Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preview: Alverde - "Lust auf Meer"/"Fancy sea"

Hello! Alverde presents new limited edition, called "Lust auf Meer" or how google translate puts it "Fancy sea" XD Available from end of May until end of June 2013. :) Of course in Sloveni, we didn't even get the previous one "Feenzauber" yet, so.. we will have to wait..

Mascara XXL Volumen: With Phytocollagen and bamboo extract. Both products are not vegan. Gives your lashes a voluminous XXL eyelashes without clumping.Available in two shades.

Eyeliner: Available in two natural shades. With valuable minerals. All products are vegan. 

Duo eyeshadow: The perfectly matched colors reflect the soul of the sea. Tip: Enter first the light shade on the eyelid and then dab on a small amount to the inner angle of the eye. Then you can apply on the crease and slightly blend the dark color. The alverde eye shadow duo is available in shades 10 dunes magic, 20 Sunrise, 30 cliff and 40 beach idyll. All products are vegan.

Powder blush: Both products are vegan. With tourmaline, available in two shades, 10 summer complexion and 20 evening sun.

Shimmer fluid: Use the shimmer fluid on your cheekbones and décolleté. The pleasant fragrance of natural shimmer fluid reminiscent of a summer day by the sea. The pleasant light texture is enriched with coconut extract and pineapple extract of certified organic and vitamin E. The product is vegan.

Lip balsam: With certified organic shea butter and berry wax emphasizes your lips naturally. The colors 10  sandbar and 20 sunset complement your natural summer look, for lips to love! Both products are not vegan.

Lipstick: The alverde lipstick with jojoba oil from organic cultivation. Summer colors and sensual care, available in three shade, 10 summer sun burst, 20 beach chair, 30 lighthouse. The silky formulation with high quality oils and waxes nourishes and pampers your lips and makes them shine intensely. The shade 20 beach chair is vegan.

Lipgloss: The sparkle lip gloss with precious certified organic shea butter can also be used as a top coat or alone. The lip gloss conjures delicate shine to your lips. The subtle blue glitter particles resemble the sparkle of the sea in the sunlight. The lip gloss is vegan.

Aqua Eye - gel: The alverde aqua eye gel  with fine sea water pearl extract gives the delicate eye area immediately moisturizing care for the day. The cooling gel contains precious moisture factors on wheat and sugar-based and vegetable glycerin and provides your skin with lasting moisture. The light formula with hyaluronic acid, sea salt, fleur de sel and a fruit acid complex has a smoothing effect on the delicate skin around the eye. The Aqua eye gel pearl is not vegan.

My opinion: I like this collection, it offers nice neutral shades for everyday looks, light textures and colours for summer. However there is nothing for those who love a bit darker look all year long. Personally I'm mostly interested in lipsticks, as Alverde has never failed me before in lipsticks. Thou such natural and light shades - once you have two or three of natural light shades you basically have everything you need and it's kinda pointless to buy even more natural coloured lip products - you will never really use them all. Also the eyeliners seem interesting. Sorry for not translating all the shades, my google translate gave me some weird word combo and it looked and sounded wrong, so I prefer not to publish names I'm not sure are correct. Also shimmer fluid looks nice, but I already have a couple of summer appropriate glittery products - I am sure I won't be needing this at all. As for the Aqua eye-gel, this is not a new product, they have a roll-on version in their regular offer, it's probably available in every DM store, so I can already say it's a good product :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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