Monday, February 29, 2016

Nega kože s Herbio!

Lepo pozdravljeni! Zopet bom govorila o izdelkih znamke Herbio! Redne bralke se morda spomnite objave o Herbio AHA sadni maski za obraz, v kolikor pa vam je ta ušla iz spomina, jo najdete tukaj ;) Maske je še malce ostalo in jo še vedno z veseljem uporabljam, danes pa imam za vas objavo o kar treh različnih izdelkih Herbio! Poskusila sem Gel za prhanje iz 7 zelišč, Brinjevo mazilo ter Karitejevo maslo. Če so vam je zanimiva zeliščna kozmetika, zelišča, vonji ter eterična olja na sploh, bo ta objava idealna za vas! Če pa se na to še ne spoznate, boste v tej objavi lahko spoznali tri izdelke za vsakodnevno nego na zeliščni osnovi!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vsakodnevno ličenje z Farmasi :)

Lepo pozdravljeni! O znamki Farmasi sem že govorila pred časom, ko sem pisala o njihovem odličnem ajurvedskem rožmarinovem olju - Farmasi Tantric Massage Oil! Res odlično olje, ki sem ga z veseljem testirala! Tokrat pa vam predstavljam dva izdelka, ki sta idealna za vsakodnevno ličenje - Farmasi Glamour Shine rdečilo za ustnice ter Farmasi Silky Touch kompaktni puder. Izdelka sem prejela že pred časom, tako da lahko potrdim, da moje navdušenje ni samo prvi pozitivni vtis, ampak gre za dva izdelka, ki sem ju res dobro stestirala!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: LANCÔME - Lip Lover Ultimate Lip Perfector 316 Rose Attrape-Coeur :)

Hello! It's been too long since I last posted a review for a lip product and I am coming back to you with a gorgeous product - Lancôme Lip Lover Ultimate Lip Perfector in shade 316 Rose Attrape-Coeur! I have a mini version that sadly contains only 3 ml of this amazing lip product, but it's one of my all time favourites! These have been on the market for some time now, nothing new, but I kinda fell in love with the whole Lancôme concept and brand and all with this product. Actually this has been my first product by them!

I can not say if this mini version is still available, but I am sure you can get it in gift sets along with mascara and some other products. The full size is 4,5 ml and the price is about 22 euros, depends where you buy it, for example you can get it at or FeelUnique.
The packaging is simple silver tube, feels a bit plastic, with classic Lancôme rose sign at the top. Opens up with a twist of the cap and contains a classic doe foot applicator, which I like, but find it as nothing special. It also includes a clear window on the front to show the colour of the product. 

This is a liquid lipstick kind of product and it's supposed to offer a 3-in-1 effect - the shine of lipgloss, the colour intensity of a lipstick and the comfort of a lip balm. The formula is a bit thicker compared to the usual glosses. It has a dual-phase formulation which breaks into two layers upon application - upper layer is glossy and shiny, gives transparency and a plumping effect and the second layer of oil and pigment provides with balmy base so the colour pigments adhere to the lips. The scent of this gloss is a bit different than I am used to, reminds me mostly of something cosmetic, but can't really describe it. Some other bloggers claimed that the scent of these reminded them of skincare products by Lancôme, which I can not yet confirm as I have not tried anything from them yet. Application is easy thanks to the doe foot applicator, which has a nice shape, just flat enough and with a pointy tip so you can really get a precise application. The big bonus is this is really good at moisturizing my lips, feels very comfortable to wear!

The shade 316 Rose Attrape-Coeur is a very gentle shade, more like a "my lips but better" shade, which I fell in love instantly. In the packaging this looks a lot more pink and strong than it actually looks on my lips. When applied this looks very much like the shade of my lips but just enhances them some more. It's a very creamy shade, but still in a liquid glossy formula.  It's also contains some shimmer, but it's very fine and subtle, spotted only on direct sunlight. I usually need to apply one coat and than just go over in the center of my lips to add some more colour.  If I apply this too heavily the shimmer likes to gather in any lines or cracks I might have on my lips. The shade itself is a really gorgeous every day shade - a subtle watermelon pink, very warm but light. Can be worn with almost any makeup look or just on it's own. 

To sum up, I really love this shade and the fact that I can use it for any kind of occassion, work day or for going out and it always looks superb! I also got many compliments while wearing this lip product and that's saying something! I will not claim that this is the best I have ever tried, but so far I must say this has not let me down, not even once. The lasting power could be a bit better though, lasts me only about 3 hours, but still I find the shade so good I am very keen on trying some more shades. Though these are on the pricey side, some beauty bloggers recommended you can also try NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses that also have a very similar formula but are a lot more affordable. I however do not own anything quite like this one, the closest to it are my Revlon lip glosses, which you should also try! ;) If you have tried any of the Lip Lovers, which ones impressed you? Which shades do you recommend for me to try next?

I hope this post was useful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Preview: Catrice - Zensibility LE

Zen time. Living consciously. Concentrating on what really matters. Zen is the indispensible
counterpart to today’s otherwise fast-moving world and meets upon a desire for peace and harmony in everyday life. This attitude to life is also reflected in the fashion of the coming season, which includes collections with an origami appeal. Purist elegance, colours that emanate calm and strength, flowing kimono cuts and softly falling fabrics with floral prints determine the design. With the new Limited Edition ZENSIBILITYby CATRICE, the world of beauty is diving into the peaceful Zen spirit from mid March until the end of April 2016. Stylish products in calm grey and rosé tones, fresh light blue as well as bold red provide a perfect match for the newly interpreted look. Special highlights are the long-handled lipstick in matt red, the nail polishes with an extravagant packaging design and the artistic brush bag with an interesting wrapping technique. ZENsational – by CATRICE.

Power of Composure. Four highly pigmented powder eye shadows united in a stylish, black packaging with a bamboo print. Calm grey and rosé tones with a matt or subtly shimmering finish create harmonious colour gradients or can be applied individually for a beautiful look. Available in C01 Ease And Comfort.

Dot Design. An eyeliner with an extravagant triple ball tip. The shape of the unique felt-tip allows an accurate application of dots and lines as well as individual designs. The highly pigmented, long-lasting black colour is ideal for cat eyes as well as elaborate artistic eyeliner creations. Available in C01 Black.

ZENSIBILITY by CATRICE Blending Eye Shadow Brush
Prime application. Inspired by calligraphy, this long-stemmed eye shadow brush with soft, rounded and particularly dense bristles is ideal for applying and blending powder eye shadow.

Geisha Glam. A highly pigmented lipstick with a conic shape and a matt finish. Intensive red focuses the attention on the lips and sets a striking contrast to the otherwise calm colour scheme of the edition. The long-handled packaging is a special eye-catcher. Available in C01 REDiant Energy.

Beauty in Harmony. A blush with a powder-gel texture for especially natural-looking colour results. Powdery, soft and yet so creamy, this blush practically melts with the skin to provide rosy-red cheeks. If desired, the colour-intensity can be increased with repeated application. Available in C01 Moment CaptuRED.

Contemporary Calligraphy. Fresh light-blue, warm grey, two pink nuances and a bold red – these are the five colours of the Limited Edition. The formula of the Nail Lacquers stands for professional coverage, long durability and a finish with or without effects. In addition, the professional brush ensures a simple, smooth application. The unique, calligraphy-style packaging inevitably leads to a desire to create elaborate nail masterpieces. Available in C01 Turqouisensai, C02 Greatly Greyish, C03 Sheer Silence, C04 Zensible Rose and C05 REDiant Energy.

Zen Culture. A brush bag with an artistic bamboo print and a special wrapping technique. Individual pockets ensure the professional and safe storage of different brushes – this bag is ideal when you’re on the go as it can be rolled-up and stored safely in a flash. The design speaks for itself: elegant black with a rosé interior.

ZENSIBILITYby CATRICE will be available in stores from mid March until the end of April 2016.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review: Catrice - Graphic Grace LE

Hello! Haven't talked about an eyeshadow palette in ages! So finally here is a review of one I received in December, you can check my NEW IN December here. :) Anyway, if you read my blog you will notice I am very fond of eyeshadows, own a lot of eyeshadow palettes  and have tried many different brands so far! I also already tested some of the Catrice mono eyeshadows and palettes before, but today I present one from the latest limited edition Graphic Grace in shade  C01 Linear Lines! The collection is very vibrant and full of warm shades, perfect to scare away any winter moodiness!

Packaging, price - Classic Catrice eyeshadow palette, even though limited edition. Plastic transparant packaging, the usual black label at the back, and interesting design on the top of the packaging. It's a typical quattro of shades, meaning four shades in their classic desing, two bigger - two smaller shades. Smaller eyeshadows contain 1,5 grams and bigger 2,5 grams.  The price is 4,69 euros.

