Sunday, March 31, 2013

Linking weekly loves 21 and 22

Hello! Again a linking weekly loves post :) Here are my 12 favourites, but also this time some are in german, some in slovene, croatian,.. so I hope google translate can help you :)

Honey and Milk posted this gorgeous nail manicure, she called it coral ombré. I think this is very spring/summer like mani and I'm sure many will love it too!

Gone2RehabBRB posted a look called A day for purple and it looks great! Not too intense purple, just right. Perfect for all those who want to try purple eyeshadow, but think it's too dark :)

Nihrida posted another spring like manicure, this time she also shows how to make neon water marble look :)

Beauty Broadcast presents another look appropriate for day and night :) Have a look, do you agree? I think she looks great!

ChitChat Nails presents a lovely manicure, she called it Buff Dandelions :) It's very springlike and cute :)

Makeup and Macaroons posted a very useful tip how to make your eyebrows look better and also how she fills them in :)

Deja Zu posted a recipe called Green smoothie. If you like eating healthy, if you like smoothies, have a try :)

Lovely Little Lux-uries posted her top choice for spring manicure :) I love this polish by Catrice, Ultimate Nudes - Moulin Rouge Light. It's perfect! :)

Makeup and Macaroons made another fantastic post I just have to share with you. For everyone who love green eyeshadow: A pop of green :)

ESSIEBUTTON made this great video about products worth the hype! It helped me shape my wishlist XD 

Šminkerica - Beauty Community posted a dramatic makeup look and also step by step photos how to recreate it yourselves :) It's on ym to do list! :) made a review of  Fleur de Sante lipstick in shade Rosewood Desire :) I was thinking of buying this exact same shade, it's gorgeous!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, March 29, 2013

Preview: Alverde - Fairy magic LE (Feenzauber LE)

Hello! Another quick post, this time it's a preview for Alverde limited edition called Feenzauber - or how my google translator puts it - Fairy Magic :))

This collection will be available from April to May 2013. :)

Baked eyeshadow: Spring colours, pastels and pretty light colours will dominate in this collection, starting with baked eyeshadows.  If these will be as good as the previus ones, we can expect very good pigmentation, easy application and blending, also can be applied with damped brushes. These will be available in four colours, 10 Wiesentau (sorry can not translate it yet, we will probably get these with english names on), 20 Tulips magnificence, 30 Light Dress, 40 Sea of flowers. Number  40 is not vegan, but the rest are :)

Body&Face powder: Next product can be used on body and face, so it make sit a lot more interesting to me :) It's not just the usual blush or highlighter, which is a nice change of product offered in limited edition. The marbled compact powder with subtle sheen makes for bright accents and a fresh, well-proportioned appearance of the skin. Available in 10 Supernova Big bang, is vegan :)


Lipgloss:  The delicate lip glosses leave your lips shine in a fantastic shine and set in the beautiful fairy color accents. In addition to the soft color output spoil the lip glosses lips with moisturizing aloe vera. Available in 10 Star kiss, 20 Dream sound, 30 Traumwolke. Only numer 10 is vegan.

Lipsticks: The supple texture nourishes the lips intensely. The magical colors transform your lips into a real eye-catcher. :) Available in shades 10 Rose poem, 20 Elderberry sea (Holundermeer), 30 Maron sound (Maronenklang), 40 Spring Blossom. Unfortunately, none of these are vegan. :(

Liquid eyeliner: Available in two shades, with a thin applicator for perfect application. Shades 10 Light Erwind (Lichterwind) and 20 Flowers. Personally, I'm leaning towards the lighter shade, I think it would really make my eyes pop a bit more and also make them appear bigger :)

Highlighter stick: With the silky soft shimmering particles this stick makes your skin look fresh and radiant. The gentle formula contains nourishing jojoba oil. Work into your skin with your fingers. I'm sure this would also work on the rest of the body, not only around the eye area. :)

Eau de Toilette Sweet Harmony: The alverde EDT Sweet Harmony combines feminine allure with a fruity playfulness - an imaginative fragrance blend of mystery. Very sweet scent :) This is a vegan product :)

My opinion: I like they added baked eyeshadows, even thou the colours are to me too light and I probably would not use them. Body&Face powder looks promising, but I have to be careful not to buy too many of these shimmery products I'm never gonna empty... Also this one remainds me a lot of last years Nude&Flash LE, also because of the packaging of the lipsticks and lipglosses. Maybe I'll take one or two, I need some swatches first, they seem very similar to last years collection. And the white eyeliner, not something for everyday, but I already have looks in my mind where it would be very handy :)

Do you like this collection? Do you want to treat yourself with a little something? Also, do you have enough of these spring like pastel colours already??? I do, I mean they are cute and all, and fit some people very well.. but man, this is too much. Everyone is releasing the same, or identical pastel colours, every spring.. it gets kinda boring.. At least the textures get better every year :)

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Slovenian Bloggers 12/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Lux wrote a review of MUA: 3 in 1 eXtreme Contour Liner.

