Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 DARKS palette

Hello everyone! This is a short post reviewing my second Sleek palette. This one is called Ultra Mattes V2 DARKS and it's gorgeous! The cardboard around the palette is the same as usual for Sleek, with the same elements as usual for i-Divine collection :)

Again we have 12 matte shades that I find really great to work with! They are mineral-based and are really smooth  in texture. I got attrected to this pallet because of two very special shades, called Maple and Villan. They are really great for those with deep brown eyes, also other shades in the palete are really nice to work with :)

Here are the swatches of the colours. All are very well pigmented. Maybe I just expected a couple of them to be different in person. Fern, for example, is not as deep green as I thought it would be, but I still love it, I think it will be defenitely a great colour for spring and summer looks. After all shades of green, more smaragd colours are very IN this year and I bet we will be seeing green-ish makeup looks and nails all over.

As I said before, the combo of Maple and Villan is great! I applied Maple all over my lid and than Villan just to the outer corner of my eye and up into the crease, blended well, added some mascara and I was good to go!

The swatch for Maple (second from left to right) and Villain, right next to Fern :)

Also the lightest two shades in the pallete, in the upper right corner, Dune and Pillow Talk are kinda too bright in my opinion. Dune is ok, also quite visible, very beige-y colour, nude colour, perfect for brightening the look in your inner corners or under your brows. But Pillow Talk is a bit too white and  I'm not used to wearing such colour. Probably I will be using that one just for under brows, because otherwise I find it a bit hard to blend her with the rest of the palette. It's very nicely pigmented otherwise.

To me this palette is a great combination of shades for bold looks as well for everyday use. For example I have worn the Maple-Villan combination all day, and I was thinking if I would be going out in the evening, I would just add a touch of black eyeliner and maybe some deep purple one on the lower lid, maybe added some Noir shade into the crease to make it look more heavy and deep. Or maybe not even that, just the liner would do the trick and added more definition to my eyes. Anyway I felt like my face brightened up a bit more using these shades of reddish-brown and plum, especially on a grey winter day.

Also, you will like this palette if you wish for shadows  that are soft in texture, have a very good pigmentation, are longlasting ( I was using ArtDeco eye shadow base), that blend easily. Here on these photos, swatches are made without any base at all. So with the base I got even better and stronger colours.

I would recommed this palette to all those that already have experinces with Sleek palettes, I think you will not be dissapointed. Also I would recommend this one to all those that love matte eyeshadows and want to try more bold looks, but don't want to be all shimmery and shiny and resemble a sparkling X-mas tree. I haven't tried yet, but I will definitely make a look with purple, plummy shades in combination with a gold one, so I think this would be also great for all with brown eyes. 
So this is it, stay tuned for my next review of Sleek eye shadow palettes :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly 


  1. Sleekove paletke so meni osebno najboljše. tale matte mi je pa posebej k srcu, ker me je najbolj presenetila s pigmentacijo.. top je za neutral pa tudi tak smokey vecerni makeup :)

  2. :) Ja res jo je fajn met, jo uporabljam največ od vseh paletk :)

  3. These colours are absolutely great. As you already now - 3 Sleek palettes (including Ultra Mattes Darks) are on my wishlist :)

    1. Hehe, great! I knew you will not be able to resist! ;)


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