Thursday, April 30, 2015

NEW IN April :)

Hello! April is at an end and I must say I was actually really doing good this month, didn't spend much money on cosmetics at all! Therefore this post will be much shorter and will include a lot less products than you were used to in previous months. :)

At the beginning of the month I was invited to Vichy PR event where I received two gorgeous products to test. I got their new Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep  Recovery Night gel-balm and I must say so far I really like it, feels very good on the skin, very light and the texture is really funny, not cream but not gel :P I have also received Vichy  Idealia Life serum Skin Idealizer serum, which I have not tested yet, but heard many compliments, so let's hope it will work well for me too.

From Balea I got two new creams, I bought the mini cream with raspberry scent and I don't like it as much as I liked the previous limited edition with rose-violet scent, but it's good, especially the texture is as it was with the previous product and I really liked that one, so it's still a win. While in Dubrovnik I checked out local DM store and came across this litlle gem, it's Balea Luxury Handlotion Golden glamour, really lovely scented hand lotion and of course I had to get it too :)

Than two newbies by Nivea. The In the shower body lotion Q10 was sent to me, so I will try it out sometime soon, I guess. Have no idea how will it work with my skin, but the previous one I had was too greasy for me ( I think it was the one with cocoa). Also at DM store I bought Nivea Soft Reefreshingly soft moisturizing cream, which I have always wanted to buy but never did, so now I am happily using it every day, really love the scent too.

Two more newbies, I bought L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology shampoo again, really liked it so far and I thought why not simply repurchase it plus it was really cheap at DM store so well, stock up on the good stuff :P I needed a cream with high spf factor and while checking out my local DM store I came across this Garnier Ambre solaire  Sensitive advanced face and neck cream with 50 spf. So far I really like it, but the only downside is that it makes me look greasy faster than usual. 

And some makeup goodies! I have received Oriflame Eyes Wide Open mascara to test and write a review and so far I really like this new mascara, it has an interesting brush. Full review will be up probably in two weeks time, I hope. The rest you see on the photos are products I traded with a friend of mine, she had some stuff she didn't need or use, I had some too, so well this is what I got. Catrice Velvet Finish powder I have already talked about, but I took this one as it's a shade lighter than mine and suits me better, than something for eyeshadow lovers :P I am currently testing Uma Cosmetics Nude eyeshadow palette, Beauty UK Posh Masquerade Smokey eyeshadow palette, Barry M  Dazzle Dust 66 Black and 98 Petrol Black. Really loving all of these, especially the Beauty UK palette :) Thanks again! :D

So this is my April's new in, have you had any of these? Do you like them, do you recommend some other?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Preview: Catrice - Travel De Luxe LE :)

La croisière. The current Cruise Collections invite you to enjoy warm temperatures and the beautiful sound of the sea. Light fabrics, summery prints and fresh colours replace dismal grey skies with a carefree summer mood. Designers are focusing on casual, modern styles. In June 2015, we are offering the ideal travel companions for the fashion collections with the Limited Edition “Travel De Luxe” by CATRICE. Fresh apricot, light rosé, pristine white, nautical blue and soft grey-blue is the perfect colour scheme for this. The highlights include the Travel Set consisting of a highlighter, blush, bronzer, two eyeshadows, an eyeliner pencil as well as a highlighting pen, the Refreshing Mist Body Spray, and the Caring Lip Balm with an SPF of 20. Take a Cruise – by CATRICE.

“Travel De Luxe” by CATRICE will be available in stores in June 2015. 

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Caring Lip Balm Kiss the Sun. The Caring Lip Balm is a nourishing product that pampers the particularly sensitive skin around your lips and contains an SPF of 20. At the same time, it offers a subtle colour-dispersion in a soft apricot shade – for a natural finish.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Cosmetic Bag Travel in Style. Never go on vacation without the most important beauty musthaves. The stylish Cosmetic Bag is ideal for keeping everything in one place in your XXL beach bag. The wavy design incorporates the colours of the season and invites you to daydream.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer Nail Resort. Four summery colours with subtle shimmer effects and a high coverage provide your nails with a fashionable maritime look. Soft blue-grey and pristine white are true jetsetters, nautical blue with a delicate shimmer is reminiscent of the sun’s rays sparkling on the ocean and soft apricot offers a fresh touch full of feminine nonchalance. Available in C01 Isle of White, C02 Grey Country, C03 Apricot Lane and C04 Port Blue.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Refreshing Mist Body Spray Bonjour à la Mer. With the Refreshing Mist Body Spray, you can keep cool no matter how hot it is. The refreshing body spray is distributed evenly thanks to the practical pump dispenser, and it has the pleasant fragrance of a bouquet of tropical flowers, too.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Travel Set Beautiful Setting. This practical Travel Set is the ideal travel companion. It unites seven must-haves for a gorgeous summer look, including a highlighting powder and blush for fresh accents on your face as well as a matt bronzer for a sun-kissed complexion. Two powder eyeshadows with a subtle shimmer in apricot and light blue as well as an anthracite eyeliner pencil and a highlighting pen guarantee a radiant and expressive eye make-up look.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, UniqaPoly 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

My current hair care routine :)

Hello! I have noticed that I have not talked much at all about my hair care routine :) So I wanted to make a short post presenting my current hair care  and talk a bit about the products :) So kinda one post including a couple of short reviews :)

STEP 1: Shampoo :) I am currently using L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary OIL Nourishing shampoo and I usually take two steps while shampooing, first I go over with L'Oreal shampoo and than second time with  Le Petit Marseillais one. I felt like the L'Oreal one didn't get my hair completely clean and fresh and my hair still felt a bit greasy, but I can not really say if that was just my feeling or not while holding my wet hair. So to really get that fresh feeling I went over with the Le Petit Marseillais shampoo I actually originally bought for my boyfriend to use. That one at first was really good, smelled nice, made my hair really clean, but than after a couple of uses I felt like it's drying my hair and my scalp too much, which is weird as this was supposed to be a fitting shampoo for dry damaged hair and was supposed to nourish honey and shea. After I ran out of this one I was only using the Extraordinary OIL one and I think it was actually ok just on it's own and my hair didn't need second washing. My hair felt more nourished and soft and dried faster and were more shiny than when I was using the double cleansing technique on my hair. All in all I believe that this Le Petit Marseillais shampoo did more damage to my hair than good and I feel like I will not repurchase any time soon, not for me or my boyfriend. As for the L'Oreal one goes, I am sure I will be testing another bottle after I finish up my stash.

STEP 2:  My second step is either hair balm or hair sprey that doesn't need washing after. I am currently using Le Petit Marseillais  1 minute balm for coloured hair ( as I have coloured my hair for the first time and I wanted to preserve the shade as long as possible) and Avon Advance Techniques Supreme Oils hair spray. The balm I usually use once per two weeks, as it takes a bit more time in the shower than just washing, drying my hair and spraying some Avon on top. Every other time I wash my hair I always spray some of this  Supreme oils spray and leave it in a bit before using my drier. The balm is decent, but honestly I have not noticed my hair looking especially good or anything like that, they seem nourished and soft, but nothing more and honestly this didn't impress me. So I believe I will not repurchase again. As for the Avon spray goes, I really love the scent, a bit vanilla like and it makes my hair really smooth, but again nothing special, I feel like the Gliss sprays by Schwarzkopf did the same or maybe a bit better job and this one just doesn't stand out as much as I hoped it would. Anyway, I use it regularly, every time I wash my hair, except on days I use my hair balm, as I want to avoid getting greasy hair too fast.

STEP 3: Step three is a must for me everytime  and I really never skip it at all. I use a mix of a couple of drops of Subrina Elixir hair drops and a couple of drops of Balea  Oil repair hair oil. I find this combination to be best to keep my hair ends sealed and whole and these Subrina drops really do good, I just need to be careful not to apply them too much or they might stick my hair together and than my hair ends look greasy even thou I have just washed my hair. I have been using these drops for a long time now and I actually keep repurchasing them all the time.  As for Balea oil, it smells amazing and it really makes my hair sodt, but again I only use it on ym hair ends, or maybe a bit on the lower part of my hair, lets say maximum the last 5 - 10 centimeter of my hair. I believe the combo of these drops and hair oil makes my hair ends really resistant to fracturing and opening up and breaking  and also makes them stronger and more nourished than using just one of these two products. I will definitely keep repurchasing these two :)

So this is my current hair care, did you try any of these products? Do you like them, how do they work for you?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review: Oriflame - Colour Unlimited Matte Lipstick - Berry Crush

Pozdravljeni! Tokrat ocenjujem šminko znamke Oriflame, gre pa za linijo  The ONE Colour Unlimited Matte lipstick, v odtenku Berry Crush

Hello! Todays short review will be another Oriflame product, this time I had a chance to test and review their new lipsticks called The ONE Colour Unlimited Matte lipstick in shade Berry Crush.

Embalaža: preprosta, ozka in dolga linija, značilna za njihove The ONE šminke, plastična z sistemom na navijanje. Vsebuje 1.7g izdelka.

