Saturday, February 28, 2015

NEW in February :)

Hello! The last day of February... Time to show you my newbies. As you can imagine I didn't stick to no buy policy plus I got some really amazing things to test and you will get to see the reviews in the upcoming month or two. I think I might really have to go on a strict shopping diet, at least makeup wise... but there's Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Frambourjoise I wanted to buy for the last three months and some other stuff I also want to get and well.. I think I will have to make some priorities and a strict wishlist or I will again end up with such an enormous bunch of newbies. Not that I complain, I mean not really :P As you have guessed, there are many new goodies waiting to be tested and well, I will skip my usual list as there's just too many.

Let's start with some face products. Most of these are actually just awaiting their turn, as most of them haven't been opened yet. I bought this Oriflame Sweden Milk & Honey Gold cleansing milk last month, but I forgot to include it in my previous New In post. And as it's still a newbie, awaiting it's turn I thought it's ok to add it to this months list. Next is L'Oreal Paris Infalliable mattifying base, which I have only tested once or twice and it seemed ok, but now it's waiting it's turn, I need to finish up some stuff I already have. Than I have actually already done the Balea 7 days Energy treatment and honestly I can not say if I have noticed any difference at all or not, my skin feels and looks like the usual. From Kozmetika Afrodita I bought with 50% discount Clean Phase cleansing gel as I have just ran out of the Nivea one, but I will try to finish off the Nuxe one too, before opening this one. I have read many great comments about this one and I hope it will be good to my skin too. From Green Line, another slovenian brand, I bought ( also with 50% discount at DM store) a new toner, Almond refreshing tonic, as I am slowly finishing up the Kozmetika Afrodita one and I have never had any of theirs so let's hope it will be a good one. The last two items here are from L'Oreal Paris and one is it's new face oil Nutri Gold and the other Triple active anti-shine face cream. I have only tested their oil and it's good, scent is similar to the Alverde, as for a long term effect I am not sure, as I have been testing some other products this month and this one didn't get a turn.

My super package from FeelUnique! I finally had the courage to splurge a bit and bought Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray and eyeshadow primer potion. I got this voucher for my B-day and it would really be a waste not to buy something with it, so basically this is my late gift for my bday from me to me. :P Plus as there was of course a money limit from where the discount is valid I needed to get over a certain number and I got also Rimmel London Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder in Transparent. Why haven't I bought this sooner, this is really amazing stuff!

Some second hand shopping, I bought L'Occitane cleansing oil 5% shea and gentle toner enriched with shea from their new range, I have the small, travel size bottles, 30 ml, just to test and see what all the hype is about :P Plus alongside I also got this perfumed body milk with  The vert & bigarde (green tea and bitter orange), 50 ml. I haven't tested the face products yet, as I was testing out some other stuff for skincare and I didn't want to change too many factors to see if a specific product really made any change or not. As for the body milk it smells amazingly fresh and free and I really like it, I am kind of sick of the heavy sweet winter scents.

Next bunch is a mix of everything I bought during the past weeks. I got Nivea Creme peeling, that was on my wishlist and also on discounts at DM store. I have almost finished my Balea body peeling so this one will get it's turn soon. Than at the beginning of the month I got my hands on Essence Hidden Stories nail polish in shade 03 Mauve-llous Fairy. Nice light shade, but many were dissapointed as it was not very pigmented and needed more layers and even than wasn't as dark as in the bottle. I liked it anyway, maybe even more because I find it more gentle and subtle, therefore more suitable for every day use. Also bought a new concealer, not that I needed it, but I ran out of my beloved Bourjois Happy lights and I wanted something creamy, but cheaper. I got Catrice Camouflage cream in shade 010 Ivory and I am going throught the tiny little pot really fast. Plus a free tester of Melvita  Huile d'Argan repairing argan oil in a tiny cute bottle, 5 ml.

I couldn't stay away from Avon :P I got a new hair care product Advance Techniques Supreme Oils duo treatment spray for all hair types. I am almost done with my Gliss Kur Schwartkopf spray and I can't wait to start using this one. Plus I bought Ultra Colour Indulgance lipstick in shade Honey flower and with it I got some testers of shades Tea Rose, Creamy Melon and Pure Peony. Plus I bought Planet spa Sleep Serenity pillow mist. An interesting product, not my usual choice, but this seemed like something I would want to try. I have been on a hunt for a DM baby product, similar to this one that smelled like lavander and was also ment as a pillow mist, so well how could I resist? This product is scented with camomile and lavander. I have also received two perfume testers, Little Black Dress EdP and Fergie EdP.

