Friday, December 28, 2012

Preview: Alverde Black & Red LE

Alverde presents new limited edition for holidays! Available form december to January 2013 in selected DM stores. :)

Lipstick is available in 10 magic moment, 20 magic kiss, 30 red glamour, 40 red love. The sensual, seductive lipstick gives its wearer grace and conjure a beautiful pout. The great colours complement any make-up, whether classic or subtly glamorous - the lips are real gems.

Cream to powder rouge is available in 10 bright shine, 20 winter rose, 30 hot flame, 40 red glow. The Cream to Powder Rouge is an allrounder for the cheeks! The convertible texture - from creamy to powdery - blends with the skin. The Cream to Powder Rouge gives contour and charming freshness for a natural or dramatic look. Easy to apply and to blend.

Duo - mascara is available in 10 black & red, 20 black & silver. Intense colour accents and stunning lashes in a hurry - the Duo Mascara for the expressive eyelashes! Intense black envelops each individual lash and gives them a beautiful volume.
Volume Star mascara is available in 10 intensive grey, 20 golden shine.  The extra volume mascara for a dramatic eye make-up combined with rich red lips gives the perfect "black & red" vamp look. The intense colours with light highlights envelop each individual lash from root to tip for visibly more volume.

Liquid eyeshadow is available in 10 metallic black, 20 metallic silver, 30 metallic white. The bright colors of the  Liquid Eyeshadows gives a bright luxury eye make-up. The eye shadow can be spread evenly over the eyelids. This product is vegan!

Shimmer cream is available in 10 sparkling gold, 20 sparkling silver, 30 sparkling red.
The different shades of shimmering  cream puts radiant accents for a glamorous appearance! By the light texture, the shimmer cream can  be easily and specifically applied under the brow, on the eyelids or on the cheekbones. This product is vegan!

Make up corrector pencil. Perfect for small errors in no time to correct or accurate to remove - without endangering the rest of the makeup. Its fine and beveled tip correction can be used both for the eyes and for the lip contour. This product is vegan!

Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lipbalms and DIY lip scrub recipe :)

Over the years I tried quite a lot of lip balms. I tried so many I probably also forgot some of them since they stopped making them. Currently in my stash you will find these: Labello Soft Rose (new formula), Labello Fruity Shine Pomegranate (I don't think you can buy it anymore), Alverde lippen balsam Mandarine and vanilla, Krasna - lavander and lavander honey (hand made), Balea Young in Splashy Watermelon and Lovely raspberry :)
Here's a group photo of them :)

I've ran out of Pomegranate, here you can see it is very little left. I liked this one because of the light and fruity and fresh scent, the shine it gave my lips, the light red colour it left, the texture was very nice, easy to apply, not too creamy, very light, absorbed quite quickly. For the nourishing part - good, but not enough for lets say winter time, cold weather.

Soft rose has done a much better job at nourishing my lips. It is more creamy, texture is easy to apply, leaves a very subtle trace of pink colour. On my lips it is almost invisible, perhaps on someone more pale you could see it more visible. The scent is very light, but it does not bother me. It does not give such a shine as Pomegranate but still adds some shine and colour, makes lips look more fuller and more even coloured. It's a very nice daily moisturizer, still for winter time it may not be enough, especially if you always have problems with dry lips :)

Here's a swatch of Pomegranate, as you can see it's not a very  strong colour :)

Alverde Mandarine vanilla is one of my all time favourite lip balms! It is fantastic and does it's job perfectly! First I had the first version of Alverde lip balm, Calendula, and also loved it. Perhaps some would be bothered with the scent, but I liked it. The texture of these two are quite similar, both heavy, creamy, very nourishing, very good at protecting in winter time. The Mandarine vanilla scented one is even better for me, especially because of the better smell than Calendula.The effect on the lips is amazing at both products and I would recommend this to  everyone having trouble keeping their lips unbroken and moisturized. Alverde is a brand of natural cosmetics, it has BDIH certificate, only available in DM stores.

KRASNA is a lip balm made from lavander oil and lavander honey. This one is hand made, a natural cosmetics even thou it does not have any certificates written on it. It's made by a Slovenian company, so probably available only in Slovenia, I could not find any information if they export. It is very greasy at first, but it absorbs quite quickly. Very nourishing, heals your lips very well and fast :)
Balea comes in two tiny tin pots, containing  10g each. First one is splashy watermelon, very nice melon scent, very fresh. It absorbs quickly, but it does not nourish as much and is quite light, so more suitable for summer time. The second one is lovely raspberry, also a very nice fruity scent, the texture is the same as the first one. In winter time I'm mostly using them when I'm home, for outside it's just not enough.

And now also a home made recipe for a very good lip scrub :)
You will need: half of tea spoon of sugar  (white or brown), half of tea spoon of coconut oil (when cold it hardens into a white butter), a little bit of cinnamon (could also use melted chocolate or cocoa)
All you need to do is mix the ingredients and apply them on your lips. Coconut oil I used when it was hardened, so it was a bit more creamy, not so liquidy.  Cinnamon is just a little bit, because it adds a nice scent, if you like it. Or you could use chocolate, if you prefer :) Sugar is the one ingredient that will really scrub your lips. Apply the mixture and than just gently rub it with your fingers. Your lips will get rid off any old skin, it will be nourished by coconut and it will smell great because of cinnamon. 

Also another tip, many prefer to use honey than coconut, perhaps because of the coconut scent. :)

I mixed the ingredients and put it a little empty pot, you can reuse something at home or buy new plastic ones. It contains 10 ml of the mixture and it can stay in the fringe for a long time ( at least 3 months), because all the ingredients  can stay long, we haven't used anything that could go sour :)

 Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Linking weekly loves 8

We are approaching last week in this year, the world did not come to an end yet ;) Most of us have already done all the Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts, some still have to  get them.. Are you looking forward to the gifts? :)

Here are my favourites:

ESSIEBUTTON presents here look with soft eyes and a great red lipstick, such an easy and Christmasy look:)

Moonchild presents her really cute manicure, of course, christmas edition :)

Honey and Milk created a really nice look, rather heavy and an interesting colour combination :)

Makeup and Macaroons shows cheap dupes for famous MAC Impassioned lipstick :)

Caught in a Daze shows us swatches and reviews of L'Oreal Infallible 24H eye shadows :)

Mateja's beauty blog present home made beauty products, combinations of what we have at home in our kitchen and can make ourselves :)

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Linking weekly loves 7

Christmas is approaching really fast, so is the end of the world XD What do you believe, will it really be the end of the world?

Here are my favourites this week:

Lips so Facto: Christmas, Christmas and again Christmas XD Baking and preparing for holidays is present all over, here's a recipe for chocolate and hazelnut biscotti :)

Passing fancy: She presents make up by Lioele, a brand I have not known before, but I got really curious. Here are presented lipsticks and also we have a giveaway XD

Nails by Kayla Shevonne: Are you already in Christmas mood? Here's a great manicure, I love the colour combination and the motive :)

Beauty by Suzi: I love green eyeshadow, plus it looks great on me, since I have brown eyes ;) I will definitely try this amazing look, green smokey eyes look so fantastic here :)

Anatomy of Beauty: Another great look, I just couldn't resist sharing it with you! Black and white cut crease look, that is simply amazing on Tamara! Have a look here and tell me you don't want to try it on yourself ;)

Taya: There's more on Christmas nail art, endless combinations and motives. I like this one a lot, and I don't do with my nails much, I was never a fan of nail polish, but this manicure with raindeers is just too cute, I'll have to try it myself too :)

Thanks for reading and have a great sunday :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Preview: Essence - Hugs & Kisses TE

New Essence trend edition in sweet pinky colours, available in January and February 2013 :)

Essence team says:
Love at first sight? Guaranteed! With the new trend edition “hugs & kisses”, all the girls are sure to fall in love with the cool and colorful beauty products. The colors in this trend edition are super fun and will definitely put you in the mood for Valentine’s day: bright lemon and pink combined with intensive red and purple are guaranteed to impress! Love struck or not, these unique products will make your heart go boom: an eyeshadow palette and a blush in a great l.o.v.e. design, lashes, stylish lip products and an awesome eau de toilette – the it-pieces in the “hugs & kisses” collection are sure to make the hearts of all trendsetters beat a little bit faster.

Lip scrub: This lip scrub gives you irresistibly soft lips – simply apply and spread gently. Your lips will feel velvety and soft in an instant. An ideal preparation for the hugs & kisses lip tint. Available in 01 Be my valentine.

Lip tint: Intensive red and bright pink to draw all the attention to your lips! The soft texture tints your lips and creates either a subtle or intensive result depending on how many layers you apply. Available in 01 Sugar baby love and 02 Save your kisses for me.

Blush: The blush with a cool l.o.v.e. print is an absolute eye-catcher. At the same time, the soft rosé shade gives you a fresh and radiant look – sure to make a great impression with Mr. right! Available in 01 Dating prince charming.

Nail art twins base coat: The trendy nail polish colours pink, lemon, lilac and red provide the basis of the cool nail art twins. Each of the high coverage, long-lasting base coats is just waiting to be united with their other half – the nail art twins top coats. Available in 01 Sugar baby love, 02 Love it or leave it, 03 With x´s and o´s and 04 Save your kisses for me.

Nail art twins top coat:  On top! Once you’ve polished your nails with the twin, it’s time for the effects! These top coats with glitter in rosé, multiglitter, purple and red have flakes and hearts guaranteed to set surprising and unique highlights. so in love! Available in 01 More than words, 02 Dreams for sale, 03 Crazy in love and 04 Sunshine and red roses.

Nail stickers: Perfect style down to your fingertips … the self-adhesive nail stickers are super easy to apply on your nails to decorate them with hearts, kisses and declarations of love. An absolutely cool way of saying “i love you”. Available in 01 Crazy about you.

Lashes: Flutter those lashes… for a look full of volume and a true wow-effect! Totally easy to apply with the included glue. The silver hearts give these lashes an extra eye-catching touch. Available in 01 Sugarpie honeybunch.

Eau de toilette: This is what a date with your favorite fragrance should be like! Sensual, flowery and fruity – this fragrance is super fun and makes you feel like you’re in love. Like hugs & kisses, available in 10 ml and 50 ml.

Eyeshadow palette: This eyeshadow palette makes everyone happy! The four colors pink, purple, lemon and soft apricot with l.o.v.e embossed directly on each of the eyeshadows create über-trendy eye make-up styles. And not just for valentine’s day! Includes a practical applicator in a cute box. Available in 01 Love at first sight.

Glitter eyeliner: Eye love you… the liquid eyeliner in purple and multiglitter creates an eyeliner look that’ll make you tingle with excitement! Available in 01 with x´s and o´s and 02 love´s out to get you.

What do you think? Anything you would be interested in buying? As for myself I really don't like this design and colours. As for lip products, I like the lip scrub and red lip tint, will be definitely on my list to try them out, but the rest is just ehhh... Too much pink, the whole packaging looks rather too cheap even for Essence. The perfume might be also interesting but I have a feeling it's going to be a very sweet scent, which I won't like. Plus their perfumes have a tendency  to loose their scent very easily. The nail art polishes don't appeal to me at all. The chosen colours are too girly for me, plus  the nail stickers are just.. blaahh.. I bet a lot of teenagers will see this one as a very cute one, which it really is, if you are in this kind of colours :)

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BLOG SALE: Make up sale pt.1

I have some make up products that I will not use anymore, or never used them at all. They just never get their turn and I see it as a waste of products that perhaps will be more useful to someone else.

So here are the products:

 Alverde  Quattro Lidschatten 316 Mareike is a natural cosmetics eyeshadow quttro, it's only been tested, never used. The sponge applicator has been broken, so I did not add it here. The price is 3 euros.

Bourjois Smoky eyes trio in 12 gris lilac has been only tested once. The sponge applicator is still new, never used. The price is 4 euros.

Revlon Custom Creations 030 light/medium  foundation, spf 15, has been only tested. The shades do not fit me. This foundation is special because it has two shades in it, separate in half, at the top you choose what colour you would like and just turn the head and the mixture of the both comes out. Price is 4 euros.

Essence nail polish Colour&go in 21 Fabuless and 83 Luxury secret, Show your feet in 01 Caribbean sea. They've all been tested and used a little, they all lack for about 2 - 3 mm. The price for all three of them is 2 euros.

MaxFactor False lash effect Fusion, Volume&Length, only been tested, open for about two months. Stored and closed, it did not dry out. Price is 5 euros. Sorry, the photo is not mine, my camera currently doesn't work.

The prices already include ordinary posting, if you want prioritaire you need to pay extra. The sale is limited only to those who are from Slovenia. Payment is only possible with wire transfer on my personal account. If you are interested in buying and for more information you can write me here or email me:
In case more than one is interested in the same product it will go to the one who will ask for it first :)

Since the sale is limited to Slovenian customers, I could just write in Slovene, but I prefer to have my whole blog in English and in it's usual order :)

Thank you for your time :) Have a nice day :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY: Christmas candle holder

Hey there! Today I'll show you a short post how to make yourself a nice christmasy - wintery candle holder.

You will need: scissors, some art glue, that turns white when it dries, ordinary  scotch tape, decorative sand in two colours (or more), decorative tape with a winter/christmasy motive, a glass bowl (also could use some old glass jars) and some tea candles :)

First off, you need a glass bowl or a glass jar or anything that is transparent. Than you fill it with decorative sand. I used blue and cream white, also because this colour combination can be used several times, not only in winter. After all the colour combination with a couple of sea shells will be perfect for summer ;)
Than you pour the sand in anyway you like it. I decided to split it in half, so I made an uneven relief, if you would look at the sides, at the top I made it half blue, half white. Of course you can mix it in any shape you like. :)

Next step is decorating the tea candles. I used this silvery deco tape. At first in the store I thought it was white with silvery snowflakes, but it turned out to be just the snowflakes. Even better! I rolled the tape around the candle, cut at the appropriate length. Than I tried to glue it, and there was always the spot where I cut the tape, that was standing out. So for that little spot I used the usual clear paper  tape.

Once all four are done, you just need to place them on top and it's done! :) Simple, quick and easy :)

As for the candles I used the simple ones, the ones I already had at home, but you could use candles with colours or  fragrance. Depends on the colour combination you are going for :)

The snowflake deco tape can be removed from the candles easily, so once you ran out of them you can simply glue the decoration to another one. :)

Also, another tip, if you have a crystal, transparent bowl, you could decorate that too, simply by using some silvery or gold art spray, you just need to make sure you buy the one that will stick to the glass. :)

Since I put on four candles you can also have it instead of Advent wreath :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Linking weekly loves 6

Another week gone by, but we had an important day in this week. Did Santa Claus bring you anything nice? I got quite some lovely gifts and loads of chocolate. :) This weeks favourites are:

Nihrida presents her make up haul by MUA, a make up brand that is actually very affordable, like e.l.f., but you need to order it on-line, because it is not available yet in Slovenia.

Mimi's Vanity Box presents  a manicure that will bring you right in the middle of holiday christmasy spirit. I love the christmas tree :)

Parokeets showed us project foundation, this time a famous foundation many of you have already tried, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.

Makeup and Macaroons presents her five favourite fragrances and I love this post because winter is such a great time for new perfumes and gift ideas ;)

Lisa Eldridge again strikes with a great video and tutorial, this time with a guest artist, Mary Greenwell :) Love the look, so sexy ;) presents Garnier BB cream for oily skin in comparison with Missha. Which one do you like better? For me Garnie is quite good :)

This is for the week, have a nice Sunday :)

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Preview: Alverde - Perfect basics LE

Short preview of new Alverde collection, it should be already available in Germany. The Perfect Basics LE will offer us the ideal products for a basic makeup. It will be available in December 2012 until January 2013.

 Lipstick is available in 10 charming pink, 20 pinky beige, 30 fabulous red. It has creamy and soft texture. Contains jojoba oil for extra nourishing. Lipsticks are not vegan :(

Smoothing lip colour is available in 10 funky mauve, 20 soft biscuit, 30 raisin berry. These three are also not vegan .
Gel eyeliner is available in three shades,10 extreme black, 20 espresso brown, 30 platinum grey, plus there  is a gel eyeliner brush for precise application.

Mascara Perfect lashes promises intense volume effect, available in two shades, 10 intense black, 20 midnight sky. Fragrance free, not vegan.

Compact mosaic powder provides smooth contouring with either subtly shimmering satin or natural nuances. By 4 perfectly matched colors the natural skin tone can set the scene perfectly. The Perfect Basics Mosaic Powder is available in these colors: 10 cool matte, 20 golden glows. Not vegan.

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Preview: Essence - Snow Jam TE

Are you into skiing, snowboarding or taking a ride in a sleigh? With the new trend edition Snow Jam, Essence fires-up all snow beauties – let’s head for the slopes! Sports, casual styles and evening après-ski parties are sure to put us in the mood for wintertime! The colors of the “Snow Jam” trend edition look great with trendy ski and snowboard outfits: the combination of bright purple, turquoise and petrol as well as frosty pastel shades creates a cool make-up look and a great mood is guaranteed all round! Pampering shouldn’t fall short when you’re having fun in the snow at icy temperatures. That’s why the products in this trend edition skillfully unite wintery colors with valuable ingredients.

This collection will be available form January to February 2013 :)

Eyeshadow sorbet: The eyeshadow sorbets in petrol, light mint and soft lilac offer your eyelids a light shimmer. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply smoothly with your fingertips and it lasts all day long – for ultimate ski fun! Available in 01 Lilac Is My Style, 02 Top Of The Ice-Stream and 03 Life Is a Freeride.

Jumbo Duo eyepencil:  On the slopes during the day – time to party at night! the jumbo duo eyepencil is an ideal team for eye make-up and can handle hours of action! One end is a kajal, the other a highlighter with glitter effects: this eyepencil lets you create the right look for every occasion. Available in 01 Let’s Hit The Slope and 02 Petrol Snow-Queen.

Lip Balm:  Color and care… just the right thing when it’s freezing outside: the moisturizing lipbalm in two cool shades with subtle color dispersion. It pampers your lips with high-quality castor oil and leaves behind a wonderful fruity fragrance. Available in 01 Lilac Is My Style and 02 Goofy-Blue.

Nail Polish: Frozen nails! the four bright colors of this nail polish are sure to be true eye-catchers at any après-ski party: cool and icy blue, snow white, petrol and purple. The lighter shades have a shimmer effect while the intense shades are plain. Thanks to the long-lasting, innovative texture of the nail polish, application is easy and fast with just one stroke of the brush.
Available in 01 Goofy-Blue, 02 Lilac Is My Style, 03 Life Is a Freeride and 04 Top Of The Ice-Stream.

Mini Files:  These are sure to fit into even the tiniest pocket and shouldn’t be missing when you’re on the way to the ski lifts: the small nail files in a practical packaging are ideal when you’re on-the-go and ensure super stylish nails at all times! Available in 01 Snowboard-Girls Rock!

24h Hand Protection Balm:  Icy sub-zero temperatures are a real challenge for your hands. pampering ingredients like rich shea butter and valuable coconut oil replenish chapped, stressed skin with intense moisture. The tried-and-tested 24 hour repair formula provides long-term protection for hands soft enough to caress and it pampers has a delicious fragrance, too! Available in 01 Keep Cool!

Thanks for reading  :)