Saturday, October 31, 2015

NEW IN October :)

Hello! Are you ready to see all the newbies  this month? I don't think I have ever received so many products, like ever! I went to  Slovenian first ever Beauty bloggers MeetUp and I wrote a very long post about it - you can check it here - Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp :) All the goodies I was so lucky to receive are posted there, but I decided not to include the same photos and products here as well as there are simply too many and the post would really be huge than! I have some more goodies this month, some were bought by me some were a gift and some were sent to me for review purposes.

First comes a couple of Balea products! I couldn't resist trying out their latest universal creams, i was really satisfied with previous ones so these two seemed interesting. One is Pfelegecreme Best Wishes with  violets and  freesia and the other one is Pfelegecreme Best Wishes with orange and grapefruit scent. I prefer the one with more floral scent, simply smells better than the fruity one. Also the texture is the same as it was with the previous editions, so I can confirm they are very good creams :) Almost on my way out of the store I noticed something new, kinda hidden at the time behind other products - Balea Totes Meer Badesalz - bath salt from the Dead sea with  almond oil and rose scent - it really does smell amazing! Haven't tried it yet, but looks very promising. Anyway the packaging of all three products is sooo pretty!

From HerBio I have already tested one product, their Fruit face mask and you can read the review here (it's only in slovene). Now I have received some more goodies to try - HerBio Body Woman 7 Herbs Shower gel, HerBio Vision Shea Butter, HerBio Juniper Ointment and a tester of Herbal vitamin oil. These all seem very promising but I can not say yet how much I like them or not, haven't been testing them all yet. I have tried  the shower gel and I like the gentle herbal scent and it's gentle to the skin, for the rest stay tuned and expect a review in the coming month :)

From AdriaSpa I have also already tested a couple of products and I have really loves them, you can check reviews here for Lavander foam shower gel, Lemon&Immortelle flowers peeling and Coconut lip balm. This time I was sent a product by BioBalm and it's their Argan face and body cream. Along with it I have received two tea testers - one was Ginger/Lemon and I admit I have not liked it, but the other one was Orange/Aloe Vera and it smelled so good and tested too! Really recommend that one, if you want to give it a try!

Here are two items I ordered online from AliExpress. One is an acrylic transparent cotton pads holder, that has a small hole at the bottom where you can take the cotton pads out and it has a lovely butterfly relief on top! The second product is actually a roller massager for face and helps a bit with calming your skin down and any puffines you might experience or just simply helps you relax. I really love to use it with a bit of facial oil.

And here's my favourite golden trio from Oriflame! I must say I am in love with all three products - Maya scarf, Golden Leaf necklace and Giordani Gold Essenza perfume! All three products are amazing and I love to wear them! I have already posted about them here and I must say this post was very successful, especially considering that it is not in English - still go check it out (pssssttt - it's actually the first time I have ever posted a photo of myself on my blog in over three years!) - Zlata jesen z Oriflame :)

Another goodie I have received is an eyeshadow palette by Essence from their upcoming limited edition All that Greys. It's called 01 7 shades od rose and grey and it's got three light pink shades that are really gentle and downtuned, not strong barby pink, and than foud grey-sih shades from silvery shade to a darker grey shade. All shades are shimmery but I like this palette so far!

Some new jewelry! I bought a really interesting piece of jewelry at AliExpress and I am in love with this pendant! It's a pendant from Harry Potter and you can order it here! It's a really great bargain, really cheap pendant that looks amazing! The second products is a bracelet by aamori, it's one of the Pura Vida bracelets I received for review purposes. It's a really pretty one, with a silver arrow and can be adjusted to suit your wrist. Loving both very much!

And now... my first ever MAC lipstick! Like ever! This is huge for a lipstick hoarder like me! I was visiting Verona and I didn't expect to see a MAC store there. There was one in Venice, where I was last year, but I didn't want to go in as I knew there would be spending... but now I did go and I got myself one lipstick - Patisserie! A very light gentle shade, good for everyday. Just the shade I believe I will be wearing the most! I would love to use some red lipsticks from them like Lady Danger and such, but I feel like they are simply too expensive, I don't wear red lipstick a lot so it would just be collecting dust... I love this gentle shade and I find it perfect for everyday use, like for work, school or just running errands. Basically, I am in love!

