Saturday, July 1, 2017

Favourites - May & June!

Hey there! I haven't been updating my monthly favourites much, so I thought a blog post of such type is in order. Here's a selection of products I've been loving in the past two or three months. I've tried to test out some of the new products that landed in my mail along with the bunch I purchased myself. Check it out! ;)

Showering  a lot, and I mean a lot, is a must in summer months and I'm always dawn for some fresh scented products. I am currently loving LUSH Refresher shower gelee, it's simply put amazing! The lemony scent is perfectly light and seems more like a lemonade then some fake sweetend scent. It doesn't foam much at all, but I like that it doesn't dry up my skin. I keep it in the fridge, making it cold and refreshing for hot days! To finish up with the more natural note I use Green&Beauty Cosmetica Naturale Deodorante woman floral scent*. This one is one of the rare deodorants that I seem to truly like, aside from Borotalco. It's a natural brand that has a very watery consistency. If I spray too much of it, it will run down my sides, so I need to be careful. I love that I can use it right after shaving and it doesn't make my skin sting or irritate it at all. The scent is gentle, floral and doesn0t have that fake smell to it. I am really impressed as I have been faithful to Borotalco for the last two years or so and now I see this one is really great too!

My hair have been super dry lately, so I added some more hydrating and nourishing care to my routine. The first product I am super amazed by is K pour Karite Absolu Nectar body&hair oil 49,3% Shea*. This is actually a universal product that I could use on my skin as well, but I tend to just use it as hair oil. The effect is super visible, my hair ends are soft, nourished and feel and look healthy. I use this after washing my hair and apply a couple of drops on wet hair. This oil also smells amazing, making it perfect for frequent use. Second product I have been testing out and really loving is NIVEA Hairmilk Leave-in conditioner spray. When I don't have much time for my hair, I just wash them and use this on top of it. The spray is fine enough that I never apply too much. It's a light mist that helps me hydrate my hair some more and it smells amazing as well. I have been using it a lot in the past two months and I barely used a third of the bottle, so it won't be used up too quickly as well.

Skincare has seen some changes in the last two months, but it seems it's no good yet. I still have some acne problems that i can't seem to get rid off. I have been testing out the second L'Oreal face mask -L'Oreal Pure Clay Exfo mask. It includes red algae and it's more of a mix between scrub and face mask. I like to use it once or twice a week  and to get it to clean up my pores better. I must say I'm impressed, my skin really loves these Pure Clay masks. I am sure I'll repurchase, my skin is super soft after use and the surface stays soft for longer as well. I think it actually helps me with keeping my pores unclogged a bit longer.

Catrice Glam & Doll Sculpt&Volume mascara*  waited for me to try it out for a couple of months. In the last two months I have been mostly using just this one! It separates my lashes really well, no clumping and no panda effect after as well. It has smaller brush, plastic wand and it allows me to reach even the smallest lashes. It doesn't create a super wow effect on me, as I have super short lashes, but it does give me decent volume and opens up my eyes. This is the first mascara from the Glam&Doll collection and I'm really surprised I haven't tried these before.

s.Oliver For Her EdT* is almost empty now and it makes me super sad! It was sitting in my bathroom for a couple of months, until this spring I really started to use it a lot. The scent is a perfect mix of flowery and powder like, not too fresh or too sweet and not a classic floral one either. The packaging is super cute as well and as it is a smaller bottle it's easy to take it with me as well. Lasting power is not that great, a couple of hours max, but everyone seems to compliment me when I wear this one. Seems to develop well on my skin and I'll probably go and repurchase it sometime.

If you love rose scented products than try this hand cream - laSaponaria Rosa & karite hand cream*. The packaging is super easy silver tin, but the cream is perfection. The texture is light but compact . It sinks into the skin in a flash and leaves no greasy residue, making it super office friendly or for when you work a lot with hands and need your cream to dry up fast. The scent is gentle and natural, but could be stronger. My skin loves this cream, the cuticles are visibly more hydrated and look healthier. 

In May I was kinda not much of a nail polish wearer. Though two were frequently popping up and I would love to wear them with just  about anything. AVON Mark Gel shine nail enamel So jelly* is the perfect cold pastel purple for me. It takes two coats to get it fully opaque, but it's a gorgeous shade. Been loving everything purple lately, so this was no exception. When I was not feeling purple vibes I went for L'Oreal nail polish 672 Gris Decadent. This dark grey nail polish is a perfect substitute for when I want to wear black one and looks very deep ashy grey shade. Again, I need two coats to cover up well, but it amazes me how  well this lasts! The lasting power with this one is actually better then with the So Jelly polish. From these L'Oreal polishes I usually get about three to four days of wear.

As I was working a lot or just kept at home, I wasn't wearing much make up in general. I didn't get to wear many lipsticks either, which is unusual for me. The three that I wore the most are KIKO Makeup Milano 3D Hydra lipgloss 27, Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet  12 Beau Brun and Lancome Matte Shaker 270 Beige Vintage. The Kiko lip gloss is simply put gorgeous. Shiny and out there, the lavender shade is pretty amazing to create contrast with my warm toned skin and I am feeling the shiny dazzling vibes. It's a non sticky formula that can be easily applied on top of a lipstick or just worn by itself. The glitter parts don't feel too big and don't rub between my lips. Bourjois has been one of my favourite lip brands for a long time now and we finally got some more shades of the Rouge edition Velvets. The shade Beau Brun is a perfect daily sort of nude, brownish shade with a pink undertone. I can really pair it up with any kind of look and it looks super flattering on warmer skin tone. The texture is as it is with any other Rouge Edition, creamy and the matte finish is on point. The last one is Lancome's latest version of Juicy Shaker, called Matte shaker. I couldn't resist not to purchase so i went for a shade that I can wear anytime. The Beige Vintage is a natural pink nude shade that is quite universally flattering. The texture is light and dries up matte, but not completely, or at least not on me. It feels comfortable to wear and lasts pretty well, even through coffee and some snacks. The price though is still the same as with Juicy Shakers, about 24 euros which is honestly a bit overpriced for such a product. I love it, but I don't think I'll invest in any more shades.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Lepe slike <3 Catrice Glam & Doll Sculpt&Volume maskara je meni tudi uper, da fajn volumen, pa lepo razčese trepalnice :)

  2. Ta Nivein balzam se sliši zanimivo. Jaz imam take izdelke še posebej rada za poletje, ko rabijo lasje malo več vlage. Catrice imam neko podobno maskaro še vedno med izdelki, ki čakajo za testiranje, tako da moram sprobat. Sliši se že po mojem okusu :).

    Bourjois novi odtenki so mi izredno všeč. Mi pa formula ni tako zelo, zato nisem vzela nobenega novega odtenka. Na žalost že imam ene, ki pa jih bolj malo uporabljam. Kiko lip gloss je pa itak razred zase :D.


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