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Review&Swatches: Deborah - Euphoric Shine lipglosses

Hey there! Soo.. I've had these lipglosses for some time now.. and I've finally got time to give them the proper review and swatches :) These are by Deborah Milano, named Euphoric Shine. I have five shades, but on them they have only numbers, 03, 04, 09,10,11. Later I found some names for them too, on a slovenian online web store. So the names are 03 Golden Beige, 04 Golden Pink, 09 Plum, 10 Cherry, 11 Coral.

The packaging is simple, plastic bottle, plastic cap (shiny and silvery), the applicator is a classical sponge, not shaped in any way.  Except for the last shade 11 Coral, that one has a different applicator, I don't know why. Maybe it's just my version, maybe all of them are like that. The applicator is small, flat without the sponge on it. I was already thinking that maybe the sponge wasn't  glued enough or something and it's swimming on the bottom of my lipgloss?

This is shade 03 Golden Beige. The colour is in person even more golden, even more shiny. All shades have shiny pigments in it, they are all shimmery. Especially shade 09 Plum, has even more of bigger and more visible glitter. So basically, the shades I have are all glittery and shiny. Also in this range are shades that are matte, without visible glittery particles, but I didn't like the colours, so I chose these.

This is shade 04 Golden Pink. To me it looks more frosty in the bottle, less pink than it appears on the photot here. On the swatches it appears like it has more silvery and not golden shimmer in it and on lips it seems more like a clear gloss with silvery shimmer.

This is shade 09 Plum. It's really dark in the bottle, but when applied it is very light pink with visible glitter. I liked it because it was different and I use it most often of them all. Lately, I like a lot of glitter products so.. this seems to be the cause. You can try to build it up, but it won't be easy, it will never look as dark as in the bottle.

This is shade 10 Cherry. It appears to be more browny shade, but it really is more reddish-browny. On direct sunlight the pigments make it seem more red than brown. Application of this colour is a bit more difficult because it takes longer than with the rest of the colours to get the even look all over the lips. Also building it up to look just as dark as in the bottle can't be done, because the texture won't let you. Just the same as with 09 Plum.

This is shade 11 Coral. It's a lovely coral colour, easy to apply, easy to get even colour with one swipe it gives full coverage. It doesn't need building up because with one swipe you get the colour you see in the bottle. Anyway building up with this one would be as difficult as with the rest of them, the texture will not let you :P

left to right: 11 Coral, 10 Cherry, 09 Plum, 04 Golden Pink, 03 Golden Beige

The scent - they all have a light sweet scent, not fruity, just sugary. It doesn't bother me and when applied it doesn't really stick out so much, just at the moment of applicaton, otherwise they seem ok.

The texture - they are really creamy. And I mean it creamy! Not like some Catrice or Essence stuff, this is really heavy and a bit sticky at the beginning. It is not easy to spread another layer on it, that's why building up the colour is such a hard work. Maybe with the lip brush, but on the go, only with the spongeyou probably can't do it. The colour that seems to be most easy to build up is 03 Golden beige. Also, the shade 11 Coral is a bit more liquidy than the rest, the other four seem to be more sticky.

Long lasting? Well yes and no. They will stay put for about two hours.. than the glossy component will start to dry and the colour will be still there on the lips, but not as visible as before and not as shiny. So if you are looking for something that will be like Revlon's Mineral Lipglaze's.. this is not it.

In comparison with my other lipglosses that I own (Essence, Catrice, Revlon, S-he, Alverde, Bourjois...) I would place this somewhere in between Revlon and Bourjois. Or on the same level as Bourjois. My opinion is based on what I expected and what I need from a product like lip gloss. I get enough colour, I like all five of them, I am satisfied with the finish. I wish they would last longer on lips, but that's fine. After all it's a lip gloss. The purpose of lip gloss is that you can do touch ups without mirror, on the go, that if you need something to pick you up and make you look better, you grab one of these and look pulled together instantly. Easy application, not like with the lipsticks when you do need a mirror, a steady hand and more time. The scent is ok, the textures are quite a lot better than Essence or Catrice. At least for me, those two are mostly a bit too liquidy and don't give as much coverage as these do. Also they are not as good as Revlon ones, because.. it's Revlon, I love their lip products and they are mostly prety perfect in every sense :D Also, these are not too sticky!!! They just feel like it when first applied, but when the sit in they feel natural, like I had nothing on! :)

And now swatches on the lips :)

03 Golden Beige

04 Golden Pink

09 Plum

10 Cherry

11 Coral
The photos make these colours some injustice, 03 and 04 seem like the smae colour, but they are not. I just couldn't make the golden shine come out more on the light I had when I was taking these photos. On the sun, it's quite visible you are wearing a gold lipgloss. And as for 04 on the sun it appears like a shiny gloss, just slightly pinky, almost as the colours of my lips. And the 09 is darker than here, the glitter is visible nicely.

Do you have any of them? Do you like them? What's your favourite brand to buy lipglosses from?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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