Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lipbalms and DIY lip scrub recipe :)

Over the years I tried quite a lot of lip balms. I tried so many I probably also forgot some of them since they stopped making them. Currently in my stash you will find these: Labello Soft Rose (new formula), Labello Fruity Shine Pomegranate (I don't think you can buy it anymore), Alverde lippen balsam Mandarine and vanilla, Krasna - lavander and lavander honey (hand made), Balea Young in Splashy Watermelon and Lovely raspberry :)
Here's a group photo of them :)

I've ran out of Pomegranate, here you can see it is very little left. I liked this one because of the light and fruity and fresh scent, the shine it gave my lips, the light red colour it left, the texture was very nice, easy to apply, not too creamy, very light, absorbed quite quickly. For the nourishing part - good, but not enough for lets say winter time, cold weather.

Soft rose has done a much better job at nourishing my lips. It is more creamy, texture is easy to apply, leaves a very subtle trace of pink colour. On my lips it is almost invisible, perhaps on someone more pale you could see it more visible. The scent is very light, but it does not bother me. It does not give such a shine as Pomegranate but still adds some shine and colour, makes lips look more fuller and more even coloured. It's a very nice daily moisturizer, still for winter time it may not be enough, especially if you always have problems with dry lips :)

Here's a swatch of Pomegranate, as you can see it's not a very  strong colour :)

Alverde Mandarine vanilla is one of my all time favourite lip balms! It is fantastic and does it's job perfectly! First I had the first version of Alverde lip balm, Calendula, and also loved it. Perhaps some would be bothered with the scent, but I liked it. The texture of these two are quite similar, both heavy, creamy, very nourishing, very good at protecting in winter time. The Mandarine vanilla scented one is even better for me, especially because of the better smell than Calendula.The effect on the lips is amazing at both products and I would recommend this to  everyone having trouble keeping their lips unbroken and moisturized. Alverde is a brand of natural cosmetics, it has BDIH certificate, only available in DM stores.

KRASNA is a lip balm made from lavander oil and lavander honey. This one is hand made, a natural cosmetics even thou it does not have any certificates written on it. It's made by a Slovenian company, so probably available only in Slovenia, I could not find any information if they export. It is very greasy at first, but it absorbs quite quickly. Very nourishing, heals your lips very well and fast :)
Balea comes in two tiny tin pots, containing  10g each. First one is splashy watermelon, very nice melon scent, very fresh. It absorbs quickly, but it does not nourish as much and is quite light, so more suitable for summer time. The second one is lovely raspberry, also a very nice fruity scent, the texture is the same as the first one. In winter time I'm mostly using them when I'm home, for outside it's just not enough.

And now also a home made recipe for a very good lip scrub :)
You will need: half of tea spoon of sugar  (white or brown), half of tea spoon of coconut oil (when cold it hardens into a white butter), a little bit of cinnamon (could also use melted chocolate or cocoa)
All you need to do is mix the ingredients and apply them on your lips. Coconut oil I used when it was hardened, so it was a bit more creamy, not so liquidy.  Cinnamon is just a little bit, because it adds a nice scent, if you like it. Or you could use chocolate, if you prefer :) Sugar is the one ingredient that will really scrub your lips. Apply the mixture and than just gently rub it with your fingers. Your lips will get rid off any old skin, it will be nourished by coconut and it will smell great because of cinnamon. 

Also another tip, many prefer to use honey than coconut, perhaps because of the coconut scent. :)

I mixed the ingredients and put it a little empty pot, you can reuse something at home or buy new plastic ones. It contains 10 ml of the mixture and it can stay in the fringe for a long time ( at least 3 months), because all the ingredients  can stay long, we haven't used anything that could go sour :)

 Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! :)

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