Packaging: simple, thin and long as usual for their The ONE lipsticks, plastic with a rotation system to get the product out. Contains 1.7g of product.

Odtenek: Na voljo je skupno pet odtenkov, cena izdelka pa je 10,90 evra. Odtenek Berry Crushbi najbolje opisala kot močna fuksija z rdečkastim pridihom maline. (Na swatchih deluje bolj hladna kot dejansko je, v živo je veliko bolj topla barva.)

Shade: There are five total shades, the price for the product is 10,90 euros. The shade Berry Crush is best described as a strong fuchsia with reddish undertone of a raspberry. (On teh swatches it looks more cool toned, but it's really a more warmer colour in real life.)

Tekstura, nanos, obstojnost, vonj: Tekstura šminke je mehka, kremna.  Nanos je enostaven in hiter, z enim slojem je že dovolj prekrivna. Glede na ta odtenek se mi zdi, da sem jo lepše nanesla z čopičem kot pa direktno, saj imam zadnje čase večino časa precej suhe ustnice, ta šminka pa rada poudari kakšne suhe dele ustnic. Za res polno in močno prekrivnost vseeno priporočam dva sloja, plasti se brez težav, tako da vam ne bo vzelo veliko časa. Obstojnost je dobra, na meni šminka zdrži 4 ure brez težav, potem pa prične bledeti in jo je potrebno popraviti. Zdrži tudi vmesno pitje, pač malo moram biti pazljiva ampak nič hujšega, prehranjevanja pa žal ni preživela, je pa vseeno pustila zelo lep "stain" na ustnicah. Ima rahel sadno- cvetlični vonj, vendar zelo nežen in prijeten.

Texture, application, longivety, scent: Texture of this lipstick is soft and smooth and creamy. Application is easy and fast, one layer would be enough. Considering the shade, I believe I managed a better application with a brush rather than straigth from the bullet, as I have drier lips lately, and this lipstick tends to emphasize drier parts of your lips. For a really full and strong application I suggest you apply two layers, but don't worry, there are no troubles with layering this lippie, so it won't take very long. Longivety is good, on me this lipstick lasts for about 4 hours, than starts to fade and needs to be reapplied. It can survive drinking, but not eating. After eating I noticed it still left me with a nice stain on the lips. The scent of this lipstick is subtle but likeable, fruity-floral mix.

 Občutek na ustnicah je zelo lahek, prijeten, vendar mi zadnje čase ta šminka rahlo dodatno izsušuje ustnice in tako potrebujem več sprotnih popravkov, saj ko se mi prične izsuševati izgleda tako, kot bi se hotela šminka zariniti v gubice in pregibe na ustnicah. Priporočala bi tudi uporabo te šminke samo kot neke vrste "stain" saj je res dobro pigmentirana  in se mi zdi, da že z rahlo obarvanostjo v odtenku Berry Cruch delujem veliko bolj zdrava in živahna.

The feeling on your lips is very light, comfortable, but lately this lipstick still dired out my lips a bit and than it needed some more fixing, because when it starts to dry it looks like it wants to settle in little cracks on my lips. I would recommend also to use this lipstick just as a stain as it's got a really lovely pigmentation and I feel like with just a subtle hint of Berry Crush lipstick I already look healthier and more lively.

Končni izgled na ustnicah: Kot že v naslovu piše gre za mat šminko in seveda bo vse ljubiteljice mat šmink zanimalo najbolj ravno to ali je "finish" res mat ali ne. Takoj po nanosu je šminka še rahlo svetleča, malce "glossy", mogoče ravno zaradi kremne teksture. Po nekje približno 20 minutah se šminka res "vsede" na ustnice in postane bolj mat, nikoli pa ni tako zelo mat kot so na primer Bourjois Rouge Velvet edition tekoče šminke, vedno ima še malo tistega pridiha sija. Če bi si želele določen odtenek in bi hotele da je res popolnoma mat si lahko kljub temu privoščite to šminko in jo potem doma zmatirate z transparentnim pudrom.

Final finish on the lips: As the title already suggests, this is a matte lipstick and of course all the lip products lovers will be interested mostly if the finish is really matte or not. Right after application I find the lipstick looking a bit glossy, maybe because of it's texture. After about 20 minutes, when the lipstick really settles in and becomes more matte it's still not as matte as lets say Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks, it still has a bit of that shine. Still, if you really like a certain shade you can always try make it matte at home with mattifying transparent powder.

(na sliki deluje rahlo oranžno, pa ni.... / on the photo it looks more like orange, but it's not..)

Hvala za vašo pozornost, upam da vam je bila ocena v pomoč, predvsem pa hvala Oriflame Slovenija za izdelek in možnost testiranja :)

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful to you and thanks Oriflame Slovenija for the product and a chance of testing it out!

Love, UniqaPoly

Na testu: BABOR - ReVersive anti-aging cream :)

 Pozdravljeni! Še ena kratka ocena, tokrat sem poskusila tester izdelka znamke BABOR, gre pa za izdelek iz njihove nove linije, ki je prišla v prodajo 16. marca letos. Poskusila sem kremo Anti-age cream iz kolekcije ReVersive. BABOR ReVersive predstavlja kolekcijo izdelkov za nego kože z revolucionarnim pomladitvenim učinkom. Pri ustvarjanju linije je BABOR vključil za Nobelonovo nagrado nominirano medicinsko raziskavo zaščitnega učinka matičnih celic, ki temeljijo na rastlinski osnovi in na aktivnih sestavinah iz morja. Kot so zapisali na strani: "REVERSIVE ohranja individualno lepoto kože, medtem ko odpravlja majhne pomanjkljivosti, povezane s starostjo."

 BABOR je o izdelku zapisal tudi: "BABOR precezijska formula vsebuje visoko učinkovite sestavine telovitin, agicil, epocil in lumikol in z njihovo pomočjo vaši koži povrne individualno mladosten videz. Ščiti celične telomere in aktivira gen za dolgoživost SIRT-1, kar ugodno vpliva na celično aktivnost. Poleg tega vidno in otipljivo zavira razfradnjo kolagenskih vlaken in oksidativnih poškodb. Koža je videti enakomernejša, prožnejša in bolj gladka - preprosto mladostnejša. Predvidena uporaba: zjutraj in zvečer nanesite na obraz, vrat in dekolte"

Kolekcijo sestavljajo še ReVersive Anti-aging serum, ReVersive Anti-aging bogata krema 50 ml, ReVersive Anti-aging krema za okoli oči 15 ml.

Torej na voljo sta kar dve Anti-aging kremi za obraz, prva je REVERSIVE Anti-aging cream, emulzija, voljna, 24 ur delujoča krema proti gubam za obraz ter REVERSIVE Anti-aging cream rich emulzija, bogata 24 ur delujočaanti-aging krema za obraz, za suho kožo.

Sama sem poskusila enega izmed najbolj luksuznih testerjev nasploh, prejela sem v test namreč mini verzijo anti-aging kreme, ki je v kopiji originalne embalaže vsebovala 5 ml. Embalaža sama je izjemno lepa in elegantna, čisto po mojem okusu. Preprosta metalik sivkasta embalaža, z lepim rahlo rozkastim napisom, svetleča embalaža z zlatim dozirnim sistemom, kar mi je seveda zelo všeč, saj je izdelek tako najbolj higiensko zaprt ter je enostavnejši za doziranje. Izdelek lahko kupite tudi preko njihove spletne strani, cena pa je 123,00 evrov za 50 ml.

Tekstura, nanos, vonj, barva: Tekstura izdelka je kremna, srednje gosta, ampak dovolj fluidna, da se jo lahko brez težav dozira. Nanos je enostaven in hiter, potrebujete zelo malo izdelka za en nanos saj se ta zelo lepo razmaže po obrazu ter vratu. Ima božanski vonj, še nobena krema ki sem jo imela do sedaj, ni dišala tako izjemno! Vonj mi deluje cvetličen, morda rahlo parfumast ampak res zelo zelo lep! Izdelek je bele barve, vendar ne pušča nobenih sledi na koži, se zelo lepo nanese in kreme se na obrazu več ne vidi s prostim očesom.

Občutek na koži je bil lahkoten in prijeten, kremo sem nanašala kot zaključno etapo po večernem čiščenju. Je res zelo lepo dišeča krema, vendar ni preveč vsiljiva, tako, da ni premočna in ne boste imeli težav, če boste želeli kmalu po nanosu iti spat pa bi vas morda skrbelo, da bo vonj preveč vsiljiv. Je hranilna krema, lepo navlaži kožo, ne povzroča mi nobenih kožnih težav ali morda kakšnih mozoljev. Kože mi ni dodatno zmastila, ker me je prijetno presenetilo, saj ni ravno najbolj primerna za moj tip kože. Zjutraj je bila moja koža izjemno mehka, lepo navlažena in nahranjena, delovala je spočito in enakomerno, predel okoli oči ni bil niti malo zabuhel, ten kože je bil enakomeren. Nad kremo sem bila izjemno pozitivno presenečena, saj nisem pričakovala, da se bo kaj veliko videlo razlike na moji koži. Namreč moj tip kože je masten do mešan, z razširjenimi porami ter mozolji, in čeprav krema obljublja, da je primerna za vse tipe kože, sem bila skeptična, da morda za moj tip kože ne bo, saj so ponavadi kreme z anti-age učinkom preveč hranljive zame. Kar se tiče samega anti-age učinka vam žal ne morem posredovati relevantnih informacij, saj sem poskusila le tester izdelka, da bi lahko povedala kaj več o tem pa bi morala testirati malo dlje (poleg tega pa bi morala tudi biti primerno starejša in imeti več gubic).