Shades - There are four light shades in the palette, one very bright vibrant pink and three more gentle, subtle shades in nude and brown-ish tones. Shades may seem matte at first, but as you will see on the swatches not all of them are! Two shade contains some very fine shimmer. The pink shade looks very strong and a bit overpowering in contrast with other shades, though it looks kinda perfect for spring. It's not as dark as it may seem from the palette or swatch, on my eyes it looks more gentle. Still it's the shade I use the least as I am really not a fan of pink shades. The other three are great and I use them for every day looks.

Pigmentation, application, texture - I find these very well pigmented and also very well visible when worn, especially for such light shades. The application is easy, they are blendable and it's easy to achieve a bit more built up look if you like. However the do dust a bit, so I recommend you are careful with the pink and darkest shade. :P The texture of these is very smooth and buttery, I love they feel kinda satin under my fingers. I applied them with my fingers or with my brush, but I was surprised to see I achieved a better look with using my fingers first and than blending with my brush.

Longivety - I have quite greasy eyelids and I need a good primer. I used mostly Catrice one and Avon one, both worked very well. The shades didn't crease on me. They do not last as well as I would hope to, I have noticed that after a couple of hours they tend to fade a bit, especially the pink didn't look that strong anymore.

All in all, it's a nice palette, but maybe more suitable for those of you who are not like me - hoarding 20+ eyeshadow palettes at home already... The shades are suitable for every day use, though the pink shade may not be to everyone's liking. Still, maybe it's time you get out of the makeup rut and try a pop of colour from time to time!

Hope this review was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

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*PR product

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ultimativno čokoladno razvajanje!

Pozdravljeni! Tokrat sem za vas pripravila objavo za vse čokoholike ter za vse, ki obožujete vse v povezavi s kakavom! Ne gre za klasično valentinovo objavo v roza in rdeči, z vrtnicami ter podobnim ampak za čokoladno razvajanje, ki si ga lahko privoščite kadarkoli :P V decembru ter januarju sem v test prejela dva čudovita Avon izdelka in sicer Planet Spa Indulgent SPA Ritual Chocolate Bath Elixir in Planet Spa Indulgent SPA Ritual Chocolate Face Mask ter dve odlični čokoladi RAWR - Organsko čokolado z okusom mentola ter organsko čokolado z okusom pomaranče. Ker je danes tak idealen dan za čokoladno razvajanje sem združila razvajanje kože z razvajanjem brbončic!

Kakav je zelo znan po svojih blagodejnih učinkih, vsebuje visoke količine flavonoidov, predvsem epikatehina, ki ima ugodne vplive na srce in ožilje! Uživanje kakava vpliva na povišanje krvnega dušikovega oksida, vazodilatacijo in pospeši mikrocirkulacijo. Ti učinki se sicer bolj nanašajo na sam surovi kakav kot na temno čokolado, pri kateri se lahko flavonoidi med kuhanjem uničijo. Kljub temu so študije pokazale prednosti uživanja temne čokolade, razvidne pri na primer znižanju holesterola. Kakav vsebuje tudi visoke vsebnosti antioksidantov in to celo dvakrat več v kakavu kot v na primer rdečem vinu ali zelenem čaju. Tako, da si lahko brez slabe vesti privoščite kvalitetno čokolado!

Chocolate Bath Elixir ali čokoladni eliksir za kopel prejmete pakirano v nižje oblikovano plastenko, ki vsebuje 250 ml izdelka, odpira pa se enostavno na pokrovček na navoj. Doziranje je po potrebi, glede na količino vode ter velikost vaše kopalne kadi. Kopel vsebuje karitejevo maslo ter kakav. Tekstura kopeli je bolj gosta, kremna in se v vodi hitro in lepo razpusti. Kožo nežno očisti, nahrani ter hkrati razvaja z omamnim čokoladnim vonjem. Diši čisto po kakšni čokoladni kremi! Mene najbolj spominja vonj na mešanico topljene čokolade ter smetane, podobno kot sem delala za kokosovo - čokoladno torto! Recept iz Kulinarika. net vam res toplo priporočam, ker gre za odlično torto! Ker sem res velika ljubiteljica vsega čokoladnega se sama najraje razvajam tako, da si pripravim kopel, nanesem na obraz čokoladno masko ter se potopim v kopel in pustim moji koži uživati v čokoladnem razvajanju! Ob takem razvajanju mi super paše poleg še kakšen košček čokolade za brbončice ali kozarec vina. Vonj po čokoladi ostane na koži tudi po kopanju in brisanju, sama vonjam rahel čokoladni vonj še par ur po kopanju! Izdelek je po odprtju dober še naslednjih 12 mesecev, čeprav dvomim, da bom rabila tako dolgo, da ga porabim! Cena izdelka v katalogih AVON malce variira, trenutno pa lahko izdelek kupite za 6,90 evra. Res toplo priporočam, sploh če ste pravi čokoholiki!

Chocolate  Face Mask ali čokoladna maska za obraz je hitro postala ena izmed meni najljubših mask za obraz na sploh! Že dolgo sem si želela poskusiti kakšno izmed Planet Spa obraznih mask, v katalogu so se mi vedno zdele tako zanimive, slišala sem tudi zelo veliko pohval in končno so se mi uresničile želje! Čokoladna maska je pakirana v plastično tubico, ki vsebuje 75 ml izdelka. Doziranje je enostavno, samo stisnete ven željeno količino izdelka. Čokoladna maska je zelo gosta, precej bolj trdna kot kremna, ampak se vseeno lepo nanaša in razmaže po koži. Je precej temna, moj obraz izgleda čisto rjav po nanosu in malce strašljivo, moj dragi se mi vedno smeje, ko me vidi s to masko :P Ne pušča barve na koži, se čisto lepo odstrani z mlačno vodo, koža pa je po nanosu čisto mehka in navlažena. Masko nanašam na očiščen obraz, tik pred tonikom ter kremo. Masko ponavadi pustim na obrazu 10 minut, včasih malce pozabim in jo pustim tudi do 20 minut, pa ni zato nič narobe. Tudi maska je odličnega čokoladnega vonja, podobno kot kopel, vendar na koži ne pušča vonja po uporabi, vsaj meni se zdi da se je več ne vonja.Prav tako kot kopel tudi maska vsebuje karitejevo maslo ter kakav! Masko se priporoča uporabljati nekje enkrat do dvakrat na teden, tako da vam bo 75 ml vseeno zdržalo kar nekaj časa. Mene sicer mika, da bi jo uporabljala pogosteje ampak sem se prepričala, da bo bolje, da jo malce prihranim in jo uporabljam za res posebne dneve, ko mi bo tovrstno razvajanje najbolj ustrezalo. Cena variira glede na kataloško obdobje, trenutno lahko masko naročite po polni ceni, 11,50 evra. Osebno sme z masko super zadovoljna, moja koža je po uporabi, mehka, navlažena, prožna, ten je poenoten, rdečica se pomiri poleg tega pa še diši po čokoladi!

Kot pravi čokoholik sem se seveda zelo veselila preikušanja tudi novih čokolad in sicer RAWR čokolade! Čokolade RAWR so presne, organske in veganske čokoladice s Fairtrade certifikatom.  Poleg tega imajo tudi SOIL certifikat! Ne vsebujejo glutena, jajc, GSO, umetnih barvil ter arom ali sestavin živalskega izvora. Sama sem prejela kar dve in sicer z okusom pomaranče ter z okusom mentola. Čokolade so naravno sladkane, vsebujeji najmanj 68% kakavovih delov. Plus je tudi ovitek, ki ga je mogoče 100% reciklirati! Čokolade proizvaja Rawr Foods, Velika Britanija. Čokolada je tudi primerna za diabetike, saj je sladkana z kokosovim sladkorjem.

Čokolada z okusom pomaranče vsebuje organsko pomarančno olje, ki ji doda svežino ter sladek priokus. Poleg tega vsebuje še organsko lucumo, perujski sladki sadež. Ter sestavine - Kakavova masa, kakavovo maslo, kokosov sladkor, lucuma, rožiči, pomarančno olje, vanilija - vse sestavine so organskega izvora.

Čokolada z okusom mentola pa je res odlična za vse, ki iščete sveže okuse! Vsebuje mentolovo olje ter malce vanilije in je res nekaj posebnega! Odlična za vse, ki imate radi na primer After Eight čokoladice! Sestavine  - Kakavova masa, kakavovo maslo, kokosov sladkor, lucuma, rožiči, mentolovo olje, vanilija - vse sestavine so organskega izvora.

Vse čokolade vsebujejo 60 gramov, na voljo pa imate še čokolado z jagodo ter vanilijo, z lucumo, temno čokolado 80% ter navadno čokolado 68%.

