Sunday, April 13, 2014

POTW: REVLON Super Lustrous Lipgloss :)

Hey there! Another Sunday and time for product of the week :) Today I'm presenting Revlon lip glosses from their Super Lustrous range in shades Super Natural, Fatal Apple and Berry Allure. I chose these three to be my product of the week, because I use them regularly and at least one of them is almost constantly in my make up bag.
They changed their packaging from square to round, also these are taller than the old ones. But that's not all that's different. You get new shades and also new texture and pigmentation. You get it in a plastic bottle, with black cap and golden writting, also the wand is classical, nothing changed there. Maybe it's just slightly bigger than the old style. 

The formula of these is a bit better than the old one too, it contains ingredients like avocado oil and hyaluronic acid. Also the new formula doesn't contain any SPF, where the old formula had SPF 15.

There are 10 available shades in total, I have just these three. They are mostly shimmer free, just the Fatal Apple has some very subtle sparkle, from the ones I have. The darkest shade, Berry Allure is not that dark at all, which you will soon see on the swatches, but it does have a bit of jelly consistency.  Super Natural is my new favourite, a long desired item I bought less than a month ago and been using it a lot. It's a nude, your lips but better shade, gives me a bit of pinkish flush  and I really love the name of the shade. Fatal Apple is a bit of dissapointment, I really expected that this one would be my overall favourite, but somehow this shade never convinced me. It's actually a sheer red, the pigmentation is good, it's easy to get even and smooth consistency. The shade is a nice neutral red, not too blue or too orange, suitable for almost anyone. Berry Allure looks really dark and I was kinda looking forward to a deep plumy shade of lip gloss, which it is not. Actually it's really sheer, which comes in handy when you don't want to have a deep and strong colour on your lips. After checking online for swatches I already knew this one was quite sheer, but I still hoped that on me it would look a bit darker. This is my second fav of the three, it was my first before I bought Super Natural. What I really like about this one is that it leaves a nice stain on the lips as it wears down. Actually, this is still my go to lip gloss, when I want a bit more colour, but don't want to apply lipstick ( or don't have time to do so).

Unfortunatly all three have a significant scent, I can not really describe it, but it annoys me a little. You don't sense it when applied, but once you open the bottle you get a whiff of something really unpleasant... Some say these have a gentle scent to is, reminding them of vanilla... maybe the other two shades, but Berry Allure smells like hell. 

As for texture, these are not sticky at all, not like the old ones. They are not heavy either, don't feel them at all on the lips. I still have left two shade from the previous range and I prefer these ones. 
As for finish and pigmentation - all three are sheer, deeper shades can be built up a bit. Despite the look in the tube, all three are very wearable and suitable for work/collage. Also, as mentioned before, they leave a nice stain, light but still there. Staying power is semi good, I normally get max two hours of wear out of these three, the darker shades seem to last a bit longer. Approx. 2 hours is actually pretty good for me, I just need to keep in mind, that these are glosses and transfer in a second to a cup or bottles very fast. 

Fatal Apple

Berry Allure

Super Natural
My final verdict is that these are pretty good, but more in a sense of a decent product, than a wow product. I like them a lot, but somehow lately they don't get much turn anymore. Just the Super Natural, that is actually just a MLBB shade, that you can apply on the go, without mirror and such. I have the shades that I liked most and I don't think I'll be buying any other soon. Maybe on some sale or something, but at the moment this is it and these three are enough. Hope this was helpful to you :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Lepi odtenki:) Jaz sem že enkrat nekega gledala, ampak to je bilo ko so bili še kvadratasti. Revlon izdelki so meni itak super, pa jih vedno nekako premalo kupim:))

    1. Mene so tile trije odtenki najbolj prepričal, je pa res da so mi mogoče prejšnje embalaže bolj všeč od teh novih. Meni se je Revlona kar nabralo, ampak mi je res fajn kot celotna znamka :)

  2. Ful lepi odtenki res =) skoda samo, da niso malo bolj pigmentirani, drugače pa so super!



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