Oh my lips! I had to.. I really did. There was no way I could not buy these gorgeous gems. :P I have ordered, with a bit of help from Nuša - Moonchild, my first ever Etude House lippie Color Lips-fit in shade #OR202 Wanna Fit Orange. Pretty and strong liquid lipstick that you don't even need much to get a strong statement lips, really loving this one! Than second hand, but new, another Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in shade 205 Snow Pink. A classic, everday shade, just to carry with me in my purse and use whenever I need a touch of a little something to pick me up. Two new Deborah lip glosses in shades 02 and 10 Strawberry Kiss. One of my favourite lip glosses and well they wre 1+1 so why not... Than my third Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in shade Nude-ist, a classy shade suitable for everday as well as special occasions and I'm in love... I want also to get shade Frambourjoise, it's a bit more spring like than the others I have. And another L'Occitane product, this time it's Cherry blossom lip balm, pretty good, but not much over the average lip balm. 

I won a giveaway! I got really lucky, again, and I have won this lovely prize at Parokeets last month. I got this lovely eyeshadow paletteby Deborah Secrets of the smokey eye in shade 01 Nude Rose. Plus a new nail polish Gel effect in shade 06 and a lip lacquer in shade 2, a lovely nude colour, Kajal pencil in shade 104. Bonus were two new fragrance testers, Just Cavalli - Just and Marc Jacobs - Daisy. It doesn't happen often that I get to win something but when it does I really get the stuff I like :P

Moving on to stuff I received to test and review. From Dvorec Trebnik, another slovenian brand, I received a mix of testers. and a lot of them. I can actually make a bit of a review since I mostly got at least three or more testers of a certain product. I got testers of Lavander body milk, Lavander shampoo for normal hair, hand cream gel Sea-buckthorn, shampoo for dry hair Sea-buckthorn. shower gel Marigold,  Marigold ointment, Argan ointment and a whole bottle of Jumpy Coconut shower gel.

From Melvita Slovenija I received  Apicosma Soothing cream sensitive skin moisturizer, so far so good, but a more detailed review will probably be sometime in March. This will be a part of their new range and it's not on sale yet, as I was told, this will be released 5th March.

From Babor Slovenija I received a new Skinovage advanced biogen anti-aging BB cream  with SPF 20 in shade 01 Light. I liked it so far, but I've just started testing it and we will yet see how well this actually works for me. I have also received a tester of their new face cream that will be released in March, it's their  ReVersive anti-aging cream. As I wasn't the one choosing the products I will be receiving I couldn't tell them I am a bit too young to use anti-age products, but I will give them a try anyway.

From Bocassy Slovenija I have received their  Serum and a tester of  their Light day cream. So far I liked the serum, the cream I have not tested yet. The serum is suitable for all skin types and it's supposed to be a firming and hydrating product with olive oil, vitamins A, E, d-panthenol and comfrey root extract. Hope this will work well for me :)

From Makeup Revolution Slovenija and Lič I have received some more goodies to test. I got the new Lip Lava liquid lipstick in shade Firestorm, perfect red shade and Iconic Pro 2 eyeshadow palette I find absolutely gorgeous! So far I am really liking the palette as it's got really lovely shades and offers matte as well as shimmer eyeshadows.

From Anaya Pametna kozmetika I have received two very good products. I have been already testing  their Dermasan face cream and Kristall face oil, both seem to work with my skin  really well and as I have been already testing these two for some time, the review is also almost done and will be posted soon. 

I also have a bit of new jewelry, a lovely set of black and silver, made from steel and onyx ( from Zlatarna Aura), I have received this as a gift from my parents for my graduation and also these lovely spring flowers. :)

And this last greeny is from my boyfriend, well for no reason, just because... ;)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ocena: Oriflame Bio Clinic tretma za akne pri odraslih

Pozdravljeni! Še ena Oriflame ocena, tokrat sem testirala Bio Clinic Adult Skin Anti-breakout day/night kremo za obraz. Že kar nekaj let se borim z mozolji in ti pač enostavno ne izginejo in se kar naprej pojavljajo. Ker nisem več najstnica se mi je zdelo, da bi morda ta izdelek bil bolj primeren za mojo kožo. Priznam, da nisem pričakovala veliko od izdelka, ker sem že nekako navajena, da nič ne učinkuje, oziroma nekaj naredim prav, imam lepo kožo kak teden in potem naslednjih 5 ali več spet ne... Z Oriflame Slovenija so bili tako prijazni, da so mi omogočili testiranje izdelka, primernega za nego odrasle kože nagnjene k aknam.

Kaj o izdelku pravijo pri Oriflame: Učinkovit dnevno/nočni tretma s higiensko pumpico. Vsebuje azijski vodni popnjak in salicilno kislino, ki čistita pore, odpravljata mozolje in zmanjšujeta vidnost brazgotinic, ki ostanejo po mozoljih. Nanesite zjutraj in zvečer na očiščen obraz, še posebej na problematične predele. Ni komedogeno - ustrezno za vsak tip kože. 

Embalaža in cena: Za 30 ml izdelka boste odšteli 39,90 evra po redni ceni, pogosto pa se zgodi da je izdelek v kakšni akciji. Izdelek pride zapakiran v beli škatlici, v kateri imate tudi dodatna navodila v slovenščini. Izdelek sam pride v rdeči steklenički z pumpico in plastičnim pokrovčkom. Sem zelo vesela, da ta izdelek pride na pumpico, ker je aplikacijo tako lažja ter prepreči se vnos umazanije v izdelek.


Tekstura, vonj, nanos: Izdelek je bele barve, tekstura pa je bolj podobna kakšnemu serumu, čeprav ni tekoča, je bolj gosta in trdna. Je lahka krema, ker se brez problemov nanese, razmaže in res zelo hitro vpije v kožo. Navadno nikoli ne dajem nobene kreme pod tekoči puder, vendar s to nisem imela takih problemov in sem lahko plastila tonik, kremo in potem še tekoči puder. Vonj je rahel, malo svež in malo cvetličen, vendar nevsiljiv.

Uporaba: Ne gre za močan izdelek, kot so navadno izdelki za nego aken s kislinami, vendar bolj za nego, ki počasi in z res redno uporabo pripomore k boljšemu stanju kože. Zato je izdelek mišljen, da ga boste nanašali na kožo dvakrat na dan, zjutraj in zvečer na očiščeno kožo. Sama sem sledila navodilom in ga nanašala točno tako, zjutraj in zvečer. Izdelek naj bi bil primeren za vse tipe kože. Sama imam masten tip kože z nečistočami in se mi je zdelo, da mi izdelek čisto ustreza, nobenih stranskih negativnih učinkov, nobenih negativnih reakcij na izdelek, koža se mi po uporabi ni bolj mastila/ali sušila.

Učinek: Na meni sem najprej opazila izboljšan izgled por, izboljšan ten ter manj rdečice po obrazu. Mislim, da mi je redna rutina skupaj z Braun krtačko za čiščenje obraza, Nivea gelom za čiščenje obraza, Kozmetiko Afrodito tonikom, micelarno ter kremo za obraz in uporabo Bio Clinic zelo pripomogla k temu, da so se stare brazgotine in še nezaceljene rane, ker si ves čas praskam nekaj na obrazu hitreje zacelile. Večinoma nisem čutila potrebe po tem, da bi nad Bio Clinic kremo nanesla še dodatno vlažilno kremo, ampak sem jo vseeno vsaj nekje 2x na teden, več pa ni bilo potrebe. Ker imam masten tip kože se mi zdi, da na splošno ne potrebujem toliko vlažilne nege, vendar jo vseeno poskušam ohranjati, tudi če testiram nov izdelek. Izdelke za čiščenje obraza nisem spreminjala in so ostali isti ves čas testiranja Bio Clinic. Kar se tiče dolgotrajnega učinka na preprečevanje nastanka novih mozoljev, moram reči da nisem opazila, da bi kaj pomagalo. Očitno je izvor mojih konstantno ponavljajočih se mozoljev nekje drugje in redna ter pravilna nega samo rešujeta že nastale probleme, vendar seveda z zaostankom. Zdi se mi tudi, da mi je izdelek toliko izboljšal ten, da se mi je na delih obraza celo malo posvetlilo, kot če bi uporabljala kak posvetljevalni eksfoliant. Koža je izdelek dobro prenašala, brez kakšni iritacij. Se mi je pa zgodilo, da me je včasih, ampak res samo parkrat koža hotela malo zapeči ko sem nanesla izdelek in mislim, da je bilo to zato ker sem bila pregroba pri čiščenju in sem si poškodovala kožo ( kar res ni problem če imaš na obrazu 7 razpraskanih mozoljev). Ob nastanku novih mozoljev sem opazila, da se mi hitreje sušijo kot prej, tako da to tudi pripisujem učinku Bio Clinic, saj je bil to edini novi produkt v rutini. Še vedno so bili tam cel teden ali več, ampak so hitreje izginili kot sicer, drugače mi eni in isti mozolji krasijo obraz po 3 do 5 tednov in nikakor ne izginejo, vmes se pa seveda še novi naredijo. 

Sklep: Ker je izdelek precej drag, vsaj za mojo denarnico, si ga sama najverjetneje ne bi nikoli privoščila. In ker se že toliko let borim proti mozoljem, sem že na splošno malo obupana in imam občutek da mi tako ali tako noben izdelek ne bo nikoli pomagal. 

Ta izdelek je dejansko pomagal, sicer ni bilo wow in oh in sploh photoshop učinka, vendar je pomagal. Pore izgledajo bolje, ten izgleda bolje, manj temnih lis od starih brazgotin je vidnih, manj rdečice je vidne, mozolji se mi hitreje sušijo, kot prej. Poleg tega je izdelek lepo zapakiran, enostaven za uporabo, lahek, lepo dišeč in se hitro vpija. 

Izdelek bi priporočala vsem, ki ste že v odrasli dobi pa vseeno imate mozolje in brazgotine ter rdečice od starih mozoljev ter bi v svoji dnevni negi potrebovali nekaj nežnega, nevsiljivega in hkrati delujočega. Brala sem tudi tuje ocene in tudi drugi  so potrdili, da je izdelek na njih deloval, vendar glede na njihove slike oni v osnovi niso imeli kože v tako slabem stanju kot jaz. Ker je izdelek vseeno izpolnil nekaj obljub, sem mnenja, da v kolikor ga imate možnost poskusiti vam ga priporočam in upam, da se bo na vas odrezal še bolje. Če nimate več veliko aktivnih mozoljev in sproti na novo nastajajočih se mozoljev ( mislim tako da se vam čez noč naredi ene 10 mozoljčkov), vendar bolj kakšnega občasnega, ki potem noče stran tedne in tedne ter lise in brazgotine od starih mozoljev bi moral ta izdelek na vas narediti točno to kar obljublja.

Sama sem zaenkrat še na lovu za kakšnim izdelkom, ki bo še hitreje sušil mozolje in upam da najdem tudi krivca za te nenehno ponavljajoče se kradljivce dobre volje. Pa seveda prste stran.. :P

Upam, da vam je ocena prišla prav, drugače pa poskusiti ni greh :) Najlepša hvala še enkrat Oriflame Slovenija za izdelek :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Na testu: Beauty Sweeties: Lepota še nikoli ni bila tako sladka :)

Pozdravljeni! Tokrat sledi malo drugačna objava, saj ne bom govorila o kakšnem izdelku ali kakšnemu lepotnemu dodatke ampak o bombonih in pralinah znamke Beauty Sweeties: Lepota še nikoli ni bila tako sladka.  

V test sem prejela nekaj različnih bombončkov, obstajajo pa sadni želatinasti srčki v okusih acai jagode- gozdni sadeži, granatno jabolko -malina ter mango -  breskev, poleg tega so na voljo še jogurtovi pralineji v okusih acai jagode - gozdni sadeži, granatno jabolko - malina ter mango - breskev in sadne zvezdice v okusih sladka melona, brusnica ter rdeča grenivka.

Gre za naravne bombone, ki vsebujejo koencim Q10, aloe vero, kalogen ter biotin. Na priloženem letaku ( ki sem ga pozabila slikat) so zapisali, da so ti bomboni popolni za vse, ki imajo radi naravne sestavine, živijo razgiban življenjski stil, skrbijo za dobro počutje in lepoto in seveda za vse, ki se radi sladkajo.

Poskusila sem jogurtove kremne pralineje v okusu mango - breskev ter granatno jabolko - malino. Pralineji so iz najmehkejše bele čokolade h kateri se umešajo koščki sadja in sadna jogurtova krema. Oba okusa sta mi bila všeč, oba sta precej sladka, ampak ne preveč. Mango - breskev deluje malo bolj sladkasto, medtem ko granatno jabolko - malina bolj sveže. Všeč mi je kako se stopijo v ustih, bele čokolade pa se ne čuti preveč in ne prekriva okusa in vonja po sadnju.

Nato sem poskusila še sadne želatinaste srčke v okusu acai jagode - gozdni sadeži ter granatno jabolko - malina. Sadni želatinasti srčki so izdelani ročno, po tradicionalnem receptu. Vsebujejo 20 % zgoščenega sadnega soka, 6% sadnih delčkov, koencim Q10, aloe vero in kalogen na mehki jogurtovi kremi. Acai jagode - gozdni sadeži so precej nežnega okusa po rdečih sadećih, vendar je težko reči na kateri sadež me najbolj spominja. So sladki, mehki in se tale podlaga jogurtova krema celo bolj čuti kot sama sadna želatina. Granatno jabolko - malina je veliko bolj izrazit in ima močnejši ter svež, rahlo kiselkast okus. 

Če povzamem mojo izkušnjo s temi bombončki - so zelo všečni, naj bi bili zdravi, vsebujejo sestavine, ki naj bi pozitivno vplivale na telo. Če ste bolj sladkosnedi potem priporočam, da poskusite jogurtove kremne praline, če pa bi raje nekaj bolj nežnega ampak vseeno sladkega, bo morda boljša izbira želatinasti srčki. Ker imam na splošno raje želatinaste bombone sem pri njih tudi bolj izbirčna in bom vedno zagovarjala, da ga ni čez Haribo medvedke oz. coca-colo oz gliste... pa žabe in jagode. Ti so me prijetno presenetili, ker so res ravno prav okusni in ravno prav sladki. Kremnih jogurtovih pralinejev in podobnih izdelkov navadno ne kupujem in ne jem, vendar so mi bili ti všeč. Izmed dveh okusov, ki sem jih prejela v test so mi bili najbolj več ti bolj sveži, z granatnim jabolkom in malino. V bistvu tudi pri želatinastih srčkih ta okus nekako prevlada in mi je bolj všeč. In še povezava do uradne strani :) Poslikala sem še sestavine ter ostalo deklaracijo, da si lahko vnaprej ogledate in presodite ali bi bili bomboni ustrezni za vas ( sploh, če imate kakšne alergije in podobno).

Upam, da vam je ocena pomagala:)

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, February 23, 2015

Disappointing products #4: Revlon Powder Blush in 050 Berry Rich

Hello! Time to talk about another product that dissapointed me. I bought this Revlon Powder Blush in shade 050 Berry Rich some time ago and it's been collecting dust for a couple of months now. And as I was about to clean up and organize my stash I have decided it's past time to talk about this one and why I didn't like it.

I wanted a twist on my regular pink blush or coral brush and well, this looked promising. The packaging is plastic and simple, you get 5,1g of product inside with a little brush to apply the product with. Also on top you get a tiny mirror, so it's useful for those of you who like to take your blushes with you during the day. All in all first impression seemed pretty promising.

I bought mine at local online shop Click2chic but and there are new shades and new packaging. I think mine was about 5 euros on sales, but regular price is 10,85 euros which I find really expensive for a product that doesn't deliver.

The problem with this one is it's lack of pigmentation. The colour simply doesn't show up when applied, At best I get a light rosy glow and that's it. I tried applying this one with the added brush, with fingers and also with my other blush brushes and it's always the same, it just simply doesn't get to be as full coloured as in the pan. If you are looking for a very subtle blush this might be it, but well why would you want to apply blush at all if the colour doesn't show up as it should, if there's not enough pigmentation and well also lasting power isn't good. When I apply this, if I even manage to get some colour on my cheeks, this tends to dissaper off my skin after two hours.

Even the swatches were hard to make as this simply didn't want to get off. So really dissapointed by this blush, I hoped it would work better for me but it didn't. I am happy thou I didn't pay the whole price for a product that doesn't really do much.

Hope this was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Na testu: Farmona Slovenija - lasje, telo & stopala :)

Pozdravljeni! Danes vam predstavljam kratke opise in ocene izdelkov Farmona Slovenija. Gre za poljsko znamko kozmetike, ki ima v svoji ponudbi predvsem izdelke za nego telesa, rok, nog in las. Sama sem od njih prejela v test nekaj testerjev različnih izdelkov. 

Vsak od testerjev je imel na hrbtni strani nalepkico z opisi in navodili za uporabo in sem seveda jih večino tako zdrgnila, da se jih sedaj ko pišem oceno ne da več prebrati, tako da si bom za opise kaj sama znamka trdi o izdelku pomagala kar z njihovo spletno stranjo.

