Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Preview: Essence - Hello Happiness LE

For your daily beauty routine! With the trend edition “hello happiness”, essence shows

that make-up can be lots of fun with the right tools from September to mid October 
2017. The seven brushes with soft synthetic bristles ensure a perfect sweep of the brush 
every time. The additional tools complete this bright and cheerful brush edition.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Preview: Essence - Coast'n'chill LE

Sea you soon! From September to October 2017, the new essence trend edition “coast‘n’chill” whisks you away to the seaside. Make-up products in blue, sand and warm rosewood shades inspired by the lifestyle at the coast are perfect for laid-back evenings in the late summer.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer refresh - Oriflame Love Nature: Energising Mint & Raspberry

Hello! In these hot days I am always inclined to use products that feel fresh, smell fresh and light. One of the best summer products I have been using so far are the trio by Oriflame. These one come from their latest updated collection called Love Nature. The Energising Mint & Raspberry line offers a peeling shower gel, body lotion and soap bar. Here's why I think anyone who loves mint or/and raspberry should try these!

Preview: Essence - ... & the lovely little things LE

Tell me something…! From mid August to mid September 2017, the new essence trend edition “& the lovely little things” tells enchanting stories about those special little moments that make us happy. All beauties can complete these stories and decide how they unfold.

Preview: Essence - awesoMETALLICS LE

In August 2017, the new essence trend edition “awesoMETALLICS” provides nails with a mirror shine effect, holographic highlights for the complexion and bright metallic lips to create statement looks in the ultimate trend: metallic. Afterwards, the products will join the essence standard range.

Preview: CATRICE - Blessing Browns LE :)

Brown lips – this 90’s trend is back with a vengeance and is conquering the fashion scene. The Limited Edition Blessing Browns by CATRICE ensures statement lips with shades like warm caramel, red mahogany and plum brown.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Favourites - May & June!

Hey there! I haven't been updating my monthly favourites much, so I thought a blog post of such type is in order. Here's a selection of products I've been loving in the past two or three months. I've tried to test out some of the new products that landed in my mail along with the bunch I purchased myself. Check it out! ;)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Preview: Catrice - Soleil d’été LE

A combination of flowing, metallic fabrics and the bronzing make-up trend is dominating the
Spring/Summer Collections on the catwalks this season. The Limited Edition soleil d’été by
CATRICE will be available from mid of July until mid of September 2017.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Preview: Essence - Cubanita LE :)

Come to Cuba! With the new trend edition “cubanita”, essence is travelling to the country of rhythmic dances and colourful Cadillacs to spread Caribbean flair with summery colours and tropical packaging designs from July until August 2017.

Monday, June 12, 2017

NEW IN May :)

Hello lovelies! Almost summer here! Great for all of you heat lovers, not so much for me. I am not that great with the sun and heat and sun bathing. Though I have a bunch of new products that are perfect for the summer time - sun screens, straw hats, towels and so on. I kept makeup purchases to minimum, but I splurged on some skin care! Check out my newbies!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Preview: Catrice - Travelight Story LE

Cruise Collections by renowned designers combine maritime elements with the trends of the 50s. With the Limited Edition Travelight Story by CATRICE, which will be available in July 2017, travel-sized products are sure to awaken a longing for a carefree holiday atmosphere and a desire to explore the world.

Review: Eucerin - AQUAporin Active

Hello! Skincare has been my priority in the last couple of months and I tried to use up quite a lot of products. One of them was Eucerin AQUAporin Active facial cream for normal to mixed skin type. I have tried and tested this one last year actually, but it never got to be on my blog. Since it was one of the best hydrating facial creams I have tried so far I thought it would be appropriate to give it a full blog post and a more detailed review!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Essence - Next Stop Summer LE

Hello! Summer is coming over super fast and Essence always has the funkiest limited editions for this season! This years Next Stop Summer LE includes a couple of bright and vibrant products and I have tried two of their lip products - colour changing lipstick. Check out my thoughts and musings about the duo!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Preview: Essence - I Want Candy LE

Candy kind of day! From mid June to mid July 2017, essence is collaborating with Chupa
Chups® to create a lollipop frenzy with the trend edition “I want candy”, which contains
super-cute beauty pieces that have the irresistible fragrance of the bestselling Chupa Chups®.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Preview: Essence - Hip girls wear blue jeans LE :)

Jeans are always a good idea! From June until July 2017, the new trend edition
“hip girls wear blue jeans” unites the absolute all-time trends: bronzing and jeans.