V kolikor vam uspe imeti možnost poskusiti kremo, vam je zelo priporočam, še posebej če se vam zdi, da je vaša koža primerna za anti-age kremo :)

Še kot zanimivost, na strani BABOR sem zasledila datume promocij in aktivnosti, v kolikor bi se želeli spoznati z znamko in izdelki :) Prav tako imate možnost spoznati BABOR izdelke in si privoščiti tretma v Lepotnih centrih BABOR ( s klikom na ime vas bo povezalo do možnih lepotnih centrov).

Babor promocije in aktivnosti

Torek, 28.4.2015, Maximarket Ljubljana – promocija BABOR »BB Anti Aging« kreme z zaščitnim faktorjem SPF20
Četrtek, 7.5.2015, Maximarket Ljubljana – promocija BABOR DOCTOR BABOR linije – kozmecevtiki
Ponedeljek, 11.5.2015, La`ROSA – Starše: Babor dan
Sobota, 16.5.2015, Maximarket Ljubljana – promocija BABOR potovalnih setov kozmetike
Četrtek, 21.5.2015, Maximarket Ljubljana – promocija BABOR HSR lifting linije
Torek, 26.5.2015, Maximarket Ljubljana – promocija BABOR Cleansing linije

Upam, da vam je ocena bila v pomoč, ter najlepša hvala za pozornost ter BABOR Slovenija za možnost testiranja!

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ocena: BABOR kozmetika - SKINOVAGEPX Advanced Biogen - Anti- aging BB cream :)

Pozdravljeni! Končno sem uspela sesti za računalnik in napisati še kaj drugega kot poročila, zapisnike ter seminarske naloge in danes predstavljam oceno Babor BB kreme za obraz

Pred tem izdelkom nisem testirala še nobenega drugega njihove znamke in znamke nasploh nisem niti poznala. Gre za znamko, ki je luksuzna, inovativna in prinašalka željenih rezultatov. Znamka obstaja že od leta 1956 in se je zelo uveljavila kot ena najmočnejših blagovnih znamk v svetu profesionalne kozmetike in je zastopana v več kot 60-ih državah po svetu.  Sedež podjetja se nahaja v Aachnu, podjetje Terme Maribor d.o.o. pa je ekskluzivni zastopnik BABOR kozmetike v Sloveniji.

V ponudbi imajo več različnih linij za nego kože ter tudi dekorativno kozmetiko, sama sem testirala izdelek iz linije Skinovage PX.  Tudi ta linija ima svoje podlinije. Sama sem testirala Advanced Biogen Anti-aging BB cream SPF 20.

SkinovagePX je drugače vsestranska nega, izbrane so bile aktivne sestavine rastlinskega izvora in prilagojene potrebam različnih tipov kože. Razen posebnih aktivnih sestavin za posamezne tipe kože, vsi SkinovagePX izdelki  vsebujejo dragocene matične celice rastlin iz alpskega sveta, ki kožo ščitijo pred prezgodnjim staranjem in molekularni katalizator OsmoTec, ki izboljšuje sposobnost kože, da tvori sebi lastne aktivne sestavine. pH vreadnost izdelkov je identična koži, dokazan učinkovitost, brez parabenov. 

Izdelek, ki sem ga testirala je  rahlo toniran anti-aging lepotilni balzam z zaščitnim faktorjem 20. Na voljo je v dveh različnih odtenkih, sama sem testirala svetlejšega 01 Light.

Izdelek prejmete v lični, sicer plastični steklenički z enostavnim, elegantnim napisom ter zlatim pokrovčkom in dozirnikom. Dejstvo, da ima izdelek pumpico za doziranje mi je zelo pomembno, tako zaradi lažje uporabe kot tudi zaradi higieničnosti. Embalaža je visoka in vitka, lepo izgleda tako na kopalniški polički kot je tudi praktična za shranjevanje v natrpani kopalnici :) V steklenički prejmete 50 ml izdelka, ta pa je po odprtju dober še naslednjih 12 mesecev. Cena izdelka je na spletni strani 50 evrov. 

Še o samem izdelku. Nanos je enostaven in hiter, nanašala sem kar s prsti, brez težav. Ima rahel prijeten vonj, malo rastlinski, vendar nemoteč. Tekstura je mehka, kremna, ne preveč redka ali gosta, ravno pravšnja za bb kremo. Izdelek se ne zažira v razširjene pore.

Odtenka sta na žalost na voljo samo dva, sama sem testirala svetlejšega, vendar mi je bil tudi ta na prehodu iz zime na pomlad  pretemen. Tako sem izdelek večinoma testirala, ko sem bila doma, oziroma za izhode, sem izdelek morala zmešati z svetlejšim pudrom, to pa potem malo onemogoča realno oceno. Izdelek mi bo veliko bolj prav prišel v poletnih mesecih, v kolikor bom imela kaj tena. Za primerjavo, načeloma uporabljam recimo Bourjois 51 Vanilla Clair odtenke, ta pa je kar konkretno temnejši. 

Obstojnost je zelo dobra, sama sem bb kremo še fiksirala s kompaktnim pudrom znamke Rimmel, krema se je obdržala na obrazu brez težav vsaj nekaj ur, približno 5 preden sem opazila, da je po določenih delih obraz skoraj ni več. Najbolj na udaru so bili predvsem deli, kjer se bolj hitro zmasti koža, torej okoli nosu, okoli brade ter na sredini čela. Sama imam masten do mešan tip kože tako, da sem takšen rezultat tudi pričakovala saj imam na teh delih vedno težave, tudi z tekočimi podlagami.

Izdelek po nanosu pusti rahel svetleči sloj, tako da priporočam, da ga vsaj rahlo fiksirate z matirajočim pudrom. Ne povzroča mi nobenih iritacij, drugih kožnih problemov, dodatnih aken ali podobnega. Občutek na koži po nanosu je prijeten, lahek, zračen.

Prekrivnost izdelka je lahka, zdi se mi najbolj primerna za tiste, ki imate res lepo kožo in želite le izenačitev tena. Za vse, ki želite prekriti razširjene pore ali mozolje, ta bb krema žal ne bo zadostovala. Seveda je to potrebno imeti v mislih, saj na izdelku piše, da gre za bb kremo ne tekočo podlago in srednje do polne prekrivnosti niti ni za pričakovati.

Kar se tiče obljubljenega anti-age učinka žal ne morem komentirati, saj še nimam takih gubic in težav s kožo, sem zaenkrat še malo premlada, drugače pa sem opazila, da izdelek lepo navlaži kožo, jo naredi bolj poenoteno, bolj enakomerno, rahlo zgladi kakšne jamice na koži, predvsem sem to opazila na licih, kjer imam razširjene pore.

Velik bonus predstavlja SPF 20, ki bo v prihodnjih mesecih še kako prišel prav, saj smo ravno sredi pomladnih dni, ko sonce že dosega vedno večjo moč in bi bilo prav, da ne pozabimo zaščititi svoje kože. :) 

Ste že poskusili kakšnega izmed BABOR izdelkov? Mi morda kakšnega priporočate?

Hvala za pozornost, upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Bocassy - Serum and Light day cream

Hello! A new skincare review is up! Today I'll talk about a new skin care product I received to test in March and I am really liking it! It's by the brand Bocassy and I have been testing their Serum and a tester of Light day cream. This brand was new to me, I had vere had any products by them before or actually, I have never heard of them before. This is actually a French name and company but while taking photos I saw it was made in Croatia. While exploring the brand online I saw that they use lovely sleek glass packagings with velvet bordo red boxes. What's interesting about the boxes is that they include an inspirational quote printed somewhere on top of them.

Pozdravljeni! Nova ocena izdelkov za nego kože je tu! Tokrat vam predstavljam izdelek, ki sem ga prejela v test že marca, pa sem šele sedaj nekako zares stestirala in ocenila. Gre za novo znamko, francosko, ki se imenuje Bocassy. Testirala sem njihov serum ter mini tester dnevne kreme za obraz. Znamka mi je nova in nepoznana, pred tem je nisem nikoli poskusila ali zasledila pri nas. Med slikanjem sem opazila, da jo dejansko izdelujejo na Hrvaškem. Med raziskovanjem znamke po spletu pa sem opazila, da njihov slog vedno vključuje stekleno embalažo, z žametno rdečimi škatlicami. Škatlice imajo tudi nekje na vrhu kakšno lepo misel, kar doda tisto piko na in k občutku prestižnosti.

