Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bourjois 1 seconde - 03 nail polish :)

Hey there! How are you? Today I have a super quick post for you :) This is one of the nail polishes I got in April, you can check here which ones are yet to come and be photographed - New in April :) It's from Bourjois, their famous 1 seconde nail polishes. This one is in shade 03, there is no other name written anywhere.

The bottle is elegantly shaped, with long cap on top, so it's shaped in a triangle. The cap is plastic, the bottle is very good - glass, but hard. Still, I would not recommend letting it fall ;) The brush is quite large, which I like, it enables you to cover your nails easier. Many complain it's harder, but to me with these I have less problems than with ordinary tiny brushes. It's very compact and thick with bristles, I only need to make two swipes and my nails are covered.

Here I used this one 1 seconde 03 as base, than Essence nail art stickers in Bad girl, than on top DEpend Multipolish :) Easy and simple. The colour is simple, rosy-nude, very everyday like, but sometimes you just need a nail polish that fits everything. :) Lasting - for about 3 days, than it started to crumble off. Coverage - one coat is enough, it's really nicely pigmented and spreads easily.

And some swatches :)

I like to wear this when I don't have time to make anything more complicated or use a colour that needs more time and leyers to look good. An everyday goldie ;)

Thanks for reading and take care!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review & Swatches: L'Oreal False Lash Wings and Volume Million Lashes Diamantissime

Hello! Today's review and swatches will be of two new mascaras, both by L'Oreal. I have already mentioned them in my post NEW in April :) First one is the new L'Oreal mascara False  Lash Wings in black.  Contains 7 ml. As a gift when I bought it I got also Volume Million Lashes Diamantissime in Black Diamantissime. Contains 8,5 ml.

First I'll talk about False Lash Wings. I like the packaging, very simple and elegant. It's also shiny so it can get dirty really fast and you can see your fingerprints on it. The brush is plastic, with bristles of different length, so you can reach all your lashes. This is also why they wrote butterfly effect fibers, but I haven't noticed any butterfly effects :) I really like all the L'Oreal mascaras, they are by far the best that I have had in all these years. And believe me , I've tried probably all together at least 35 mascaras or more. I started wearing mascara at the end of primary school, of course in secret, because my mom wouldn't let me. And than in high school I had quite a lot of mascaras, quite a collection. And even now... mascara is my must every day. But I don't mind leaving my home without it either, I learned to live without it. :)

 This mascara is very good because it doesn't smudge, it doesn't leave any spots, it stays put for hours. At the end of the day there is still no panda effect and no crumbling. It is also true that at the moment it is too liquidy, but this goes for almost all L'Oreal mascaras. In a week or two of regular use it gets more compact, but not too much. It still provides a smooth application. Removing causes no problem, I use my Alverde Calendula make up remover and it does the work just fine. It is not waterproof, but since it's that good at sitting still, with this one you will not wish for a waterproof at all.

The only thing a bit tricky is how to apply it correctly. Since I had no idea how to do it, I first tried with the short side and it thickened my lashes. Than I tried with the long side on top and it really elongated them. I am impressed. I like the result. MaxFactor Masterpiece series of mascaras and L'Oreal mascaras are the only ones that actually make a difference on my lashes. I can actually see my lashes are more defined. I still don't know if I am applying my mascara correctly or not.

And here are the swatches. To some it may appear as there is little difference, but I am really satisfied. Most of other mascaras just colour my lashes more black and leave them short and without any volume, barely visible I have any mascara on. And that with three or more coats! Swatches here have at least 3 coats on. No eyelash curlers - they don't work for me anyway.

And to the second mascara. I have had this one, only just in black version for a very long time. I know that  I shouldn't have kept it for more than 6 months, but it was a gift and it was really good. Now, comparing with False Lash Wings, not as good, but still. The best I had at the time.This one has a similar effect on me as the black version. Gives definition, colour, but does not elongate much or gives volume.  It looks more like a daily mascara to me and I am satisfied with this one too. It is called Diamantissime because it contains glitter particles. It shines and sparkles, yes. Maybe to some this is a rediculous idea, some may think " I will never use a sparkly mascara!", but in the end, the shine is not that visible when looking straight into someone's face. Some may think this is suitable only for a night out, but I sometimes wear it for every day. I see no reason not to go a bit more glam ;)

Again, plastic brush, regular shape with anti clump wiper. Also does not smudge, crumble or dry, stays put all day. No panda effect at the end of the day. It's not waterproof but still holds very well. Easy to remove, had no problems with my regular make up remover. The glitter is really tiny and causes no problems, does not go into the eyes, doesn't bother or irritate the eyes in anyway. Also when removed it goes off nicely, it doesn't stay on your face or lashes. 

