Friday, April 5, 2013

Review&Swatches: Essence - Vintage District LE

Hello everyone! This time I'm posting a review of two lip products I got myself  long time ago, it's from Essence - Vintage District  limited edition. What I'll review is two double lip products, lipstick and gloss in shades 02 Antique Pink and 01 Vintage peach.

First I wanted to buy the pink one but it was already sold out, so I only got the orange colour.  Once I tried it I knew I had to get the other one too and  I got lucky, I bought it second hand from another girl, because it is so long this was in stores and the pink shade was sold out really fast.

What attracted me first was the colours and the usefullness of the product. You don't get to see many of these around, maybe only in limited editions, and I really like the idea of a lipstick and gloss in one. It's really great for taking with you  when you're on the go :) Also both of the shades are fresh, pinky and orangey, very spring/summertime like :)

This is the shade 02 Antique Pink. I wanted this one since I saw it in the preview and it was totally worth searching the web until I finally had it. Here on the photo below you can see swatches of the lipgloss and than lipstick. Lipgloss is a classic consistency as the rest of the Essence lip glosses, I would say it's quite creamy, not that liquidy. It is also semi-pigmented. Both shades of lipgloss have a very sweet scent. Also I think the second shade, Vintage peach tends to be a bit more pigmented in comparison with Antique Pink. This one is quite more transparent. Staying power is not very good, maybe an hour or two if you don't drink or eat.. but on me it is max two hours, than I would need to reapply. Antique pink lipgloss gives a very gentle pinky colouration to the lips and a lovely shine, but it is not shimmery. Vintage peach lipgloss is more shimmery and gives a more fully coloured look.

And the swatches of the lipgloss and lipstick of the second shade, Vintage peach. At first it seemed a bit too orangey and too neon, but when applied it's really quite a flattering summer colour :) The lipsticks are also very sweetly scented. Both are semi-pigmented, I had a lot of lipsticks that are heavier in coverage than these two. The textures are smooth, creamy, but the Vintage peach one tends to settle in the cracks on your lips more than Antique Pink. Also in the daylight Antique Pink appears to be a pinky shade with a warm, peachy undertone. Staying power is here also a very short one, maximum two hours without drinking and eating. Also in comparison with other Essence lipsticks these two are a bit more pigmented. None of these, lipglosses or lipsticks are very moisturizing, I need a lipbalm underneath.

I tried to take swatches on my lips. First photo is Antique Pink and second Vintage peach. You can see that the pink one is very natural on the lips and refused to build up a bit more and be as dark as the swatch on the hand.. probably I just had too much lip balm underneath. The Vintage peach is a stronger colour, so it is not good to apply too much, because it tends to look too neon, except if that is the look you are going for :) Also, it is hard to build up Vintage peach because it just sets in even more and makes any tiny crack in your lips look even bigger.

Did you buy these two when the LE was out? What is your experinece with these two? 

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Super review :)
    Jaz imam pravtako oba odtenka in sta mi zelo všeč :)sem vesela da sem lahko oba dobila v Mullerju :)

    1. Hvala :) Meni so tudi barve super, take da jih imam kar za vsak dan, vse priložnosti :)

  2. Antique Pink je zelo lep, čeprav mene v živo ni pritegnil, so me laki bolj :) Imaš pa šminka + glos (tako kot tu) izdelke pri MUA, tako imenovani Lip Booms, jaz imam enega pa so super :)

    1. A res? Meni je pa prav v živo bil tako dober odtenek :) Aaa, saj res ja, hvala ker si me spomnila, na MUO ponavadi niti ne pomislim(razen na senčila) :) Hvala :)

  3. Poly, would you recommend me to buy Antique Pink? :) what else from Essence is worth buying? :)


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