Deja did Archie girls weekly makeup tag. 

UniqaPoly showed us some of her new accessories.

Nail polish bottles on nails? Why not! Taya did that.

Pumpkin* did a lovely two-colour mani.

Maja made her first frankenpolish!

My stomach can be a baloon, says MajaEna.

Colour-change polishes are definitely still in, just look at Katiee's nails!

We all love Sacher cake, don't we! Well, Maja can make one!

Dee reviewed Balea hair mask

SoulFishing wrote some great recipes for milkshakes or vitamin smoothies!

Still wondering if you should see Les Miserables? See what's written about it on C'est la vie's blog.

Maja tried a new shampoo!

And Mateja really loves snow.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Empties No.2

Hello! Here's another post about my used up products. I had like four more posts ready for you, but didn't have the time to post them. And than I had problems with my computer, which I have already told you about and all the photos are gone. So now we start again from zero. :)

This time I have used up four products. From left to right are:  Dr.Scheller pomegranate waschgel, Bourjois deodorant for sensitive skin, Balea dry shampoo and Alverde lip balm.

I've been repurchasing  this product for about one year and a half, in this time it also had a makeover in design, but I think the ingredients are all the same. I find this product really gentle, efficient, makes my skin really clean, does not incourage any pimples, redness, dry skin. But than this winter I had some problems with this product. After washing my face felt very tightened and dry, I have no idea why. So I used it up at the same time as my skin went crazy and I started using some really creamy, moisturizing face cream before going to bed and it got better. So I guess my skin got really dry, dehidrated and it decided to go really really dry for the first time in my life. Now that I got my skin back in order this product is also back on my "to buy" list :)

Here are also the ingredients :)

Next is this Bourjois deodorant. I really like the scent, it smells great. It's a spray, but it dries very quickly, it also lasted a long time. I used it daily, for two-three months. No skin irritations after shaving and using this, so far all of their deodorants worked well with my skin. Also, the most important, does not leave white marks! None at all, really a success for me, every other deodorant that makes the same promises did not really keep them. Will definitely repurchase!

Balea dry shampoo is a good product, but nothing above the average. My hair tends to get greasy really fast, I need to wash it every other day or something like that and this helps me too look a little bit better for a couple of hours, but no more. Also you need to be careful how much you spray on, you don't want your hair to look white! I have already repurchased it, but only because I didn't know what else to get, nothing convinced me so far. When I find a better one, I'll stop buying this one.

Alverde lip balm Calendula (marigold) is one of my all time favourites and I've repurchased this many times. It's rather greasy on the lips, so if you don't like that feeling on your lips this will not be great for you. But the effects of this product on my lips are very good! A lip balm that actually helps me keep my lips  smooth, hydrated, not chapped and dry and hurting. Also helps to heal faster than any other lip product I currently own. Also, has a scent, it does not bother me, I like marigold, I use it on daily basis, but it might not be for everyone. In that case you can choose the other Alverde lip balm, scented with vanilla and mandarines. I love both of these and they are never off the list of things to buy :)

All products can be bought in DM stores, that's where I got them. Balea  and Alverde are dm brands, you can see the little signs on the products. :)

These four have been my constants for this winter, all in all I am very satisfied with my buys and even more - I got to finish them. More products awaits :D

Thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, March 25, 2013

Review and swatches: Oz the great and powerful nail crackle - Good Witch

Hello there! Today's post will be super short and I'll be presenting my manicure I wore last week :)  I tried my first crackle nail polish. Yes, I know, I'm soo after time and  I try products so much later than they come out! I was never sure, if I'm actually gonna wear this outside, I liked it on other people, but since I really suck at nail polish application... well you never know, I guess. I got this super great golden shade from Essence limited edition, Oz the Great and Powerful, you can see my preview here :)

I used Deborah nail polish  Sense Tech 100% Mat  in 01 and Essence nail polsih in 03 Good Witch. First I applied one coat of Deborah nail polish. It was enough to apply only one coat, it is very well pigmented and it went matte instantly, during drying on my nails. You can watch the change, but it happens really fast. I love this nail polish since I got it and I am thinking of getting another shade. I was very lucky, because this one was given to me by a very nice girl from the slovenian beauty forum I visit daily. Unfortunately this shade is not available in stores anymore, I was looking for it for a very long time, and it wasn't available in any shop I went to. :( I hope I don't run out of it soon :) Only thing  I kinda don't like, Deborah also doesn't give names to their products, they give numbers...

Than on top I used Good Witch. I played a bit, I added it just on the side, leaving half of my  nail matte black.. than just on the tips of my nails.. but that made my short nails look even shorter. So finally, I didn't like any of these two and decided to paint it all over my nails. So basically, I used two coats of Good Witch polish. I didn't use any top coat or base coat, since this was just a testing look. The same day I painted it on it started to crumble off at the tips of my nails and than very fast on.. Even this top coat looked sort of shimmery but matte, so I didn't want to put over my  Depend top coat , because  it would probably make it look too glossy..

So enjoy some more photos and sorry for the bad application, as I said this was just a test to see how it would look. :)

Also on daylight it looked more silvery, and I got comments from girls asking me if this is a shatter nail lacquer by OPI :) So I guess this looks better and more expensive than it really was! XD

Also, I'm gonna buy some Depend crackle nail polishes soon, I am looking at red and black one and possibly one more, so keep in touch, new nail polish related posts  are yet to come :)

Take care and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, March 22, 2013

Preview: OPI - Summer 2013 The Bond Girls Collection

Hello! Today's post will be really short. I just wanted to present  some new OPI limited edition that I'm looking forward to. :) OPI is releasing a new collection connected to the 007, it is called The Bond Girls.

OPI team says: "OPI announces the launch of Bond Girls, a collection of six new Liquid Sand™ nail lacquers featuring a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle fitting the allure surrounding the Bond Girls. In hues of white, pink, blue, purple, gold and coral, Bond Girls offers a range of shimmering shades with the distinctive Liquid Sand finish."
“The six shades are named after some of the most iconic – and my favorite – Bond girls, including: Solitaire, Pussy Galore, Tiffany Case, Vesper, Honey Ryder and Jinx,” adds Weiss-Fischmann. “Worn without top coat, these Liquid Sand lacquers give nails a pebbled, matte finish worthy of the captivating ‘Bond Girls’ name.”

This collection will be available from May 2013. It comes in six new shades. Solitaire – is diamond-sparkling white. Pussy Galore – is light feminine pink. Tiffany Case – A classic light blue. Vesper – A mysterious deep purple. Honey Ryder –is shimmery gold. Jinx – is matte coral.

I love the shades Vespera, Solitaire and Honey Ryder.  The rest are a bit too bright for my taste. Anyway these OPI nail lacquers are not the usual ones, they have this new technology, called liquid sand, and it makes a really interesting finish. Unfortunately I do not have any swatches to show you, but if I do, be sure, I will post them here :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My new accessories :)

Hello! This post is a bit different than usual. It's not cosmetic related at all. I went shopping and I found some really great stuff, so I decided to share it with you! XD And since I couldn't find anything nice to wear as in skirts, dresses and shirts etc... I got myself a pair of new shoes, a gorgeous bag and a hat! I never thought I would ever wear a hat, but  here it is! :)

First of  - I have new shoes :) Previous ones I had for a long time.. and they are in a really bad shape.. so I thought to myself - if you have something nice to wear you are gonna need something nice and good looking on your feet too. So I already knew that whatever I'm gonna buy is gonna be black, it's universal, fits with everything, or better, everything fits with it, it's comfortable, I'm used to wearing black shoes.They are  light, they have tiny heels, just enough to make noise when walking the tiles.

Another item I got myself is this really great bag. Simple colour combination, I like such things that can be used in multiple ways and fit with everything. I'm really not a big fashion follower, except when it comes to lace, especially black lace XD  I like the flower print inside, it makes it more interesting. The bag is big enough to go to my classes with it, I can get my notebooks in.  This is actually my first bag that is of this size, I usually have a lot smaller and more elegant versions for going out in the evening and such.

 And the hat! I really like it, but my only dilemma now is how to fit it with the rest of my clothes and accessories. I kinda tend to have at least one itemon me that is in similar coloration, so this is gonna be a bit of a problem, since I have almost nothing in grey-ish/brown-ish colours. But than again, black goes with everything and I think there's gonna be a way to wear this hat as often as possible :)

What about your accessories? Does anyone like wearing hats? This is kinda out of my comfort zone, but I'm gonna give it a try. Wearing a hat makes me feel like Troian Bellisario from the TV show Pretty Little Liars and she really rocks the hats! Anyway I like her style in the show, and there's really a lot of hats going on :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My new products from Poland :)

Hello! Today I'll just post a bunch of photos of my new products I got from Poland and some really short reviews. Me and my friend Agnes made a swap of cosmetics and body care :) She is now in the making of her own blog and if she decides to make it open for public I will definitely post a link to her site, so you will be able to see what she got from slovenian stores and me and also other of her posts :)

First I will present Eveline Mattifying BB Cream 8in1. We have Eveline in Slovenia, but only in Nama store, that I know of. I could not find anything there for body and face, just decorative cosmetics so far, and I must say nothing really impressed me yet, so maybe I'll try it some other time. What this BB cream promises: long-lastingly and effectively mattifies, reduces visibility of pores, evens skin tone, conceals redness and imperfections, intensely moisturises 24h, smoothens and illuminates. I have not tested it yet, just made  a swatch. This BB cream smells so great! It has a very thick consistency, compared to what I use now (Garnier BB cream for oily skin in light/ivory). More proper review will come later :)

Second product is micellar lotion  Be Beauty. I love it! It has a nice smell, but not invasive. I'm using this at least every second day since I got it. I'm kinda afraid I'm gonna use it up too soon! It makes my skin really clean. Anyway my eye makeup needs something stronger. But for the skin it really removes my bb cream off perfectly, I can finally make my skin really clean before applying creams or lotions.

Third is this Hakuro brush H60. I use it for concealing my spots and under my eyes. It's really nice to work with, the bristles are strong, stick together, easy to use, easy to wash. Very soft and gentle on the face. I like ti so far! Here's a link to the polish web store where I got it from. :)

Now to lips! This is Wibo Spicy lipgloss in number 8. It's  a gorgeous colour, nice consistency, has a nice scent, but not very strong. Staying power is medium, let's say 2 hours. That's really good for me, since I constantly eat and drink something, it's a surprise anything stays on my lips anyway.. And not just the name is spicy, the lip gloss is too!!! Not very spicy, but still, you can feel the thingling on the lips, like I would just be eating peppers... XD

Next is one of my totally awesome and "oh my" favourites, Maybelline SuperStay 14h lipstick in Non Stop Red. I saw it on Lisa Eldridge, and also in other shades and this is just great! It brightens up my face a lot! I look much more awake and healthy with it. But more in a separate post, because this lippie definitely deserves it! :D

Here are swatches of both, Maybelline lipstick  and Wibo lip gloss :)

Also I got myslef two nail polishes. One is by Bell, it's shade Glam Wear Glossy Polishin 424. It's a gorgeous plummy shade. And the other one is by Wibo Extreme Nails in shade 51. Also another really lovely colour, deep burgundy red :) More swatches to come :)

Another product from Bell is Zig Zag  Volume Colagen mascara. I really like the brush, it kinda spiral shaped bristles and it make's it easier to reach every tiny eyelash. It is more for a day time look, even with three coats I could not reach the more dramatic look. Anyway I like it so far :)

Last one is body butter by Perfecta. It smells so great! I wanna eat myself! Really, the chocolate scent smells great, and the texture is nice  and it sinks into skin very fast, no oily stains on the skin... Even talking about it makes me want to eat chocolate XD

Anyway this is my short preview/review of my new shiny stuff! I'm really happy I got all of them, I will definitely use them all and enjoy using them XD Stay tunde for more detailed reviews :)

Take care and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Linking weekly loves 19 and 20

Hello! How are you all? Weeks go by so fast! We are already on week 19 and 20 of my favourite posts :)

Colorful Harmony posted about her new ZOYA polish, Aurora.It's such a gorgeous colour, I really want it too! XD

Pigments and Palettes presents a review of Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful kit. Gorgeous shades in natural tones, something I would definitel want for myself :)

Anatomy of Beauty posted a manicure called Black Eggs. Really great combinataion, I love black nail polish with a little something extra XD

Honey and Milk posted about Dior Addict Gloss, she presents new shades and she also made swatches of four of them. I really love shade 643 Diablotine :)

ESSIEBUTTON was very active with videos, she made this one, called February Favourites and I must say I really like her choices, I want some of them too or already own them :)

Šminkerica posted her wish list, so did I this week, but she gave me some extra ideas... I really want that Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR :D

Will Work for Makeup posted on her blog The Sunday face, a look that is soo simple, seen so many times but again and again it makes me say wooow. I especially love her lip gloss ;)

Sara Hassan posted  a review and swatches for E.L.F. Studio HD Blush in 'Superstar'. I love this shade and I wnat to try liquid blush sometime, I think  this one would be great on my skin :)

Imagination In Colour posted a manicure using Happy Hands nail polish in Metal Heart. I love this polish and the packaging looks so cute!

Chalkboard Nails also posted  lovely manicures, this time three of them and I really love the first one, the black and red combination, it looks fantastic!

Lipstick Rules presents another gorgeous shade of red, this time it's MAC Russian Red. This one has been on my wishlist for a very long time.. it's a fantastic red lippie!

*Come on ... and paint my world* presents a very strong green eyeshadow look, something I really love love love! I did something similar on myself this week :)

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: MUA - UNDRESSED eyeshadow palette

Hello! Today's post will be about this gorgeous eyeshadow palette by MUA called Undressed :) I'm sure you all know it by now, after all there's been quite a huge fuss about this brand and since this palette has become known as a dupe to Urban Decay Naked palette. I can  not say if it is since I do not own the other one, but I've seen reviews for this two palettes and comparisons all over the web and on so many blogs...

Personally I got a bit hyped about this one and I just wanted to treat myself a little so I bought it via local web store, called Lič I don't really need any more natural like eyeshadows! Really, I should have some sort of  a "ban" from buying these colours, I already have so many. Especially I feel bad for not using Sleek Au Naturel one more often, it's got so many wonderful shades and texture is really great and... I love it, but it just doesn't get a turn as much as it deserves.

Now, what I like about this MUA palette - I like the colour range, obviously ;) I like the textures, they are smooth, they blend quite well, I think they are good quality eyeshadows, especially for the price. It's quite a lot cheaper than for example Sleek (especially if you buy it directly from MUA store when they have free shipping and 50% off on everything XD). Still in the matter of texture, not all shades are as smooth as the rest, especially in comparison to the Sleek Au Naturel one. Still I managed to make some really nice looks with this one. Staying power varies for me, I have really greasy eyelids, so using ArtDeco eyeshadow base helps a lot to make it stay longer. I would say at least  4 hours it sits put, than it just starts to fade, evenly. This doesn't bother me much, since I rarely wear a lot of makeup all day.

What I don't like about this one is the packaging. Really super cheap plastic. It's ok, it's functional but I really hate it that I must be so extra careful with it. If it falls I'm sure it will break badly. I know this is really user friendly priced palette, but still, a little bit of a stronger packaging I would not mind. Also the sponge applicator is completely useless, I never use sponge applicator unless I really, really have to. I would like to see cheaper brands of makeup to add a double sided brush, eyeshadow brush and maybe a smaller smudge brush. I'm sure a lot of people would love it as long as the brushes are not super cheap too. And I really don't like that the shades don't have names, they have numbers. A part of what makes you interested in the product in the first place is it's look, packaging, name.. these are the first things you notice, than you try texture etc... So I would also be very pleased if they added some names to the colours.

Here are swatches of the colours. The photo above is the first line from number 1 to 6.I'm really sorry the photo is so bad, and the shades unvisible. I wanted to post another one, but these photos were taken quite a long time ago, when I first got the palette and since than my computer broke and I kinda deep fried my hard drive, so there's nothing left and no photos to post. 
On the photo bellow we have swatches from number 7 to 12.