Let's talk about my impressions of the serum first :) Packaging of this lovely face serum is elegant and simple, classic red box, big glass bottle with a pump, contains 50 ml of product. Looks really expensive and chic. A plus is also transparent glass as it gives you a chance how much of the product is still left inside. The top and pump are plastic though... The price for this one is 24,92 euros at Muller store.

Najprej nekaj besed o serumu za obraz :) Embalaža seruma je elegantna, lična in enostavna s klasično rdečo škatlico. Vsebuje veliko stekleno stekleničko s plastičnim pokrovčkom ter pumpico, vsebuje pa 50 ml izdelka. Meni izgleda zelo elegantno in "chic". Kot plus štejem tudi prozorno stekleničko, skozi katero lahko vidite koliko izdelka je še ostalo. Cena v Muller trgovinah je 24,92 evra.

What it promises - this product claims to be strong firming and hydrating, suitable for all skin types. Also promises to spoil your skin with olive oil, vitamins A, E, d-panthenol, comfrey root extract. It also promises to include only natural originating oils, no added colorants, no added silicon oils and parabens.

Kaj izdelek obljublja - serum obljublja močno hidracijo ter učvrstitev kože, primeren pa naj bi bil za vse tipe kože. Vašo kožo bo razvajal z olivnim oljem, vitaminom A ter E, d-panthenolom, izvlečkom korenine gabeza. Vključuje le olja naravnega izvora, brez dodanih barvil, silikonov ali parabenov.

Usage -  Use every day in the morning separate or in combination with day cream. Apply it onto a cleaned skin by gently rubbing the serum to the face and neck area, and around eyes. For complete care use any of Bocassy creams.

Uporaba - izdelek uporabljajte vsak dan, posebej ali pa v kombinaciji z dnevno kremo. Nanesite na dobro očiščeno kožo in nežno vtrite po obrazu ter vratu, tudi okoli oči. Za popolno nego uporabite še katero izmed Bocassy krem.

Texture, scent, colour, application, my experience - I find the texture of this serum a bit more creamy than not, if I compare it to any other serum I have ever tried (Oriflame, The Body Shop , these two, actually three, come to mind right now) this is more heavy and creamy, though still more liquidy than your regular face creams. The colour of the product is light creamy white, but goes completely transparent in a matter of seconds after application. It has a nice scent, a bit more natural, like smelling flowers.. at least that's how it is to me, but it's gentle and not overwhealming at all. After application the scent does not stay on the skin for long. Application is easy and really quick, easy to use with the pump and the texture enables you to really rub it into the skin gently. I was using it mainly on my face and a bit over on my neck, but I never apply creams all over my neck to the collarbone. I usually use two pumps and I think that's quite enough for my face and neck. It sinks into the skin extremely fast, one of the rare product I have that absorb so well and so fast, one of the best qualities of this serum in my humble opinion. Also as I mentioned before it is more creamy than any other serum I have had so far, but it is still light weight and feels light on the skin, really more like I didn't even apply anything yet. On me this leaves a slight shine and in the morning it tends to grease me up a bit, especially around my nose and chin area. That's probably mostly because this is not really made for my skin type (oily to mixed) and condition (large pores, excessive secretion of sebum, acne).

Tekstura, vonj, barva, nanos, moja izkušnja - tekstura seruma je bolj kremna kot sem navajena pri drugih serumih, ki sem jih poskusila do sedaj. Čeprav ne toliko bolj kremna, da bi že mejila na kremo za obraz. Barva je svetlo bela, kremasta, vendar je takoj prosojna in ne pušča kakšnih belih sledi na primer. Vonj je nežen, naraven, nevsiljiv, spominja me na vonj kakšnih cvetlic, vendar ni klasično cvetličen. Po nanosu se seruma ne vonja dolgo, tako da ni moteče, če ste morda občutljivi na parfume in podobno v izdelkih. Nanos je enostaven in hiter, tekstura omogoča, da res hitro razmažete po obrazu in izdelek lepo vtrete. Sama sem izdelek nanašala predvsem na obraz in pa malo na vrat, nikoli ne nanašam izdelka vse do ključnice. Običajno mi zadostujeta že dva potiska pumpice za nanos po obrazu ter vratu. Izdelek se res izjemno hitro vpije, eden izmed redkih izdelkov, ki sme jih kdaj imela, da so se res tako zelo hitro vpili. To štejem tudi za eno izmed najboljši prednosti tega seruma. Kljub temu da je kremen serum, je vseeno zelo lahek, ne obteži kože, na obrazu se ga sploh ne čuti, kot da si ne bi ničesar nanesla. Sicer mi pusti rahel sij na koži in proti jutru se malo bolj zmastim predvsem okoli nosa ter brade. To pa bolj pripisujem mojemu tipu kože kot pa samemu izdelku, imam mastno do mešano kožo z velikimi porami, pretiranim izločanjem sebuma ter mozolji.

