Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bourjois 1 seconde - 03 nail polish :)

Hey there! How are you? Today I have a super quick post for you :) This is one of the nail polishes I got in April, you can check here which ones are yet to come and be photographed - New in April :) It's from Bourjois, their famous 1 seconde nail polishes. This one is in shade 03, there is no other name written anywhere.

The bottle is elegantly shaped, with long cap on top, so it's shaped in a triangle. The cap is plastic, the bottle is very good - glass, but hard. Still, I would not recommend letting it fall ;) The brush is quite large, which I like, it enables you to cover your nails easier. Many complain it's harder, but to me with these I have less problems than with ordinary tiny brushes. It's very compact and thick with bristles, I only need to make two swipes and my nails are covered.

Here I used this one 1 seconde 03 as base, than Essence nail art stickers in Bad girl, than on top DEpend Multipolish :) Easy and simple. The colour is simple, rosy-nude, very everyday like, but sometimes you just need a nail polish that fits everything. :) Lasting - for about 3 days, than it started to crumble off. Coverage - one coat is enough, it's really nicely pigmented and spreads easily.

And some swatches :)

I like to wear this when I don't have time to make anything more complicated or use a colour that needs more time and leyers to look good. An everyday goldie ;)

Thanks for reading and take care!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Zdaj vidim, da nisem edina, ki ji je všeč čopič teh lakov. Kot sem brala do zdaj po blogih, so se vse punce pritoževale, da je prevelik, meni pa ustreza, ker z lahkoto nanesem lak z njim na nohte. :)

    1. Meni je s temi ful lažje delat, čvrst pa širok pa lepo se da z njega odstrant preveč barve, da ti ne zalije celga nohta. Mam pa dokaj normalno do rahlo bolj široke prste - pa mi verjetno zato bolj odgovarja širši čopič. :)


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