Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review&Swatches: Essence - Gel tint

Hey! Another review and swatches from me. Also products from Essence, this time it's gel tints :) I got myself two shades, 02 deep red and 03 flashy apricot.
From all the new products that came with the regular spring change of their collection, I was looking forward to these gel tint the most. They seemed the most interesting, especially the word "gel" made me expect something I don't quite have yet.

So what does this  product promise? It promises to be longlasting, give intensive colour, cooling effect, stains the lips. This last one and first one are a bit contradictionary, don't you think? First it says it gives intense colour, than it promises to stain? So what does it do actually? In my experience it stains more than gives a lot of intense colour.

Both products have a fruity, light scent, I plus for me, I like scented cosmetics. But it's not too much, after applying it doesn't have such a strong scent as directly from the bottle.  The wand is classic sponge, as usual for any Essence lip gloss. Also the tube is plastic, but I think it is sturdy enough to survive a fall. I also like it comes in these cardboxes, because it looks better. :)

Now about the promises - it is actually very longlasting. Even if it wears off a bit it still leaves a strong  and visible stain. Also on the photos below you can see swatches and you can see that it is quite transparent. It's not like any product I have had so far... After swatching I rubbed it off with a paper towel and it left a very strong stain, and I tried with two different soaps and it still didn't want to go off! I didn't use any base, applied directly on the skin.
With two, three coats you can achieve a bit more full coverage, but it is not like a very creamy gloss or regular lipstick, it will never cover that much. The consistency is very watery, I expected a bit more gel like product, like more compact, not so liquidy. Also if your lips are chappy, dry, if you have any kind of imperfections this will emphasize that even more! So that's also the reason there are no swatches on my lips, because my lips are still in a bad shape and dry. Another thing worth mentioning is also that this product is neither moisturizing or drying, it's something in between for me, but for those  with even more sensitive lips this will be drying. I strongly recommend using lip balm under.

And about the cooling effect, I don't know, I didn't feel like there's something to it, so I can not give a comment..

I prefer the red shade 02 deep red, it looks really dark in the tube but it's really a lot lighter than it looks. The orangey one is ok, but it just doesn't convince me that much... All in all, a quite good product, useful especially in hotter months when most of us don't feel like wearing heavy, creamy products.. I don't think this has any sun protection, so for those who never forget to use SPF, you willl need another product under or on top of this. I think this could also be a good base for another lipstick, because it really won't wear off that quickly.

How about you? Did you try any of the new gel titns? Do you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz sem ga preizkusila, ampak me je zelo razočaral. Zelo mi je izsušil ustnice, poudaril tiste bolj suhe predele, po eni uri mi je ostal le še na zunanjem predelu ustnic in v gubi ustic, kar pa je zelo grdo izgledalo. Edina pozitivna lastnost po mojem mnenju je pri teh izdelkih barva. Jaz sem po moje preveč pričakovala od teh gel tintov, sploh ker sem brala kar nekaj pozitivnih ocen. Ampak je vseeno lepo slišati, da vsaj nekomu ustreza. ;)

  2. Jaz sem ga sprobala na suhih, razpokanih ustnicah in je zgledalo grozno pa tudi občutek je bil bolj tak, "papirnat"... Nekako mi vsi izdelki za ustnice od Essence nekje srednje odgovarjajo, če imam že v štartu ok ustnice potem navadno ni problemov z dodatnim izsuševanjem ampak pozimi je pa kar kriza.. Jaz sem še kar zadovoljna, sploh z rdečim odtenkom :)Ni pa noben presežek ;)

  3. Unfortunately, it's not available in Poland (yet?) :) I like the red one more as well.

    1. You will probably get the whole new collection. Didn't you already get some of the products? If you perhaps want I can send it to you :)

  4. Temen odtenek izgleda dobro, samo ne vem, če bom podlegla in kupila ;) Imam kar nekaj različnih tint za ustnice, pa nisem nad nobeno pretirano navdušena in jih le redko uporabljam :) Izjema je Benetint, pa še tega uporabljam večinoma čez temno rdečo šminko, ker utrdi barvo in ji podaljša obstojnost :)

    1. Je v redu izdelek, ni pa nič posebnega. Če imaš že podobne izdelke pa niti tisti ne pridejo na vrsto jaz tega na tvojem mestu ne bi kupila. Če bi pa za foro kdaj poskusila pa je cenovno kar ok, mislim da tam nekje 3e :)


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