 It does claim to be suitable for all skin types, but I would recommend not to use it if you have really oily skin.  I actually had no idea my skin was so thirsty as I noticed that this serum really helped me hydrate my skin more, it looked more fresh and healthy looking after using this serum. Also, need to remind you I was only using this serum as part of my night time skin care routine, I feel it doesn't go well with my liquid foundation in the morning as I tend to look oily really fast and I didn't want to help myself  looking even more shiny by applying this product under foundation. I am sure thou that for those with dry skin type, layering a liquid foundation on top would work just fine. Also, as I was just talking about my skins condition at the moment, I think this didn't make any more clogged pores for me or any more pimples than my usual. As for firming effects, I have no idea if they really work or not, I don't need that yet... and I am a bit too young to notice any such differences.

Izdelek sicer obljublja, da je primeren za vse tipe kože, ampak bi bolj odsvetovala redno uporabo če imate res zelo zelo mastno kožo. Serum mi je sicer pomagal nahraniti kožo, izgled kože se je izboljšal, saj je ta bila videti bolj sveža ter zdrava. Opozarjam pa, da sem serum uporabljala samo kot del večerne nege, zjutraj pod tekočo podlago mi ne ustreza plastiti preveč izdelkov. Pozitivno se mi zdi tudi to, da mi serum ni povzročal nič več kožnih težav kot jih že imam, nič več mozoljev ali zamašenih por. Kar se tiče učvrščevanega učinka pa ne niti ne vem ali je deloval ali ne, ker sem trenutno še malo premlada in tega faktorja v izdelkih ne potrebujem oziroma ne opazim razlike.

And a couple of words about Light day cream :) I have only tested one tester with 5 ml of product. I used it in the evening after serum. The tester was big enough for about 4 uses. I will not comment on the packaging and such, I will just include my experience with the product.

It has a creamier texture than  serum, it's actually a more rich version of serum. I did not experience any irritations or any breakouts, but I did only test a tester not a full jar.  It has a slightly more nude-ish colour, not as white as serum. Blends well and is easly applied. It also claims to fit well under foundations, I wouldn't really know as I have only been using this one in the evening, before going to sleep. It's very nourishing and I feel like it could be a bit too creamy and heavy for greasy skin types like me, maybe just for a really cold winter or those who need to get their skin more nourished and need  a time out from their usual products. But long use could result in some clogged pores if you are really sensitive about every ingredient. Personally I could use this  even in summer, but only as a part of the evening skin care routine. The price for this one is 21, 91 euros for a jar of  50 ml. Available at Muller shops Čopova, BTC, Rudnik, Koper, Europark, Celje.

Še nekaj besed o Lahki dnevni kremi :) Testirala sem testerček, ki je vseboval 5 ml izdelka, uporabljala pa sem jo zvečer skupaj z serumom. Sicer gre za dnevno kremo, vendar zjutraj navadno ne dam veliko plasti izdelkov pod tekoči puder, ker se mi koža  že sama po sebi hitro zmasti. tester je zadostoval za nekje 4 uporabe, priznam da s kremami nikoli ne varčujem ampak jo res nanesem in vtrem ter zmasiram obraz medtem. Tekstura kreme je bolj kremna, bolj težka kot pri serumu. Pri kremi nisem opazila kakršnihkoli dodatnih mozoljčkov ali pa zamašenih por. Barva izdelka je malo bolj kremna, kožna, vendar tudi takoj postane prosojna na obrazu. Se tudi zelo hitro vpije, na koži daje lahek občutek, prijeten občutek. Obljublja, da je dobra podlaga pod tekoči puder, vendar tega nisem poskusila, saj sem kremo vedno uporabila zvečer. Načeloma se mi zdi, da vseeno ni najboljša izbira za masten tip kože, predvsem če imate poleg tega še mozolje, ki se jih želite znebiti, ker ta nega žal ne vključuje ničesar, kar bi se borilo točno proti njim. Za 50 ml stekleno posodico boste odšteli 21,91 evra v naslednjih Muller trgovinah - Čopova, BTC, Koper, Europark, Celje, Rudnik :)

Hope this review was useful to you! Thanks for reading!

Upam, da vam je ocena prišla prav! In najlepša hvala Bocassy Slovenia za izdelek :)

Love, UniqaPoly