Monday, September 3, 2012

Preview - Balea Wellness Care - new skin care

This is a preview for new Balea products for skin care.  The brand claims that with these creams you will have a radiant skin, that with these you will get luminosity and spoil yourself with  a very good quality product. :)

They offer a day cream, night cream and a mask.
First, day cream - the morning Balea Fresh Day Cream gives the skin an intense feeling and reduces signs of fatigue. This product is vegan!  The formula with green tea, rooibos tea and vitamin E helps to protect your skin against environmental influences and oxidative stress. Beneficial ingredients like HyadisineTM ** deliver long-lasting moisture. The SPF 15 and an enhanced UVA filters help prevent premature skin aging.
Trade name of ** Lipotec, SA
97% confirmed: "The skin looks more even." *
93% confirmed: "The care gives my skin an intense feeling." *
* Use test with 30 people over 4 weeks.
The Balea night cream offers a recovered appearance in the morning. This product is vegan!
The formula with green tea, white tea, and rooibos tea protects your skin from environmental influences. Beneficial ingredients like HyadisineTM ** deliver long-lasting moisture. The Balea night cream with Babassu oil serves and supports the skin's natural regeneration.
Trade name of ** Lipotec, SA

Exfoliate without peeling grains: The Balea enzyme exfoliating mask dissolves dead skin very gently - for a visibly more even and radiant complexion. This product is vegan!
 As for me, the creams probably won't work. I already tried some of their creams and they are just too oily for me, they would probably work best for someone with normal skin or dry skin. Most of their creams I would not recommend to those with skin problems, with oily skin and those having trouble finding a product that doesn't clog your pores. Perhaps when the ingrediets get out I'll check them again. I would love to try the enzym mask, looks interesting. Their cleaning products work fine for me, just the creams are a bit too problematic. This will be flower scented so I hope it will have a nice smell, will see. :)Another big bonus is also that all three are vegan! Go Balea! :D

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  1. Hello , you have a lovely informative blog. Myself I use Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeitscreme is non greasy sort of gel like face cream blue jar , blue cream.

  2. Thank you! I know that cream, I was thinking of buying it during the summer because of the light texture, but than I didn't need it, so now it's already winter time, and it will probably not be enough. :)


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