Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make up trends for Fall 2012

I've already mentioned in some of my previous posts that this fall we will see quite a lot of stronger, darker colours. In this post I wanted to show you what will be available to you and perhaps I will inspire you to try some of the trends. :)

Cream gel liner became very trendy, they are mentioned in so many magazines, forums, blogs... It's really quite a hit in make up industry. They are also popular because they bring a large variety of colours, not just the usual ones like black, brown and grey. You can match the colour of your liner to your clothes and look great! :) The lines how you apply your liner are very different, from a thin classical line, to a cat look and a more full on look. Anything you want, anything you believe that suits your eyes :)

One of my all time favourites will be popular also this season and that is a simple black and white combination :) You can make it as light or as dark as you wish, just make sure you blend it well :) I will try to recreate some of these looks on myself, just to see what suits me best.

Another favourite for this fall is a peacock look :) A multicoloured look, that needs to be applied well and blended even better. Also the colours must be really thought through because you don't want  just a smudge of similar colour on your eyelids. You need them to pop out, but just enough so it seems like they belong together. I love this look, I will try it sometime for a night out. But probably I won't make it so dramatic and all over my eyelids up to the brows.. Any look can be created very gently and subtle, thou this one will attract attention even if you make it minimalistic. :) If you have small eyes you can still try it, just make sure you open up your eyes with a lighter shade at the inner corner of your eyes and at the brow bone. Oh, so much green :D

This last one was made by my favourite make up artist Lisa Eldridge. On her website you can find a video how to make this look. It is also available on YouTube. Click on the photo to watch the tutorial :)

Another make up trend is also a lot of colours! Especially purple, violet, plummy shades, pumpkin orange shades, wine reds, bordeaux reds, also some deep blues. I will try blue as a mascara, probably not as an eyeshadow, I just feel it doesn't look good on me. I think purple suits best those with green and brown eyes, also a bit more on darker skin tones and olive ones. Still it will look awesome also on fair skinned ones :) I will defenitely wear purple and plummy shades, I already made a collection of at least three shades that I have yet to try and test, but that's for another post :)

Next trend is actually an all time trend, but we tend to wear it mostly at fall and winter :) We usually say that strong lips should not be combined with strong, defined eyes. But this fall even this can work our, you just need to colour your eyelids very subtle, just to define them gently. No harsh lines or colours. Mulberry, berry, deep reds are always favourites for lips in fall and winter! I will also try this trend, when I hopefully find an appropriate shade for me. Unfortunately  the one I really wanted to buy, Revlon Black Cherry, has been discontinued and is not available anymore. What I love about dark lipstick is that it suits any skin tone and it will look sexy and chic and dramatic all in one. Also, with darker shades of lipstick you really need a good lip liner in matching colour, because it defnes the lips more nicely than just lipstick. Perhaps this look will be a bit too gothic for some, but I kinda have a soft spot for goths, I think they look great and I will defenitely try a similar look :)

A bit of a surprise is that even for fall juicy lips in fresh, lighter shades are still favourites. The same goes for the rosy cheeks. I guess blush-aholics will love this news :)

Also one of the favourites for fall is  the new nude. It's concentrating on clean, fresh and luminous skin, a "no make up" - make up trend. It's including natural colours such as caramel tones, warm toned pinky colours, matte golden shades, beiges, sands and luminous skin.

Thanks for reading! :)

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