And while in Verona I was planning to visit KIKO Makeup Milano store and of course I  spent some time in there! I got myself three products - Cream Radiance Highlighter 01 Twilight Gold, Matte Muse Lipstick in two shades 02 Embellished Peony and 06 Luxury Sangria. I love all three products! At the store I was also demonstrated how to use this highlighter and the girl working there also demonstrated it on me and it looked so very natural! I fell in love with the colour and the packaging and I don't have too many highlighters at home already so it was something a bit new for me. Anyway, loving all the goodies I got in Verona!

At Beauty Bloggers MeetUp I have recieved some gift cards for SMILE Concept store :) I have used them to buy myself three new products that I plan to use on my future blog photos - a lovely tin box, a small notebook and some paper trays with golden detail! Really love all these products, and the store as well! If you haven't been there yet you really should go visit!

A new brand is here! BioBaza is finally available in Slovenia, you can get it at Muller stores and I have treated myself with Clean it all! Face Wash. I have only just tried it  and it's got a very strong herbal scent but is otherwise very gentle and effective. Will post a full blog post once I test it some more! Plus it's a brand of natural cosmetics!

Another newbie for me, another new brand for me - this time I will be testing Eucerin body lotion! I have not tried anything from them so far, but I have ready many recommendations and I am really excited to see how this will work for my dry skin on my legs! Haven't tried it yet, but am looking forward to it! Of course there will be a blog post for this product as well! I just think it might take me some time as I already have plans for about 20 of my next posts.. so it might take a month or some more to get to it.

Ok, a bunch of newbies! I have treated myself with L'Occitane Solidarity soap from their latest collection with Honey and it smells amazing! However I haven't tested it out yet, but I hope it's gonna be a good one! I got myself a new face cream - I know, I have too many already, but this one seemed really interesting to me, plus it was on discount at DM store - and it's a new brand at my blog, haven't tested anything from them yet - AnneMarie Borlind is a brand of natural cosmetics and I got their Purifying care face cream for oily and acne prone skin. Also new is another hand cream by Essence - Hi, I care for you! with floral fragrance as this one smelled the best to me. I like that it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my hands all greasy. I think it should be still available in the stores,  it's limited editon though, so if you would like to try something you might want to hurry up!

For lips I have here three new goodies. I bought a new lip balm, well, lip butter by Balea. I really like it's so creamy and easy to apply, it's more creamy than Labello lip butter, however it's not more nourishing. Still, it's got a sligh lemony scent and I am currently a lot into fresh, fruity scents.I have received another lipstick as a gift from a friend - it's another one from Revlon Ultra HD collection and it's in shade 890 Dahlia. It's a very warm red, perfect for fall. I will not be posting a full review for this one, but you can already  read a review on a nother shade I have, Petunia. And another new lipstick was a gift from Golden Rose - all of the participants at BBMULJ were given a card that allowed us to choose one lipstick for ourselves, whichever we wanted. So I chose Matte Lipstick Crayon in shade 05, a deep burgundy red, also perfect for fall/winter season! There will be a full review for this one, hopefully very soon!

I was really expecting to keep it low this month but well, I love cosmetics, so if I don't get it as a gift or a product for review purposes, I simply have to buy it. So here comes another bunch of newbies!
From Labello they were so kind to send me their Original lip balm, one that I have been using for years and always loved it, especially in high school. Lately I have been using other Labello lip balms more but this one is pretty good to. And they have a new desing as you can see. :) There are two more new goodies from Essence I also received as a gift from a friend - a new mono eyeshadow in perfect fall shade 21 keep calm and berry on and a new lipstick from the new Sheer&Shine collection in shade 04 hidden secret. Really love the nude shade and the combination with the dark eyeshadow looks very chic! The eyeshadow is perfect for creating a bit of a different smokey eye and the lipstick is so gentle I can wear it just with everything. 

I simply had to buy myself this amazing shade of nailpolish my Deborah Smalto Gel Effect - it's one of the shades from the new collection and looks just like a Milka chocolate (saw it at Click2chic blog page and the swatch was made by Mateja's Beauty Blog and instantly fell in love ). The shade is called 52 Starlette Violet and it's simply amazing! Plus there is 30% discount at DM store on these nail polishes, if you might wish to try it out as well. The last product on this photo is also brand new, and also new to my blog - Physicians Formula! I treated myself with a product, my very first one, and it's called Super BB All in One a lip balm and a blusher in one in shade Berry Pink! I have not tested it yet as I just bought it but it looks very interesting and hope it will work as a blusher as well.

Avon surprised me this month with a lot more products than expected! I was already talking to them about testing out some of their jewelry, so I have received a new bracelet and a new set of rings! There will be a full post about these! And then there were these other gorgeous products alongside - LUXE  lip gloss in shade Dainty Pink, LUXE eyeliner in Grey Strut, Big & False Lash mascara and Colortrend Reviving Raspberry balm. I have only tried the LUXE lip gloss so far and it's actually a clear gloss on the lips with big golden glittery particles. Looks lovely on it's own or as a topper over a light pink lipstick. For the rest I can not say yet, but I will definitely try to test them as soon as possible.

And  a mix of beauty and lifestyle products - got some new Alverde products from their limited edition Oriental Bazaar, you can read about it here :) Actually I got three new products but I already gave the lipstick to my mom, I think the shade would suit her better anyway. I had the darkest shade of the three lipsticks that were available, I had the shade Safran-rouge. The other two products I still have are lip oil and loose powder in shade 10  Desert dream. And I also have another Avon LUXE product, that I actually ordered in August but there were some complications and it has only now arrived - it's LUXE Silken lip balm in shade Rose tint. I have only tried it out once as I just recently got it, but it looks promising, very smooth formula with just a hint of colour. And four new Yankee Candle waxes - Witches brew, Berrylicious, Kilimanjaro stars, Vanilla Bourbon. Really love the Vanilla one, smells amazing! It's perfect for all vanilla lovers, as well as Kilimanjaro stars - smells so very fresh! Love these two! The other two I have yet to try out.

Another package of goodies for me to review came from Farmasi. I have received Tantric Massage oil with rosemary, smells really amazing, just like rosemary! Love it! Makeup wise I am testing a new lipstick Glamour Shine in shade 03 and Silky Touch compact powder! Love the packaging of the powder - top has powder, once you open it up it has a small mirror and a sponge applicator. All three products really surprised me and I must say I am really liking them so far! They will probably be presented in at least two different blog posts, so stay tuned if you want to learn more!

Some more candles for me this month - both are from Hofer and cost only 1,49 euros! The Sweet Vanilla one smells amazing, I have already tried it. The other one has a more classic winter scent but I really liked the design on the glass and also I thought it would be a nice addition for my background for blog photos.

Some more lifestyle themed photos - I have treated myself with some more teas! I must say I really love tea, I have been working in a lot of tea shops over the years but I still get too lazy to actually prepare tea and really love to just have some classical tea bags at home. So I have here some Teekanne Immuni tea,  a limited edition tea called Love (with pomegranate - smells amazing), some Loyd tea Gree Sense (green tea with citrus fruits and pomegranate), some 1001 Cvet tea with peach and echinacea, and a bit of a different product, that is not a tea by Franck. I really wanted to try this Bananaccino for a long time and I finally did this month! Loved it! Tastes and smells like Casali choco-bananas.
Also, I wanted to get a glass waterbottle so I finally managed to get my hands on Equa water bottle. Love the design!

And here are all the goodies from October! Don't forget to check out all the amazing things that happened at BBMULJ and also all the products I will be testing in the future. If you have already tested any of these products let me know if you liked them?

If you liked this post you can share it if you like! Thanks so much for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Private Party :)


Hello! It's that time of the year again and even though not everyone celebrates Halloween I thought I would make a bit of a different post for those of you who will stay at home and pamper yourselves instead of going out to a Halloween themed party. That's ok, you don't need to go anywhere to enjoy this very special night(s) :)

Let's start with a little something pumpkin related to eat...  Before we can start this private party of ours we need to prepare something delicious to eat and what better than Pumpkin pie? I admit, I have not tried a Pumpkin pie yet, never made one or bought one, but I might make a difference this year and finally try it! I found a recipe by Jamie Oliver and I might try it but I am not sure there will be enought time with everything else going on.  Here you can go check out this recipe - Pumpkin Pie.