And here are the swatches for the Diamantissime. The third pohoto shows you how close you must get to actually see it glitter ;)

And final comparison :

Left is Diamantissime ( also 3 coast) and right False Lash Wings. You can see that the sparkly one defines lashes, but doesn't give them much length or volume. Also you can see it looks lighter, because of the glitter parts it will never look as classic black as False Lash Wings. This one really elongated my lashes (3 coast or maybe a bit more), as for volume - not so much, but I don't mind. Anything I can get from a mascara will make me happy. As long as it is visible I actually have eyelashes. Sorry the photo looks a bit disoriented, I had my face slightly tilted when taking the photo. :) I like them both, but I hope the FLW will dry a bit, because at the moment it's quite too liquidy, which makes it harder to apply it evenly.  None of them clump lashes! So don't be afraid to try them :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review & Swatches: Depend Cracked Effect nail polish

Hello! How are you? Another quick post from me :) This time I'm gonna show you my crackle effect nail polishes by Depend. I got myself three shades - black, red and white. As a base I used Deborah matte black nail polish 01 and Shine tech nude nail polish, number 50 and a red Bourjois nail polish.

Here's the first one, using Depened Multipolish as a base, than Bourjois 1 seconde number 8, and on top Depend crackle nail polish in black.

Than for the next one I used black nail polish by Deborah and white crackle polish.

And my third combination was nude nail polish by Deborah and crackle in red :)

I like all three, they all dry up really fast and crack very fast! The process starts immediately, no need to wait long. Also the finish they gave is matte, so if you put on top coat this will look all glossy, but not necessary (if you put on matte top coat). I like both finishes with glossy top coat and without it. Here on the photos you can see that I didn't use any top coat. I wanted to try how long they would last without top coat. Well, as expeced it started to crumble off the next day. And with the top coat it lasted max two days and than started to crumble off.. I guess this won't bother people that like to change their nail look every two days, but for those who like to apply and leave it there for at least 4 days.. well, they won't be satisfied. I know these are old nail polishes, nothing new really, but to me this was a fun thing to try. I am really not into nail art, I don't even have the necessary things to make anything more complicated, except for a couple of stickers and glitter top coats. Anyway, I really like these three, especailly the white and black combination and the red one has a charm too. The black one looks great on a silver basis, but that's for another post :)

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Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preview: Alverde - "Lust auf Meer"/"Fancy sea"

Hello! Alverde presents new limited edition, called "Lust auf Meer" or how google translate puts it "Fancy sea" XD Available from end of May until end of June 2013. :) Of course in Sloveni, we didn't even get the previous one "Feenzauber" yet, so.. we will have to wait..

Mascara XXL Volumen: With Phytocollagen and bamboo extract. Both products are not vegan. Gives your lashes a voluminous XXL eyelashes without clumping.Available in two shades.

Eyeliner: Available in two natural shades. With valuable minerals. All products are vegan. 

Duo eyeshadow: The perfectly matched colors reflect the soul of the sea. Tip: Enter first the light shade on the eyelid and then dab on a small amount to the inner angle of the eye. Then you can apply on the crease and slightly blend the dark color. The alverde eye shadow duo is available in shades 10 dunes magic, 20 Sunrise, 30 cliff and 40 beach idyll. All products are vegan.

Powder blush: Both products are vegan. With tourmaline, available in two shades, 10 summer complexion and 20 evening sun.

Shimmer fluid: Use the shimmer fluid on your cheekbones and décolleté. The pleasant fragrance of natural shimmer fluid reminiscent of a summer day by the sea. The pleasant light texture is enriched with coconut extract and pineapple extract of certified organic and vitamin E. The product is vegan.

Lip balsam: With certified organic shea butter and berry wax emphasizes your lips naturally. The colors 10  sandbar and 20 sunset complement your natural summer look, for lips to love! Both products are not vegan.

Lipstick: The alverde lipstick with jojoba oil from organic cultivation. Summer colors and sensual care, available in three shade, 10 summer sun burst, 20 beach chair, 30 lighthouse. The silky formulation with high quality oils and waxes nourishes and pampers your lips and makes them shine intensely. The shade 20 beach chair is vegan.

Lipgloss: The sparkle lip gloss with precious certified organic shea butter can also be used as a top coat or alone. The lip gloss conjures delicate shine to your lips. The subtle blue glitter particles resemble the sparkle of the sea in the sunlight. The lip gloss is vegan.

Aqua Eye - gel: The alverde aqua eye gel  with fine sea water pearl extract gives the delicate eye area immediately moisturizing care for the day. The cooling gel contains precious moisture factors on wheat and sugar-based and vegetable glycerin and provides your skin with lasting moisture. The light formula with hyaluronic acid, sea salt, fleur de sel and a fruit acid complex has a smoothing effect on the delicate skin around the eye. The Aqua eye gel pearl is not vegan.

My opinion: I like this collection, it offers nice neutral shades for everyday looks, light textures and colours for summer. However there is nothing for those who love a bit darker look all year long. Personally I'm mostly interested in lipsticks, as Alverde has never failed me before in lipsticks. Thou such natural and light shades - once you have two or three of natural light shades you basically have everything you need and it's kinda pointless to buy even more natural coloured lip products - you will never really use them all. Also the eyeliners seem interesting. Sorry for not translating all the shades, my google translate gave me some weird word combo and it looked and sounded wrong, so I prefer not to publish names I'm not sure are correct. Also shimmer fluid looks nice, but I already have a couple of summer appropriate glittery products - I am sure I won't be needing this at all. As for the Aqua eye-gel, this is not a new product, they have a roll-on version in their regular offer, it's probably available in every DM store, so I can already say it's a good product :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Review & Swatches: MUA - Immaculate Collection, eyeshadow palette

Hello everyone! Another already promised post. This time I'm presenting my third MUA eyeshadow palette, called Immaculate Collection. I already reviewed Undressed and Undress me too, but this one still needs some evaluation :)

You get 24 shades in this palette, from white to black, most of the colours are shimmery. The packaging is plastic, like the other two palettes I have. Nothing speacial about it. Also, you get a double sided sponge applicator. The shades don't have names, they are again named in order by numbers.

Here's the back of the palette. With each shade in order and a mini - class how to create a look. :) I haven't tried it yet :)

So the first row of shades: Shade 1 is really not my colour and I haven't been using it much, just maybe in a colourful combo, otherwise not. The second is nice, browny with golden, shimmery finish. Aso I like shade 7, a very beautiful colour of dark blue with a hint of deep violet. A special colour. The rest from the first row are too bright for me and I mostly don't use them. Shade 4, the black one, is matte, but not as pigmented as let's say black eyeshadow from Sleek palettes, so I don't use it much.

Second row also has a couple of really great shades. The pinky one, shade 9 is really pale and I don't like it, in fact I don't like any of the pinky shades from the first row and this one from second row. Than another blue colour, which I use when I make blue coloured smokey eyes to highlight inner corner and on the lower lid, it's shimmery, bright blue. My favourite is shade 11, I love silvery shades, so versatile to use. And shade 12 is also great shiny golden colour, but with a hint of peachy colour, not the classical yellow gold. Than shade 13 is a bit difficult to work with because it's sooo hard! I can hardly get any of the product on my brush, I had to really dig in to get a sample for swatches. Otherwise a really good colour, but I tend not to use it much exactly beacuse of this waste of time to get the product out. Next, shade 14 is another win, big glittery parts, old golden shine. I really like it for touch ups and to brighten the whole look. Than shade 15 is a minty like colour, which I just never use, it's nice but.. it never really fits into any of my makeup looks. Last shade in second row, shade 16 is also good, mostly I use it as a base, it's matte, and than I apply other shades on top. Light grey shade, very subtle - again I have problems with this one, it's rather hard as arock and not easy to get out and apply.

shades first row: 1 to 4, second row: 9 to 12, third row: 17 to 20.
And now the third row:  First one, shade 17 is a nice violet like colour, shimmery, but gives a nice touch in the inner corners. Than shade 18 is also one of my fav, a pale golden shine, very soft and such an eye opener, I like to use it a lot. Shade 19 is also fantastic, a deep green colour, shiny but without any visible glitter. Shade 20 is a white eyeshadow, but it never really appears that white on the eyes. I like it thou :) Than another fav, shade 21, shimmery deep brown, really great for deep brown everyday looks. Shade 22 is a deep blue, with shimmer, but subtle. Shade 21 and 22 both tend to dust on my hand, even now when I was taking the swatches. You must be careful how to apply them, otherwise you get eyeshadow all over your face. Shade 23 is another hard as a rock colour, and impossible to get out of the palette. I don't use it much, also the colour is just.. it never fits in any of my looks. The last one, shade 24 is a really lovely purple, a bit more warm purple, shiny colour but I like to use it :)

shades first row: 5 to 8, second row: 13 to 16, third row: 21 to 24.
My final opinion: I like it because it offers so many different shades, you can create so many looks. I like the textures, every shade is so soft, except for the three that I can hardly get out and apply anywhere. Most of the shade are suitable for every day looks. Maybe I would prefer a couple more matte shades, but that's ok, I use both shimmery and matte for everyday make up. I see no problem in going a bit more glam on everyday rounds ;) Personally I would exclude the pinky shades and the light blue and minty shades.. I just never use them. I would prefer if they added some deep green matte shade. Also I don't like the packaging much, I must really be careful not to break this one. The shades blend well, they are soft, they are well pigmented. Most of them are, the black and white one are the least (comparison with Sleek eyeshadows). Durability - differs from person to person, on me with my ArtDeco eyeshadow base, maybe 4  hours without fading away. All in all, I would not buy this product again because I already have so many similar eyeshadows in Sleek and MUA palettes, so that this one can hardly  get a turn. I must kinda make myself to use this one and not the ones I had before and am used to. This would be a great palette for people who want to experiment with different colours, it's really not expensive (if you buy it online in MUA store).

And now the swatches :)

shade from left to right: 1 to 8.

shade form left to right: 9 to 16.

shade from left to right: 17 to 24.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly