Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Vichy Mineral Masks review: Double Glow Peel Mask, Quenching Mineral Mask, Pore Purifying Clay Mask

Hey there! One of the last years big successes were definitely the new Vichy Mineral Masks. The whole multi-masking sort of brought the face masks into the spotlight again. A more personalized face care that you can get at your local drugstore or pharmacy seemed like a good idea and it seems the trend just keeps on going. Vichy brought out three different types of mineral masks, each for a different skin type or skin concern. I tried all three and here's my 5 cents on them.

All masks come in this smaller size with double pockets, making them last longer. They are pretty affordable for Vichy at only  3 euros per mask. Outside of Slovenia I have seen these masks in their full large containers, so if you like a particular one you can buy larger version of them. All three masks are suitable for sensitive skin and each one targets a different kind of problem - dull, clogged skin or dehydrated skin. 

Double Glow Peel mask

Kinda most excited to try this one, as the glow kind of products have been hitting the center of the beauty industry for a while now and any kind of acid peels as well. What helps making your skin glowy and plump looking here are fruit acids and Vitamin C. It truly helps me get a more evened out look and a sort of more healthy looking skin. It works well on my oily skin and also helps me keep my enlarged pores in check. The skin is gently exfoliated but soft and I've never had any kind of problems with it. It needs to be washed off as all regular face masks do, as it contains AHA acids.

Pore Purifying Clay mask

For someone with oily skin type you would probably expect me to be the most excited about this one. It promises to open up pores and offer deep cleanse, thanks to two white clays it includes, kaolin and bentonite. I noticed my skin was a lot smoother after use, felt more clean, pores less visible and less clogged and my skin looked mattified. This one might best suit combination and oily skin types, especially those acne prone. If you have dry skin type you might want to avoid this one.

Quenching Mineral mask 

This hydrating mask makes up for an ideal prep if you are going out or about to have a very long day and you need your skin to look fresh and well rested. Keeping it suitably hydrated will definitely help with that. The mask itself is a clear gel that slightly tingled on my skin at first, but then the sensation calmed down. It's got a jelly type of texture and may seem sticky but it's really not that bad. I left it on my face for well over 10 minutes, though it say to leave it up for only 5. The potential leftovers are supposed to be massaged into the skin, but for me one pocket simply has too much product and I would divide it in half. I ended up washing it off because it was simply too much product to be massaged into the skin of my face and neck properly.

From the bunch I enjoyed the peel mask the most and then the quenching one. The classic clay one is just well, a classic and a similar effect can be gained with other products. I'm definitely gonna  try to buy the glow mask!

Have you tried these as well? Did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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