NEW IN March & April

Hello! A massive new in blog post is waiting for you! Springtime was super fast this year, I was working some more than usual and I also started a new blog - Sapphire's Lair, so I was kinda absent here on this one and missed posting regularly. Here are all my new in products that I bought or received in the past two months! I added short descriptions, futile attempts at keeping this blog post readable ! :P

Thursday, May 11, 2017

UPDATE - Current cleansing skincare routine!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog and a fresh new blog post! I have not posted much about my skincare routine in a long time, so I thought I really should update a bit. My current skincare routine includes a couple of products I am trying out for the first time and also a couple that I want to use up and have been already mentioned on the blog. To keep this post a bit shorter I am only talking about products I use for cleansing my face. Here's what I use on my every day basis!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Preview: Catrice - ProvoCATRICE LE :)

The fusion of lingerie and streetwear that can currently be seen on the international catwalks provided the inspiration for the Limited Edition ProvoCATRICE. Available from May until July 2017.

Preview: Essence - Next Stop Summer LE :)

Vacation mode on! In May and June 2017, the new essence trend edition “next stop: summer” awakens the urge to travel and offers beauty must-haves for all holiday girls.

EMPTIES - Hair products!

Hello! I have gathered such a huge pile of empty products in the last half a year that I finally gave up and got to photograph everything! I realised that the pile is even bigger than I initially thought so I have divided it into three parts and three separate blog posts! Here is first part - hair care products I have used up and a bit of a short review for each of these. The  other two blog posts will include skincare products and facial skincare with makeup bits. Those two blog posts will be even longer, so get ready for picture heavy super long posts! Check out if any of my used up products are also your favourites!

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Hello! It's the end of March, so perfect timing for some February favourites! I am super late as usual! There were a couple of products that I really liked using in the previous month and I am kind of thinking that I won't be making March favourites at all, as I keep using the same products all the time. So let's see what impressed me the most in the previous month!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Drugstore treats: DM brand - Trend It Up

Hello! I wanted to talk about a couple of Trend It Up products I have been using in the past couple of months. I have tried out three products so far - a nail polish, a lipstick and one eyeliner. There has been so many exciting comments and chatter since Trend It Up started out in Slovenia back in September 2016,  that I had to finally add my five cents to it. Check out are my impressions!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Preview: Essence - Live.Laugh.Celebrate! LE


Join us in celebrating our sweet 15th birthday! From April until June 2017, the new trend edition “live.laugh.celebrate!” is celebrating the love of life that essence has been spreading for 15 years and invites all beauty fans to a huge birthdayparty.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Review: Mirati - Face wash

Hello! I love trying out new face washes and skincare products, especially gels, cleansers and toners. Mostly because I always use them up and nothing ever goes to waste. I am finally  posting about a face wash I tested last summer - Mirati Face Wash! Mirati is a Slovenian brand that I have never met before trying this product. So here are my thoughts on the product, check to see if I liked it!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

NEW IN - February 2017

Hello! Another month, another bunch of goodies! I must admit I feel like we skipped past two months and went just straight from December to March! I've been to the drugstores some more in February as I was finally not feeling ill and actually need to go purchase a couple of products. So here's my selection of beauty new in's!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Preview: Essence - Life is a festival LE

Vibrant beats, happy smiles and endless freedom: from April until May 2017the new essence trend edition “life is a festival” is spreading the impulsive flair of an unforgettable visit to a festival.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Oriflame - ECLAT Mademoiselle & Eclat Lui

Pozdravljeni! Ste že v pomladnem duhu? Začetek leta in premik iz zimske sezone v toplejše dni tudi pri nas povzroči premik - iščemo nove ideje, nove zagone in se prebujamo iz zimskega spanca. Del sprememb je pri meni zagotovo tudi izbira parfuma. Tokrat sem imela priložnost preizkusiti novost pri Oriflame - Eclat Mademoiselle! Istočasno je prišla ven tudi nova moška dišava - Eclat Lui! ;)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad - Smoky Plum, Mocha Latte, Au Naturale, Pulsate

Hello! As the title already suggests - this will be  a post about one of my favourite makeup brands and their colour quad eyeshadow palettes! I have been loving these in the previous year and I keep wearing them almost daily! They have been around for many years, so they are not new on the market (some shades have been relased last year), but they are really good and they are also pretty low budget!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Preview: Catrice - Marine Hoermanseder LE :)

The French-Austrian fashion designer Marina Hoermanseder started her career with several internships, including one with design icon Alexander McQueen. In the year 2013, she established a fashion label bearing her own name. Meanwhile, she is known in Europe, the USA and Russia, and is currently conquering Japan with her avant garde style. Three-dimensional butterflies adorn the highlights of the Spring/Summer Collection 2017. The colours of the hand-formed patent leather pieces whisk us away to the French Riviera. This is already the second time that the successful designer is collaborating with CATRICE. The resulting collection is unmistakably inspired by her Spring/Summer Collection and her trademark - the belt buckle. The Limited Edition will be available from March until April 2017.

FAVOURITES - January 2017!

Last minute blog post, just before February ends - products I have loved, used a lot and would recommend! This is a collection of everything I liked in the past three months - November, December and January! A selection of best of's - cleansing products, skincare, body care, makeup and fragrance wise!

Review: Adria Spa - BioBalm - Coconut body butter

Hello and welcome back! New skincare review, a little something I have been using during these cold months - Adria Spa BioBalm coconut body butter! Yes, you read that right - another coconut scented product! Very summery scent for cold, winter months, but still perfect for me, coconut obsessed nutty! :P Check out my thoughts on the product!

Dobrodelna pustna karavana lepotnih blogerk!

Pozdravljeni! Bliža se pust in pustno rajanje, marsikje se bo pustno dogajanje začelo že jutri! Letos se prvič udeležujem dogodka z druge strani, ne kot pustna šema, ampak kot nekdo, ki bo pomagal drugim, da se pripravijo na pust! Skupaj s soblogerkami namreč organiziramo dobrodelno pustno karavano lepotnih blogerk! Več o njej pa v nadaljevanju!

Preview: Essence - Little Beauty Angels LE

The new essence trend edition “little beauty angels colour correcting” is on a heavenly mission from mid March to mid April 2017. The products help balance out small skin flaws with contrasting colours to ensure a flawless, radiant complexion. Pink gives tired skin a wide-awake look, green neutralizes redness and beige corrects skin irregularities.

Friday, February 17, 2017

NEW IN - January 2017 :)

Hello! Yes, I am finally back with a new blog post. Some of you commented that you missed my NEW IN blog posts. I was short on time and I was sick a lot in January so I never got around to posting separately all the new products. Therefore, be reaady, this is a very long post, picture heavy and includes new products from the last three months! So I will start with November, than comes December and finally all new products from January! I have created photos for each blog post separately so you will be able to follow which month it is just by looking at the different backgrounds. :P Anyway, I hope you won't mind the long post, I really want to have everything up on my blog, so it's easier for me as well to check on the products and see what I have tested already and what not, how long ago and such. So let's get started!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Preview: Catrice - Pulse of Purism LE :)

Subtle Elegance. Pure sophistication as a statement. The Limited Edition “Pulse of Purism” by CATRICE unites subtlety with unobtrusive luxury in February and March 2017. The palette of colours combines greyish shades with cool blue and elegant mauve with a fresh hibiscus tone. The highlight of the edition is the Pure Radiance Glowrizer, which gives the complexion an elegant glow. Painted in the spring colours of 2017, the nails are given an edgy finish with the “Brushed MetalTop Coat or the golden Nail Stripes. Plain Clarity – by CATRICE.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – 2-Tone Lipstick

Rose Mallow. The two-tone lipstick with a shimmering centre offers soft colour-distribution with a glossy finish. Available in C01 Pure Hibiscocoon.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Brow Pomade Stick

Fixing Tool. The practical Brow Pomade Stick can be used to contour, fill or set the brows in place. Available in C01 Elegant PurisME.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Pure Metal Palette

Metallic Atmosphere. The palettes each contain three baked, powdery eyeshadows with a metallic effect. Champagne, silvery blue and copper on the one hand; white, taupe and bronze on the other. Available in C01 MEtal, Myself and I and C02 By All Means MetalEYES.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer

Springtime. The nail lacquers in three trend colours stand out for their longlasting, intensive coverage and perfect shine. Available in C01 Pure Blues, C02 PuREDfied Simplicity and C03 Pure Hibiscocoon.



Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Powder Blush

Best Of Coral. The blush with a silky powder texture emphasises the cheekbones in bright coral pink. For an especially fresh-looking complexion. Available in C01 Pure Hibiscocoon.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Pure Radiance Glowrizer

Glowing Perfection. Provides a subtle, radiant glow and evens out irregularities of the skin: the primer with light-reflecting gel-pearls. The dispenser gently crushes the pearls during the pumping process and turns them into an innovative, smooth texture. Available in C01 Natural Glow.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Nail Stripes

Delicately Designed. Nail Stripes, the trend accessory, bring an elegant and intricate design onto the nails. The golden foil is self-adhesive and can be applied on clear or colour nail polishes as well as directly on the natural nail. Available in C01 Simple Understatement.

“Pulse of Purism” by CATRICE will be available in stores in February and March 2017.

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Love, UniqaPoly

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Preview: Catrice - Ombre Two Tone lipstick :)

An exciting innovation is joining the CATRICE range at the beginning of 2017: the Ombré Two Tone Lipsticks effortlessly bring a cool colour gradient to your lips. From now on, the two tone lipsticks are available as a special highlight in the standard range.

Ultimate Dimension. The creamy and soft, colour-intense texture with argan oil effortlessly
brings the spectacular ombré trend to the lips. Two colours each, combined in a diamond
shape, create a gorgeous finish with a colour gradient.


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