Thursday, September 27, 2012

Violets, Purples, Lilac...

Hey there! Today I'll show you all of my purpl-ish, violet-ish eyeshadows :)

Here's a group photo of them :)

Here's a list of products:
- Terra Naturi cream shadow 02 Pearly Lilac
- Essence Wild Craft TE, 03 Mystic Lilac
- Alverde, mono eyeshadow 10 Dark Aubergine
-  Avon Precision glimmer in Plum
- Manhattan, multi effect mono eyeshadow ( the number is erased from the back, so I don't know which one is it)
- Catrice Absolute Eye Colour, 570 Play Up The Jam
- Lily Lolo, Mineral eye colour, Deep purple
On this one from top to bottom you can see swatches of Manhattan eyeshadow, Avon eyeshadow and last one is the creamy one by Terra Naturi. Out of these three I like mostly the Avon one. The Manhattan one is simply too bright, too vibrant for my taste, actually I really never used it in my make up, so probably this one I'll give away to someone who will find more use for it. The second one, Plum, is a nice shade, also very light. I find it hard to layer it more. It comes with such a sponge thingy at the end, so I always must apply it first, otherwise I will smudge other colours on to that. Useful more as a daily look or just to add that bit of colour, otherwise I don't use it much. The last one  is by Terra Naturi. It's nice shade, suitable for work or for a more classy silvery- lavander look, but the texture of the cream is terrible. It dries and goes into crease like in about an hour... it is impossible to layer it more.. really too bad it never looks so nice as when I test it on my hands. I tried with or without base, there's no difference. It never stays put and I can always feel it making my eyelids sticky.

These four are all awesome in their own way :) From top to bottom LilyLolo Deep purple, Play Up The Jam, Alverde Dark Aubergine and Essence Mystic Lilac. The first shade is really nice, again abit more electric and vibrant, so I prefer to mix it in with the rest of the colours. The second use is a really nice warm shade, has a nice shimmer to it and is also very good for daily make up. Alverde is a really gentle colour, I was hoping for a bit more of a colour pay off, the same goes for the Catrice one. Really light shades, and very hard to layer them more... Last one is simply amazing, a total win and I'm really happy I got it. A very dark shade, not here on the photo but in reality it's pretty strong and dark, very pigmented. A colour I would defenitely choose for going out. :)

Here are also two of my purplish - violetish kajal penicls. The first one is by Revlon, named Aubergine. It's a nice colour, warm toned, but I don't like how it is when applied. Not enough colour payoff, it sinks into nothing too soon, on the eyes it really looks like I have nothing on, not longlasting at all.. I kept it just because it looks so nice and because I'm trying to combine the colour with the rest of the make up. I really don't want to give it away.

The second one is by Alverde, Dark Violet, very strong colour, quite longlasting too. Here the performance of the product is great, but I don't like the colour half as much as the Revlon one. Really too bad, the product is really nie otherwise, but to me it has too much of bluish shades to it. here on the photo i is not as visible as with my bare eyes, probably also because of the light.

P.S. All the swatches are without any base, just on the bare skin :) Haven't found my perfect eye base yet, so I don't even won't to make shots with the one I have.

Hope this was useful to you :)
Thanks for reading!

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