Sama težko rečem katera mi je bolj všeč! Morda mi je mentolova malce bolj, ker sem jo prvo poskusila in ker mi je enostavno bolj všeč svež okus trenutno! Drugače pa obožujem kombinacijo čokolade s pomarančo, ali pa z malinami... ali pa češnja- čili. Skratka, priporočam, da se posladkate z RAWR čokoladami, za vse čokoholike pa je to tako ali tako del našega vsakdana ter izobraževanja  o čokoladah, ker smo pač nori na čokolado! Velik plus štejem tudi, da čokolade niso presladke, ampak je poudarek res na okusu po mentolu ali pomaranči ter sami čokoladi! 

Cena čokolade je na spletni strani Mojač 2,90 evra, spremljate pa jih lahko tudi preko Facebooka

Upam, da vam je bila objava v pomoč! V kolikor vam je bila všeč, bom zelo vesela. če jo boste delili naprej! Če imate morda še kak predlog o čokoladnih kozmetičnih izdelkih ali pa o kakšni odlični čokoladi, mi kar zapišite v komentar!

Najlepša hvala za pozornost!

Love, UniqaPoly

*Izdelke sem prejela v oceno

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jagodno razvajanje s Kozmetiko Afrodito!

Lepo pozdravljeni! Kozmetika Afrodita zadnje čase res izjemno navdušuje! Lansko leto smo bile lahko priča izjemnemu navdušenju nad njihovo marmelado pa kremnimi tuš geli, sama sem bila izjemno zadovoljna s pistacijevim! Sledilo je navdušenje nad arganovo kolekcijo, vse od oljnega gela za prhanje, olja za lase, nega rok... pa seveda novih intimnih mil. Konec leta 2015 pa se je že začel nov trend in sicer z dvema izdelkoma, ki ju bom predstavila danes - 100% SPA Mousse za telo ter Piling za telo z vonjem po jagodah!

Mousse za telo sem prejela kot decembersko darilce s strani Kozmetike Afrodite, piling pa sem si privoščila v januarju, več si lahko ogledate v NEW IN December ter NEW IN January. Oba izdelka sem pridno uporabljala in sem nad obema več kot navdušena!

Mousse za telo je pakiran v črn plastičen lonček, podobno kot ostala masla za telo ter sladkorni piling iz linije 100% SPA,  Vsebuje 200 ml in se enostavno odpira z pokrovčkom na navoj, dozirate pa glede na potrebe, torej s prsti zajamete željeno količino. Izdelek ne vsebuje parabenov, parafinov ali silikonov, pohvali se tudi z nemastno formulo ter odličnim vonjem po jagodah! Vem, da sadni vonji niso za vsakogar ter da je vonj morda malce bolj pomladno poleten, pa vendar je tako odličen, da se mi zdi čisto primeren tudi za zimske mesece. Glavni aktivni sestavini moussa sta kakavovo maslo ter vitamin E. Kakavovo maslo je izredno cenjeno zaradi  antioksidativnega delovanja, kožo bogato nahrani in ščiti pred zunanjimi vplivi (veter, mraz), pomaga zmanjšati izsušenost kože ter povečati njeno elastičnost ter mehkost. Vitamin E pomaga preprečevati prezgodnje staranje kože, ki nastane kot posledica delovanja prostih radikalov.

Kozmetika Afrodita o izdelku - "Nežna puhasta tekstura z dodanim kakavovim maslom koži zagotavlja globinsko vlaženje ter preprečuje njeno izsuševanje. Mikro kapsule vitamina E se ob nanosu lahkotno stopijo na koži in ji nudijo zaščito pred prezgodnjim staranjem. Rezultat je negovana, svilnato mehka koža, zapeljana v slastno dišavo sladkih jagod. Se hitro vpije in ne pušča neprijetnega mastnega otipa."

Tekstura, nanos, občutek in učinek na koži, vonj - Tekstura moussa je zelo zanimiva, saj morda na prvi pogled deluje bolj težka in mastna, pa vendar je vse prej kot to. Načeloma nerada uporabljam goste težke teksture, saj se mi zdi da jih je težko razmazati ter vmasirati v kožo ter da potrebujejo celo večnost, da se vpijejo. Že ob stiku s prsti boste začutili, da gre res za mousse in ne maslo ali kremo ali losjon za telo. Ima čisto svojo teksturo, tako lahkotno, spenjeno, prav vidijo se mehurčki zraka v sami teksturi. Na kožo se nanaša odlično in hitro, idealno za vse lenobice, kot sem jaz, ki se nam ne da predolgo ukvarjati z nanosom ter se res hitro vpije v kožo! Še preden izdelek vmasiram v drugo nogo, se na koži prve noge izdelek že čisto vpije in se lahko takoj oblečem. Tekstura je mlečne bele barve, dopolnjujejo pa jo roza pikice, granule, ki se ob dotiku roke popolnoma razpustijo, kože pa ne obarvajo. Vonj je zelo nežen, popolnoma nič vsiljiv, hkrati pa dovolj intenziven, da se ga vonja na koži še nekaj časa po nanosu. Je popolnoma naraven vonj, sploh ne kot kakšni umetni jagodni bomboni ali kakšna umetna jagodna krema, sploh ne! Vonj me spominja na jagodni smoothie iz domačih jagod, z morda malce dodane vanilije. Vonj ni preveč saden in ni preveč sladkoben, deluje nekje vmes, še najbolje bi ga opisala kot smetanastega. Skratka, če se bojite da bo tole imelo vonj po kakem umetnem "cukru" - res ga nima! Vsaj meni osebno, pa načeloma res ne maram teh klasičnih sladkobnih vonjev, pri tem moussu pa je vonj prav za pojest! Izdelek na koži ne pušča nobenega mastnega filma, koža je po nanosu prijetno mehka in odišavljena. Opazila sem, da se je koža na nogah precej popravila in je veliko bolj navlažena, kot je bila. Res idealno za vse ljubitelje jagod, ki iščete lahkotne izdelke, ki hkrati dobro negujejo in se v trenutku vpijejo!

Izdelek je na voljo v Muller trgovinah, Tuš drogeriji, Nami, Intersparu, Mercatorju, lahko pa ga najdete tudi kar direktno na spletni strani Kozmetike Afrodite. Cena v spletni trgovini je 5,60 evra. Na policah DM trgovin ga trenutno še nisem zasledila.

Sestavine: "Aqua, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Propylheptyl Caprylate, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Glyceryl Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Parfum, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Brassica Campestris Seed Oil, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Perfluorohexane, Perfluorodecalin, Pentafluoropropane, PEG-4, Propanediol, Agar, Tocopheryl Acetate, Algin, Glucose, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Benzoate, Gluconolactone, Calcium Gluconate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Benzyl Benzoate, CI 73360".

Piling za telo sem si privoščila potem, ko me je mousse dodobra zasvojil! Seveda je bil izgovor za nakup tudi rojstni dan ter ravnokar izpraznjen piling za telo :P Obožujem pilinge za telo, z veseljem jih uporabljam in so mi nasploh del kozmetike, ki jo imam vedno pri roki. Priznam, da so obdobja, ko čisto pozabim, da bi ga nanesla pod tušem in nisem ravno zelo pridna in redna uporabnica, ampak občutek kože po uporabi pilinga je vedno odličen! Do sedaj sem že poskusila kar veliko število pilingov, zadnje čase sem imela doma predvsem kremne ali pa sladkorne, poskusila sem tudi 100% SPA sladkorni piling, ki mi je bil odličen! Novi piling je pakiran v večjo tubo, ki vsebuje 150 ml, malce manj kot sladkorni piling, ki sme ga omenila zgoraj. Ker je embalaža zunaj kar precej svetleča, odbija svetlobo se mi ni pustil najlepše slikati, pa vendar mi je všeč, da se tuba kljub temu, da jo je potrebno vsakokrat stisniti, ne zmečka preveč. Izdelek tako kot mousse ne vsebuje parabenov, parafinov ter silikonov, ima nemastno formulo ter seveda diši po jagodah! Glavni sestavini sta olje makadamije ter maslo karite. Olje makadamije je bogato z nenasičenimi maščobnimi kislinami, se hitro vpije v kožo, jo neguje ter gladi, zato se pogosto dodaja kremam za suho ali luskavo kožo. Maslo karite je znano po svojem vlažilnem in antioksidativnem delovanju, kožo neguje, obnavlja in ščiti pred prezgodnjim staranjem.

Kozmetika Afrodita o izdelku - "Piling za telo z naravnimi abrazivi mareličnih koščic nežno in hkrati učinkovito odstranjuje odmrle celice povrhnjice. Dodana sinergija olja makadamije in karite masla kožo obnavlja, nahrani, ščiti ter izboljša njeno prožnost in elastičnost. Rezultat je mehka, gladka koža, ovita v slastno dišavo sladkih jagod. Ne pušča neprijetnega mastnega otipa ter je primeren tudi za mastno kožo."

Tekstura, uporaba, občutek in učinek na koži, vonj - Tekstura pilinga je podobna kakšnemu losjonu, dovolj tekoča pa vendar ne preveč. Piling je rahlo roza obarvan, vendar na koži ne pušča nobene obarvanosti. Gre za lahke izdelek, ki se pod prsti čuti kot neka oblika suhega pilinga, sploh nimam občutka da nanašam piling, verjetno ravno zaradi formule, ki je nemastna. Meni je to odlično, saj mi kožo neguje, odstrani odmrle delce ampak hkrati ne pusti mastnega filma na koži. Mikro delci so res fini in nežni, super za vse, ki ne marate sladkornih pilingov, ker se vam ti zdijo pregrobi.  Ta piling je zelo nežen ampak hkrati tudi super učinkovit, moja koža je bila po uporabi čisto mehka in navlažena ter hkrati suha, nič mastna in nič svetleča. Uporaba je enostavna, samo stisnete ven iz tubice željeno količino ter jo vmasirate v kožo. Vonj je nežen, po jagodah, enako kot mousse, vendar bolj nežen. Vseeno je po uporabi dišala cela kopalnica :P Sama načeloma najprej uporabim piling potem pa še tuš gel, trenutno uporabljam Weledinega, ki diši po limonah, kombinacija je odlična! Če bi obstajal še kremni tuš gel, ki bi dišal identično, bi ga tudi z veseljem kupila ter poskusila! Vonj pilinga na koži ne obstane tako dolgo kot masla, pa vendar se ga še malce vonja tudi kako uro po tuširanju (to seveda variira od posameznika do posameznika ter tipa kože). Sama ima  mastno kožo po hrbtu po nogah pa suho in se mi zdi, da mi piling super ustreza tako za suho kožo kot mastno! Zrnca so res fina, kolikor se spomnim še nisem imela pilinga s tako finimi zrnci, še najbližje pride The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion. Skratka, sem super piling!

Svojega sem kupila v Mullerju na Čopovi, za druge pa si ne upam trditi kako so založeni. cena izdelka je bila 5,85 evra, na voljo pa je tudi v spletni trgovini Kozmetike Afrodite in sicer za 5,60 evra.

Sestavine - "Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Nylon-11, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Prunus Armeniaca Seed Powder, Acrylates Copolymer, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Chloride, Macadamia Ternofolia Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Parfum, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Octocrylene, Homosalate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Propylene Glycol, BHT, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Glyceryl  Stearate, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, CI 14720".

Upam, da vam je bila objava v pomoč! V kolikor obožujete jagode sta ta dva izdelka idealna za vas! Če morda iščete darilo za katerega izmed prihajajočih praznikov - valentinovo, materinski dan, dan žena, gregorjevo.. priporočam, da si v trgovinah ogledate tudi ta dva, saj sta res super! Z moje strani lahko dodam samo še, da je ponovni nakup obeh izdelkov 100%!

Najlepša hvala za pozornost!

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Balea Luxury - Golden Glamour :)

Hello! Are you also a fan of Balea products? I have a couple of products at home at all times, since I really like to buy their body and hair products, I especially like to try out new shower gels and hand creams. The big bonus being that their products are effective, don't irritate my skin and they are super cheap! If you love cosmetics as much as I do, or if you just take a moment at the stand and check out the prices of other brands - there is really almost nothing cheaper than Balea products, especially looking at whole DM store, but you can still get some products cheaper at lets say your local grocery store, as in Lidl or Hofer or such.. Don't take me wrong, I love that these products are so affordable! What I love even more is that some of these products are soo good that they could easily be from a more expensive brand! In todays post I am presenting two products by Balea Luxury, from their Golden Glamour edition, a handlotion and bath salt!

I have already talked about the hand lotion in my Winter essentials - handcreams post! This is truly hands down one of the most amazingly scented hand cream I ever had! The packaging is super luxury, especially compared to other Balea products, the black and golden combintaion looks very chic. I love that it comes with a pump dispenser, not like a regular cream in a tube. It contains 150 ml and is super sleek, can fit in the tiniest spot on your working desk plus you can carry it with you in your bag if you like, it wont' just oppen as you need to turn the whole dispenser head to get the product out.

The consistency is as the name already suggest like a body lotion, not too liquidy but not too creamy or heavy. One press on the pump will give you enough product for one use, meaning this bottle will last you for quite a bit.  Since this is a handlotion one would expect it to sink into the skin fast. Well it does faster than other creamy creams but still not that fast, you will need to take a moment and let it sink in. It leaves no sticky or greasy residue on my skin, once it sets it makes my hands really smooth and soft, without any unpleasant stickyness. I find it suitable for normal to dry skin, but not for those vith very dry skin or very sensitive one as this hand lotion simply contains too much perfume. Anyway, this could compete even with more expensive hand creams. Lately I've been loving especially the Kozmetika Afrodita hand creams and L'Occitane ones, which have been one of my favourites for a long time, but this really performs well, almost as well as they do. 

The scent of this collection is what really impresses me! It's oriental, slightly floral with vanilla and patchuli. The patchuli scent here is more on the gentle side, vanilla stands out more and is stronger. All in all, a product I recommend to any hand cream/hand lotions enthusiasts out there!

The bath salt comes in a simple packaging containing 80 g of product which should be enough for one use, but I actually used this one twice. The design with black and golden colour is the same as with hand lotion and the whole collection. The price for bath salt is really affordable  at 0,79 euros.

Bath salt is slighlty yellow coloured, it also leaves the bath tub coloured a bit and very strongly scented. My whole bathroom smells amazing and the scent lingered even after I already washed the bath tub and finished with my bath! The scent is the same as with hand lotion, very strong, so not suitable for those who can not stand strong scents. 

The use is very simple, just put in the tub, about 36 to 38 degrees Celsius, leave it to dissolve and than enjoy your bath for the next 10 to 20 minutes.

Love this bath salt as well as the hand lotion so much! I will definitely repurchase! The Golden Glamour collection also offers a body scrub/peeling and body lotion, so if you want you can try four different products! I ahve read great comments for those as well. If you prefer more fruity scents, Balea Luxury also offers Red Love collection with coconut and peach scented products!

Hope this post was useful to you! Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Preview: Catrice - Bold Softness LE

Pastel Passion. Spring 2016 welcomes a mixture of voluminous lightness and greyish pastels. Hightech materials such as light neoprene are combined with summery fabrics. Loose cuts with partially androgynous shapes take over from the styles of the winter season and offer inspiration with their soft, chalky colour worlds. The Limited Edition “Bold Softness” by CATRICE is also heading into the spring season with soft sorbet nuances in March 2016. Subtle colour graduation in mint and mauve create feminine make-up looks and offer an exciting contrast to the popular genderless-trend. The creamy Voluminous Lip Colours, available in a choice of soft pink or bold red, offer an enticing change to the otherwise pastel colour scheme. Further highlights include the powder Duo Eye Shadow, the multicolour Colour Correcting Powder as well as the Perfume Stick with a fresh-tangy fragrance. Soft Spring – by CATRICE.

Bold Softness by CATRICE – Duo Eye Shadow

Wash-off Pastels. Three powder eye shadows present three different colour duos. Each with one lighter and one darker nuance, they conjure-up contrasting shades and effects on the eyelids. Available in a choice of mint, rosé pink and mauve, these eye shadows offer a convincing high pay-off and create soft, feminine eye make-up styles. Available in C01 VoluMINTous, C02 Mauve Medley and C03 Soft PINKmentation.

Bold Softness by CATRICE – Voluminous Lip Colour
Break in Style. An elegant contrast to the delicate pastel shades in this edition: the two Voluminous Lip Colours – available in a soft pink or an intensive red – ensure medium coverage and a shiny finish for a conscious touch of colour on the lips. The creamy texture feels wonderfully soft and pleasant. Available in C01 NeopRED and C02 Bold PINKmentation.

Bold Softness by CATRICE – Colour Correcting Powder
All for One. Multi-coloured powder with a mosaic pattern for a colour-balancing effect: while beige-rosé mattifies and refreshes tired-looking skin, green battles redness and violet captures the light. The result: a flawless complexion. The Colour Correcting Powder comes in a high-quality white packaging with an integrated mirror. Ideal for on the go. Available in C01 Correction 'n Perfection.

Bold Softness by CATRICE – Perfume Stick
Scented & Solid. A stick with the benefits of a perfume. The pleasant, fresh and tangy fragrance invites you to head into the spring season. Thanks to the practical pen-shape and the solid texture, the Perfume Stick is an ideal alternative to perfume to carry around in a handbag as it won’t leak and can be applied anytime and any place. Available in C01 Walk on Air.

Bold Softness by CATRICE – Satin Matt Nail Lacquer

Smooth Neoprene. Four nail polishes in the colours of the season - mint, mauve and soft as well as bold pink. The formula of the Satin Matt Nail Lacquers stands out for professional coverage, long durability and unique neoprene effects. All polishes have a fashionable semi-matt finish. In addition, the mint and soft pink versions have a light shimmer. Available in C01 VoluMINTous, C02 Mauve Medley, C03 Soft PINKmentation and C04 Bold PINKmentation.

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