Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Hey there! I wanted to show you one of my latest newbies and also my new favourite :) I like very much this foundation, ever since I first applied it and I must say that it's a lot better than what I've been using before this one - Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. Later, I also bought 123 foundation, which is even better, but later about that one.

This is actually my first try of CC creams, I had before a BB one, by Garnier, which was quite ok. I haven't tried a lot of different BB creams, but I've read a lot of reviews of them and I must say they really tempted me with promises of light texture and natural finish. I have this product in second lightest shade, 32. I think at moments this is a bit too yellow for me, but it depends on the light where I'm applying this. Outside and at work, it looks like a perfect match.

Packaging of this product is simple, plastic bottle, you have to squeeze the product out, which is very good, because you have less chances of dirtying the top and fill it with bacterias. It's very handy , also because it has this small applicator which allows you to control how much you squeeze out. :)

The product is supposed to contain three pigments that help you cover blue under eye circles, redness and dark spots. As for these promises, I guess all three of them are somewhat medium, just the redness is really not visible. The darkness and blue is still there and I need more coverage, using my Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer. Which is really nice is the overall finish, because it evens out the skin tone very well. 

Texture of this is actually very runny, very liquidy. I was almost afraid this is going to be less effective because of it's texture. On the face it feels really light, like I have nothing on, it's easy to blend (use my fingers to apply it) and on me at least, offers medium coverage. Which is actually what it promises - after all, this is not like a regular foundation, it would be unfair to expect photoshop effect. I also really like the finish on my skin, not completly matte, but more satin. I really like it more than dewy looks, at leats on me, I feel like this suits me better. If you need to look more glowy you can always add some highlighter. 

As for staying power -  my greasy skin makes sure that it doesn't last more than a couple of hours, about 6 is max, before I start to notice the product is almost gone around my lips and nose area. I don't know how this would work on other skin types,  guess it would be best on normal to mixed skin types. The very dry ones and greasy ones will have to find a good base to apply under. I use my Revlon Perfecting Primer.

CC cream also promises to be hydrating, which I can say is semi good, but nothing special. After all the focus is on the covering and evening out the skin tone. On me this works great, with or without the primer. I only wish it had a bit more coverage, for a couple of my areas where I have really big red spots or violet-blue under eye circles. I must say that my first try was a wow experince, because I expected it to be more like the Garnier BB cream or at least less covering than Revlon foundation Nearly Naked, but it turned out it's even better than both of them. I really love using it and my NN didn't even get a chance for the last two months. I'm still saving it though, for summer, when I like really light products on my face. 

And some swatches:

What do you think of this product? Have you tried it? Any other CC cream suggestions I should try?
Hope this was helpful to you!
Thanks for reading! 

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz nisem preizkusila še nobene CC kreme, me pa mika tale Bourjoisova, ampak nisem ziher, če naj jo vzamem ali ne, sploh ker sem v zadnjega pol leta dobila/kupila preveč novih tekočih podlag in nimam pojma, kdaj bom vse porabila. :P

    1. Meni je bilo super, ko sem jo kupila sem imela na zalogi samo Revlon NN in nisem imela slabe vesti... potem me je popadla mrzlica za raznimi podlagami in zdaj jih imam tudi sama toliko da ne vem kdaj jih bom vse porabila... Čisto razumem diloma ali se splača kupit ali ne. Priporočam nakup v kolikor ne potrebuješ močne prekrivnosti, mislim da bo za poletno obdobje tole kar fajn izdelek :)

  2. Js sem tudi zelo zadovoljna z njo, me je res pozitivno presenetila...edino, kar mi ni všeč je, da se takoj ''obesi'' na vsak suh delček kože :)


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