Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Preview: Alverde new products - March 2013 + Ex Article

Alverde presents a new range of decorative cosmetics, coming in stores from March 2013. With this we also have a list of products that will be leaving :(


 Colour & Care Cream To Powder Make-up: The velvety Colour & Care Cream to Powder Make-up not only impresses with its reliable coverage,  but also with the silky matte finish and texture of the convertible - from creamy to powdery. The integrated care core provides the skin with intensive care. Available in 10 Soft Cream and 20 Warm Toffee.

2in1 Colour & Care Make-up: Light make-up with high-quality care - united in Colour & Care 2in1 make-up. The delicate, liquid texture melts into the skin and makes it shine. Available in 10 Vanilla & Cream and 20 Caramel & Cream. Not a vegan product.

Sun Kissed Highlighter: The Sun Kissed highlighter with apricot kernel oil and valuable minerals can give a natural, warm and golden light shine :) This product is vegan.

Mineral Make-up base gel: With mild gel-based formulation, the skin is perfectly prepared for the make-up. The base lights up the skin evenly, is optimizing the support for the make-up and conceals small imperfections. This product is vegan.

Natural Light Make-up - oil-free: The Natural Light make-up is water-based, easy to apply and gives a radiant and natural look. Suitable for sensitive skin. Available in 10 Light Porcelain, 20 Medium and 30 Soft caramel sand. This product is vegan.

The fixing spray: The fixing spray with extracts of kiwi, pineapple and Calendula provides a long-lasting make-up and a perfect finish. The fixing end spray revived with caffeine refreshes the complexion for a radiant look. Directions: Shake well before use. Thinly and evenly spray from about 20 cm away from the foundation or powder and allow to dry. This product is vegan :)

Duo eyeshadow: The duo eyeshadow sticks with perfectly matching colours form the basis for any eye make-up. Available in two combinations, 10 and 20 Brown Black & Silver & Bronze. This product is not vegan.

Over Night Coffein Serum: The serum with precious oils and berry wax strengthens and regenerates the lashes overnight. This product is vegan.

Mascara Elegant Lash: The incorporated silk threads wrap the lashes and let it extend visible. This product is not vegan.

Duo-concealer Eye Brightener  &  Wake-up effect:  Duo Concealer Eye Brightener & Wake-Up Effect for waking moments! Conceals dark circles and brings tired eyes sparkle. With organic shea butter, almond oil and precious minerals. This product is not vegan.

2in1 Rouge + Lip balsam: With 2in1 Rouge+lip balsam your lips will appear irresistible and with the same product  you can emphasize your cheeks! Available in 10 Candy Rose, 20 Pretty Pink, 30 Light Apricot. The colours are not vegan.

Natural Glossy Lip Sheer: A lipstick with the 2in1 effect in the new, sleek design! Through the glossy effect it leaves lips sparkling and irresistible, without sacrificing colour intensity. Available in 10 Light Magenta, 20 Neutral and 30 Beige Soft Plum. The no.20 shade is a vegan product, the other two are not.

Lip gloss Maximize Effect: The Alverde Maximize Effect Lip gloss will leave your lips after only one application appear in all its glory. The innovative Flock applicator ensures maximum ink coverage. Available in 10 Sunburst, 20 Raspberry in Love, 30 Whispering Pink, 40 Forest Berry and 50 Nude Secret. This product is not vegan.

Lip balsam in Tube: The Alverde lip balm with nourishing organic shea butter and organic mango seed butter and jojoba and berry wax soothes stressed lips. The incorporated peppermint leaves a pleasant fresh kick (not vegan).

2in1 Nail Balm: The concentrated 2in1 formulation with high quality oils nourishes the cuticles, makes them soft and smooth and acts anti-inflammatory and supports a healthy nail growth. This product is not vegan.

Hand Scrub Elderflower Acacia in new Tube:  Hand scrub elderflower & Acacia cleans, refreshes and pampers hands with precious elderflower and acacia extracts. Scrub particles of silica to gently remove dead skin cells and leaves a silky smooth feeling. This product is vegan.

Hand Mask Elderflower Acacia in new Tube: The hand mask with elderflower and acacia extracts pampers stressed and very dry hands and maintains intensively moisturizing organic shea butter and organic almond oil. This product is vegan!

In my opinion Alverde always makes some really great products, so I am looking forward to this change of range. Personally, I love lip products, that's also one of the reasons I got into them the minute I saw the photo.. I would really like to try Lip gloss Maximize Effect in Forest Berry, it looks really promising. The rest are also appealing to me. Also I like the change in foundation, I wish to try mineral make-up base gel and the fixing spray. Fr the rest is a bit too bad they didn't make more versatile shades, but that's kinda usual for Alverde, anyone with darker skin tone probably won't have a chance to try their foundations, since they are all too light. For eyes, the eyeshadow don't appeal to me at all, mostly I'm interested in eye brightener and coffein serum. As for hand care products, they seem ok, maybe I will try them when I finally run out of all the products I already have at home..

As for the products that are leaving, I  probably won't miss any of them, after seeing what's coming, this is even better in my opinion :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Slovenian bloggers 7/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Katiee did an orange and nude leopard manicure.

Deja did a dramatic neutral makeup.

Check this Valentine's day mani from Uniqua Poly.

Wanna learn how to make rice souffle?

Maja G. got a new fragrance.

Another recipe! This one is by Lollistick.

Maja chose her 2012's favourites

Taya tried her Fleur de Sante products.

Check Essie's Too Too Hot on Zala's page. 

Mateja did a zombie mani by accident. And is babbling again.

Have you heard of iPotty before? iStant writes about it

Preview: Catrice nail lacquers for Spring 2013

Hello lovelies! I have a really short post for you today  concerning Catrice nail lacquers :) Finally some news and a preview of the upcoming new nail lacquers by Catrice! They will renew their Ultimate Nail Lacquer and Ultimate Nudes Nail Lacquer collections, as you probably have already read on-line :) I have information that we can expect a new brush and a little bit different texture :) Available from March (in Germany) and than later on I hope it will come to us very soon :)
Also, I have read on-line that we can expect the price to go up, from 2,69e to 2,99. I am not sure if this information is correct, but we will see ourselves soon enough :)

They present 47 new shades and 7 new nudes :)
And here are the newbies! :)

And the list of names:
Ultimate Nail Lacquer
01 Fuchsiarama
02 Pimp My Shrimp
03 Papa Don’t Peach
04 Orange-Utan
05 Earnie & Birdy
06 Oh My Goldness!
07 Genius In The Bottle
08 Goldbusters
09 Hugo Moss
10 I’m Not A Greenager
11 Miss Piggy’s BF
12 Walk The Lime
13 Shopping Day At Bluemingdales
14 Purple Reign
15 Denim Moore
16 George Blueney
17 Caught On The Red Carpet
18 Bloody Mary To Go
19 Fred Said Red
20 Meet Me At Coral Island
21 Rosy One More Time
22 Bricky Mouse
23 The Monkey Gets Funky
24 The GlamoureX Factor
25 Robert’s Red Ford
26 Raspberryfields Forever
27 The Pinky And The Brain
28 You Better Think Pink
29 Will You Berry Me?!
30 Lilactric
31 Even More Heavy Metallilac
32 The Dark Knight
33 In The Armee Glow
34 Squeeze Me
35 Petrolpolitan
36 Mint Me Up
37 The Effect Maker
38 Vino Tinto
39 Black To The Routes
40 I’m Dynamite

 And the list of names:
Ultimate Nudes Nail Lacquer
01 Karl Says Très Chic
02 Don’t Tell Mademoiselle!
03 Meet Me À Paris
04 Apropos Coco
05 Bonjour Chérie!
06 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame
07 Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower

So what do you say? You like any of the new nail polishes? I see some lovely green and purple shades, and the nudes are all gorgeus! :) I will definitely buy some of them, but they have so many amazing colours... I need t make a wish list XD

Thanks for reading! Have a nice week!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Essence - Fantasia TE

Hello lovelies! Finally I've got time to post this quick review of a trend edition that came out quite some time ago now.. like in December 2012. Unfortunately I didn't have much time  to post so this one got quite forgottten..

So what do we have here? Firstly I'm gonna show you swatches of the two lip lacquers that were available in this LE, names are 01 Queen of my cloud  castle and 02 Take a ride on Pegasus. First one looks something like a peachy colour with pink undertones, also on a different light a little bit orangy.. In my bathroom it looks completely pinky. When applied it also looks pinky, one coat gives you enough pigmentation, so I am satisfied with that. It also has a nice smell, sweet scent :) The applicator is classical, just like Essence Long lasting lip glosses :) The texture is creamy and applies evenly, it doesn't dry my lips, not even without any kind of base or lip balm.

The second colour was what I first wanted to bought, but than changed my mind and got them both. The colour looks like a red/brown - brocade version, if you know what I mean. My first association when I saw this colour was  - middle ages, red coloured, silky costumes for ladies... On lips it's a gorgeous red-brown, but on me kinda more browny, shiny and smells great! Also very pigmented, one coat is enough, applies evenly. I must say that both of these lip lacquers are very good, especially compared to the let's say Long lasting ones.. the pigmentation is even better, otherwise they are pretty similar.

I've got myself one of the two shades of eye liners, this one is metallic liner in 01 Not ivory but not ebony. I find the colour and the texture of this product really great and I must say it has become one of my favourites over the past two months. I don't even know how to describe the colour. It's  grey, but not really, kinda silvery, but not matt, rather shiny. When applied on eyes at a first glance it looks like I would have a liquid eyeliner thanks to the shiny colour. The texture is kinda creamy, but applies easily, evenly, it's not too soft. It stays on for at least half the day, using the eye base. I don't have any waterproof make up remover and even thou this product is not waterproof I had quite some trouble removing it. It just took a lot more swipes with the cotton pad dipped in remover than I'm used to and even that didn't really get it completely off.

I also wanted to try the shiny tear drops, but in the store I was just not sure if they would really stick to the skin or not. Especially they would be great for the Carnival we had, otherwise I'm not sure I would be using them. Also I loved the grey/silvery eyeshadow, but I already have a lot of similar shades at home, so I didn't take it.
Did you get yourself anything from this collection? Do you like it?

Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Preview: Essence - Sun Kissed LE

Hello ladies! New week and here we already have a new Essence limited edition for March and April 2013 :)

Essence team says about the new collection:
"Here comes the sun! Winter is coming to an end and essence is ready to welcome all lovers of summer into the warmer months of the year in march and april 2013 with the trend edition “sun kissed”. With beautiful golden shades and bright contrasting beach colors, these products are reminiscent of a romantic sunset at the beach and conjure-up the ideal make-up styles to ensure beautiful moments – not just on vacation, but anytime! The absolute highlight: a shimmer spray for sun kissed skin turns winter pallor into a gorgeous glow with a true wow-factor!"

Soft touch eyeshadow: Beach time: thanks to the long-lasting formula of the soft touch eyeshadows, your eye make-up can effortlessly handle long sunbathing sessions and dives into the deep ocean. The eyeshadow’s creamy texture and metallic effects guarantee unforgettable moments and a pure holiday feeling! Available in the colours 01 hello summer!, 02 my sunny side and 03 sunset paradise.

Waterproof eye pencil: Orange blue: thanks to its excellent color dispersion and ultra-metallic effects, this waterproof eye pencil is an absolute must-have. Whether you go for a creative or classic look, your eyeliner style is sure to welcome the summer with open arms in the gorgeous colors 01 hello summer! and 02 sunset paradise.

Lipstick: Summer glow: the semi-transparent sun kissed lipstick guarantees a gorgeous, bright smile. With its gel-like texture, it subtly tints your lips for a natural summery look. Available in the two shades 01 soak up the sun and 02 hello summer!

01 soak up the sun

02 hello summer

Cheek tint: Bye, bye winter skin: emphasize your cheekbones with the sun kissed cheek tint. its gel-like texture offers a fresh look so you are sure to make a grand entry at the beach bar! Available in the two vivacious shades 01 soak up the sun and 02 hello summer!

Shimmer powder: Sundowner: a cool drink in your hand, eyes on the ocean, the last red-golden rays of sun on your skin. The soft shimmer powder gives your face and neckline a subtle glow with its gold pigments. Forever glow! Available in the shade 01 sunset beauty.

Nail polish: Shades of summer: you’re sure to achieve the perfect beach style for your nails with the four sun kissed nail polish colors in bright orange, shimmering gold, iridescent sea blue and the dark red of dusk. With their extra broad brush, they turn your nails into the ultimate surfer girl accessory! Available in 01 soak up the sun, 02 hello summer!, 03 my sunny side and 04 sunset paradise.
01 soak up the sun
02 hello summer!
03 my sunny side
04 sunset paradise

Shimmer spray: Shimmer shower: the refreshing shimmer spray with a gorgeous scent perfectly accentuates your light summer tan! Its texture contains subtle shimmering pigments to provide your skin with a beautiful and natural-looking glow. A refreshing beauty cocktail – even when you’re on the go! Available in 01 suntimes here, suntimes there.

Self tanning wipe: Tan to go! The self tanning wipes comfortably fit into any purse for a quick tan boost wherever you are! One wipe is enough to evenly spread a hint of a summer tan on your face and neckline for a look worthy of the summer, sun and sea! Available in 01 sun is where you are!

01 sun is where you are

So this is really very summery! Hmm, kinda too much summery in my opinion, I more expected classical spring colours with the new LE, but they actually already done that with the Hugs and Kisses LE. I mostly like the dark burgundy eyeshadow, but probably won't buy it, because I have quite bad experiences with creamy eyeshadows, mostly they crease on me, no matter what I had as a base or how much I applied. I like the lipsticks, they  seem really promising, perhaps the burgundy shade is more appealing to me. Plus the burgundy nail polish and shimmer spray. I'm a lot into glitter and shimmer lately and I would definitely want to try that. :) Anyway it looks like a nice collection, but nothing really stands out, perhaps  just the shimmer spray. These self tanning wipes are to me a little.. hmm.. useless, I mean, I know for sure I would never use them, but you never know, maybe they would be useful to even out the natural tan on your face? :) Also, the cheek tint would be nice to try on my hands before buying, but it looks like both colours are really dark and deep and probably won't suit me.

Thanks for taking the time and reading! :) Have a great week! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Linking weekly loves 15 and 16

Hello!  It's been interesting last two weeks :) We had masquerade and it was going on whole last weekend and than on Tuesday. Did you wear a mask? I did, nothing dramatic, I was a lady from the 50's and I had some great black/white/silvery makeup going on and really red lips :) Unfortunately I do not have a photo at the moment, maybe I'll post it some time latter :) So here's another twelve of the best posts in the last two weeks that I really liked :)

Lipstick Rules made a review and swatches of a collection by Mary Kay of her lipsticks,  named True Dimensional :) Here you can see how the colours look and let's admit it, they are really tempting :)

Sara Hassan presents Color Studio Professional High Intensity Haute gloss in a very unusual packaging, at least for me :) Here you can check her review and swatches :)

Mimi's Vanity Box posted an idea how to make your own lip plumper, she shared a video that might be useful if you feel you need to make your lips pop a bit more :)

Makeup and Macaroons presents a nice post that goes back to basics. She presented mascara wands and helps decide which one you should get for yorself, depending on how your lashes look naturaly :)

Beauty Broadcast made a really gorgeous look with peachy and plummy colours, I especially like the eyeshadow choice :)

Pigments and Palettes presents a look, really lovely, sweet and pinky, suitable especially for Valentines Day, or perhaps a first date or maybe even wedding.. It's really girly and sometimes we need just that!

Taya made a really great manicure based on a very popular tv show called Once Upon  A Time. This mani was based on her favourite villain, Regina, and I really love it! Very dark and a great choice of purplish-blue nail polish :)

Voodoo Blonde posted about her favourite drugstore products and I think I can agree with her on a couple of Essence and Alverde products, they are really great, not only because of what you get for the price, but because they truly are good quality :) (This post is only in Croatian)

Šminkerica - Beauty Community presents her top five drugstore lipsticks :) I totally agree with her on Revlon ones, they are really fantastic!

Hysteria of Decay posted about Lacura nail polish in a fantastic shade of green. It's called Amazon and I really love it, plus the add on with NYX Emerald forest is just perfect! :)

Passing Fancy made a post about the masquerade masks and I really love her look :) Her eyes really pop out and I love the shape of the lines, really lovely :)

Lisa Eldridge posted a video with a look she created for Kylie Minogue for the January issue of Elle UK. I really love the tender pinky look, so very suitable for almost anyone! :) Plus, Lisa is a great virtual teacher how to create the looks ;)

These were my favourites, I hope you liked something too!
Thanks for reading! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentines day mani :)

Hey there! So how was your V-day? Do you celebrate it? I never had the habit of celebrating, but I used the day to try my new nail polish :)

I used Essence glitter topper in 04 Sunshine and Red roses, Deborah Shine Tech in 50 and Depend Multipolish :)

I really loved this nail topper because it is soo cute! It was a part of a trend edition named Hugs and Kisses, you can check the whole edition here :) I usually would never buy or wear something like this, but I guess I was in the mood and I really loved it :)

So this is how I made this one, very simple indeed :) Fist I used Depend Multipolish (it can be used as a base or top coat), than one coat of Deborah nude nail polish, than one coat of glitter. I decided to apply the hearts only to three fingers, on all of them it seemed too much to me. And to finish off I again used Depend polish, to seal the glitter and prevent them from falling down :) It took me a bit longer to dry it all, especially  had to wait quite a bit longer after applying the glitter topper, because it was rather very thick and gluey and didn't want to dry as fast as Deborah polish did.

So here's the finished nail look. Do you like it?

Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Preview: Alverde - Universe Beauty LE

Alverde is presenting a new limited edition coming out in February 2013. It's called Universe Beauty and it's full of gold and silvery shades, greens and blues and sparkling lip glosses :)


Mascara Extension Effect: This mascara ensures eccentric volume, maximum coverage and a really great effect. With cosmic tones it can play wonderful effects and your eyelashes immerse completely in gold or silver. This product is not vegan! Available in Galactic Gold No.10 and Cosmic Silver No.20 :)

Eyeliner Flashing star: The Alverde eyeliner with glitter particles, contains minerals. Available in three shades, all are vegan. No.10 Green Flash, No.20 Grey Rocket, No.30 Blue Star.

Mono eyeshadow: Eyeshadows for a glamourous look. Available in five new shades, all are vegan :) No.10 Orange Lightening, No.20 Blue Universe, No.30 Golden shine, No.40 Silver Shining, No.50 Turquoise Atmospehere.

Blusher: Contains camomilla extract, for cheeks and cleavage. Available in two shades, No. 10 Pink Supernova (not vegan) and No.20 Orange mercury (vegan!).

Lipgloss: The lipglosses are truly a glitter bomb. With minerals for seductive and shiny lips. It's not sticky and sadly, none of the shades are vegan. Available in three shades, No.10 Supernova Big Bang, No.20 Jupiter Motion, No.30 Venus Love.

Lipstick: Magnificent colors and sensuous care. The silky formulation with high quality oils and waxes cares for and pampers your lips and makes them shine intensely. Available in  three shades, No.10 Rosy Clouds (not vegan), No.20 Flashy Pink (not vegan), No.30 Galactic Orange (vegan).

Shimmer Oil: The Alverde shimmer oil with organic jojoba oil and vitamin E maintains the skin and gives it a galactic glow. The Shimmer Oil is suitable for all skin types and leaves a pleasant feeling. It can be applied to the neckline as well as the entire body and sets with fine glitter particles accents. This product is not vegan!

Concealer Anti-Dark Circles:
The Alverde Concealer Anti-Dark Circles luminates tired eyes after a long night in the galaxy. Neutralizing pigments conjure up a fresh complexion. The concealer is not vegan.

This collection has a lot of great products that I would use for everyday makeup as well as for special occasions. I really like silvery mascara, I already got myself a gold one, also from one of the previous Alverde LE. I also like the eyeliners, but I usually don't use them much, perhaps this Grey rocket would be useful for every day make up :) Eyeshadows i don't find very interesting, I already have a lot of similar colours. Blushers are a product I never use, really never. I know -  a makeup blogger and I don't use such an important part of the look XD I just don't feel the need and it looks weird on me. Lipglosses and lipsticks look rather daily to me, the orange shades appeal to me most. I will definitely buy shimmer ol as long as the glitter part isn't too big. I hope this product is really as good as I've read, because lately I really love shimmery stuff :) As for concealer, maybe but I've got my Bourjois HM one and it's great and I have lots of others I really never use, just this one.

Anything you like in this collection? Would you consider buying anything or do you already have it all?

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Preview: Essence - IRRESISTIBLES LE

Essence team says: "Extremely long-lasting and remarkably resistant: the hot trend edition “irresistibles!” by essence will be here in february 2013 to help you create expressive eye make-up styles with a stay-on guarantee. Innovative 3d textures and water-resistant or waterproof formulas ensure dramatic looks. This trend edition contains everything a beauty could wish for: cool duo eyeshadows with a 3d effect in trendy colors, a volume mascara and an eyeliner pen that lasts for up to 24 hours as well as waterproof eye pencils. Can you resist?"


3d duo eyeshadow: Innovative and irresistible: the new essence duo eyeshadow with a 3d look and a 3d effect is here! The 3mm-high relief design ensures an ultimate 3d look while the ultra-light eyeshadow texture creates a cool finish with a 3d effect – either in satin, metallic or shimmering – upon application. The excellent color-dispersion and high coverage leave nothing to be desired. Applied moist, the 3d duo eyeshadow guarantees even more intense results. Seven duo eyeshadows in two perfectly aligned shades each are the highlight of the season for eye make-up of the third dimension! Available in 02 irresistible purr-ple, 03 irresistible first love, 04 irresistible caramel cream, 06 irresistible mermaid kiss, 07 irresistible smoky eye and 09 irresistible chocolates.

Stays no matter what 24h volume mascara: Long nights of partying? Extensive shopping tours? Long swimming sessions? No problem! Here comes the mascara for all walks of life! Tested and found to be absolutely essential for all active beauties. The waterproof formula ensures lashes full of volume for up to 24 hours and the innovative fiber brush captures each individual lash with its creamy texture. For an awesome look that stays put – even when the day turns to night.

Stays no matter what 24h waterproof eyeliner: Irresistible resistance! This eyeliner pen can handle anything! The waterproof formula lasts up to 24 hours. with its felt-tip applicator, the deep-black texture creates an accurate line that lasts… and lasts and lasts, no matter what the weather’s like! Available in 01 midnight black.

Stays no matter what waterproof eye pencil:  Party-proof! This eye pencil is a must-have for every beauty bag. The plastic pen-shaped kajal can be sharpened and is sure to stay put! Its soft and creamy texture offers great coverage and won’t smudge. It is also waterproof and lasts all day at temperatures of up to 40˚c. Available in the three shades 01 midnight black, 02 stunning brown and 03 smokey grey.

This collection doesn't offer many new things as  we are used to from Essence. New are the 3d eyeshadows, the rest will be also in another limited edition, named New in Town and also both of these trend editions will be included in the new range of procucts. Not all are presented in the limited editions but here you can have a look of all the newcomers :)

Do you like the new eyeshadows? For someone who has as many as me and loves them so much.. I'm rather sceptical.. I mean I had some of their eyeshadows and I must say not all of them were good, so I hope this ones will be better than I expect :)

Thanks for reading! :)