Let's go from shade to shade. Number 1 is very light, sheer, soft texture. I like it on her own, just to even out the colour of my eyelids and some mascara... Also really great as highlighter. Number 2 is a similar colour but very much more shimmery, maybe a tiny bit more pinky. Number 3 is a matte, nude colour, almost invisible on my skin. To me it appears not as pigmented and expressive as other colours. Number 4 is very strong in shimmer, kinda nude-goldy, something in between. Number 5 is also a matte shadow, a darker version of  numer 3. It's nice, I use it as a bse colour all over my lids. Number 6 is a fantastic golden shade, very sparkly. I love it so much! Number 7 is another of highlights, really great browny-bronzy colour, also shimmery. Number 8 is a nice sort of khaki colour, smooth, not as shimmery as the rest of them. Number 9 is also a really great kinda pinky, shimmery colour. I love to wear it alone, all over my lids. Number 10 is a not as glittery as the rest, but still has a shine and a nice texture. Number 11 and 12 are the only ones that really stand out. They are both in tones of blue, the first one more like black-grey and the last one is silvery-blue. I don't use these two much, kinda don't like the colours as much as the rest.

So all in all, this palette is very nice for everyone who like shimmery, shiny, glittery colour. I think the shades suit any eye colour. Also I like the effect I can make with only one shade, shimmer simply makes my eyes pop a little more and without using any dark and dramatic colours. Also lighter shades are more easy to blend so you can not really mess up a look with this one. Although this has it's faults it's still a great product I love to use on daily basis. I like it so much I even got myself another MUA palette, called Immaculate collection. Stay tuned for my next review and thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, March 15, 2013

Preview: Catrice - Geometrix LE

 Hello! I already posted a sneak peak vidoe for this collection and finally I can also present all the products that will come in this collection :)

As already stated, this one will be available from April to May 2013 :)

Geometrix Eyeshadow palette: The palette offers 6 powder eyeshadows with a high pigmentation in an elaborate case a la Mondrian. From soft nude shades to classic primary and contrasting bright colors, this range is convincing all-round – whether used mono or combined. The duo-applicator is also included in the case and ensures correct application. Available in one combination, named Co1Mix.

Matt lip cream: The creamy lip-gloss texture with a matt finish is available in a classic red as well as an orange-red shade. These Matt Lip Creams have a moisturizing effect and leave your lips feeling as soft as velvet. Available in C01 Red and C02 Light Red.

Blush paper: Innovative and practical: Blush Paper. The delicate leaves give the facial contours and provide a fresh, natural complexion. Brushes and sponges are unnecessary. The high-quality printed cardboard fits perfectly into any handbag. A color for every skin tone. Available in  C01 Red.

Translucent mattifying powder: Make-up is in place and the masterpiece is complete. Use this pressed transparent powder to mattify your complexion and set your look. Suitable for every skin type, it offers a visible mattifying effect despite its transparency.

Kabuki brush: The Kabuki Brush with thick, soft bristles is particularly resistant, making it the ideal tool for applying loose or compact powder.  The handy size and elegant black design with graphical highlights turn this Kabuki Brush into an absolute must-have accessory.

The Giant Extreme Volume Waterproof mascara:  Thanks to its specially developed conic mega-brush shape, each individual lash is defined and brought into shape. The waterproof texture guarantees 24 hours of long-lasting sensational volume.

Ultimate Nail lacquer: Two primary colours plus two neon colours. The Ultimate Nail Lacquers stand out for their high coverage and sensational shine so turn your nails into an empty canvas for nail designs that are true works of art. Available in C01 Blue, C02 Red, C03 Orange and C04 Yellow.

Anything you like? I will definitely go check the eyeshadow palette because it simply attracts me so much, that touch of blue and yellow makes it something I don't quite have yet. Also the kabuki brush looks very promising and I hope the packaging in strong and will survive travelling in my bag, because than this brush will be prefect and I most definitely will buy it. Also translucent powder might be a really nice buy, especially if you don't have it yet or you are unsatisfied with the ones at home. Oh and matt lip creams, what gorgeous shades! I will probably take tham  both, because I can never say  NO to a true red lippie or orangy red lippie because they fit me and there's never enough to have just one shade of red in your makeup stash XD
Also, I'm interested in how these blush papers work, but I will probably not buy them, since I really don't use blush a lot, more highlighter than anything. Mascara looks promising because it has longer and shorter bristles and it's shaped quite well, so you can reach every eyelash. Still I prefer rubber brushes, with these ordinary bristles  I always get too much mascara on and than my eyelashes tend to clump together etc..Nail polishes are fun, very summer like, anyway to me these colours are not appealing, I prefer darker shades and this looks kinda a bit too neon to me.
All in all this looks like a really great limited edition, it has some really great products in it that are suitable for as many looks as you like, so very versatile products. I hope I get my hands on the full stand when it comes out, some of these are definitely coming with me!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Love, UniqaPoly