Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My new products from Poland :)

Hello! Today I'll just post a bunch of photos of my new products I got from Poland and some really short reviews. Me and my friend Agnes made a swap of cosmetics and body care :) She is now in the making of her own blog and if she decides to make it open for public I will definitely post a link to her site, so you will be able to see what she got from slovenian stores and me and also other of her posts :)

First I will present Eveline Mattifying BB Cream 8in1. We have Eveline in Slovenia, but only in Nama store, that I know of. I could not find anything there for body and face, just decorative cosmetics so far, and I must say nothing really impressed me yet, so maybe I'll try it some other time. What this BB cream promises: long-lastingly and effectively mattifies, reduces visibility of pores, evens skin tone, conceals redness and imperfections, intensely moisturises 24h, smoothens and illuminates. I have not tested it yet, just made  a swatch. This BB cream smells so great! It has a very thick consistency, compared to what I use now (Garnier BB cream for oily skin in light/ivory). More proper review will come later :)

Second product is micellar lotion  Be Beauty. I love it! It has a nice smell, but not invasive. I'm using this at least every second day since I got it. I'm kinda afraid I'm gonna use it up too soon! It makes my skin really clean. Anyway my eye makeup needs something stronger. But for the skin it really removes my bb cream off perfectly, I can finally make my skin really clean before applying creams or lotions.

Third is this Hakuro brush H60. I use it for concealing my spots and under my eyes. It's really nice to work with, the bristles are strong, stick together, easy to use, easy to wash. Very soft and gentle on the face. I like ti so far! Here's a link to the polish web store where I got it from. :)

Now to lips! This is Wibo Spicy lipgloss in number 8. It's  a gorgeous colour, nice consistency, has a nice scent, but not very strong. Staying power is medium, let's say 2 hours. That's really good for me, since I constantly eat and drink something, it's a surprise anything stays on my lips anyway.. And not just the name is spicy, the lip gloss is too!!! Not very spicy, but still, you can feel the thingling on the lips, like I would just be eating peppers... XD

Next is one of my totally awesome and "oh my" favourites, Maybelline SuperStay 14h lipstick in Non Stop Red. I saw it on Lisa Eldridge, and also in other shades and this is just great! It brightens up my face a lot! I look much more awake and healthy with it. But more in a separate post, because this lippie definitely deserves it! :D

Here are swatches of both, Maybelline lipstick  and Wibo lip gloss :)

Also I got myslef two nail polishes. One is by Bell, it's shade Glam Wear Glossy Polishin 424. It's a gorgeous plummy shade. And the other one is by Wibo Extreme Nails in shade 51. Also another really lovely colour, deep burgundy red :) More swatches to come :)

Another product from Bell is Zig Zag  Volume Colagen mascara. I really like the brush, it kinda spiral shaped bristles and it make's it easier to reach every tiny eyelash. It is more for a day time look, even with three coats I could not reach the more dramatic look. Anyway I like it so far :)

Last one is body butter by Perfecta. It smells so great! I wanna eat myself! Really, the chocolate scent smells great, and the texture is nice  and it sinks into skin very fast, no oily stains on the skin... Even talking about it makes me want to eat chocolate XD

Anyway this is my short preview/review of my new shiny stuff! I'm really happy I got all of them, I will definitely use them all and enjoy using them XD Stay tunde for more detailed reviews :)

Take care and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Poly, if you need more Be Beauty Micellar Lotion from Biedronka store - let me know, I can buy some more for you and send in an bubbly envelope.

    I've been wondering, do you have Ziaja brand in Slovenia? I've seen a chocolate/cocoa lipstick.. and I've just found on the net Flos-lek chocolate lipstick, I bet you would like to try it ;)

    1. Great, thank you! I'll let you know if I decide to buy another one. We have Ziaja, but so far I saw just some body and face care, nothing for lips. Can you give me a link to this Flos-lek lipstick? :)

  2. Check via Google. But I've been checking all the drugstores and chemistries in Warsaw, it's mostly unavailable. Maybe I will just add Ziaja chocolate lipstick to the letter to you? :)
    Ps. I'm glad you like the butter :)

  3. The chocolate body butter looks delicious. Also like the shade of the Maybelline lippy. Does it really stay on all day?
    My Beauty Junction

    1. This lipstick is really persistant, it survived drinking and eating, but of course a bit goes off anyway. On me without eating and drinking max 4 to 6 hours, but I can not really say about 14h, never tried. :)


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