Thursday, April 10, 2014

Slovenian bloggers 31. 3. - 6. 4. 2014

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Mateji ustvarjata - Babbling #14.

Failed beautification - March favourites

Ewie - Have you ever really seen yourself

Makeup indolence - Review: Alverde beauty and fruity foam.  

Soul fishing - personalized fashionable agenda notebook

Uniqa Poly - new in March

Vesna en violet - nail art.  

Jutri začnem zares - before & after - February & March

Maja Ena - March random favourites

Unlimited life plan - third running training.  

Beauty of a lemon - Swatches: Catrice LE iridescent topper.  

Lucy talks - outfit inspiration.  

Ajda Tjaša - review: MUA glitter ball eyeshadow palette.  

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