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Review&Swatches: Essence - Sun Kissed LE

Hey there! How's your sunday? So before making lunch I decided to post this review of the products I got from another Essence limited edition, Sun Kissed :) I got shimmer spray and one of the two available lipsticks, in shade 01 Soak up the sun.

I wanted to buy quite a lot more, but I have other things already planned to buy and my budget is limited since I don't have a job at the moment. I wanted to buy at least two eyeshadows, the testers were very promising. I really loved the golden and burgundy shade, very pigmented, silky feeling.. but I kinda have a ban from eyeshadows ( keep in touch and you'll see why ;)). Also I liked two of the nail polishes the golden-ish one and burgundy one looked perfect. The other shade of lipstick also looked promising but there was no tester so I decided not to buy it and it turns out it was a good decision. I need money for so many great product yet to come and be reviewed and swatched...

I got the last shimmer spray from the stand and I got really lucky, because this product seems to be the IT product of this limited edition, everyone wants it! It is a shimmer spray for body, and face if you want to :) It gives a light scent to your skin, a bit fruity scent, but not very strong or too sweet. Also the scent is not very longlasting...I  could smell it for about half an hour  but no more. Before use you need to shake it well so that the glitter gets mixed and out of the spray. Later on I saw you can actually open the whole bottle, not just the upper cap. The bottle is plastic, but I think it's quite sturdy, so it shouldn't break that easy. I'm more worried about this while on the go, in the bag it could open if you don't make sure it is really tightly closed. The texture of the product is very liquidy, more appropriate would be to say watery... You must be careful how you spray it because it's just like water with fragrance and glitter, it just slides of the skin before you have a chance to spread it and even it out. The product is not heavy glittery, as you can see on the photos below the swatches show that the glitter particles are not very  thick, which I take as a good sign, so you don't turn into a disco ball... I would not say that this is a moisturizing product, but it doesn't dehydrate the skin either. Here on the next two photos you can read the ingredients.

The second product is a lipstick 01 Soak up the sun. On the product it says that this lipstick stains the lips, and they are definitely right! I chose the darker colour and on the lips it's a light pinky stain! I expected a bit more colour. The other shade is  very orangey and  it is even less visible than this one. It has a very sweet scent, but this is a common thing with the Essence lipsticks and glosses. It's creamy, applies like a lip balm more than a lipstick. It looks really dark but on the lips, as you can see below on the swatches, it is very gentle pink. I think it is perfect for summer, when heavy, creamy, dark lipsticks don't even fit that well. It is more hydrating than normal Essence lipstick, still it doesn't have the effect of a lip balm.

And here are the swatches. As you can see, both product are barely visible :D Really a summer collection, lightweight products for hot summer days, when heavy creams just make you feel like you are sweating even more XD

Shimmer spray

Shimmer spray

01 Soak up the sun

01 Soak up the sun
Personally, I am very satisfied with both products. As I said before, I am very tempted to buy even more of this limited edition, from eyeshadows, to nail polishes, highlighter also looks great and the self tanning wipes must be very useful too... It's a really good limited edition, quite a lot better than the usual products they offer in LE. I am not sure why I feel like that, but I was really surprised that both of the products suit me that well... How about you? Did you get yourself anything?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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  1. Tale sprej z bleščicami zgleda zanimivo. Čeprav nekatere pravijo, da je preveeeč bleščič, se mi na tvojih slikah ne zdi tako :) Pomoje je to perfect za poletje - ko je koža malce zagorela:)


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