balm, Coco Vanilla
- Maybelline, Baby Lips in Peach Kiss
- S-he, lipgloss in shade140/030
- Essence, Stay matt lip cream, 02 Smooth Berry
- Essence, Longlasting lipstick in shades 05 Dare to be nude, 06 Barely there!, (also accidentaly added my third shade here 04 On the catwalk!, but I got this one in August, but I'll write about all of them together)
- Revlon, Nail enamel, 750 Foxy
- Essence, Studio nails, Ultra nail repair
- Dior, Vernis, shade 704 Nirvana
- O.P.I. in shades Skyfall, Boris&Natasha, Over the taupe, Thanks a Windmillion
- L'Oreal  Skin Perfection, 3in1 Purifying Micellar Solution
- Terra Naturi, Augen Make-up Entferner, Mango & Aloe Vera
- KRASNA, Refreshing tonic, Lavender and Tea Tree extract
- MUA, Undress Your Skin, Illuminating Foundation, in beige
- Alverde, Anti-rotung grundierung
- Bourjois, Poudre de Riz de JAVA, Poudre illuminatrice universelle, special edition for their 150 anniversary
- Balea, Trend it up, dry shampoo
- BH Cosmetics, Travel set brushes :)

On the first photo we have stuff for eyes, so Sleek eyeshadow palettes. I finally got the last two I really wished for and also already mentioned them in my wishlist post :) So I got Sunset, which is not new but I really craved this one whole summer and the years before... and I finally got her, for a very good price at a slovenian online shop Also got the second one there, Vintage Romance, the brand new one, a limited edtion, but since it just came out it's still really fresh and available ;) The colours of both are simply gorgeous! Also, another eye quad by MeMeMe, in shade Fire Eyes, I got as a gift to test and write a review from MojaDrogerija, so I hope to do this soon :) The shades are really great for fall, especially if you are not afraid of bolder shades :) The kajal is by Catrice, I got this one from their limited edition Eve in Bloom. I also liked some lip products from the other LE that arrived a bit later, Thrilling Me Softly, but it was sold out already by the time I  got to the stores... Also another eyeshadow palette here is by Ingrid cosmetics, I got this one as a gift from, another slovenian web store.

Nails .. I got many new goodies for nails! But don't be alarmed, i got them on sales or second hand, so it did not cost as much as it looks like :) I got Skyfall on sales, and the other three by second hand. Shades are Thanks a windmillion - the minty one, Over The Taupe, the browny taupy one, and Boris&Natasha, the purple one :) Also on sales I got one by Revlon, from the new fall collection, in shade Foxy :) Perfect browny for fall ;) And than another gorgeous baby by Dior Vernis, in shade 704 Nirvana :) What a perfect name for a perfect shade! I love this one, simply love love love! And than by the end of the month my nails said no more!, and I had to try an asap help, so I got myself this Essence Ultra Nail Repair. Will see if it really helps or not.. if it won't than I'll try Microcell...

On to the lips - I got some lipsticks, some glosses, some lip balms... As for lip balms, we finally got Maybelline Baby lips to Slovenia! And yes, there's a catch! We only got three different ones and for now I think they are only available in Muller stores...I got myself Peach kiss and I really love the fruity scent and the shiny finish on my lips :) Quite good so far! Also another lip product is by Figs&Rouge, a brand of natural cosmetics... well I was really obssessed with coconut scent this month and I wanted this little pot with Coco Vanilla scent really bad! And than I had some discount at DM stores for natural cosmetics and I got myself one... I expected a good care and especially a great scent... well what I got is much different and so far I am very dissapointed with it... The other lip balm I got, it's kinda lipgloss more thna a balm is by I love... and it really smells great! So far I've been loving it very much!

Onto lipglosses... I got two, one is by S-he, pinky shade with glitter. I just kinda liked the shade in the store andI think it actually kinda suits me..nothing more to say about it. The second one is by Essence Stay matt, shade Smooth berry and this is really more a liquid lipstick that turns matte than a gloss. I got both on discounts and I've been testing them now, both pretty good. I must say the Essence one really amazes me with the pigmentation! Very good job, Essence!

Lipsticks... I actually got only two, not three this month, but I included the third one too, I got that one in August, check it here :) I got shades 05  Dare to be nude and 06 Barely there! Pretty good for the price, way to go again Essence!

Also, I had a lip brush, but I really wanted one that was retractable, so I got one by ModelsOwn. I bought it online at slovenian web store Click2Chic :)

On to face ... Using the same 30% off discount in DM store I got this refreshing toner by KRASNA, a Slovenian brand, and it is really gorgeouly scented with lavander! I still have to try it out but it looks promising, also suitable for greasy type of skin. Than I was running out of my micellar solution and I heard some really good comments about the L'Oreal one so I grabbed that one too, while being at DM.. this was also on discount, I think it's still at 4,60e :) Terra Naturi is a brand by Muller and I actually found this by chance, just walking through the store... It's a make up remover but so far I'm really loving it! I was loooking for a replacement for the Balea one, that one seems not to work best with my eyes, but this one is a really gentle cream :) I think I got this when they had a week of natural cosmetics and they had a lot of the products on discounts.. I think this costed me 1,70e... regular price is something over 2e.

And more about the face... I was looking for a green corrector, cover stick or something when I saw this Alverde green tube, that is supposed to help reduce redness from the face. I hope I am using it correctly, normaly I apply it under my foundation. So far so good, I'll write more about it when I test it properly with different foundations. Also I got a cream by MUA, that is actually more like a foundation...  I have only tested it once, because I just can't stop using my Revlon Nearly Naked. So that one is still waiting for me to be properly tested :) I don't know yet if it really suits me. Also I was really happy to see that Bourjois's 150 anniversary collection came to Slovenia so fast, I really wanted to try this powder :) And it really does smell great, fantastically scented with roses. :) This little pot actually costs 12e, but you can get it on discount if you have the DM store bonuses :) This powder is actually a very gentle illuminator and it's been re-released for the anniverary since it's one of the products that helped Bourjois launch into the stars :)

Next are a mixture of different stuff, first we have a dry shampoo by Balea.. I was just looking for something reasonably priced so I got this one. I also ordered another set of BH brushes, because I really loved the ones I got last month. These are really small, and double sided - so perfect for me and my eyes :) The last one on the photo is a perfume by Shakira, Wild Elixir, that I got as a gift from my boyfriend :) I am not gonna be describing scents since I'm not good at it, but I really like it :) Very suitable for fall :)

Almost forgot to mention, I also got these two products by Kozmetika Kancilja to test as a "Chic ambasadorka"" from another slovenian web store, named Click2Chic :) I love coconut scent and I got these two at the beginning of the month to test and than write a review. One is an universal cream and the other is coconut oil in a plastic spray bottle :) I will write a full review on this in both languages, slovene and english. I think this should be also available in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both are amazingly scented, a true win for every coconut lover :P

So here is a lot of newbies again.. a lot of reviews to be written.. I hope I get around to fixing my old computer or better, I hope my new one arrives soon, so I can get to work :P Do you have any of these products? Do they work for you? Let me know what you think about my september newbies and also, which ones would you like to read about first :)

Thanks for reading and have a great sunday :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Slovenian Bloggers 16. - 22. 9.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make up Trends for Fall/Winter 2013/14 :)

 Hey there! Fall is making big steps into our lives, from weather to clothes to makeup :) It's time to make a short presentation of make up looks that will be trendy this fall/winter season :)

1. Cat eyes
Eyes are again the focus of the face, along with lips. For the classic 60's style cat eyes look you can get inspiration from Kenzo, Anna Sui and such... Be bold with shape, dots, texture.. mix liquid eyeliner with pencil liner, mix colours from icy blue to violet ... of course black is forever classic and you can't go wrong with that one :P

 2. Orangey Shadow
Glossy coppery shadows, orange tones - use them to look both simple and luxurious at the same time :) You can go as dark as reddish brown, but most of all have fun, experiment and find the perfect bronzy, orangy, goldy fall shade for you :) These colours give a vibrant and diffused strength to the eye :)

3. Red Lips and Wine-Hued Lips
 Yes, I know.. again red lips! Yay for some and suffer for the others :P Red is never really out so for some this is a great news and for some, well if you don't feel comfortable wearing red you can still do what suits you best :) Anyway, for red bold lips enthusiasts - matte red is a very encouraged shade, you can also go for wet looking and shiny, or just apply a stain or a good layer of gloss :)
If you like really deep wine reds, than you can start with a stain and build up :)

4. Prune Eyes
Fall is all about purple, and I think this is really nothing new :) Purple, violet shades have always reigned in fall season :) To be more exact,t his fall is very popular a deep brownish kind of purple. You can go from a very sheer and light purple shade to very dark, as long as you feel comfortable. :)

