Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NEW in April :)

 Hey! April is almost over! Finally almost over! There is nothing like a new product to test and play with and I did spend quite some money on beauty purchases ;)  Anyway there were a couple of things I couldn't resist buying and here they are :)

Let's start with a list:
- Deborah ShineTECH GelLike nail polish in shades 09 and 03
- Revlon Parfumier scented nail enamel in shade Bordeaux
- Omnia Botanica Argan Oil
- Deborah Milano Colour Copy foundation for oily to combination skin in shade 02
- Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 080 Mauves like Jagger
- Essence Beach Cruisers lipgloss in shade 02 Girls just wanna have fun
- Dove Purely pampering nourishing lotion with pisatchio cream and magnolia
- Bourjois Happy Light ultra-covering concealer in shade 21 Ivore
- Avon Femme EDP 50 ml
- Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick in shade 440 Orange Attitude
- L'Oreal Quad Pro Blue eyes eyeshadow in 358 Bleu Nuit
- Balea Totes Meer Salz oil peeling
- The Body Shop White Musk Libertine EDP 
- Essence Get Big lashes! Volume curl mascara
- Garnier Neo deodorant invisible dry-cream, fragrance free
- Revlon Powder blush in shade 050 Berry rich

Still, quite a lot of newbies, I had hoped to spend less on the make up but I still ended up with more than I need. Anyway, it was fun shopping and affording all these goodies, also I loved to get these on different discounts and second hand, because it didn't cost me as much as it would otherwise. Mostly I have a bad feeling because I really need to start using up all my products or they will go to waste... As for skin care products - all were needed and are being used regularly :P

Starting with my face - I got myself a new concealer by Bourjois, it's called Happy Light and it's really good at covering dark circles or red spots from pimples. I have been using it every day now and I I think it might be even better, than my all time favourite Healthy mix one. Next is Deborah foundation.. I was able to resist it all March, but than I have heard so many praises I couldn't resist and I got myself the lightest shade. I bought it at DM store, for 50% discount. I don't know if it's still available, maybe just some shades. It's really good base, I like it almost as much as my Bourjois ones. Last for the face is Revlon powder blush in shade Berry Rich, bought at Click2chic web store, also on discount for about a little over 5 euros. Unfortunately I really don't like this one, this one was a bad buy... will write a proper review why this one dissapointed me.

 For eyes - I got this Catrice eyeshadow from their Liquid metal range, which I have wantd to try for a really long time. I bought it second hand, but it was actually brand new. Cheap and a really great product, I love using this one. Regular price at the store is about a little less than 5 euros. Next is a quad eyeshadow by L'Oreal, which I stumbled upon by chance at my local DM store, and it was only 2 euros. I was not able to say no. I had to try it. Too bad I didn't already see in the store that the eyeshadows have been broken and fell out of the tray.. I fixed it for now. Also I must say I tried it only once until now, and I don't like it much. The shades are too dusty and the blue ones are not as vibrant as they look like. Last for the eyes is this mascara by Essence, which I bought just because I went to work with my face half finished. I was in such a rush I forgot to apply my mascara. I did the rest of the eyes and make up, but it looked really weird with no mascara.

 For nails - I got all three on sales, all three at Click2chic web shop. The Revlon one was on my wishlist for a couple of months now and I wnated to try the new perfumed collection, so I used the discounts they were offering. I must say I love the shade, but not the scent, which is very gentle, not at all what I expected. The two Deborah nail polishes I also got for 50% discount and I have already posted about the shade 09 here :)

 For lips - yeey, I am really proud of myself - only two new products for lips this month! Hahaha, I know some will think this is really not something to be proud of, but I really am happy I didn't get any other products for lips. I still have so many to review. I got this lipgloss by Essence, which is not available here in Slovenia yet, but will be in the coming month or two. It's very light and a product I have in my purse to apply whenever I feel like. The other product is Maybelline lipstick in shade Orange Attitude. After Mad for magenta and that amazing colour and applicationa dn everything, I wanted to try another shade and DM was offering 25% discount, so I wished for a  hot summer shade,price being about 6 euros.

 I have not purchased a perfume for about 5 months now, something like that and I got two really good deals for these two. One is by Avon, it's called Famme and I really adore this one! It's mostly suitable for spring time, but since it's so light and sooo amazingly suits any situation, I am really satisfied with it. Second one is by The Body Shop, it's called White Musk Libertine and it's quite strong scented and very heavy. A bit more for the autumn and winter time, but that's not a problem for me. I must admit I prefer the Avon one. Both of them are eau de parfum, Femme being brand new and containing 50 ml and White Musk Libertine being also EDP, already used a bit and 30ml. Both were purchased by second hand :)

And some body care :) I got the Dove body lotion second hand with a trade for one of my products and I must say I really like it, the scent is something special. Also makes my skin feel really smooth. I have also already tried the Balea oil peeling and really love the scent of lemongrass, seems a pretty good product, possible repurchase :) I haven't tried the in shower milk Balea product ( a version of Nivea products), not yet. Also Haven't opened the Garnier deodorant yet, but I hope it will not leave white marks on my clothing. The product I must really point out is the Omnia Botanica argan oil! I love, love , love this one! What this one does for your skin - it's amazing! I am using it almost for three weeks now, every evening before sleep on my face and it helped me heal my scars and red spots and my skin feels smooth and less dehydrated. I strongly recommend this product :) I have greasy skin and this made it look better, also a bit less greasy during the day ( but this depends a lot on what base and foundation you use...)

So this is it :) What newbies did you get yourself this month?

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz sem mela tudi napad na Deborah lake. P.S zdej imajo v DMju več kot pol lakov polovico znižanih.

    1. Hehe, so kr fajni njihovi laki. Pridejo pa novi GelLike lakci, so že v DM-jih :)

  2. Ta ta drug odtenek od Deborah je eden izmed mojih najljubših :) Si morem pa ta concealer zapomnit, ker se sliši super :)

    1. Meni je tudi zelo lep lakec :) Korektor pa res priporočam je zelo fajn prekriven, edino packa se, ker je nanos najlepši s prsti...

  3. Meni je tudi ta korektor super!

    1. Jaz ga sedaj redno uporabljam vsak dan, mi je res super. Škoda le da nimajo večjega izbora odtenkov ...


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