Thursday, July 30, 2015

NEW in July :)

Hello! It's already the end of JULY! WHAT? When did this happen? It was such a fast month, I don't even remember what I was doing most of the time... I did have some fun and went on the first part of my vacations, some swimming, some concerts.. so there were less posts, sorry guys. Even beauty bloggers sometimes need a time off. But as usual at the end of the month I am coming back with my regular monthly post showing you all the new products :)

I have been so lucky to get another collaboration and this time I will be testing and reviewing products by Adria Spa :D I feel really lucky! I have received the best summer combination of products to try out - shower gel to foam with lavander, Adria Spa  Bio Balm Coconut lip balm, Adria Spa Peeling with sugar and lemon - immortelle. Simply the best combination of my favorite summer scents - coconut, lavander and lemons! :) I have already tested the lip balm and it's very good! :)

Flash tattoos - I have ordered these online and waited for them for over 4 weeks.. usually I get them sooner, but oh well.. they are finally here and I am really loving them! I only wish they would last longer, on me they like to roll off in a matter of one day and a half. Maybe it was because of the heat and sweating and all the showering, sun screen... anyway, for the price, I am not really dissapointed. There's one sheet missing as I forgot to photograph it, but for all of these I gave less than 4 euros ( and free shipping) so it's still a win!

And now some goodies I need on daily basis. Last month I bought another deodorant by Rexona, but since I really disliked the scent I just bought another one, this time Dove Go fresh Anti-perspirant and I am loving it, been using it all the time. I also needed a new intimate gel/soap, so I had this discount at DM store and decided to try a Chilly gel for intimate care Formula fresca, as I have never had anything by them and a lot of women seem to like it. Also used up another coupon at Dm store to try out one of the latest shower gels by Kozmetika Afrodita and got myself Mystic Argan Oil shower gel. There are also the smoothie ones with vanilla, pistachio, strawberry but I will buy those next month :)

And my prize of the month! I have won this lovely prize of four products - Balea Dusch Peeling Buttermilk&Lemon, Balea Intensiv Fuss Bademilch/foot bath milk, Catrice Defining Blush 070 Pinkerbell and  Catrice Blush brush at a fellow bloggers giveaway - you can check her blog here -
Cindy Sabolčec blog - All Things Artsy. I have already posted about Catrice Defining 
blushes, they are one of my favourites! You can check the post here - My blush collection :)

Next are three summer essentials for me - Garnier Ambre Solaire Ideal Bronze SPF 30, Alverde Bodyspray Orange Melisse, Inell Lait Demaquillant Douceur makeup remover. I had to buy something to keep my skin safe from the sun and thought I would try this Ideal Bronze thingy, but I must say I have not noticed any difference in the colour I have or intensity or how fast I was tanning. I will not repurchase as this simply doesn't have enough SPF, my arms were still burned even though I applied this every two hours while outside on the sun. The bodyspray by Alverde was a fresh treat as it really smells lovely and gives a hint of freshness in those really hot days. I only hope I will actually finish this one, not like the last time I bought a similar product - I simply stopped using it and than I wasn't sure anymore what to do with it, and if it's not summer, I am not really using this kind of products much. The last one is a make up remover, I have already repurchased many times. I bought a mini travel size to go with me on my holidays and as it's so small it doesn't take much space at all.

And the best treat of the month - Roberto Cavalli Acqua EdT 30 ml! I am really excited about this perfume and I am adoring it! And especially the bottle, it's so damn pretty! Really satisfied with this one - the scent, the packaging, the price and well overall everything is pretty much awesome with this one! Really in love!

Also a bunch of Balea products - sort of summer edition. I pampered myself with Balea Melone shower gel, Balea Totes Meer face mask, Sundance Lip balm spf 30 with vanilla-coconut scent, Balea Melone lip balm and Balea Lip Oil with coconut scent. I have already used up the shower gel and face mask and I would love to repurchase but I have made plans what my next buys will be. Also really love the scent of Melone as well with the lip balm, really summery, not too greasy, but also not that nourishing. The other two lip balms wih coconut scents are to die for! Really using them both a lot every day! Well, I am a die hard coconut fan! The face mask is pretty good too, been repurchased many times and I will probably buy it again very soon!

And some more summer goodies - Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing cleansing mousse, Batiste Dry shampoo and Essence Minis2go travel with me travel kit. I have repurchased Nivea cleansing mousse as I really liked it the first time and I again had the discount so I just bought it for my stash, but it will be definitely used up very soon :P The Batiste dry shampoo is something new for me, it's new on Slovenian market but very well known in the beauty world. It's about 5 euros at Muller stores but I must say that so far I am not impressed. Maybe it was the heat and sweating and all, maybe I applied too little or too much, but this just didn't do anything for me yet. Will continue using it and will see later if it gets any better. The Essence minis are for my next holidays in about a week and were actually the only thing I bought at Essence sales. The only thing I actually liked and needed.

Just some shaving essentials - Balea 3-klingen einweg rasierer/ razors and Wilkinson Sword Extra 3 Beauty razors. I have never tried the Balea ones before but will see how they work for me. The Wilkinson one's are a constant repurchase for me, been using them for years and so far they have never dissapointed.

And some more shaving/feet care - Balea Schwefel Bimsschwamm/ sulfuric stone for removing hard skin, Epilette discs fro hair removal, Strep Crema depilatoria doppiouso / in shower hair removal cream. I had this stone for feet by Balea a couple of years ago but now seemed the appropriate time to repurchase it as my feet needed some more care. It's a decent product for the price, but nothing out of the ordinary. The Epilette discs I already had once before, like 3 or 4 years ago, and I really liked them then, but it seemed like they stopped selling them. This year I spotted them at local Muller store and had to repurchase. The Strep inshower cream is a new thing to me, before I usually bought and used Veet one. This time they didn't have it anymore at Muller so I went for the most similar product they had but I haven't tested it yet, so will see how it will work for me.

And some new Catrice treats! I was checking out the sales at Catrice and decided to get Kohl Kajal 180 Too Cool For Pool - you can probably guess why? ;) Really loving the colour of this kohl kajal, very light and summery :) For lips I bought Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in 010 Rose & Woody and thought it was also on sales, but it wasn't.. silly me, I could have just checked on my own blog if it was on sale or not, but why bother if it says it is than it is... until you get to the counter. Anyway, really loving the gentle shade, perfect for everyday and have been using it a lot! And the last one is a gloss - Catrice Infinite Shine Lip gloss in 110 Tangerine Tango, which was a gift alongside with the Grazia magazine. :)

From Essence Slovenia I have received this lovely surprise! It's from the upcoming limited edition and will be available in September - Urbaniced LE Blush in shade 01 The Sunny side of the street, Street style highlighter in shade 01 The Happy Direction, Street style eyeshadows in shades 01 City Girls rule!, 02 The Happy Direction, 03 For the City-kittys only! I am feeling really really grateful for the chance of collaborating with Essence and receiving such lovely products! :)

And the last lovely bit is a gift from a friend who was visiting Cambridge/London  and brought me this lovely scented soap - Fissi Firenze Fruits and Flavours red grapes pomegranate soap. I will be smelling really lovely this summer :P

And this is all, have you tested any of these products? Would you like to see a review or two from this latest bunch? :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Preview: ESSENCE - Urbaniced LE :)

Skatepark, basketball court or chill out zone – every city has one: a hot spot to relax and hang out with friends. The new trend edition “urbaniced” by essence is conquering these “places to be”! Inspired by the athletic street style fashion, this trend edition offers a colour scheme full of contrasts with bold shades like pink, fuchsia and blue as well as darker nuances such as grey, mud and black. The exciting, slightly brushed texture turns the street style eyeshadows into true it-pieces, and the blush with a splash design is totally unique, too. The lip cream in a cool tube design comes with a small applicator so all girls can emphasize their lips when they’re out and about. The nail & cuticle tattoo liner decorates nails and cuticles with awesome graffiti designs, and two limited fragrances exude a touch of city flair. While “like an uptown girl” stands out for its light yellow fruit and floral accents, “like a downtown girl” convinces with dark berries and sensual notes. Urban and nice … with essence!

Blush – Freestyle. The blush with a soft texture in fresh pink is truly unique – the surface is decorated with urban splashes of colour. The intensive fuchsia perfectly harmonizes with the pink to give you a radiant complexion. Available in 01 The sunny side of the street.

Street Style Highlighter – Funky street! The light, powdery texture of the highlighter has a cool 3D embossment. Easy to blend, it offers shimmering, metallic results in pink. Available in 01 The Happy Direction.

Street Style Eyeshadow – Street art! The metallic texture of the eyeshadows with a cool asphalt pattern in a street style look give eyes an intensive finish in the three trendy colours silver, pink and grey-black. Shades: 01 City girls rule!, 02 The happy direction, 03 For city-kittys only!

Lip CreamUrban lips. The lip cream in soft pink and bright fuchsia provides the lips with a gorgeous matt finish. The small brush applicator allows an ultra-accurate application and is the perfect companion for all urban adventures in its small, sealable pouch. Available in 01 Go for a stroll, 02 Turn heads, baby!

Graffiti Ink EyelinerGet inked! The deep black, long-lasting formula of the ink eyeliner ensures exciting eyeliner styles. Whether you go for slim lines or a more dramatic look – your eyes are sure to stand out! Available in 01 For city-kittys only!

Nail & Cuticle Tattoo Liner – Art allowed. Cuticle tattoos are the ultimate trend in any city! With this black tattoo liner, you can decorate your nails, cuticles and hands with cool designs. The slim tip lets you draw accurate styles like dots, stripes or hip patterns. It’s time for urban girls to get creative! Available in 01 That´s art!

Nail Polish – Colourful city. Four different nail polishes with a long-lasting texture offer just the right colour to match every mood. This wanna-have product is ready to join you on your urban adventures in khaki, fuchsia and pink as well as silver with a trendy brushed metal finish. Shades: 01 Freak out!, 02 Turn heads, baby!, 04 City girls rule!

Top Coat – NAILborhood… the top coat with matt and shiny effect flakes in fuchsia, pink, white and black guarantees eye-catching nails. As creative and individual as graffiti! Available in 01 Be my town homie!

Like an Uptown Girl Fragrance – Classy! Cheerful, bubbly and exuberant – perfect for all uptown girls who feel most comfortable in relaxed city spots: let’s head to Central Park! The top note is fruity with orange, tangerine, pineapple and mango, and then unites with rose, freesia, jasmine and water lily in the middle note to give the fragrance its floral components. Cedar and sandalwood, musk and vanilla create an aromatic, exotic character in the base note. “Like an uptown girl” is fun and inspires a great mood.

Like an Downtown Girl Fragrance – Up-to-date! Fresh, modern and a little edgy – just like all the trendsetters who love the lively, vibrant and exciting dynamics of Times Square! Tangerine, blackcurrant and grapefruit create a sparkling fruitiness in the top note. The middle note consists of peony, raspberry and candy apple to provide the fragrance with its slightly sweet, floral accents while caramel, musk, vanilla and tonka bean offer a soft, creamy aspect. “Like a downtown girl” is individual and gives you the feeling of freedom!

Purse – Tagged purse! This stylish belt pouch with a colourful graffiti design is the perfect place to store all the important utensils you need on your discovery tour of the city. The purse can easily be attached to your belt loop, too! Available in 01 Bag it up!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, July 27, 2015

Review: REVLON - Colorstay Moisture Stain lipsticks :)

Hello! Let's talk some liquid lipsticks shall we? :) I have bought these Colorstay Moisture Stain liquid lipsticks by Revlon a couple of months back and I must say I have really been liking them. From all the available shades in Slovenia (7 shades available at Click2chic store) I really liked three and so I treated myself with shades 005 Parisian Passion, 010 LA Exclusive, 055 Stockholm Chic.

Official Description

A new level of glossy wet color. Saturated lips with brilliant shine and vivid color. Available in 12 luscious shades.
• Drenches lips in glossy wet color

• Ultra-light creamy lipstain with Vitamin E and Aloe
• 88% of women felt lips were instantly moisturized without stickiness

Packaging and price - These lipsticks come in a sleek and modern rectangular  black tubes. What makes them interesting is that side panels are transparent so you can see the exact shade. It has a doe foot applicator but it's a bit wider than usually, which reminds me a lot of L'Oreals lip glosses a couple of years back. The price at slovenian drugstores go from 10 to 12 euros, which is kind of the usual price for a Revlon lippie.

Formula, application - The formulation of these sort of liquid lipsticks is very different from anything I have tried so far. My first impression was that they are kind of gel-like. It's not quite like a gloss and it's not like a stain, it's not too creamy and not too liquidy. The formulation can be thick and gloopy and because of that needs more work to make it look evenly applied. Withe these you will need a mirror and a minute or two more than usual as you will need to work the texture and sort of massage it with the doe foot applicator onto the lips. Personally I prefer to apply it on bare lips in thin layers (it's important there's no lip balm kind of product under it as it will want to glide off or kind of crease). You need to really press the product into the lips and slowly go over your lips a couple of times to build up pigmentation and shine. It can be build up but it takes a bit more time than with a regular gloss/lipstick product. They also apply with a cooling sensation - not minty or tingly, just cool. 

The darker shades will leave your lips stained hours after the product wears off, so this is a big plus for me, especially with the shade Parisian passion, I really love the berry stain it leaves! Also once applied these feel really light on the lips, they are not sticky and personally I find them hydrating!


Parisian passion - this one is actually my favourite from all the shades available in Slovenia. It's a non-shimmery burgundy shade, a bit more purplish, and looks very vampy. On me this colour applied quickly and evenly but it left a very lovely berry stain.

Stockholm chic - this one is very shimmery, and it's kind of reddish brown colour. I find it neutral enough and easy to pull off, but I find this shade might not be everyones cup of tea, as it'+s pretty specifirc and even more shiny and glossy looking because of the shimmery parts. It does leave a slight reddish stain, but it's more gentle than with Parisian passion.

LA Exclusive - this is a pale, icy Barbie pink. Honestly this one dissapointed me the most. I really love the shade but it's the worst when you want to apply it. It needs twice as much work than with the darker shades, also the formula seems a bit off.. maybe it's just my tube, but the rest are ok, but this one is more lumpy and clumpy and needs more work to really spread it out on your lips. Also doens't leave a stain like the darker shades. 

Scent - it's very subtle, once on the lips I don't sense it anymore, thou it's an unpleasant one, smells like paint. 

Lasting power - It's pretty good, as they are not really glosses or stains, on me I find that without eating or drinking they last for about 3 to 4 hours, but with eating/drinking they like to wear off very fast and you will need to reapply. 

LA Exclusive
LA Exclusive
Stockholm chic
Stockholm chic
Parisian passion
Parisian passion
Parisian passion

Overall  I am really loving these lipsticks, I only wish we had a better, bigger selection here. But well at least we got these. I really like the light glossy finish and also the stain they leave. They do need a bit more work to achieve an even application and look, but once applied they look very glamorous. The price is quite the usual for Revlon so I don't find these overpriced or anything, but it wouldn't hurt if they were cheaper. If you are not too keen on wearing gloss formulation than this might not be a good pick for you, as all in all this is still a glossy formulation. But more or less these are really simply "what you see is what you get" type of products and I really like that about them. 

Did you try any of these? Did you like them? Hope this review was helpful to you and thanks for reading! 

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution - Pro Fix oil control fixing spray :)

Hello! Some time ago I have received another product by Makeup Revolution to test and try but only now managed to write a review. I have received their Pro Fix oil control fixing spray. A bit earlier I have bought Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and I was really curious how will this one perform. I thought this could be even better for me as I have oily skin and maybe help me keep my makeup on spot. I was testing this for a some time now, with different makeups, different products and also different weather (hot/cold days). 

What is it? - Makeup Revolution Oil control fixing spray is a lightweight setting spray that helps deflect surface shine for a natural matte finish. High-tech ingredients keep foundation and eye makeup in place with no smudging or fading for that just-applied natural look lasting up to 12 hours.

Directions - Shake well before use, apply makeup as usual. Hold the bottle 8 to 10 inches away from your face and spray a light mist making sure eyes are closed. Product will dry and set naturally.

The packaging of the products is a simple plastic bottle with spray pump. It contains 100 ml od product and costs about 6,95 euros. It's really a simple plastic bottle with black and gold writing, nothing much special about it. 

The pump dispenses a fine clear mist which I really liked as I don't want to get my face all wet and ruin makeup by any chance. It despenses evenly. You do need to hold it away from your face at leats 20 cm.

The scent of the product doesn't bother me much as I never  apply too much product but it may bother others as it really sort of smells like hospitals hand sanitizer. When the product sets on you face and dries the scent is no longer present at all. So you don't need to wait long, as it really dries fast. I find that it likes to leave my face a bit sticky, even though I am really carefull not to apply too much. 

Mostly I used it after all my makeup was done and than spreyed it on my face, (including after applying my setting powder). I must say it did dry fast but some spots on my face tended to stay shiny. I never tried to reapply setting powder on top of the spray as I felt there were just too many layers and everything started to move out of place.

However this spray can be also used to intenisfy your eyeshadow look. You can use the product so that you first spray the clean brush a bit, than take the eyeshadow you like and apply it on your lids. It's actually like a wet look technique, just with using this spray. 

As for the oil control part I must say it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. It did help a bit, but I was still oily and shiny after three hours of wear and I did hope this would help me keep my face more fresh. It would probably work better on those who already don't need much anti-shine, anti-oilyness products, but well I need them and Urban Decay All nighter worked better for me in terms of keeping my face shine free for a longer period of time. However this product did help me keep my makeup longer on my face, the lasting power of my foundation elongated but it didn't help me with the shine...

All in all it's a good product but not that amazing... Slovenian readers can buy it at Lič or MakeupRevolutionSlovenija :) The price is reasonable and affordable for 100 ml bottle, so if you think you could find more uses for this spray and also that it would help you keep your face shine-free, you should give it a go!

I hope this review was helpful to you and thanks for reading! Also thanks to Makeup Revolution Slovenija for the product!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Review: Catrice - Absolute Matt Eyeshadow palette - 010 Eyes Wide Matt :)

Hello! Today's review is another Catrice product I have been really liking and also using a lot! I have received this Catrice eyeshadow palette at Essence&Catrice blogger event and I never really got the chance to post about it. The palette I will be reviewing today is called Absolute Matt Eyes Wide Matt palette and it's one of the four different eyeshadow palette available at Catrice. In Slovenia it is priced at 5,29 euros, making this palette one of the most affordable in drugstore that includes only matte shades.

Personally I am a big fan of all eyeshadow colours, I really like adding a touch of colour on my whole look through makeup and I find eyeshadows best suited for that, even more than lipsticks. I must say I used to prefer shimmery shades because they were usually easier to use and sometimes one shimmery shade was enough to create a look, but with matte ones I always felt like they needed some more work and more blending and a thoughtful combining with other shades. Also at first I was never much for natural, neutral shades, I prefered black, than more colourful shades and later I also developed a liking for natural, gentle, earthy shades.

With this palette you get six matte shades and a small double sided applicator, I never really used. The packaging is plastic and well, pretty cheap, with a transparent lid on the top. It weighs 6 g and it's actually very small, which is very good if you want to take the palette on your journeys. On the photos you can see a shade missing and also two other shades a bit broken?... Well, the packaging survived the fall, but the eyeshadows didn't and there was no saving them.. and it happened right before I was about to go photograph the palette. I am still really angry because I dropped it but oh well.. not much we can do now, except buy a new one...

The shades in the palette go from white, beige (with a hint of pink), taupe, warm brown, dark brown to dark grey. All of them have a very smooth texture, but I dislike that they are so dusty. However the pigmentation and colour payoff is really good! Most of the shades don't need any building up.

They do feel really creamy and are easy to apply and blend, also easy to swatch.. well unless you drop it on the floor and ruin one shade completely. I find the palette perfect for everyday use and for natural or even a more smokey look. The first two shades, the lightest ones are good for highlightning or for use all over the lid as a base colour. Personally I really like the third and fourth shade and I like to use them on their own, simply just apply them all over my lid and add some black liner. Also, these are truly matte, there is not a trace of any kind of shimmer so it's perfect for all of you who don't like to use shimmery, glittery, shiny eyeshadows or have hooded eyes and feel like matte shades suit you better. 

On my lids I used Catrice eyeshadow primer and also Urban Decay and with both these eyeshadows lasted well, for at least a couple of hours without any changes. They also didn't crease which is always a win! 

I couldn't swatch the lightest shade as I broke it but you can see how light it is on the Catrice page. I am really liking this palette and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stay on the budget and still afford a good eyeshadow palette! Also because the matte shades are really matte without a hint of shimmer this would be great for anyone who has hooded eyes, for those of you who have some wrinkels on your lids and want to avoid shimmery shades (as shimmery colours tend to emphasize the crease and wrinkles) and to all of you who just want a good quality matte eyeshadow palette that is affordable and available at a local store! :)

Hope this review was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, July 13, 2015

Review: Essence Fun Fair LE :)

Pozdravljeni! Na trgovinske police je prispela nova omejena kolekcija znamke Essence, ki se imenuje Fun Fair. Imela sem priložnost, da sem dva izdelka iz kolekcije prejela v test in sedaj sem za vas pripravila kratko oceno :)

Hello! Stores in Slovenia just received new limited edition by Essence and it's called Fun Fair. I had a chance to test and review two of the products from the new limited edition and here I have a short review for you! :)

Prejela sem rdečilo za lica v odtenku 01 Ring Around The Rosy ter izdelek za dekoriranje nohtov Cotton Candy v odtenku 01 Candylicious!

I have received a blush in shade 01 Ring Around The Rosy and one product for nail decoration and it's called Cotton Candy Nails in shade 01 Cnadylicious!

Najprej nekaj o Cotton Candy Nails izdelku. Priznam, da je bila moja prva misel kaj bom pa s tem izdelkom? Ker dejansko nisem še nikoli uporabila česa podobnega, višek mojih nail art izkušenj so nalepkice za nohte in packanje z Essence Duo sytlist palčko, kaj drugega pa mi ravno ne gre. Zato sem najprej po spletu pobrskala, če je kdo že uporabljal kaj podobnega in kako. In je čisto enostavno. Nanesete plast laka za nohte v željenem odtenku, najbolje je, da se odtenka nekoliko ujemata, da ta prahec pride čim bolj do izraza. Prahec je svetlo roza barve z roza bleščicami, ki so ravno prav pogoste, da se jih na nohtih lepo vidi, ne dajo pa bleščičastega izgleda. Embalaža izdelka je zelo praktična, ker se izdelka ne vsuje preveč ampak ravno toliko da se lepo prekrije noht. Drugače pa so na izdelku tudi zapisana navodila za uporabo, ki zapišejo točno tak postopek, kot sem ga potem sama uporabila. Odstranjevanje je bilo enostavno in hitro, samo z vatirano blazinico in mojim običajnim odstranjevalcem. Predvsem je pomembno, da res takoj po nanosu sloja laka za nohte že potresete prahec, saj se drugače ne bo prijel in obstal na roki. Po tem ni potrebno nanesti nobenega nadlaka ali česa podobnega, saj bi to uničilo bombažno zaključek/izgled na nohtih. Končni izgled je zelo zanimiv, izgleda kot sladkorna pena! Čutiti je mehko plast, ki prekriva nohte in tudi če si umijete roke še vedno, ko se roke posušijo čutite mehkobo tega prahca. Pričakovala sem, da mi ne bo uspelo in da je zagotovo kje kaka zanka in da se mi tole ne bo prijelo na nohte, ampak se mi je in ko se je enkrat posušilo ni šlo več stran drugače kot z odstranjevalcem.

First I want to present Cotton Candy Nails product. I admit, at first I didn't know what to do with the product. I have never before used anything similar, the hight of my nail art skills are nail art stickers and a product by Essence, Duo stylist stick, and I'm not good at any other form of nail art. So the first thing I did was check online if anyone has ever used anything like this and how. It's really simple! All you need to do is choose a nail polish for base, whatever shade you prefer, but it's best it's a shade that matches the dust, because the dust stands out a bit more. The cotton dust is in light pink shade and also has pink glitter in it. It's not too glittery, it's just a little something added and looks really lovely. The packaging of the product is very useful as it helps apply the dust on your nails without sprinkling too much of the product and wasting it. Anyway, you have directions how to use on the back of the product and it's the same way as I used it - "sprinkle the powder across your wet nail and wait for it to dry". Removing it was easy and fast, just with a cotton pad and my usual nail polish remover. It's really important that you sprinkle the dust right after applying a coat of nail polish or it will not glue itself to the base. You don't need any top coats or anythiing, as that would actually ruin the cotton finish. The finish is really interesting! It looks like a cotton candy you can buy at fairs! You can feel the softness of the dust and even if you wash your hands, once you dry them, you will feel the softness again! I expected this will not work for me and that there must be a catch somewhere and that this will not glue itself on my nails, but it did, and once it really dried off it sat still until I removed it with nail polish remover.

In še kratka ocena drugega izdelka - rdečila za lička v odtenku 01 Ring Around The Rosy. Embalaža izdelka je enostavna, plastična in prozorna, podobno kot ostala njihova rdečila. Odtenek izdelka je res močna roza, brez bleščic oziroma shimmra, ampak z hladnim leskom. Na koži deluje zelo naraven in preprosto popoln za poletje! Pigmentacija tega rdečila je res zelo dobra, je enostaven za nanos, ampak previdno, da ga ne nanesete preveč. Sama nisem imela težav z zabrisovanjem. Na slikah je vidna odlična pigmentacija ter mehka tekstura, za slikanje sem potrebovala samo en sloj in že se je pokazala polna barva izdelka. Obstojnost na meni, ki imam mastno kožo je bila nekje srednja, recimo nekje 4 ure, potem pa je pričel že precej bledeti. Morda deluje kot kakšna kombinacija osvetljevalca in rdečila saj ima zelo izrazit hladen svilnat lesk.

And also a short review of the blush I received in shade 01 Ring Around The Rosy. The packaging of the product is simple, plastic and transparent, looks a lot like any other of their blushes. The shade of the blush is a strong pink shade without any glitter or shimmery parts, but has a sort of a cold shine to it. On the skin it looks really natural and perfect for summer! The pigmentation of the product is really good, but be careful not to apply too much. I didn't have any problems with blending it in. On the photos you can see that it's really well pigmented and has a smooth texture as I needed only one swipe to get full coverage of the colour to show you. Longivety is on me a bit medium, I have oily skin and products tend to melt faster, I could say this lasted on me about 4 hours before it started to fade. It may look a lot like a mix of highlighter and blusher as it's got intense cold silky shine to it.

Izdelki so dostopni tudi preko spleta v spletni trgovini Click2chic, cena za rdečilo za lička je 3,29 evra, za cotton candy nails prahec pa 2,79e.

Ste že poskusili kakšnega izmed izdelkov iz omejen izdaje Fun Fair? Če ste ali pa če morda kakšnega priporočate mi sporočite v komentarjih ;) Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč in najlepša hvala za pozornost!

Najlepša hvala tudi Essence Slovenia za izdelka in možnost sodelovanja ;)

Have you already tried any of the new products from the Fun fair limited edition? If you have and if you are recommending any let me know in the comments below! I hope this review was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Also thanks to Essence Slovenia for the products and a chance to collaborate!

Love, UniqaPoly