Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preview - Alverde, Alm beauty LE

Alverde is working with full speed and here is already a new limited edition! :) This will be available from mid September in Germany.

Trio eyeshadow - With trios you can make a perfect look, the lightest shade can also serve as a highlighter. This will be available in four clusters of shades, named 10 Meadowsweet, 20 Gentian Romance, 30 Almröschen and 40 Purple violets. Shades 10 and 20 are vegan, but the rest are not.

Mascara Extra Volume - With the ball like brush, this mascara gives extra volume. It can reach even the shortest lashes and precise application is not a problem at all. :) It will be available only in black, plus it's a vegan product.

Slimline lipsticks - These will be available in four shades, 10 Alpenglow, 20 Huts, 30 Sandstone, 40 Alpenrot.  Shades 10 and 40 are vegan.

Sparkle Lipgloss -  Can be applied alone or as a top coat. This product is not vegan, it contains shea butter and aloe vera extract, so it is very nourishing. Comes in only one shade.

Shimmering powder and  schimmer fluid - Shimmering powder can be used as a highlighter on face or body. This porduct is vegan. Fluid has light texture, it is moisturizing and has a luminosity effect.

Alm beauty bracelet completes the look :)

What do you think? Nothing here for me, I think. Perhaps when I see it live, but judging by the pictures... it's a nice limited edition, but I really don't need anything from this one. Or better, I don't like anything enough to want it already.

Thanks for reading :)

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