Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Preview: Essence - Ticket to paradise LE

Hey there! Another preview, this time Essence Ticket to paradise LE.

Last call for all passengers with a ticket to paradise! With its trend edition “ticket to paradise” essence is sending all sun goddesses to beautiful beaches, tropical climates and idyllic islands where fun and relaxation are in perfect harmony this June and July 2013. Bright colors like gold, orange, fuchsia, purple, turquoise and azure blue spread a feeling of pure summer while light, gel-like textures give your face a fresh glow without feeling heavy on your skin – just right for the high temperatures at the beach or when you’re out and about! In addition to jelly eyeshadows, transparent lipglosses and lipliners as well as semi-transparent nail polish colors, the highlights of this trend edition include a shimmer powder with a floral 3D imprint and the hair mascara, which is available in mint or purple for a unique and trendy hair look! So let’s head to paradise – with these awesome products by essence.

Eyeshadow: This eyeshadow accentuates your eyes in intense turquoise, bright azure blue or summery gold with a subtle shimmer. Its slightly cooling, gel-like texture is ideal for hot days at the beach as it softly rests on your lid without settling in the crease. Apply several layers to intensify the color. Open your eyes, summer is here! Available in 01 dive with me to the island, 02 deep sea baby and 03 tropical heat.

The three glosses in orange, fuchsia and turquoise give your lips a touch of color to underline your island beauty look. With a light shimmer and a subtle scent, they are the ultimate companions – and not just in the Caribbean. Available in 01 sun said red, 02 my treasure island and 03 dive with me to the island.

No matter whether you use it to outline your lips or color them in completely for even more expression – the light, glossy texture is super-easy to apply and is a perfect match for the lipglosses. Available in 01 sun said red and 02 my treasure island.

 Hair mascara: The hair mascara in purple and turquoise sets summer color accents in your hair and is so much fun. The texture is super-easy to apply and all you have to do is wash your hair to remove it. Available in 01 rumble in the jungle and 02 dive with me to the island.

Nail polish: Destination glossy nails… these colorful, long-lasting nail polishes in turquoise, gold, orange and fuchsia have a semi-transparent gel-like texture to create a cool, glossy wet-look. Make a brilliant impression on the island of your dreams! Available in 01 dive with me to the island, 02 tropical heat, 03 sun said red and 04 my treasure island.

 Shimmer powder:  The shimmer powder is an absolute must-have if you’re going for a natural-looking glow. It conjures-up gorgeous golden shimmer highlights on your face and neckline. And the 3D design with hibiscus blossoms and palm tree leaves turn this it-piece into a real eyecatcher! Now you’re sure to have fun in the sun. Available in 01 tropical heat.

So.. what do you think? Anything you would like to try? To me the most interesting appears the light blue lipgloss, would really like to see how it looks on lips :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Hair mascara..čeprav nisem več najstnica, bi pa vseeno preizkusila:))

  2. Meni so zanimive, ampak mi barvni izbor ne gre. Mislim da jih imajo tudi pri Misslyn v LE, v Mullerju sem jih videla, če se ti ne da čakat na tole od Essence :)


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