Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter - review and swatches

Hey there!  Finally I got to try out the famous Lip Butters by Revlon :) I got them both as a gift,yaaay!!! They are still not available in Slovenia. The lighter shade is number 025  Peach Parfait and the more red one is  070 Cherry Tart.

This product is unique in a way since it is not a classic lipstick and was never meant to look or feel like some heavy, longlasting, strong lipstick.

The name already indicates it's a lip butter, and I can say it's really nice to wear this two :) The texture is really smooth, creamy, but light, I would dare to say on my lips it's quite hydrating in comparison with other Revlon lipsticks that I have. It has a bit of sugary smell, but it's very light, so I don't think it would bother even those that need all products fragrance free.

The texture is not very long lasting, after eating you definitely need to reapply it. On me it did not move for about three hours, that's also my specialty to eat all my lipstick off, so I also did not expect it to last any longer.
The colour payoff is not very strong - again this is  not as other Revlon lipsticks, it will never be like the Matte collection. Some may not like that, but to me it's perfect. I see this Colorburst Lip Butter collection as a very wearable daily lipstick collection, for any skin type or shape of lips, the variation of colours is also pretty good.

And how it looks on my lips:

Peach Parfait

Cherry Tart
Peach Parfait is very light, daily shade, it also has some shimmer in it, but it is not very visible so it makes a nice shine. Cherry Tart is a nice red, very light one and very suitable for daily make up. Usually most of us don't wear red lipstick for everyday, for work and school, but this one is perfect. :) I think Peach Parfait is light enough to suit any skin tone, but Cherry Tart seems more suitable for warm tones.

What's your favourite Lip Butter? Have you tried it yet?

I hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! :)

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