Sunday, February 17, 2013

Linking weekly loves 15 and 16

Hello!  It's been interesting last two weeks :) We had masquerade and it was going on whole last weekend and than on Tuesday. Did you wear a mask? I did, nothing dramatic, I was a lady from the 50's and I had some great black/white/silvery makeup going on and really red lips :) Unfortunately I do not have a photo at the moment, maybe I'll post it some time latter :) So here's another twelve of the best posts in the last two weeks that I really liked :)

Lipstick Rules made a review and swatches of a collection by Mary Kay of her lipsticks,  named True Dimensional :) Here you can see how the colours look and let's admit it, they are really tempting :)

Sara Hassan presents Color Studio Professional High Intensity Haute gloss in a very unusual packaging, at least for me :) Here you can check her review and swatches :)

Mimi's Vanity Box posted an idea how to make your own lip plumper, she shared a video that might be useful if you feel you need to make your lips pop a bit more :)

Makeup and Macaroons presents a nice post that goes back to basics. She presented mascara wands and helps decide which one you should get for yorself, depending on how your lashes look naturaly :)

Beauty Broadcast made a really gorgeous look with peachy and plummy colours, I especially like the eyeshadow choice :)

Pigments and Palettes presents a look, really lovely, sweet and pinky, suitable especially for Valentines Day, or perhaps a first date or maybe even wedding.. It's really girly and sometimes we need just that!

Taya made a really great manicure based on a very popular tv show called Once Upon  A Time. This mani was based on her favourite villain, Regina, and I really love it! Very dark and a great choice of purplish-blue nail polish :)

Voodoo Blonde posted about her favourite drugstore products and I think I can agree with her on a couple of Essence and Alverde products, they are really great, not only because of what you get for the price, but because they truly are good quality :) (This post is only in Croatian)

Šminkerica - Beauty Community presents her top five drugstore lipsticks :) I totally agree with her on Revlon ones, they are really fantastic!

Hysteria of Decay posted about Lacura nail polish in a fantastic shade of green. It's called Amazon and I really love it, plus the add on with NYX Emerald forest is just perfect! :)

Passing Fancy made a post about the masquerade masks and I really love her look :) Her eyes really pop out and I love the shape of the lines, really lovely :)

Lisa Eldridge posted a video with a look she created for Kylie Minogue for the January issue of Elle UK. I really love the tender pinky look, so very suitable for almost anyone! :) Plus, Lisa is a great virtual teacher how to create the looks ;)

These were my favourites, I hope you liked something too!
Thanks for reading! :)

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