Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NEW in April :)

 Hey! April is almost over! Finally almost over! There is nothing like a new product to test and play with and I did spend quite some money on beauty purchases ;)  Anyway there were a couple of things I couldn't resist buying and here they are :)

Let's start with a list:
- Deborah ShineTECH GelLike nail polish in shades 09 and 03
- Revlon Parfumier scented nail enamel in shade Bordeaux
- Omnia Botanica Argan Oil
- Deborah Milano Colour Copy foundation for oily to combination skin in shade 02
- Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 080 Mauves like Jagger
- Essence Beach Cruisers lipgloss in shade 02 Girls just wanna have fun
- Dove Purely pampering nourishing lotion with pisatchio cream and magnolia
- Bourjois Happy Light ultra-covering concealer in shade 21 Ivore
- Avon Femme EDP 50 ml
- Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick in shade 440 Orange Attitude
- L'Oreal Quad Pro Blue eyes eyeshadow in 358 Bleu Nuit
- Balea Totes Meer Salz oil peeling
- The Body Shop White Musk Libertine EDP 
- Essence Get Big lashes! Volume curl mascara
- Garnier Neo deodorant invisible dry-cream, fragrance free
- Revlon Powder blush in shade 050 Berry rich

Still, quite a lot of newbies, I had hoped to spend less on the make up but I still ended up with more than I need. Anyway, it was fun shopping and affording all these goodies, also I loved to get these on different discounts and second hand, because it didn't cost me as much as it would otherwise. Mostly I have a bad feeling because I really need to start using up all my products or they will go to waste... As for skin care products - all were needed and are being used regularly :P

Starting with my face - I got myself a new concealer by Bourjois, it's called Happy Light and it's really good at covering dark circles or red spots from pimples. I have been using it every day now and I I think it might be even better, than my all time favourite Healthy mix one. Next is Deborah foundation.. I was able to resist it all March, but than I have heard so many praises I couldn't resist and I got myself the lightest shade. I bought it at DM store, for 50% discount. I don't know if it's still available, maybe just some shades. It's really good base, I like it almost as much as my Bourjois ones. Last for the face is Revlon powder blush in shade Berry Rich, bought at Click2chic web store, also on discount for about a little over 5 euros. Unfortunately I really don't like this one, this one was a bad buy... will write a proper review why this one dissapointed me.

 For eyes - I got this Catrice eyeshadow from their Liquid metal range, which I have wantd to try for a really long time. I bought it second hand, but it was actually brand new. Cheap and a really great product, I love using this one. Regular price at the store is about a little less than 5 euros. Next is a quad eyeshadow by L'Oreal, which I stumbled upon by chance at my local DM store, and it was only 2 euros. I was not able to say no. I had to try it. Too bad I didn't already see in the store that the eyeshadows have been broken and fell out of the tray.. I fixed it for now. Also I must say I tried it only once until now, and I don't like it much. The shades are too dusty and the blue ones are not as vibrant as they look like. Last for the eyes is this mascara by Essence, which I bought just because I went to work with my face half finished. I was in such a rush I forgot to apply my mascara. I did the rest of the eyes and make up, but it looked really weird with no mascara.

 For nails - I got all three on sales, all three at Click2chic web shop. The Revlon one was on my wishlist for a couple of months now and I wnated to try the new perfumed collection, so I used the discounts they were offering. I must say I love the shade, but not the scent, which is very gentle, not at all what I expected. The two Deborah nail polishes I also got for 50% discount and I have already posted about the shade 09 here :)

 For lips - yeey, I am really proud of myself - only two new products for lips this month! Hahaha, I know some will think this is really not something to be proud of, but I really am happy I didn't get any other products for lips. I still have so many to review. I got this lipgloss by Essence, which is not available here in Slovenia yet, but will be in the coming month or two. It's very light and a product I have in my purse to apply whenever I feel like. The other product is Maybelline lipstick in shade Orange Attitude. After Mad for magenta and that amazing colour and applicationa dn everything, I wanted to try another shade and DM was offering 25% discount, so I wished for a  hot summer shade,price being about 6 euros.

 I have not purchased a perfume for about 5 months now, something like that and I got two really good deals for these two. One is by Avon, it's called Famme and I really adore this one! It's mostly suitable for spring time, but since it's so light and sooo amazingly suits any situation, I am really satisfied with it. Second one is by The Body Shop, it's called White Musk Libertine and it's quite strong scented and very heavy. A bit more for the autumn and winter time, but that's not a problem for me. I must admit I prefer the Avon one. Both of them are eau de parfum, Femme being brand new and containing 50 ml and White Musk Libertine being also EDP, already used a bit and 30ml. Both were purchased by second hand :)

And some body care :) I got the Dove body lotion second hand with a trade for one of my products and I must say I really like it, the scent is something special. Also makes my skin feel really smooth. I have also already tried the Balea oil peeling and really love the scent of lemongrass, seems a pretty good product, possible repurchase :) I haven't tried the in shower milk Balea product ( a version of Nivea products), not yet. Also Haven't opened the Garnier deodorant yet, but I hope it will not leave white marks on my clothing. The product I must really point out is the Omnia Botanica argan oil! I love, love , love this one! What this one does for your skin - it's amazing! I am using it almost for three weeks now, every evening before sleep on my face and it helped me heal my scars and red spots and my skin feels smooth and less dehydrated. I strongly recommend this product :) I have greasy skin and this made it look better, also a bit less greasy during the day ( but this depends a lot on what base and foundation you use...)

So this is it :) What newbies did you get yourself this month?

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, April 28, 2014

Disappointing products #1: MaxFactor Smoky Eye Effect eyeshadow - Indigo Mist

Hello! After almost two weeks of not posting I am back and beginning a new  series of posts, which will present reviews of products that disappointed me or simply didn't suit me. If you feel hopeful for a product and it turns out to be a total waste of your money - than it's correct to say you were dissapointed, even if the product wasn't so bad at all. I will mostly write about some of the products that I have that were really bad - speaking of quality, shades, pigmentation and such things and also I might sometimes include products that are not bad itself but simply didn't do what they promised on me or I had different expectations.

Starting this new series is a product by MaxFactor, it's called Smoky Eye Effect eyeshadow and I have it in the shade Indigo Mist. Basically this is a cream, double ended eyeshadow, shaped in a form of wax crayons. The packaging is simple and plastic, both ends have transparent cap, so you can see the shades. At the sides you have written "Step 1" and "Step 2", to help you create the wanted look. What really got my attention was the shades - the combo of bright baby blue and deep browny purple shade. Especially I had hopes for the light blue  and was not dissapointed as for pigmentation, but the other shade is just terrible. It's not purple at all, it's browny with a hint of shimmer and only looks purplish under fake lights in the shop.

On swatches I made at the store and at home these looked pretty decent, but on the lids... not so much. I tried using eyeshadow base and also without it but this product simply refuses to work for me. It has a different consistency than I'm used to with the cream eyeshadows. It's very light, greasy and transparent which makes it difficult to get the shade even all over your lids. Also it's not easy to build it up, it takes quite a long time. Brushes don't help much, only make the thing look worse, since all the pigmentation gets to stick on the brush and you have to start all over again. I first applied straight from the bullet, than used my fingers but it didn't look good. So I tried brushes and make up sponges but ended up making a bigger mess. So I went back in with my own fingers and somehow managed to make the shades look even. And so I thought I will be good for the day and looking ok at work.

Well, that did not happen. I had the product with me and was able to reapply a little, but mostly I just used my fingers and reblended the whole thing every time it got creased or faded. And the creasing started really fast, not even half an hour after application I was already having my eyeshadows in three lines and it looked really greasy and ugly.

So basically, my experience with this product was bad from the get go. First problems with application, than fading and creasing. The look didn't last enough even for me to get from home to work and I already needed to make touch ups. Really too bad, because the bright blue shade was a really lovely one and it suited my eyes very well. The other browny shade was not so much for my taste and I already have similar ones. Also they both give shimmery finish, which made the whole thing look even worse. Here's some swatches to check :)

Actually, I was really lucky to get this product on two different discounts and it costed me a couple of euros, something like 3,50 euros, because the regular price is about 10 and that's a lot. Especially for a product that needs so much work and effort only to make you look ok for half an hour.

Personally I really don't recommend this one, but you know best whether or not this will work for you :)

Hope this was helpful to you!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NOTD: Deborah ShineTECH GelLIKE in 09

Hello!  After Easter I have finally some time for a new post - showing off my new nail polish :) This one is by Deborah, it's from their ShineTECH GELLIKE collection. It's in the shade 09 and I really like it! :) It's a really nice shade for spring, or actually, any time of the year - deep dark green. 

I have once already posted about Deborah ShineTECH GELLIKE, you can read about other shades I have here :)

Enjoy some more photos ;)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, April 13, 2014

POTW: REVLON Super Lustrous Lipgloss :)

Hey there! Another Sunday and time for product of the week :) Today I'm presenting Revlon lip glosses from their Super Lustrous range in shades Super Natural, Fatal Apple and Berry Allure. I chose these three to be my product of the week, because I use them regularly and at least one of them is almost constantly in my make up bag.
They changed their packaging from square to round, also these are taller than the old ones. But that's not all that's different. You get new shades and also new texture and pigmentation. You get it in a plastic bottle, with black cap and golden writting, also the wand is classical, nothing changed there. Maybe it's just slightly bigger than the old style. 

The formula of these is a bit better than the old one too, it contains ingredients like avocado oil and hyaluronic acid. Also the new formula doesn't contain any SPF, where the old formula had SPF 15.

There are 10 available shades in total, I have just these three. They are mostly shimmer free, just the Fatal Apple has some very subtle sparkle, from the ones I have. The darkest shade, Berry Allure is not that dark at all, which you will soon see on the swatches, but it does have a bit of jelly consistency.  Super Natural is my new favourite, a long desired item I bought less than a month ago and been using it a lot. It's a nude, your lips but better shade, gives me a bit of pinkish flush  and I really love the name of the shade. Fatal Apple is a bit of dissapointment, I really expected that this one would be my overall favourite, but somehow this shade never convinced me. It's actually a sheer red, the pigmentation is good, it's easy to get even and smooth consistency. The shade is a nice neutral red, not too blue or too orange, suitable for almost anyone. Berry Allure looks really dark and I was kinda looking forward to a deep plumy shade of lip gloss, which it is not. Actually it's really sheer, which comes in handy when you don't want to have a deep and strong colour on your lips. After checking online for swatches I already knew this one was quite sheer, but I still hoped that on me it would look a bit darker. This is my second fav of the three, it was my first before I bought Super Natural. What I really like about this one is that it leaves a nice stain on the lips as it wears down. Actually, this is still my go to lip gloss, when I want a bit more colour, but don't want to apply lipstick ( or don't have time to do so).

Unfortunatly all three have a significant scent, I can not really describe it, but it annoys me a little. You don't sense it when applied, but once you open the bottle you get a whiff of something really unpleasant... Some say these have a gentle scent to is, reminding them of vanilla... maybe the other two shades, but Berry Allure smells like hell. 

As for texture, these are not sticky at all, not like the old ones. They are not heavy either, don't feel them at all on the lips. I still have left two shade from the previous range and I prefer these ones. 
As for finish and pigmentation - all three are sheer, deeper shades can be built up a bit. Despite the look in the tube, all three are very wearable and suitable for work/collage. Also, as mentioned before, they leave a nice stain, light but still there. Staying power is semi good, I normally get max two hours of wear out of these three, the darker shades seem to last a bit longer. Approx. 2 hours is actually pretty good for me, I just need to keep in mind, that these are glosses and transfer in a second to a cup or bottles very fast. 

Fatal Apple

Berry Allure

Super Natural
My final verdict is that these are pretty good, but more in a sense of a decent product, than a wow product. I like them a lot, but somehow lately they don't get much turn anymore. Just the Super Natural, that is actually just a MLBB shade, that you can apply on the go, without mirror and such. I have the shades that I liked most and I don't think I'll be buying any other soon. Maybe on some sale or something, but at the moment this is it and these three are enough. Hope this was helpful to you :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Hey there! I wanted to show you one of my latest newbies and also my new favourite :) I like very much this foundation, ever since I first applied it and I must say that it's a lot better than what I've been using before this one - Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. Later, I also bought 123 foundation, which is even better, but later about that one.

This is actually my first try of CC creams, I had before a BB one, by Garnier, which was quite ok. I haven't tried a lot of different BB creams, but I've read a lot of reviews of them and I must say they really tempted me with promises of light texture and natural finish. I have this product in second lightest shade, 32. I think at moments this is a bit too yellow for me, but it depends on the light where I'm applying this. Outside and at work, it looks like a perfect match.

Packaging of this product is simple, plastic bottle, you have to squeeze the product out, which is very good, because you have less chances of dirtying the top and fill it with bacterias. It's very handy , also because it has this small applicator which allows you to control how much you squeeze out. :)

The product is supposed to contain three pigments that help you cover blue under eye circles, redness and dark spots. As for these promises, I guess all three of them are somewhat medium, just the redness is really not visible. The darkness and blue is still there and I need more coverage, using my Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer. Which is really nice is the overall finish, because it evens out the skin tone very well. 

Texture of this is actually very runny, very liquidy. I was almost afraid this is going to be less effective because of it's texture. On the face it feels really light, like I have nothing on, it's easy to blend (use my fingers to apply it) and on me at least, offers medium coverage. Which is actually what it promises - after all, this is not like a regular foundation, it would be unfair to expect photoshop effect. I also really like the finish on my skin, not completly matte, but more satin. I really like it more than dewy looks, at leats on me, I feel like this suits me better. If you need to look more glowy you can always add some highlighter. 

As for staying power -  my greasy skin makes sure that it doesn't last more than a couple of hours, about 6 is max, before I start to notice the product is almost gone around my lips and nose area. I don't know how this would work on other skin types,  guess it would be best on normal to mixed skin types. The very dry ones and greasy ones will have to find a good base to apply under. I use my Revlon Perfecting Primer.

CC cream also promises to be hydrating, which I can say is semi good, but nothing special. After all the focus is on the covering and evening out the skin tone. On me this works great, with or without the primer. I only wish it had a bit more coverage, for a couple of my areas where I have really big red spots or violet-blue under eye circles. I must say that my first try was a wow experince, because I expected it to be more like the Garnier BB cream or at least less covering than Revlon foundation Nearly Naked, but it turned out it's even better than both of them. I really love using it and my NN didn't even get a chance for the last two months. I'm still saving it though, for summer, when I like really light products on my face. 

And some swatches:

What do you think of this product? Have you tried it? Any other CC cream suggestions I should try?
Hope this was helpful to you!
Thanks for reading! 

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, April 10, 2014

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EMPTIES OF THE WEEK 1: Yves Rocher Collection Cacao shower gel Cacao & Orange, L'Oreal Paris Gentle eyes and lips make-up remover

Hello! I will start with new series of posts, called Empties of the week and it will be different every week, or better, when I finish at least two products. I have set my mind to finishing some of the products I had open for quite some time now and I really have no space to store all these empty bottles anywhere. I would rather write once per month, presenting my empties, but holding onto all the packaging is really impractical. So I will write every week, or every two - three weeks, depends on the products I'll manage to finish... Also I will add a little review of each. Today I'm starting with a shower gel by Yves Rocher, my first one I ever had by this brand and L'Oreal's eye make up remover.

I have received this perfumed shower gel as a gift with purchase and it's was scented with cocoa and orange. I must say I had big expectations toward the scent, because I also have the lip balm from the same range and that one is amazing, but this one... not so much... All I could smell was sweetness and that's it. It's not bad, but it's not as good as the lip balm, so this was a bit of a dissapointment. As for effect on the skin - ok, nothing special, doesn't dry it, doesn't irritate, but also doens't make it soft or feel nourished or anything like that... More or less this ended up to be a pretty average product. Knowing all this I would probably not repurchase this again, but I am curious about their other shower gels, maybe I'll try some other scent or collection... Also, you get quite a big bottle, 300 ml, so that's pretty nice too :)

And ingredients:

Moving on to the eye make up remover by L'Oreal Paris. This promises to be a gentle remover for eyes and lips with ability to remove also waterproof make-up. Also it is supposed not to be greasy. My experience with this one was pretty much on the contrary. As for removing make up - I don't even use waterproof make-up and and this one couldn't even do that as well as expected. It took me like 5 minutes to get all my mascara off, the eyeshadows melted nicely and the lipstick too... but mascara was really resistant... Most of the time after washing my face for the last time, there was still a grey cricle under my eyes from mascara and I needed to go back in with the remover. Which would be ok, if this weren't so greasy... at the beginning it was quite ok, but after half a bottle it started to be really greasy and it didn't mix as well as it did before. Because of the two layers of make up remover you need to shake it well to make the formula mix. The little spots of water you see in the bottle are actually the remaining product that clungs to the walls of the bottle. As for sensitive eyes - that one holds, I never had any problems with my eyes and it didn't irritate them. I used this bottle pretty fast, a bit more than a month I think.. Which would be ok, if the product was cheaper. It costs over 5euros, something like 5,60e at DM store where I bought it. Personally I don't recommend this and will not repurchase it. Though I liked the small, compact packaging which allowed me to store it more easily.

Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful to you!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, April 6, 2014

POTW: Kahne - Witch Hazel face tonic

Hey there! It's Sunday and time for POTW (product of the week) post :) This week I'm presenting to you my latest face tonic, a newbie from March, which I have been using since the day I bought it, every day, about two times per day.. so I can give you a proper review :) I've also made sure this week this tonic was always ready to use and I must say this has become one of my new favourite products :)

I have read some really good reviews and comments about this product before buying it and I felt like I should wait with the purchase and use my other face tonics first.. but than I had this period of very sensitive skin, quite a problemaic period and nothing I had already at home could be trusted not to make my skin even worse. So I bought this one at E.Leclerc for about 3,70 euros for 200 ml.

The packaging is simple, 200 ml plastic bottle, which has a small opening on the top. I'm using it for my morning and evening skin care routine, and it leaves a very nice, gentle feeling on the skin. The scent is very gentle, but nothing special, which is actually for the best - what's the point in buying a good product if it has a million different perfumes in it and you want it to calm down your sensitive skin? Also contains no added colorant, which makes the liquid simply transparent.

Mostly I just use my cotton pads and apply it with that, don't know any other way of using a tonic. I could maybe put it in a spray bottle and simply spray it on my face and save some of the cotton pads and also avoid rubbing my skin too much. I find this tonic hydrating and with a nice soothing effect. It acts against dry, stressed and sensitive skin lacking moisture. Also helps calm down the redness and tightens my pores. Because it doesn't contain any alcohol it actually helped me get my skin back on track and helped me with my skin irritations, pores, redness after washing my face and  also pimples. It's so gentle you can also use it around the eyes, it doesn't irritate them at all. 

 And ingredients:

Do I recommend this product? Hell yes! If you have sensitive skin or you need a really gentle product, than I suggest you try this one. I will definitely repurchase it :) You can also check their other products here. :)

What's your favourite face tonic? Have any suggestions which one should I try next?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: REVLON Photoready Perfecting Primer

Hello! Today's review is of a product that I never thought I would buy, but than I got an excellent oppurtunity  - it's Revlon's Photoready perfecting primer. I've never been much into primers, except for my eyelids, so this is actually my second face primer, the first one being by Catrice, long time ago. I would love to try some other primers by more expensive brands, but after testing this one, I don't think I have the need anymore. The regular price in Slovenia is between 17 to 18 euros, which is quite a lot, even their foundations are cheaper than that... But I got this product second hand, for about 10 euros and it was barely opened and tested, so I thought why not.. you're never gonna buy it in store for 18 euros... That's just too much for a primer, especially for a product I don't even know if it will work...

This product comes in their classic glass bottle, plastic cap and black pump for easy use. This applies on smoothly and effortlessly. The product is described as one that provides a perfect canvas for makeup, softens the skin by reducing the  appearance of pores and fine lines. 

I do not use any face creams or oils or anything like that before putting on make up because my skin simply can not take so many products at once. I have been using only this primer since  I got it, and so far I have about 2/3 left.. Therefore I have no problem with the primer being too greasy for me or anything like that and it actually feels more light and smooth, meltes really beautifully  on my skin. I don't have fine lines to hide, but I do have my face full of large pores and this does help a lot.  I use it mainly on my cheeks and forehead, also on areas where I have scratched my pimples or I have dry pathces that won't go away with no amount of washing in rubbing my face. I think this really makes them look a little bit smaller, it's not ike a photoshop effect, but I can see it. The minute after the product settles in my face actually looks better than after I apply my foundation XD Still it doesn't do any wow effect, but I like to use it since I have nothing else between my tonic and foundation. As for how it works with different foundations... well, sometimes better, sometimes worse... It depends also on my skin, sometimes it's too dry, sometimes too greasy for no reason. Than also the texture of the chosen foundation makes it hard to make an even look. But mostly it worked well with other foundations. It's a pity really that after I apply foundation I can see a little bit of difference on my large pores on my cheek, but the rest of the face is like I didn't use anything. What this also does is prolong the wear of any foundation and I like that a lot... I think it helps me keep my foundation on for about an hour or two longer than my usual wear, which is about 4 hours before my foundation starts to melt and looks all shiny and greasy.

 Final verdict - I would recommend this to someone who has large pores, but than again it also depends on your skin type. My skin used to be really greasy and I would never be able to work with this product but the last two years I have a more mixed situation and I never know which one will come out, so this works for me according to my skins mood swings... It's not a perfect primer, I believe there must be an even better product for hiding your lines and pores, but it's solid and I'm quite satisfied with it. It looks like it would plump my skin a bit, making it look more even and it feels soo smooth. I would give this product 4/5 because it works with my needs at an good enough level, but it's not  a perfect one.

How about you? You use any face primers? Any suggestions which one to try next?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Barry M - Matte Nail Paint - Burgundy Crush

Hello! I have a new favourite nail polish - it's by Barry M, actually also my first nail polish by this brand. It's from their matte collection and I have it in shade Burgundy Crush. I bought it at ličila.si :) The price was somewhat higher than I'm used to spending for nail polish, but I really wanted to try this one, especially wanted to see the matte effect.

The packaging is classic glass bottle, plastic cap, the brush is nothing special, but I still really like the whole look :)

The shade is called Burgundy Crush and I find it more of a deep red/plummy shade, also the only shade I really like from this range. The matte finish is visible really quickly, dries also very fast and leaves a nice smooth looking finish. If you don't want the matte look, you can always add some top coat with shine effect. This one would also look really good with glitter top coat, let's say a combination of black and white or maybe golden glitters...

Excuse my nails please, I really have short and ugly ones lately, so I tried my best to make it look presentable. I don't do nails much at all, and even when I do they never look quite as good as I wish they would... I really suck at manicures. However this nail polish lasted through the first day with no problems, for almost two days without any base or top coat, than it started to chip on a couple of nails. Personally I count this a success, because normally my manicure gets chipped or battered before 5 hours pass.... Also, I needed two coats to make the shade even, but that's kinda normal.

Here's more photos for you :)

Do you have one of these? Do you like them? Any other shade you would recommend?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly