Monday, April 29, 2013

Review&Swatches: Alverde - Shimmer Oil - Universe Beauty LE

Hello! Because summer is almost here shimmer oils and sprays and lotions have been quite a topic and you can buy such products at almost every brand at the moment, I thought I would make a review and show you some swatches of another shimmery product I own :)

This one is from a limited edition  Universe beauty by Alverde, but I know I have seen it some DM stores still. This is also the only product I got myself from this LE.

At first I was a bit sceptic, because it looked too pink and all, but really it's a very nice product! Not pink at all!

 For about four euros you get 50 ml plastic bottle with a pump, you turn it sideways and press and the liquid comes out. It contains jojoba oil and vitamin E, it's a natural cosmetics product but it's not vegan or at least it doesn't have a sign anywhere. It's got a NATRUE certificate.

As you can see on the swatches this is very pigmented, so you will not need a lot of product to get the glowy, shimmery skin. You can use it all over your body, I already tested it on my hands and neckline and it gives  a very nice glow, very subtle. You know there's something there, the skin just looks so nice, but you can not really put  a finger on it. It is shimmer after all, so it will be always a bit visible, it will never be a natural look. Do you sparkle naturally? :P Still in comparison with how scary and glittery it looks at first, it's a really natural glow :) I just don't know what word to use, it really has such a small glitter parts that not one stands out, it's just a bit different than our normal matte and dull skin. Also it has a very gentle fruity scent, which I like. Also about how longlasting this product is? I don't know, if you apply it on your hands and legs and neckline and don't let it touch any of your clothes, than it will stay there for hours. On me, I had it on my neckline, it lasted all night, approx 6h at least. :)

On the last photo it's completely spread out and as you can see it really looks natural. As this has oil base I expected it to be more greasy, but it spreads easily, sinks in, it doesn't take long for the product to set in and it doesn't feel oily, greasy. Maybe during summertime and hot wheather it could be more problematic, but mostly I plan to wear this in the evenings and I think it will be ok, and I will feel ok wearing it :)

What do you think? You like shimmery products for summer skin care?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Linking weekly loves 25 and 26

Hello! Having a nice Sunday? If you would like something to read check the links below and see my favourite 12 posts :) is a slovenian blog, so sorry guys, you'll have to use Google translate ;) This time she posted about whether more expensive cosmetics is really better or not? It's a topic that can be talked about for hours :P

Šminkerica - Beauty Community posted a beautiful make up look with a video tutorial, a really pretty look  for a prom night or just going out and feeling gorgeous :P

Toothfairy's beauty tales presents MUA Plumping lip glosses :) I like the shade Sienna, how about you?

Makeup and Macaroons made a post where you had to guess which look costed more and here is the answer with a list of products used :)

Beauty Brodacast present her rediscovered favourites, ELF custom quads :) Also she adds a beautiful look ;)

The Cake Baby posted a recipe for Peanut Thai Noodles :) I love thai food, I'll try this recipe too ;)

Lovely Little Lux-uries posted about Sleek Peach Shimmer  Glo Highlighter :) Perfect for summer, don't you think?

Nails by Kayla Shevonne presents a storage solution for smaller nail polish collections or for the mobile nail artist :)

Katiee's Beauty World posted her black&white  manicure. Because of this post, L'Oreal  Confettis top coat is on my wish list :P

Mateja's Beauty Blog posted about Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical and she wrote a review :) I'm always on the lookout for a good dry shampoo so I like her post :)

ESSIEBUTTON posted a review for Revlon Nail Art for Moon  Candy. Have you tried these? I would really love to!

Sara Hassan posted her red lipstick collection :) I love red lipstick so this kind of posts will always attract my attention. I've got new products on my wishlist already :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, April 26, 2013

NEW in April :)

Hello everyone! Today's post is about my new products I got (bought) this month,  this April. :) This is also going to be a start of new series of posts, because I like to have an overlook over the things I buy and also this will kinda make me review them faster :) I thought it would be a good idea to have some sort of an online monthly diary where I could post about my new products and keep in touch with what is new and when I got it, when I started to use it :)

Here are photos of my new products :) 

And the list of everything new :)

- Balea Bodyspray Brazil mango (limited edition)
- Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo for dark hair
- Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in 17 Gris nightomic and 03 Beige distinction
- Deborah Milano Shine Tech Gellike nail polish in 08 and 10
- Bourjois Effet 3D MAX gloss long lasting  8H in 17 Grenade juicy
- Essence Long lasting eye pencil in 01 black fever 
- Sephora mono eyeshadow in Me Jane no. 75
- Catrice Geometrix LE Kabuki brush
- L'Oreal False Lash Wing and as a gift I got Volume Million Lashes Diamantissime :) (both in black)
- Alverde shower gel Cherry Chai LE

Another bingo for me! I love this fruity scent! I am already thinking of buying also shower gels that come with this LE, they smell great!

Haven't tried this one yet, but I hope it will be as good as I have read online :)

So far I had time to try on both Bourjois nail polishes and I like them botj, but the Gris Nightomic could be darker, it's more silvery than it looks in the bottle. The beige one is also a good one :) From Deborah I have tried only number 10, the blue one, and it's great, one coat covers all! :)

Bourjois lip gloss I only tested and it seems I'm gonna have trouble with appliaction, it was hard to get an even colour all over my lips. The Essence pencil is a re-purchase, it's really good for the price and I didn't want to search for a new good quality black pencil because I was kinda in a hurry. Sephora eyeshadow is my first, I have never tried it before, also my first Sephora product ever. I got it as a gift from a friend who went to Amsterdam :) We don't have Sephora in Slovenia. I only had time to swatch it on my hand and it's a great shimmery greenish colour :)

This kabuki brush is available only in LE, so grab it while you can. I haven't tested it yet :)

Two new mascaras for the price of one :) Haven't tried it yet because I try to empty the ones I have or.. dry them until they are ready for the trash can :P

This smells sooo goood! Already using it and it's great! As good as all the Alverde shower gels I have had until now :)

So now you know what awaits to be tested and reviewed :) Anything you like and would like to read a review first? Anything you also have at home and is good for you too? Let me know if you have any preferences what would you like to read about first :) Anyway I will try to make a review of everything, but I already have some posts prepared that are also waiting for my lazy ass to move so.. I'm really looking forward to all the photographing and testing and swatching and writing about it :) It's so much fun!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review&Swatches: Wibo & Bell nail polish

Hey there! I was a bit absent lately, but here I am with another review :) As promised in this post where I showed you some of my new products from Poland, I will make reviews of all of them, it's gonna take time, but I will :)
This time I am making a quick post about two nail polishes I got from Poland, one is from Bell and it's called GlamWear number 424 and the other one is Wibo Extreme Nails in number 51. :)

First one you can see is Wibo nail polish, it looks rather dark in the bottle. In truth I assumed it is gonna be a lot more darker on the nails too, but it just apperas to be a deep burgundy red. On the nails it's quite a lot lighter, even more cranberry coloured than deep brownish red..

And a photo with flash - here it really appears bright :)

It needs two coats to get it fully covered and even, it goes on easily, as any other nail polish. I haven't really noticed any difference with application. The same goes for Bell, that one also needs two coats. The brushes are classical, but not very thin or thick.

Lasting power with Depend top coat was maybe two- three days.. I mean with me, it's always something like that. It really doesn't matter how expensive the nail polish or how expensive and good the top coat.. with me it's max three days. Than it started to crumble off. Maybe this Wibo one even a bit more than the  Bell one.  

So this second one I present, Bell GlamWear 424 is quite a pain in the ass to photograph. Only with flash I managed to make a decent colour, but that one is too bright. In reality it's a bit darker than on the flash photo, but definitely not as dark as on any other photos.

So.. both of these are a very nice colour, thou I expected the Wibo one to be darker. Also Bell is a gorgeous plummy colour, I really love it!

When I was deciding what to get from these two brands I only decided on nail polishes, because as you can see in my older post with new products, I already chose so many stuff. Anyway, if you are interested in these two, here are the links to their web sites Wibo and Bell. :) Both sites are polish,  so you will be able to see directly from where I was choosing :) Also the prices are really user friendly ;) Wibo is a bit cheaper than Bell, but mostly the prices are similar to Essence or Catrice.

Personally, I really like these two nail polishes but I don't think I'm gonna buy any more of them. They seem ok, texture, colour, scent, lasting power wise... but I mean, I can get similar or the same colours here and it will not be any better quality but probably the same... also the price will be similar, but without posting. Anyway it is definitely worth trying, maybe I'll try some other products from them :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Preview: Catrice - Hip Trip LE

 Hey there! Catrice presents another LE, named Hip Trip with summer like, happy colours :)

Catrice team says: "Next fashion stop: festival summer. The best platform for acoustic and visual inspiration under the sky. Legendary music festivals like Coachella in California are a fabulous meeting point for the international who-is-who. Colourful hippy dresses, bold rock elements and cool biker boots conquer the main stage, and sometimes even the catwalks of the world. In May and June 2013, the Limited Edition “Hip Trip” by CATRICE will be offering the matching beauty line-up to go with your festival style. Celebrate the summer of love in beautiful blue shades with a denim look or bright flamingo, faded green and subtle nudes. Rock on!"

 Eye shadow palette: This line-up is sure to set the tone: six colours, endless possibilities. Denim nuances as well as flamingo and green with a hip batic effect. You can achieve subtle as well as spectacular make-up looks with the soft powder textures. Comes with practical duo applicator. Available in C01 Haunting Melody.

Sheer lip colour: The Sheer Lip Colour with its transparent gel texture provides rich yet subtle results. This gorgeous lip colour feels wonderfully light on your lips and gives them a pampered glossy look. Available in three shades, C01 The Salmon Dance, C02 Wheels on Fire, C03 Nude&Rude.

Hydrating bronzing powder: The fine Hydrating Bronzing Powder offers two benefits in one: moisture and a natural-looking sun-kissed complexion. Freshens-up your festival glow, making it one of this summer’s absolute must-haves. Available in only one shade.

 Satin Blush:  The Satin Blush gives your cheeks a fresh look. Its light texture is easy to apply and blend using your fingers. The bright flamingo shade offers a translucent to strong blush – that’s how fast and easy a beauty makeover can be. Available in one shade.

Ultimate nail lacquer: Ultimate Nail Lacquers by CATRICE offer trendy colours to rock any festival. Denim blue, mint green, nude, salmon or flamingo - these nail polishes bring current highlights to the stage.Available in five shades, C01Blue Highway, C02 Green Days, C03 The Salmon Dance, C04 Wheels on Fire, C05 Nude &Rude.

Passport cover: Hip Trip by CATRICE offers a protective passport cover for the festival jet-set – and all frequent travellers – which will turn your passport into a must-have accessory. And thanks to the bright colour, it will never get lost. ;)
So... anything you like? For now I am definitely going after those sheer lipsticks! They seem really awesome! Also the eye shadow palette seems tempting but I have already so much, I am kinda trying to take a break from all of that.. Bronzer seems nice, I would like to see a tester and see the consistency of it. The same goes for blush, because I couldn't find any photo yet with the real colour, just the description from Catrice site. Nice choice of accessories, a bit different tha usual, not a bag or something for hair or a brush... Still, this is waaay tooo pinky for me! Hahaha!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Linking weekly loves 23 and 24

Hey there! It's already mid april and here I am with another post linking my 12 favourites in the last two weeks :) Enjoy :)

Will Work For Makeup presents four new Revlon Lip Butters! None are shimmery and I already love them all! :)

Šminkerica - Beauty Community made a DIY post how to make yourself  a hair ring with lace :)

Clumps of Mascara posted about Maybelline Color Sensational  Vivid lipsticks! Love that crazy neon shades :)

Anatomy of Beauty posted a gorgeous makeup look with a great lip colour! ;)

ESSIEBUTTON posted a video about her March beauty favourites :)

Pigments & Palettes posted about Swagger Cosmetics and three  beautiful looks! :)

Toothfairy's beauty tales made a comparison with face primers, Sephora vs. MUA!

Makeup and Macaroons posted about what to take on a weekend away, really helps to decide not to take too much XD

Mateja's Beauty Blog posted about Sleek Sheer Cover lipsticks! I have only one Sleek lipstick and I love it! :)

Lisa Eldridge posted a video about her favourite  'Pro Kit' Foundations with descriptions which one is good for what kind of finish, skin type, look .. :)

Nihrida made a post about how to make a  silver lining manicure. Super chic!

Voodoo Blonde  presents products she can not go without!  Really love some of them too and I got new products on my wishlist. XD

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Slovenian Bloggers 13 & 14/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Alja compared mint polishes. And dyed her hair in a very simple way.

Katiee made a blue manicure with striping tape & rhinestones. And swatched Essence Floral Grunge

Dee showed us her Essence 17-piece set and March favourites.

One of Matejas was in Planica. Also, check some fun pictures.

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Ivana has beautiful nail polishes on her nails. 

Need some new polishes? Pumpin*'s selling them! But check out a nail polish she's not selling.

And something not just for girls - OutFit7 and a very useful post on how to find some symbols on OS X.

SoulFishing was cruising in Graz

Do you wanna know what C'est la vie is watching on TV?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review&Swatches: Essence - Gel tint

Hey! Another review and swatches from me. Also products from Essence, this time it's gel tints :) I got myself two shades, 02 deep red and 03 flashy apricot.
From all the new products that came with the regular spring change of their collection, I was looking forward to these gel tint the most. They seemed the most interesting, especially the word "gel" made me expect something I don't quite have yet.

So what does this  product promise? It promises to be longlasting, give intensive colour, cooling effect, stains the lips. This last one and first one are a bit contradictionary, don't you think? First it says it gives intense colour, than it promises to stain? So what does it do actually? In my experience it stains more than gives a lot of intense colour.

Both products have a fruity, light scent, I plus for me, I like scented cosmetics. But it's not too much, after applying it doesn't have such a strong scent as directly from the bottle.  The wand is classic sponge, as usual for any Essence lip gloss. Also the tube is plastic, but I think it is sturdy enough to survive a fall. I also like it comes in these cardboxes, because it looks better. :)

Now about the promises - it is actually very longlasting. Even if it wears off a bit it still leaves a strong  and visible stain. Also on the photos below you can see swatches and you can see that it is quite transparent. It's not like any product I have had so far... After swatching I rubbed it off with a paper towel and it left a very strong stain, and I tried with two different soaps and it still didn't want to go off! I didn't use any base, applied directly on the skin.
With two, three coats you can achieve a bit more full coverage, but it is not like a very creamy gloss or regular lipstick, it will never cover that much. The consistency is very watery, I expected a bit more gel like product, like more compact, not so liquidy. Also if your lips are chappy, dry, if you have any kind of imperfections this will emphasize that even more! So that's also the reason there are no swatches on my lips, because my lips are still in a bad shape and dry. Another thing worth mentioning is also that this product is neither moisturizing or drying, it's something in between for me, but for those  with even more sensitive lips this will be drying. I strongly recommend using lip balm under.

And about the cooling effect, I don't know, I didn't feel like there's something to it, so I can not give a comment..

I prefer the red shade 02 deep red, it looks really dark in the tube but it's really a lot lighter than it looks. The orangey one is ok, but it just doesn't convince me that much... All in all, a quite good product, useful especially in hotter months when most of us don't feel like wearing heavy, creamy products.. I don't think this has any sun protection, so for those who never forget to use SPF, you willl need another product under or on top of this. I think this could also be a good base for another lipstick, because it really won't wear off that quickly.

How about you? Did you try any of the new gel titns? Do you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review&Swatches: Essence - Sun Kissed LE

Hey there! How's your sunday? So before making lunch I decided to post this review of the products I got from another Essence limited edition, Sun Kissed :) I got shimmer spray and one of the two available lipsticks, in shade 01 Soak up the sun.

I wanted to buy quite a lot more, but I have other things already planned to buy and my budget is limited since I don't have a job at the moment. I wanted to buy at least two eyeshadows, the testers were very promising. I really loved the golden and burgundy shade, very pigmented, silky feeling.. but I kinda have a ban from eyeshadows ( keep in touch and you'll see why ;)). Also I liked two of the nail polishes the golden-ish one and burgundy one looked perfect. The other shade of lipstick also looked promising but there was no tester so I decided not to buy it and it turns out it was a good decision. I need money for so many great product yet to come and be reviewed and swatched...

I got the last shimmer spray from the stand and I got really lucky, because this product seems to be the IT product of this limited edition, everyone wants it! It is a shimmer spray for body, and face if you want to :) It gives a light scent to your skin, a bit fruity scent, but not very strong or too sweet. Also the scent is not very longlasting...I  could smell it for about half an hour  but no more. Before use you need to shake it well so that the glitter gets mixed and out of the spray. Later on I saw you can actually open the whole bottle, not just the upper cap. The bottle is plastic, but I think it's quite sturdy, so it shouldn't break that easy. I'm more worried about this while on the go, in the bag it could open if you don't make sure it is really tightly closed. The texture of the product is very liquidy, more appropriate would be to say watery... You must be careful how you spray it because it's just like water with fragrance and glitter, it just slides of the skin before you have a chance to spread it and even it out. The product is not heavy glittery, as you can see on the photos below the swatches show that the glitter particles are not very  thick, which I take as a good sign, so you don't turn into a disco ball... I would not say that this is a moisturizing product, but it doesn't dehydrate the skin either. Here on the next two photos you can read the ingredients.

The second product is a lipstick 01 Soak up the sun. On the product it says that this lipstick stains the lips, and they are definitely right! I chose the darker colour and on the lips it's a light pinky stain! I expected a bit more colour. The other shade is  very orangey and  it is even less visible than this one. It has a very sweet scent, but this is a common thing with the Essence lipsticks and glosses. It's creamy, applies like a lip balm more than a lipstick. It looks really dark but on the lips, as you can see below on the swatches, it is very gentle pink. I think it is perfect for summer, when heavy, creamy, dark lipsticks don't even fit that well. It is more hydrating than normal Essence lipstick, still it doesn't have the effect of a lip balm.

And here are the swatches. As you can see, both product are barely visible :D Really a summer collection, lightweight products for hot summer days, when heavy creams just make you feel like you are sweating even more XD

Shimmer spray

Shimmer spray

01 Soak up the sun

01 Soak up the sun
Personally, I am very satisfied with both products. As I said before, I am very tempted to buy even more of this limited edition, from eyeshadows, to nail polishes, highlighter also looks great and the self tanning wipes must be very useful too... It's a really good limited edition, quite a lot better than the usual products they offer in LE. I am not sure why I feel like that, but I was really surprised that both of the products suit me that well... How about you? Did you get yourself anything?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly