Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review & Swatches: MUA - Immaculate Collection, eyeshadow palette

Hello everyone! Another already promised post. This time I'm presenting my third MUA eyeshadow palette, called Immaculate Collection. I already reviewed Undressed and Undress me too, but this one still needs some evaluation :)

You get 24 shades in this palette, from white to black, most of the colours are shimmery. The packaging is plastic, like the other two palettes I have. Nothing speacial about it. Also, you get a double sided sponge applicator. The shades don't have names, they are again named in order by numbers.

Here's the back of the palette. With each shade in order and a mini - class how to create a look. :) I haven't tried it yet :)

So the first row of shades: Shade 1 is really not my colour and I haven't been using it much, just maybe in a colourful combo, otherwise not. The second is nice, browny with golden, shimmery finish. Aso I like shade 7, a very beautiful colour of dark blue with a hint of deep violet. A special colour. The rest from the first row are too bright for me and I mostly don't use them. Shade 4, the black one, is matte, but not as pigmented as let's say black eyeshadow from Sleek palettes, so I don't use it much.

Second row also has a couple of really great shades. The pinky one, shade 9 is really pale and I don't like it, in fact I don't like any of the pinky shades from the first row and this one from second row. Than another blue colour, which I use when I make blue coloured smokey eyes to highlight inner corner and on the lower lid, it's shimmery, bright blue. My favourite is shade 11, I love silvery shades, so versatile to use. And shade 12 is also great shiny golden colour, but with a hint of peachy colour, not the classical yellow gold. Than shade 13 is a bit difficult to work with because it's sooo hard! I can hardly get any of the product on my brush, I had to really dig in to get a sample for swatches. Otherwise a really good colour, but I tend not to use it much exactly beacuse of this waste of time to get the product out. Next, shade 14 is another win, big glittery parts, old golden shine. I really like it for touch ups and to brighten the whole look. Than shade 15 is a minty like colour, which I just never use, it's nice but.. it never really fits into any of my makeup looks. Last shade in second row, shade 16 is also good, mostly I use it as a base, it's matte, and than I apply other shades on top. Light grey shade, very subtle - again I have problems with this one, it's rather hard as arock and not easy to get out and apply.

shades first row: 1 to 4, second row: 9 to 12, third row: 17 to 20.
And now the third row:  First one, shade 17 is a nice violet like colour, shimmery, but gives a nice touch in the inner corners. Than shade 18 is also one of my fav, a pale golden shine, very soft and such an eye opener, I like to use it a lot. Shade 19 is also fantastic, a deep green colour, shiny but without any visible glitter. Shade 20 is a white eyeshadow, but it never really appears that white on the eyes. I like it thou :) Than another fav, shade 21, shimmery deep brown, really great for deep brown everyday looks. Shade 22 is a deep blue, with shimmer, but subtle. Shade 21 and 22 both tend to dust on my hand, even now when I was taking the swatches. You must be careful how to apply them, otherwise you get eyeshadow all over your face. Shade 23 is another hard as a rock colour, and impossible to get out of the palette. I don't use it much, also the colour is just.. it never fits in any of my looks. The last one, shade 24 is a really lovely purple, a bit more warm purple, shiny colour but I like to use it :)

shades first row: 5 to 8, second row: 13 to 16, third row: 21 to 24.
My final opinion: I like it because it offers so many different shades, you can create so many looks. I like the textures, every shade is so soft, except for the three that I can hardly get out and apply anywhere. Most of the shade are suitable for every day looks. Maybe I would prefer a couple more matte shades, but that's ok, I use both shimmery and matte for everyday make up. I see no problem in going a bit more glam on everyday rounds ;) Personally I would exclude the pinky shades and the light blue and minty shades.. I just never use them. I would prefer if they added some deep green matte shade. Also I don't like the packaging much, I must really be careful not to break this one. The shades blend well, they are soft, they are well pigmented. Most of them are, the black and white one are the least (comparison with Sleek eyeshadows). Durability - differs from person to person, on me with my ArtDeco eyeshadow base, maybe 4  hours without fading away. All in all, I would not buy this product again because I already have so many similar eyeshadows in Sleek and MUA palettes, so that this one can hardly  get a turn. I must kinda make myself to use this one and not the ones I had before and am used to. This would be a great palette for people who want to experiment with different colours, it's really not expensive (if you buy it online in MUA store).

And now the swatches :)

shade from left to right: 1 to 8.

shade form left to right: 9 to 16.

shade from left to right: 17 to 24.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Super post, res si se potrudila. :)
    Luštna paleta, se mi zdi, da je odlična za nekoga, ki nima veliko senčil oz. za začetnika. Jaz osebno sem se nakupu izognila, ker imam že veliko palet in mislim, da so ta senčila zelo pododna tistim, ki jih že imam. Jaz tudi nisem ljubitelj pink senčil, mi je pa zelo krasna zadnja vijolična senčka.
    A bomo videli kak makeup s to paleto? ;)

    1. Hvala :) Me veseli da ti je všeč :)Ja saj to, fajn paletka ampak ko jih maš že ene 6 ali več, pa še samostojna senčila je vsega že preveč in ne pride na vrsto. Ja zadnja vrsta ima par res super senčk :) Lahko naredim kak look, samo me skrbi kako mi bo to uspelo poslikat? Kak predlog kako se najlažje slika oči? :)

  2. Very nice palette, but for me, too many blue shades..


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