Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Preview: Alverde new products - March 2013 + Ex Article

Alverde presents a new range of decorative cosmetics, coming in stores from March 2013. With this we also have a list of products that will be leaving :(


 Colour & Care Cream To Powder Make-up: The velvety Colour & Care Cream to Powder Make-up not only impresses with its reliable coverage,  but also with the silky matte finish and texture of the convertible - from creamy to powdery. The integrated care core provides the skin with intensive care. Available in 10 Soft Cream and 20 Warm Toffee.

2in1 Colour & Care Make-up: Light make-up with high-quality care - united in Colour & Care 2in1 make-up. The delicate, liquid texture melts into the skin and makes it shine. Available in 10 Vanilla & Cream and 20 Caramel & Cream. Not a vegan product.

Sun Kissed Highlighter: The Sun Kissed highlighter with apricot kernel oil and valuable minerals can give a natural, warm and golden light shine :) This product is vegan.

Mineral Make-up base gel: With mild gel-based formulation, the skin is perfectly prepared for the make-up. The base lights up the skin evenly, is optimizing the support for the make-up and conceals small imperfections. This product is vegan.

Natural Light Make-up - oil-free: The Natural Light make-up is water-based, easy to apply and gives a radiant and natural look. Suitable for sensitive skin. Available in 10 Light Porcelain, 20 Medium and 30 Soft caramel sand. This product is vegan.

The fixing spray: The fixing spray with extracts of kiwi, pineapple and Calendula provides a long-lasting make-up and a perfect finish. The fixing end spray revived with caffeine refreshes the complexion for a radiant look. Directions: Shake well before use. Thinly and evenly spray from about 20 cm away from the foundation or powder and allow to dry. This product is vegan :)

Duo eyeshadow: The duo eyeshadow sticks with perfectly matching colours form the basis for any eye make-up. Available in two combinations, 10 and 20 Brown Black & Silver & Bronze. This product is not vegan.

Over Night Coffein Serum: The serum with precious oils and berry wax strengthens and regenerates the lashes overnight. This product is vegan.

Mascara Elegant Lash: The incorporated silk threads wrap the lashes and let it extend visible. This product is not vegan.

Duo-concealer Eye Brightener  &  Wake-up effect:  Duo Concealer Eye Brightener & Wake-Up Effect for waking moments! Conceals dark circles and brings tired eyes sparkle. With organic shea butter, almond oil and precious minerals. This product is not vegan.

2in1 Rouge + Lip balsam: With 2in1 Rouge+lip balsam your lips will appear irresistible and with the same product  you can emphasize your cheeks! Available in 10 Candy Rose, 20 Pretty Pink, 30 Light Apricot. The colours are not vegan.

Natural Glossy Lip Sheer: A lipstick with the 2in1 effect in the new, sleek design! Through the glossy effect it leaves lips sparkling and irresistible, without sacrificing colour intensity. Available in 10 Light Magenta, 20 Neutral and 30 Beige Soft Plum. The no.20 shade is a vegan product, the other two are not.

Lip gloss Maximize Effect: The Alverde Maximize Effect Lip gloss will leave your lips after only one application appear in all its glory. The innovative Flock applicator ensures maximum ink coverage. Available in 10 Sunburst, 20 Raspberry in Love, 30 Whispering Pink, 40 Forest Berry and 50 Nude Secret. This product is not vegan.

Lip balsam in Tube: The Alverde lip balm with nourishing organic shea butter and organic mango seed butter and jojoba and berry wax soothes stressed lips. The incorporated peppermint leaves a pleasant fresh kick (not vegan).

2in1 Nail Balm: The concentrated 2in1 formulation with high quality oils nourishes the cuticles, makes them soft and smooth and acts anti-inflammatory and supports a healthy nail growth. This product is not vegan.

Hand Scrub Elderflower Acacia in new Tube:  Hand scrub elderflower & Acacia cleans, refreshes and pampers hands with precious elderflower and acacia extracts. Scrub particles of silica to gently remove dead skin cells and leaves a silky smooth feeling. This product is vegan.

Hand Mask Elderflower Acacia in new Tube: The hand mask with elderflower and acacia extracts pampers stressed and very dry hands and maintains intensively moisturizing organic shea butter and organic almond oil. This product is vegan!

In my opinion Alverde always makes some really great products, so I am looking forward to this change of range. Personally, I love lip products, that's also one of the reasons I got into them the minute I saw the photo.. I would really like to try Lip gloss Maximize Effect in Forest Berry, it looks really promising. The rest are also appealing to me. Also I like the change in foundation, I wish to try mineral make-up base gel and the fixing spray. Fr the rest is a bit too bad they didn't make more versatile shades, but that's kinda usual for Alverde, anyone with darker skin tone probably won't have a chance to try their foundations, since they are all too light. For eyes, the eyeshadow don't appeal to me at all, mostly I'm interested in eye brightener and coffein serum. As for hand care products, they seem ok, maybe I will try them when I finally run out of all the products I already have at home..

As for the products that are leaving, I  probably won't miss any of them, after seeing what's coming, this is even better in my opinion :)

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. O super! Komaj čakam, da kaj sprobam :)

  2. Uf, mamljiva večina stvari :)

  3. ja mene res mikajo tile glosi pa šminke... ;) Upam da bo kmalu pri nas, ampak zna trajat, verjetno ne bo kar takoj na začetku marca že tu..


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