Than another thing I would really love to try, but again, never had so far, is a sort of Pumpkin Latte, and I found a recipe that sounds delicious and it's also vegan! Here you can find the recipe for Vegan Caramel Pumpkin Spice Shake.

Once all the treats are ready, it's time for some evening spa treatment. Of course with products that are in a way Halloween themed. I have found a couple of products I would love to try and chose a couple to present here :)

LUSH cosmetics has released a special Halloween themed collection that includes Bat Heebie Jeebie and Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie :) Two packages with awesome contents! The first one includes shower gel Lord of Mislure and Nightwing shower gel. The second one includes bath bomb Lord of Misrule and foaming bath Pumpkin. The names, the design and I am sure the scents must be pretty convincing! I know I would love to treat myself with these goodies for Halloween.

And the last part that must be chosen is what to watch! I must say I am not big on Halloween themed movies or any kind of scary movies but if I had the time and was able to choose I would probably go for a classic or a movie I haven't watched in a long time, like not since I was a kid. One of these scary movies that made me feel terrified when I was younger was Pet Semetary (1989). It may not have a very good rating at IMDB base but it's still pretty scarry. I want to watch it again someday. Or if you are not big on movies you ca read the book - I loved the book by Stephen King!  I know it's a cliche choice but still it's a classic and I'm always for classics :P


Or if you feel too lazy, too tired to do any of these preparations you can just have some Halloween themed candy or chips, light a candle or two.. use some Yankee Candle scents prepared for Halloween season, I have treated myself with Witches Brew scented wax and am going to use it this weekend and just do whatever feels right. :) I will probably just go play Guild Wars - they have everything Halloween themed and you can smash pumpkins, gather candy corn and such! Or maybe I'll go out - don't know yet, but will see. Right now I feel like having a cosy night in!

You have any book or movie recommendations for me? Let me know if you tried Lush goodies for Halloween or maybe cosmetic goodies from any other brand? Or if you have "a to die for" pumpkin pie recipe, please do share it with me!

Have a blast for Halloween! And thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nega las z Oriflame - Eleo masko ter zaščitnim oljem :)

Pozdravljeni! Prehod med jesenjo in zimo najbolj občutijo moji lasje in svoje nezadovoljstvo najraje izražajo tako, da se mi konice las bolj lomijo, lasje pa so brez življenja, brez leska. Danes sem za vas pripravila dve oceni izdelkov znamke Oriflame in sicer iz njihove najnovejše kolekcije za nego las Eleo. Poskusila sem dva izdelka iz linije Eleo in sicer  masko za lase ter zaščitno olje za lase. Sama kolekcija vsebuje pet izdelkov - šampon za lase, balzam za lase, maska za lase ter dva olja za lase - gladilno in zaščitno olje.

Embalaža, cena -  Izdelek je pakiran v okroglo plastično posodico z zlato rjavim potiskom ter rjavim pokrovčkom na navoj, Dozirate po želji, samo zajamete ven z prsti kolikor potrebujete (odvisno od dolžine las). Vsebuje 125 m izdelka, po odprtju pa je maska dobra še naslednjih 12 mesecev. Cena izdelka variira glede na kataloško obdobje, redna cena je 11,90 evra, trenutno pa je znižana na 8,49e.

Opis izdelka - Intenzivna hranilna maska za lase z naravnim arganovim in vrtničnim oljem, repincem in vitaminom F. Razkošna, dišeča formula, ki okrepi lase od znotraj navzven, jim povrne mehkobo in sijaj ter zaščiti pred poškodbami. Primerna za vse tipe las.


Moja izkušnja - Maska za lase je zame izdelek, ki predstavlja dodatno nego in jo načeloma uporabljam nekje na 10 dni, lahko pa bi jo tudi pogosteje, nekje 1x na teden, odvisno tudi od potreb vaših las. Sama sem tole masko uporabljala nekje na približno deset dni enkrat. Maska je rahlo rumenkaste barve, je kremaste teksture, vendar lahka, nič mastna in se je na laseh ne čuti tako. Ima zelo specifičen vonj, ki ga obožujem, ker diši noro lepo! Res nisem še nikoli imela maske za lase, ki bi imela tako lep in tako izrazit vonj. Po nanosu masko pustim na laseh 5 minut in jo dobro sperem, vmes pa 5 minut uživam v odličnem, pomirjajočem vonju. Vonj bi najlažje opisala kot cvetlično-sladki. Masko bi lahko nanesli tudi za čez noč in lase pokrili, nato pa jih zjutraj sprali, če vas seveda ne motijo vlažni lasje med spanjem - pri drugih blogerkah sem namreč zasledila, da so bili lasje po taki uporabi res popolnoma mehki in navlaženi. Moji lasje so bili po uporabi te maske popolnoma mehki (tako mehkih res še nikoli nisem imela), navlaženi, celi - brez poškodb na povrhnjici, lepo gladki ter seveda prijetno dišeči! Načeloma mi noben šampon, balzam ali maska ne odišavi las oziroma pusti vonja za seboj, tale pa naredi točno to in mi je zelo všeč! Lasje so po uporabi lahki, niso obteženi, niso mastni, lasišče se mi po uporabi ne masti nič hitreje niti lasje. Tukaj naj poudarim, da imam mastno lasišče in se mi lasje načeloma zelo hitro zmastijo, tako da sem se navadila da masko in balzame nanašam na spodnji del lase v večini, izogibam pa se vmasiranju maske v lasišče. Osebno mi je maska zelo všeč in jo zelo rada uporabljam, z veseljem bi jo tudi ponovno kupila.

Embalaža, cena - Zaščitno olje za lase je pakirano najprej v rjavo škatlico ter nato v plastenko iz malce trše plastike, ima sistem za doziranje na pumpico ter transparenten pokrovček. Vsebuje 50 ml, cena pa je 13,90 evra.

Opis izdelka - Razkošno, odišavljeno olje, prepojeno z naravnim arganovim oljem, vrtničnim oljem, repincem ter vitaminom F. Lahkotna, nemastna formula globinsko neguje ter obnavlja lase od znotraj navzven, zgladi povrhnjico, lasje pa so po nanosu polnejši, bleščeči in vidno bolj zdravi. Primerno je za vse tipe lase, še posebej za barvane lase.


Moja izkušnja - Olje za lase je nekaj kar uporabljam po vsakem pranju las, ampak res čisto vsakem, na še mokre lase. Ko sem imela še daljše lase (res dolge, čez rit :P) sem imela vedno težave z suhimi in lomljivimi konicami las, te pa so bile v bistvu razporejene nekje na 20 cm in sem porabljala velike količine olj ter drugih izdelkov, da bi te konice nekako spravila v red (nisem se želela sprijazniti, da jim bodo pomagale samo škarje). Sedaj imam sicer krajše (nekje do sredine hrbta, si lahko ogledate dolžino las v tejle objavi - Zlata jesen z Oriflame), ampak še vedno skrbim po vsakem pranju las za konice in vedno nanesem olje. Pred tem oljem sem zelo dolgo uporabljala Balea olje, ki je sicer dobro in lepo neguje, vendar veliko bolj mastno in težko kot tole. Tekstura tega olja je veliko bolj tekoča  kot sem pričakovala, veliko bolj lahka in se takoj in brez težav nanese na lase ter vpije. Tudi sedaj imam navado, da nanesem olje tako na konice kot tudi malce nad njimi, tako da z oljem namažem nekje zadnjih 5 cm las (plus ali minus). Olje je rahlo obarvano, rahlo rumenkaste barve. Res se lepo nanese in načeloma za eno uporabo nanesem dva potiska pumpice in pol olja. Mojim lasem je tole olje zelo všeč, ker ni mastno, las ne sprime skupaj v pramene (kot se mi včasih zgodi pri Baleeinem), jih lepo nahrani in zaščiti. Ima tudi podoben prijeten vonj kot maska za lase, vendar manj intenziven. Olje z veseljem uporabljam, mi je res odlično ker tako lepih las že dolgo nisem imela, sploh konic. Navadno tak čas v letu so moje konice čisto boge in se cepijo ne glede na to katero olje uporabim, ampak tole mi je dejansko pomagalo. Zagotovo ponovno kupim!

Ste preizkusile kaj iz kolekcije Eleo? Mi morda kaj priporočate?

Najlepša hvala za pozornost ter upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč! Če vam je objava všeč, jo lahko delite na svojih  Facebook, Instagram in ostalih javnih omrežjih!

Love, UniqaPoly

*Izdelke sem prejela v oceno

Monday, October 26, 2015

Skincare Gem: Vichy - Idealia Life Serum - Skin Idealizer Serum:)

Hello! Let's talk about one of my favourite skin care products - a great serum by Vichy - Idealia Life Serum Skin Idealizer Serum! I had this for a couple of months now, been testing it for about two months straight and now I use it when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a pick me up, as I am testing other skincare products, but this one seems to have acquired a status of a holy grail product as I keep returning back to it.

Pozdravljeni! Danes bom govorila o enem izmed meni najljubših izdelkov za nego kože - odličnem serumu Vichy Idealia Life Serum Skin Idealizer Serum! Imam ga že nekaj mesecev, testirala sem ga nekje dva meseca konstantno ter ga še sedaj uporabljam, kadar imam občutek, da moja koža potrebuje dodatno pomoč. Sicer vmes testiram še druge izdelke, ampak tale je eden izmed tistih, ki so očitno pridobili status "svetega grala", sajse vedno znoa vračam k njemu!

About the product - It's an ultra-light, ultra-soft concentrate, with a non-greasy and non-sticky texture. The serum is enriched with a unique combination of LR2412+LHA molecules, the formula helps transform and protects skin exposed to stress, pollution,  smoke or unbalanced diet. The product is hypoallergenic, includes soothing and fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water, it's non-.comedogenic and paraben-free. Suitable for almost any age or skin type :)

O izdelku - Gre za zelo lahek, zelo mehek koncentrat, z nemastno in nelepljivo teksturo. Serum je obogaten z unikatno kombinacijo molekul LR2412+LHA. Formula pomaga transformirati in ščititi kožo, ki je izpostavljena stresu, onesnaževanju, kajenju in neuravnoteženi dieti. Izdelek je hipoalergen, vsebuje Vichy Thermal Spa termalno vodo, je nekomedogen ter ne vsebuje parabenov. Ustreza skoraj vsem starostim in tipom kože.

Packaging, price - Packaging is very pink-ish, seems girly to me, but again also very feminine and pretty. Comes in a glass bottle with silver dispenser system and plastic transparent cap. Contains 30 ml od the product and once open it's good for another 12 months. The pump dispenser is very easy to use and I like that product doesn't tend to clog the hole. Price depends on where you buy it, pharmacy, local stores that stock Vichy, but it's around 38 euros.

Embalaža, cena - Embalaža je zelo rozasta, malce dekliška mi deluje, ampak hkrati ženstvena. Izdelek je zapakiran v stekleničko z srebrnim sistemom za doziranje in plastičnim prozornim pokrovčkom. vsebuje 30 ml izdelka, ki je po odprtju dober še naslednjih 12 mesecev. Dozirnik je zelo enostaven za uporabo, tekstura pa ne zamaši odprtine. Cena je odvisna od tega kje nakupujete, lekarna ali kakšna druga specializirana trgovina, stane nekje 38 evrov, lahko malce več ali malce manj.

What it promises - This product promises to help your skin and transform it's appearance - your skin tone, smaller pores, adds more radiance. It is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive, but it is scented so it may not be suitable for you if you don't like fragranced skincare. 

Kaj izdelek obljublja - Serum obljublja, da bo koži pomagal, jo transformiral - poenoten ten kože, zmanjšane pore, več sijaja. Izdelek je primeren za vse tipe kože, tudi za občutljivo, vendar je parfumiran. Če nimate radi izdelke za nego obraza z vonjem, vam to morda ne bo všeč.

The scent - it has a very pleasant, fresh scent. Reminds me a lot of the Vichy Idealia Sleep Recovery Night Gel-balm :)

Vonj - Izdelek ima zelo prijeten, svež vonj. Spominja me zelo na Vichy Idealia Sleep Recovery Night Gel-balm.

Consistency - The serum is very light and silky, sinks into the skin really fast, I mean it! And leaves my skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Also doesn't leave any greasy residue or makes my face more oily after application.

Tekstura - Serum je zelo lahek, mehek, se zelo hitro vpija v kožo. Moja kožo pusti mehko in navlaženo. Ne pušča nobenih mastnih sledi in mi po nanosu tudi ne masti kože še dodatneje.

Colour - Unlike usual serums, this one is slightly "tinted" with a golden-pink sheen and it looks very fresh on the skin immediately after application. The skin tone looks more even in an instant! Sometimes I even use it just on my own and than some pressed powder on top, especially when I am in a hurry and have no time to apply my regular base foundation.

Barva - Serum je rahlo obarvan, ima zlatkasto rozast odsev in deluje zelo sveće na obrazu takoj po nanosu. Ten kože deluje instantno poenoten in bolj svež, bolj sijoč. Včasih izdelek uporabim kar samega, povrhu dodam malo pudra v prahu in to je to, sploh kadar se mi mudi in nimam časa nanašati tekoče podlage.

Effect on my skin - I must say I was, still am, very impressed with this product! I was mostly using this serum at night, as part of my night time skincare routine but as well in the morning, just a bit less regularly and the effect was visible within two weeks and the longer I used it the more satisfied I was with my skin! My skin is oily to mixed and this serum still worked for me - it helped me control my oilyness, even though it gives no such claims in product description, it helped me look more fresh, more radiant and well rested. My pores seemed to be a bit smaller, less visible. My skin showed less drier patches, especially helped me heal around my acne scars. With autumn/winter period we tend to have more troubles with radiance and this is ideal radiance booster for anyone who wants their skin to look a bit more healthy! Also, I have been using this serum as a base for my foundation a couple of times and it worked great! I will be definitely repurchasing this product as it has helped my skin more than any other product I have had so far.

Učinek na koži - Moram priznati, da sem bila nad izdelkom, še vedno sem, zelo navdušena! Večinoma sem serum uporabljala zvečer, kot del moje večerne rutine in tudi zjutraj, vendar sem bila pri tem malce manj konsistentna. Efekt je bil viden že nekje po dveh tednih in dlje kot sem ga uporabljala bolj sem bila zadovoljna z mojo kožo! Moja koža je mastna do mešana in serum je vseeno ustrezal mojim potrebam - pomagal mi je kontrolirati izločanje loja, čeprav tega ne obljublja, izgledala sem bolj sveža, bolj sijoča, bolj spočita in dobro naspana. Tudi pore so bile videti manjše. Z jesensko-zimskim časom se nam pogosto zgodi, da potrebujemo malce več nege in nekaj kar nam povrne zdrav sijaj kože in osebno menim, da je tale izdelek kot nalašč za to! Naj omenim še, da sem izdelek uporabljala tudi kot podlago za moj tekoči puder in se je odlično obnesel. Ker se res hitro vpije in naredi lepo poenoteno kožo, se puder ni tako usedal v pore kot bi se drugače lahko. Izdelek bom zagotovo ponovno kupila, sja mi je pomagal bolj kot marsikateri drugi izdelek, ki sem ga poskusila do sedaj!

I hope this review was helpful to you! Thanks for reading! If you are interested in any other products by  Vichy Idealia you can read my review of Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Gel- balm  :) If you liked this post you can share it on your social media profiles!

Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč ter hvala za pozornost! V kolikor vas zanima še kakšen izmed izdelkov linije Idealia si lahko preberete še oceno Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Gel- balm :) Če vam je bila objava všeč, jo lahko delite na svojih socialnih omrežjih :)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pink nails for Pink October :)


As we all know, October is the month dedicated to fight against breast cancer. The usual shade  and symbol chosen for this month is a pink ribbon. As we are all affected in some way by cancer, being sick, beating it, knowing someone who died because of it... a lot of Slovenian bloggers decided to dedicate 21st of October as the day we all post something pink  on our blogs to show our support for all the women and their families, friends fighting against breast cancer!

I decided to post a quick and easy to make manicure using only three products! I used KIKO Makeup Milano  Nail lacquer in shade 317 as base. On top I made pink ribbons with the help of Essence nail art dio stylist and  Deborah Milano Gel effect nail polish in shade 03.

Here's the finished manicure! I hope you like it :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly