Friday, July 3, 2015

NEW IN June :)

Hello! A bit late but still, posting my new products I received/bought in June. At first I thought I will have only five items to show, but than I have also received some really amazing products to test and try and well, I bought some things I actually needed and some that I simply liked. So here's a list:

- Catrice Refreshing mist body spray Travel De Luxe LE
- Essie Nail lacquer in shade Garden Variety
- Essence Studio nails ultra strong nail hardener
- Essence Nail art duo stylist
- Essence Nautigirl nail sticker
- L'Oreal Elvital Fibrology shampoo
- Ebelin nail polish remover
- Rexona Motionsense Ultra dry linen dry anti-perspirant
- L'Angelica Officinalis Lemon and green tea shower gel
- Nivea Pure Fresh shower gel
- Palmolive Aromasensations So Vibrant pearly shower gel with essential oil
- DVOREC TREBNIK: products from the range sea-buckthorn - body milk, massage oil, shower oil, shampoo for dry hair, shower gel, hand cream gel, liquid soap
- Oriflame Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation spf 15 in porcelain
- Oriflame Girdani Gold Intense Shine nail lacquer in shade burgundy
- Oriflame The ONE Colour Soft Lipstick in shade Cranberry cream
- Oriflame Giordani Gold Flat foundation brush
- Essence Fun Fair blush in shade 01 Ring Around the Rosy
- Essence Fun Fair cotton candy nails in shade 01 candylicious
- Revlon Ultra HDlipstick in shade 820 HD Petunia
- Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in shade 047 Pink Lemonade
- Jewelry: Lord of the rings, The Vampire Diaries

Let's start with one of the biggest surprises of the month! I have received a big box of Dvorec Trebnik products! They are all from their collection  Sea-buckthorn! I have already tested a couple of products by Dvorec Trebnik, you can read my review here, and I am already testing these out. So far I am really impressed by these products and by Dvorec Trebnik. I will probably devide these products in two different reviews, as it would simply be too long to write about them in one. 

The next bunch are amazing Oriflame products, also received to test and try and I have already been testing them out! I am really liking all of them, especially the nail polish Intense shine nail laqcquer in shade Burgundy and the Girdani Gold Foundation brush! Also the foundation Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral foundation is really lovely, it gives light to medium coverage but is really easy to wear and blend and I like it feels so light on my face. Also has added spf, which is nice and once it sets it makes my skin feel very smooth. Also love the berry reddish shade of the lip pencil :)

Ok and some more lovely makeup :) I have recieved Essence Fun fair to test and review, hopefully review will be on next week. I am really liking the blush, it's such a bright pop of colour and usually I am not much for the bright pinks, but this one is really lovely. Also received two Revlon lipsticks as gifts! Yaay, lucky me! I have received another Lip butter, now I actually own alltogether 11 different shades! :P I know, that's a lot but I am really loving these! This one is in shade 047 Pink Lemonade and just screams "Pick me up, it's summer!" :D The other lipstick is from the latest Revlon range Ultra HD in shade 820 Petunia. It's a really soft lipstick, very similar to lip butters but still a lot more pigmented and opaque. It's a strong, vibrant  sort of pinkish shade, a very summery one. I am thinking of making a similar post I did with Catrice and Essence, something like Summer lips with Revlon, what do you think? Until then you can read my reviews for Lip Butters here and here ;)

And some products I bought, because I actually needed them. The first two shower gels are from L'Angelica and are both already empty. I actually used them up as liquid hand wash and I really liked the lemony scent. Maybe I will repurchase, but not yet. The other two are Nivea Pure Fresh and Palmolive So vibrant shower gels. both are still waiting to be used, but I just had to use up my bonuses at DM store and try something new. The Pure Fresh shower gel will be probably my boyfriends, as it has a bit more masculine scent.

And three more items I actually needed to repurchase. I bought another Rexona anti-perspirant and it's got a pretty strong scent, I don't think I will be repurchasing this one, I don't like it as much as I liked the others from the brand. Than one of my all time favoruites, already many times repurchased, L'Oreal Paris shampoo Fibrology, I am slowly running out of it and I decided to get another bottle at my local Muller shop. They usually offer good discountd for L'Oreal shampoos so I like to check from time to time and I was in luck. Also used up all my nail polish remover and needed to get another one, so I repurchased the Ebelin one. Not much to say about these, except that they are essentials I am using on daily basis.

And som makeup bits I bought myself :) I have decided to get Essie nail polish even thou I never had a good experience with any of  the Essie nail polsihes. I really fell in love with the shade Garden variety and I simply had to give it a chance. I have also decided I need my nails to get  stronger and I am hoping this Essence ultra strong nail hardener will help me. While in the store I remembered there was this nail art duo stylist I always wanted to try and see if I am any good at nail art, so I got that one too. And also for nails, I got myself these lovely summery nail stickers from the Nauti Girl LE.

And last newbies of the month! I received  this lovely Catrice  refreshing mist from their limited edition Travel De Luxe and I've really been liking the product! I must say summer is really all about freshness and using light products so this was a very welcome product. Also next to the mist you can see three necklaces that were all a gift from my boyfriend! Really been lucky this month, don't you think? The first one, the green one is actually a brooch and a necklace, however I wnat to use it and it's a replica from Lord Of The Rings, if oyu remember when the hobbits received their gifts from lady Galadriel they also got these cloaks with the lovely shaped clip. The other two are both from The Vampire Diaries and were worn by character Elena Gilbert ;) I am really loving all three! 

So these are all my newbies from last month! Have you tried any of these? Did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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