5. Glittery Eyes
Another trend that never dies is glitter! If you prefer only matte shades than this is definitely not for you, but if you like to add a touch of shine, than you can play a lot  with this trend :) 

 6. Grey Wash
No more classic smokey eyes! Gray finish on lids this fall looks more mysterious and fog like :) Just like autumn! Try some granite gray and shade it up all the way to the brow bone :)

 7. Natural Look
For those of you who like make up but want to look as natural as possible - this is it! Natural look is IN always, at least it seems so to me, and it fits best to most :) Take care of your skin and add just a touch of makeup to cover up any minor imperfections :)

 8. Strong brows
Another trend that is slowly coming back for a couple of seasons now - strong brows! No more excessive plucking! :P 

 My Opinion: Hmm, I like the red lips part... and the purple and orangey shades on eyes, so I'll experiment some more with those colours. But this does not feel as anything new to me, more or less, I feel like I'm reading the same ideas every year. Still there are certain looks that suit me and some I really love making, so I'll stick to what I know looks good on me. :) I do't think I'll experiment much :) Also, here you can check my post from last years makeup trends and you'll see some really do repeat every year :) How about you? Do you follow make up trends? Or do you tend to do what makes you feel best?

Hope this was helpful to you and take care!

Love, UniqaPoly

Review: Ebelin Pad for Peeling and Massage :)

Hello! I got this Ebelin pad some time ago, check here, and I am finally writting a review :) This is available only in DM stores, but I'm sure a similar product should be available in any drug store.The price is very user friendly, under 2 euros.

So where to start? I use this after washing my face with whatever I'm usuing that day, lately that has been Nubian Heritage, African Black Soap. Wash my face, than still wet and full of water I gently press and massage my face :) It really works well with my skin, also you can apply some  gel or soap or whatever you use as cleanser and than massage your skin. It feels good in general as well as it feels good on the skin, and especially after drying your face. :)

It's a plastic pad, only in pink colour, on one side you have a handle, on the other is the massage head. On the packaging this product claims to be from a plant source, also claims to be vegan. It is very flexible and very gentle to the skin. On the back of the packaging it says you will achieve your best results if you use it together with your cleanser.

 Also how to wash the pad:  use warm watter and gentle cleanser/shampoo, than dry well. Personally I do just that, maybe with a more hot than warm watter. That's more or less it :)

If you have very very sensitive skin, than be careful with this one, just in case, but I think this is soo gentle, you should not have any problems. Also I think I can recommend this to anyone really, anyone who doesn't have extremely sensitive skin or any kind of painfull skin problems. I have mixed to greasy skin lately, with a couple more outbreaks than usual and this really makes my skin cleaner, smoother. After massaging my face with this I feel like my skin is breathing, feels different than other days when I just wash my face with my soap. Also I use less of  other products for peeling, because this does such a good job, I feel like I don't need any other, but from time to time I still use it. Also I have very large pores on my cheeks and forehead and I feel this really helps to clean them much better than any peeling  I ever had, my pores look smaller. Maybe that's just me, but this is something I think is definitely worth giving it a try. :)

 Also I almost forgot to mention - I like the plastic bag, has an easy zip at the side, so you can take this little pad everywhere with you :)

Hope this was helpful to you :) Thanks for reading :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, September 16, 2013

Slovenian bloggers 9. - 15. 9. :)

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Review & Swatches :)

 Hello again! So today I wanted to write a review for Maybelline Color Tattoo  eyeshadows.. and than I was thinking - who didn't buy these? And how many reviews of them have you already seen and read or even wrote? Too many probably :P So I decided not to write everything the long way, as I usually do and just confirm again and again how awesome these are! :D No really, they are worth the money, an actual good product for good price :)

I have three, shades 40 Permanent Taupe, 45 Infinite White, 70 Metallic Pomegranate. I like some other shades too, but I'm not sure they will get a turn if I buy them, I seem to get used to certain shades and don't use much of the other. 

Packaging  is simple glass pot with a twist off a lid, application can be made with your fingers or a brush, but for me it's more easy to use my fingers. Also, I can achieve a more even look using fingers :)

I think all in all there's ten different shades available, however, in Slovenian drug stores I saw only six, I think. Also I think it's a little bit cheaper to buy them in DM store than Muller. :)

As for shades, first I wanted to get myself  Permanent Taupe after seeing it on Lisa Eldridge. I know that the hype about these was going on for while when she posted her video using the shade, but than I was, ok, if she's using it it must be good! And when in the store, I couldn't resist two more shades :P Permanent taupe is a sort of a minky, pearly, lilacy shade, great for everyday, for work or for school, or just running errands. Infinite white is a great summer colour, a pearly white, my first white eyeshadow. Also has a slight white, silvery shimmer to it. When buying this one I imagined a look: white eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a little bit thick, black mascara, pin up red lipstick :D A perfect summer look and also quick to make. :) The last shade I have is Metallic pomegranate, dark reddish-brownish shade with golden shine :) I love this one the most, soo beautiful! I used it on MetalDays festival a lot, because of the great colour and also because it is easy to use and lasts very long!
Pigmentation of all of these is really good, one swipe is already enough, but you can build up some more :) 
As for super longlasting - yep, they are. I would not say 24hr, because I never wore them that long. But for 10 hours straight these stay put! No primer under at all, my greasy lids and these eyeshadows - it works! But don't be alarmed - it's easy to remove, I used my usual make up remover from Alverde and it did just fine.  :)

And swatches:

left to right: permanent taupe, metallic pomegranate, infinite white

Hope this was usefull to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slovenian Bloggers 2. - 8. 9. 2013

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Food for thought....

Hello! Are you having a nice lazy sunday? Or do you have to work? Me, I'm supposed to be studying but this quote doesn't let me give it a rest... I have posted this a long time on my personal FB page.. I think I found it online while researching about a movie, The Crow... And it's so nicely put I felt like it would be good to share it :)

The Shetering Sky - Paul Bowles

"Because we do not know when we will die we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. And yet everything happens only certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you cannot conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four, five times more? Perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless... "

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Preview: Essence - Beauty Beats LE :)

Hello again! Another preview for you, this time also, again, by Essence. This limited collection is called Beauty Beats :) Available from October to November 2013 :)

Essence team says: "Beauties and Beliebers listen up! As an official make-up partner, essence will be presenting the trend edition “beauty beats – girls on tour with Justin Bieber” this fall for Justin Bieber’s “Believe” tour this year! The products are as unique as the 19 year-old megastar himself and are sure to make the hearts of true fans beat faster. Live on stage, you’ll find cool and practical beauty pieces in grey, light blue, turquoise, purple and coral -pink – for the next concert or for an awesome everyday look! Already highlights of this trend edition: a blush with Justin lyrics and an innovative paper print manicure with images of the musician that can be applied on your nails. Get ready for Bieber fever with essence!"

 Mono eyeshadow - One love! These cool eyeshadows guarantee bright eyes with their metallic shimmer in grey, ice blue or purple and the embossed beauty beats lettering is a true must-have for real Bieber fans! Available in shades 01 Baby, Baby, Oo!, 02 I’m Backstage, 03 As Long As You Love Me.

 Blush - Biebs blush! The velvety, soft texture of this blush conjures-up a gorgeous rosé shade on the cheeks of all true Justin fans. The cool embossed lyrics add an extra special touch that turns this blush into a real collector’s item. Available in shade 01 Groupie at Heart.

 Shimmer powder - Shimmer stage! This soft powder creates a subtle all-over glow that’s sure to put the spotlight on any girl with its fine shimmer pigments. Embossed with the term SWAG – one of Bieber’s favorite expressions – the shimmer powder is the ultimate make-up it-piece for the backstage party! Available in 01 Swaaag!.

Lipgloss - Always a happy song on your lips! These lipglosses make your lips look lovely and irresistible in three trendy shades and are sure to last super long so they’re the perfect companions if you’re heading to a concert! Available in shades 01 Groupie at Heart, 02 Eenie Meenie, 03 I’m Backstage.


 2 in 1 eyeliner - Believe it: the black eyeliner with one slim tip and one broad, slanted tip has an awesome long-lasting texture so you can create lots of fabulous eyeliner looks that Justin is sure to love! Available in shade 01 The Biggest Fan.

Nail polish - Dream and scream All Around The World! The four trendy nail polishes in purple, light blue, coral-pink and turquoise last ultra-long and offer great coverage for gorgeous nails with real star appeal! Available in shades 01 Baby, Baby, Ooh!, 02 I’m Backstage, 03 As Long As You Love Me, 04 Groupie at Heart.

Paperprint manicure design - Bieber prints! This is the ultimate eyecatcher for every concert or party! Real printed newspaper with Justin Bieber images, which you would normally only see in the press, can now be transferred onto your nails! And here’s how it works: paint your nails with two layers of light nail polish. Separate a piece of newspaper with a JB design, paint with transfer solution and press onto your nail for 15 seconds with the printed side facing downwards. Use a cotton pad for help if you like. Then seal with a top coat – and you’re done! Repeat for each nail. Absolutely creative and a real declaration of your love for Justin!

Paperprint manicuretransfer solution - Teamwork! The transfer solution is an indispensible partner to help you apply the exciting paperprint manicure with Justin images on your nails! Try it!

 Hairties - Baby, baby, baby, ooh! These cool hairties are super practical for keeping your hair out of your face when you’re bopping to hot beats! Now nothing can block your view of the stage. The hairties also look cute as wristbands with a VIP touch. Available in packs of two.

My opinion - Nahhh...I don't like this one. Not my colours. And it doesn't offer anything really new or interesting. Best I like the minty lipgloss, I would like to see how it looks on lips.  And maybe the purple nail polish... but I already have too many purple shades.. so.. no no, nothing here to see. My wallet feels relieved :P

How about you? Like anything?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Fall Lipsticks: REVLON Colorburst lipsticks - 045 Raspberry, 095 Crimson & 010 Plum :)

Hey there! So fall is starting and I felt like sharing a review and swatches of my Revlon Colorburst lipsticks in shades fit for fall :) Over a couple of months my collection of these expanded from just Crimson to also Raspberry and Plum :) I have mentioned 010 Plum already here :)
These Colorburst lipsticks have been discontinued, but at the moment Slovenian buyers can still get them in Ilirija store and also online, Click2Chic store :) Unfortunatelly there's only a couple of shades available, so maybe some other online store will be more helpful :)

So let's start with the packaging. Simple, elegant, black casing with a simple diamond pattern. On the top you have coloured cap, signaling to you which shade it is. Otherwise the packaging is simple, plastic, but sturdy enough to survive a fall or two...Also the lid stays put, so it's travel friendly and you don't need to worry it'll open in your bag.

As for colours - I like darker shades on my lips, I think they look good on me. On a daily basis these don't get around much, but I'll try to use them more because it's really a shame not to. Crimson is the most red of the shades,  a beautiful deep red. It's a very wearable red and I dare say it would fit different skin tones with no problems! I have seen reviews and comment of others that claim this is perfect for them even thou they are really pale, or have olive skin tone... As for myself I'm more neutral to yellow toned and I think this shade fits me best from the three mentioned in this post :) It really brightens up the whole face. :)
Rasberry - as the name already suggests it's a mix of dark pink shade with a touch of red in it. This one will sit best to those with neutral and yellow skin tone, also maybe more to warm than cold tones. Also none of the shades are really sheer, and none are matte. When applied they appear glossy, but when they set in they are a tiny bit shiny, but do not look like a liquid lipstick :)
Plum - a gorgeous deep dark red, a touch on the berry side, best described as a wine coloured! A total win for fall and winter season! Not for a very very pale skin, but even those can work this colour out to fit them :) Add a touch of blush and maybe the lipstick a bit more lightly and it will be flattering :)

top to bottom: Crimson, Raspberry, Plum

As for texture  - all are very smooth and easy to apply. Whether straight from the bullet or with a lip brush, I had no problems with application. Only, these really do need very well exfoliated lips.They don't melt that much in warm room or bag, so I like that I don't need to be careful it's gonna leek out somewhere. I would not say they are moisturizing, but they do not dry my lips either. So somewhere in between...
Pigmentation - I think all three shades are very well pigmented and leave a very nice colour with just one swipe. Also I don't have the need to build it up more, because it looks good just with one. They don't have any  smell or scent, not fragranced at all.
And lastly - lasting power. On me all three have been pretty good. Three hours with no need to do any touch ups, than I had to because I simply can not stop eating and drinking when I have something on.

And now swatches:
To wrap it all up - these are really good quality lipsticks for a reasonable price. Everything about them makes me want even more shades, thou I really don't need them... Also, it's no secret Revlon is my favourite brand for lipsticks and these are kinda the best from them that I have. I strongly recommend them to all who shop online( it's very hard to get them in stores, they have been discontinued), give them a try, I don't think you will be dissapointed. Unless you pick up a shade that will not look good on you ;)

Hope this was helpful to you and take care!

Love, UniqaPoly