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Review: MUA - UNDRESSED eyeshadow palette

Hello! Today's post will be about this gorgeous eyeshadow palette by MUA called Undressed :) I'm sure you all know it by now, after all there's been quite a huge fuss about this brand and since this palette has become known as a dupe to Urban Decay Naked palette. I can  not say if it is since I do not own the other one, but I've seen reviews for this two palettes and comparisons all over the web and on so many blogs...

Personally I got a bit hyped about this one and I just wanted to treat myself a little so I bought it via local web store, called Lič I don't really need any more natural like eyeshadows! Really, I should have some sort of  a "ban" from buying these colours, I already have so many. Especially I feel bad for not using Sleek Au Naturel one more often, it's got so many wonderful shades and texture is really great and... I love it, but it just doesn't get a turn as much as it deserves.

Now, what I like about this MUA palette - I like the colour range, obviously ;) I like the textures, they are smooth, they blend quite well, I think they are good quality eyeshadows, especially for the price. It's quite a lot cheaper than for example Sleek (especially if you buy it directly from MUA store when they have free shipping and 50% off on everything XD). Still in the matter of texture, not all shades are as smooth as the rest, especially in comparison to the Sleek Au Naturel one. Still I managed to make some really nice looks with this one. Staying power varies for me, I have really greasy eyelids, so using ArtDeco eyeshadow base helps a lot to make it stay longer. I would say at least  4 hours it sits put, than it just starts to fade, evenly. This doesn't bother me much, since I rarely wear a lot of makeup all day.

What I don't like about this one is the packaging. Really super cheap plastic. It's ok, it's functional but I really hate it that I must be so extra careful with it. If it falls I'm sure it will break badly. I know this is really user friendly priced palette, but still, a little bit of a stronger packaging I would not mind. Also the sponge applicator is completely useless, I never use sponge applicator unless I really, really have to. I would like to see cheaper brands of makeup to add a double sided brush, eyeshadow brush and maybe a smaller smudge brush. I'm sure a lot of people would love it as long as the brushes are not super cheap too. And I really don't like that the shades don't have names, they have numbers. A part of what makes you interested in the product in the first place is it's look, packaging, name.. these are the first things you notice, than you try texture etc... So I would also be very pleased if they added some names to the colours.

Here are swatches of the colours. The photo above is the first line from number 1 to 6.I'm really sorry the photo is so bad, and the shades unvisible. I wanted to post another one, but these photos were taken quite a long time ago, when I first got the palette and since than my computer broke and I kinda deep fried my hard drive, so there's nothing left and no photos to post. 
On the photo bellow we have swatches from number 7 to 12.

Let's go from shade to shade. Number 1 is very light, sheer, soft texture. I like it on her own, just to even out the colour of my eyelids and some mascara... Also really great as highlighter. Number 2 is a similar colour but very much more shimmery, maybe a tiny bit more pinky. Number 3 is a matte, nude colour, almost invisible on my skin. To me it appears not as pigmented and expressive as other colours. Number 4 is very strong in shimmer, kinda nude-goldy, something in between. Number 5 is also a matte shadow, a darker version of  numer 3. It's nice, I use it as a bse colour all over my lids. Number 6 is a fantastic golden shade, very sparkly. I love it so much! Number 7 is another of highlights, really great browny-bronzy colour, also shimmery. Number 8 is a nice sort of khaki colour, smooth, not as shimmery as the rest of them. Number 9 is also a really great kinda pinky, shimmery colour. I love to wear it alone, all over my lids. Number 10 is a not as glittery as the rest, but still has a shine and a nice texture. Number 11 and 12 are the only ones that really stand out. They are both in tones of blue, the first one more like black-grey and the last one is silvery-blue. I don't use these two much, kinda don't like the colours as much as the rest.

So all in all, this palette is very nice for everyone who like shimmery, shiny, glittery colour. I think the shades suit any eye colour. Also I like the effect I can make with only one shade, shimmer simply makes my eyes pop a little more and without using any dark and dramatic colours. Also lighter shades are more easy to blend so you can not really mess up a look with this one. Although this has it's faults it's still a great product I love to use on daily basis. I like it so much I even got myself another MUA palette, called Immaculate collection. Stay tuned for my next review and thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly

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  1. It looks great, but I think that Sleek Au Naturel is better - at least it has a mirror ;) But for a better opinion I need to get my Sleek palette first ;) I'm also in the same place as you are - too many natural colours :P we need a ban - absolutely! ;)


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