Najprej izdelki za nego las. Testirala sem Radical Med šampon proti izpadanju las, ki obljublja da opazno preprečuje izpadanje las, stimulira njihovo rast in zagotavlja lasnim koreninam vsa potrebna hranila za zdravo rast in razvoj. Cena za 300 ml šampona je 12,50 evra.

Sestavine: Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA, Propylene Glycol, Equisetum Arvense, Herb Extract, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Sodium Chloride, Butelyne Glycol, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated castor Oil, Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid, Biotinyl Tripeptide-1, Panthenol, Inulin, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Ceratonia Siliqua Seed Extract, Zea Mays Statch, Polyquaternium-7, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Silicone Quaternium-22, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate, Dipropylene Glycol, PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Citric Acid, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, DMDM-Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamal. 
Sama sem testirala le en tester, tako da efekta ne morem potrditi. Opazila sem, da ima šampon nežen naraven vonj, zelo nevsiljiv, se ne peni kaj veliko, tako da morda boste imeli občutek da ga niste dali dovolj, vendar je dovolj že taka majhna količina za eno umivanje las.
Naslednji šampon je bil Radical Med šampon za krepitev oslabljenih las, ki obljublja da lasem povrne zaščitno plast in je še posebej primeren za vse s posebnimi obolenji ali sistematičnimi zdravljenji, ki lahko vplivajo na kakovost las - na primer po ali med kemoterapijo. Za 300 ml šampona boste odšteli 12,50 evra.
Sestavine: Aqua (Water), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, PEG-18 Glyceryl Oleate /  Cocoate, Polyquaternium-7, Lactic Acid, Coco Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Lauryldimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Lauryldimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Ceratonia Siliqua (Carob) Seed Extract, Zea Mays Starch, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Styrene / Acrylates Copolymer, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Disodium EDTA, Parfum, Hexyl Cinaamal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional
Poskusila sem en testerček tega šampona, tudi ta ima nežen nevsiljiv vonj in se zelo malo peni. Lasje so bili po uporabi mehki in lasišče se mi ni nič bolj mastilo kot sicer, tako da lahko rečem da bi bil lahko primeren tudi za mastno lasišče. Seveda imejte v mislih, da opisujem izkušnjo z le enim testerjem in da bi ob redni uporabi morda ta bila drugačna.
Tretji šampon pa je Radical Med hipoalergeni šampon za občutljivo lasišče, ki obljublja, da ne vsebuje soli, dišav in sulfatov, zato je primeren tudi za najbolj občutljivo lasišče. Cena za izdelek je ista kot pri prvih dveh, za stekleničko 300 ml boste dali 12,50e.
Sestavine: Aqua (Water), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Urea, PEG-18 Glyceryl Oleate/Cocoate, Coco Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Polyquaternium-7, Lactic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Silk, Allantoin, Polysorbate 20, PEG-20 Glyceryl Laurate, Tocopherol, Linoleic Acid, Retinyl Palmitate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Disodium EDTA.
Zopet šampon z nežnim vonjem, ki pa se mi je zdel premalo učinkovit v smislu čiščenja. Imam mastno lasišče in tole za moje potrebe ni dovolj očistilo, kar sem v bistvu nekako pričakovala, saj če je nežen izdelek je verjetno bolj primeren za tiste z suhim lasiščem ali občutljivim lasiščem, ki potrebujejo bolj previdno in nežno nego.

Iz kolekcije Bamboo & Oils sem v test prejela Hair Genic Bamboo & Oils šampon za krepitev las ter masko za lase. Šampon obljublja nego za suhe in poškodovane lase, jih krepi in globinsko regenerira. Za 300 ml šampona boste odšteli 12,50 evra.

SestavineAqua (Water), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA, PEG-7, Glyceryl Cocoate, Parfum (fragrance), Hydrolyzed Keratine, Propylene Glycol, Bambusa Arundinacea (Bamboo) Leaf Extract, PEG-18 Glyceryl Oleate / Cocate, Silicone Quaternium-22, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate, Dipropylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Cetrimonium Chloride, Polyquaternium-10, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil,Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Chloride, Disodium EDTA, Lactic Acid, CI 19140, CI 42090.

Maska za lase z izvlečki bambusa kompleksom rastlinskih olj in hidrokeratinom obljublja močne in čudovite lase. Za 300 ml izdelka boste odšteli 13,50 evra.

Sestavine: Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride, Glycerin, PPG-3 Benzyl Ether Myristate, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Propylene Glycol, Bambusa Arundinacea (Bamboo) Leaf Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Milk Lipids, Ceramide 3, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Lauryldimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Inulin, Parfum (fragrance), Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol, Disodium EDTA, Lactic Acid.

Izmed izdelkov za lase sem bila s tema dvema najbolj zadovoljna, pa čeprav ne ustrezata najbolje mojiim mastnim lasem in lasišču. Šampon in maska imata nežen, svež vonj in šampon se malo bolj speni kot Radical Med šamponi, tudi maska se mi zdi kar dobro hranilna.

In še izdelki za telo. Testirala sem  Sweet Secret Chocolate maslo za telo,  gre za čokoladno maslo za telo s pridihom pistacije. Za lonček 225 ml izdelka boste odšteli 12,76e. V bistvu je bil tester tega izdelka tudi moj najljubši izdelek izmed vseh, ker res super dobro diši in poleg tega se še lepo vpije v kožo. Uporabila sem izdelek na nogah, ker imam tam res najbolj suho kožo na telesu in se mi je zdelo, da bo najbolje, da ga poskusim kar tam. Maslo ima svetlo rjavo barvo, vendar ko sem ga razmazala po koži, se ga ne vidi več in postane prosojen. Vonj se malenkost spremeni sčasoma na koži in ostane le še tak bolj sladkast, vendar dejansko ostane na koži precej časa, na meni sem ga vonjala še naslednje jutro. 

Sestavine: Aqua, Butyrospermum parkii, Isopropyl myristate, Glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Cyclomethicone, Cera alba, Parfum, Propylene glycol, Theobroma cacao extract, Glyceryl stearate, Cetyl alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Pistachia vera seed extract, Acrylates /c10-c30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, Disodium edta, Sodium hydroxide, BHA, Benzyl benzoate, Limonene, Benzyl alcohol, CI 19140, CI 14720, CI 42090.

Drugi tester je tudi maslo za telo, Let's Celebrate Pinacolada maslo za telo, ki res diši ravno prav po ananasu in ravno prav po kokosu. Maslo je bele barve, vendar postane ob nanosu prosojno in se lepo razmaže. Po teksturi sta se mi zdela oba masla za telo zelo podobna.  Tudi ta je ohranil vonj na koži še dolgo po nanosu. Izdelek prejmete v lončku 200 ml za trenutno akcijsko ceno 11,48 evra.

Sestavine: Kokosovo olje: odlično navlaži, nahrani in zmehča tudi najbolj suho kožo!

Tretji tester je bila krema za stopala, Podologic Med zaščitna krema za noge, ki jo prejmete v 100 ml tubici za 12,50 evra. Gre za svežo kremo za stopala, z rahlim vonjem po mentolu. Všeč mi je da tekstura ni preveč gosta in se krema vpije v stopala hitro. Plus je seveda da deluje protiglivično, ščiti pred pokanjem suhe kože na nogah, preprečuje prekomerno potenje, zmanjša neprijetne vonjave.

Sestavine: /

Zadnja dva izdelka, ki ju bom danes predstavila sta Nivelazione SLIM termoaktivna krema proti celulitu HOT ter Nivelazione Slim hladilna krema proti celulitu Cold. Izdelka sem sicer poskusila, vendar že dolgo več ne verjamem v to, da bi katerakoli krema lahko učinkovala proti celulitu. Obe kremi prejmete v 200 ml tubicah za 15,50 evrov. Verjamem da marsikdo čuti tale hladilno/grelni učinek, vendar na meni nisem nič čutila dokler ni bila krema že nanešena več kot pol ure. Šele potem sem čutila, da me ena noga greje in druga hladi, vendar to le po delih noge, ne recimo čez celo stegno. Kremi sta obe zelo gosti in potrebujeta malenkost več časa, da se dobro vpijeta, kar seveda je čisto ok, saj je namen da si kreme ne le nanesete vendar tudi malo zmasirate problematične predele. O učinku tako ali tako ne morem poročati, saj sem vsake kreme poskusila le po en tester. 

Sestavine HOT: 
  • Hot Therapy System nežno in postopno dvigne temepraturo in se segreje, tako pa se znatno izboljša mikrocirkulacija kože in obtok krvi v podkožju, zato aktivne učinkovine hitreje in bolj zanesljivo prodrejo na mesta, kjer jih resnično potrebujemo. Termoaktivni sistem pomaga odstranjevati nakopičene toksine, ki nastanejo ob telesnih prebavnih funkcijah, zato pa je znatno manjši tudi videz pomarančne kože na prizadetih mestih. 
  • Actiporine 8G je inovacija na področju boja proti celulitu saj spektakularno odkritje snovi  Aquaporyn 8 AQP8 zagotavlja učinkovito odstranjevanje celulita z močnejšim razbijanjem maščobnih celic (lipoliza) in sintezo kolagena, zato je koža po redni uporabi občutno bolj čvrsta. Ta ista sestavina pa pomaga preprečevati nastajanje novega celulita, zavira sintezo maščobnih celic in shranjevanje ter kopičenje le teh v telesu. 
  • Liporeductyl je prav tako sestavina nove generacije, zasnovana pa je na osnovi sinergičnih učinkov tripeptida GHK z mešanico visokokoncentriranih proticelulitnih učinkovin (kofeina, karnitina, bršljana in escina). Liporeductyl poveča prodornost aktivnih učinkovin v globlje plasti kože, zato pride do odličnega kurjenja maščob, znatno se izboljšata mikrocirkulacija in prožnost kože, hkrati pa se s tem preprečuje nastajanje novega celulita.
  • SeaSlim kompleks je bogat z izvlečki alg in planktona iz Atlantika, potrjeno pa izboljša splošno stanje in izgled kože, pomaga izločati nakopičeno vodo ter toksine v telesu, pomaga izgubljati obseg, učvrsti in tonira kožo ter se pomaga boriti proti trdovratnemu celulitu ter preprečuje njegov ponovni pojav.
  • Kapsule z aktivnim vitaminom E zagotavljajo optimalno in izredno učinkovito delovanje vitamina E, ki pomaga pri procesu lipolize v podkožju (razbijanja maščobnih celic), hkrati pa je zaradi vitamina E koža odlično navlažena in zglajena, procesi staranja pa počasnejši.
Sestavine COLD: 
  • Cold Therapy System zagotavlja odlično hlajenje, zato se na koži kaj hitro izboljša mikrocirkulacija in pretok krvi, tako pa lahko sestavine učinkoviteje in hitreje prodrejo na mesta, kjer jih za delovanje proti celulitu potrebujemo - v podkožje. 
  • Actiporine 8G je inovacija na področju boja proti celulitu saj spektakularno odkritje snovi  Aquaporyn 8 AQP8 zagotavlja učinkovito odstranjevanje celulita z močnejšim razbijanjem maščobnih celic (lipoliza) in sintezo kolagena, zato je koža po redni uporabi občutno bolj čvrsta. Ta ista sestavina pa pomaga preprečevati nastajanje novega celulita, zavira sintezo maščobnih celic in shranjevanje ter kopičenje le teh v telesu. 
  • Liporeductyl je prav tako sestavina nove generacije, zasnovana pa je na osnovi sinergičnih učinkov tripeptida GHK z mešanico visokokoncentriranih proticelulitnih učinkovin (kofeina, karnitina, bršljana in escina). Liporeductyl poveča prodornost aktivnih učinkovin v globlje plasti kože, zato pride do odličnega kurjenja maščob, znatno se izboljšata mikrocirkulacija in prožnost kože, hkrati pa se s tem preprečuje nastajanje novega celulita.
  • SeaSlim kompleks je bogat z izvlečki alg in planktona iz Atlantika, potrjeno pa izboljša splošno stanje in izgled kože, pomaga izločati nakopičeno vodo ter toksine v telesu, pomaga izgubljati obseg, učvrsti in tonira kožo ter se pomaga boriti proti trdovratnemu celulitu ter preprečuje njegov ponovni pojav.
Če povzamem sta me najbolj navdušila oba masla za telo, ker sta res hranilna in seveda zelo dobro dišita. Všeč mi je bila tudi tale kolekcija Bamboo & Oils, predvsem zaradi prijetenega vonja in pa krema za stopala mi je delovala zelo obetavno. Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč, vsak izdelek sem povezala nazaj do uradne slovenske strani Farmona in si več informacij lahko preberete še tam. :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Jewelry :)

Hello! Finally a review that was long due and I just didn't have enough time to post it sooner. I was sent these goodies you see on the photos from Born Pretty store and I have received them some time ago but now I felt like it's time to do a jewelry post :P The online store also offers nail art stuff, makeup, watches, jewelry, accessories, clothing, hair stuff and lots of other goodies. I got to cooperate with them and their jewelry and they really have a huge selection of it and anyone can find something that would suit their style. 

I was able to choose these three items you see on the photos, a bracelet, an earring and some hair decoration. The first one is this shiny, glittery hair decor called Rhinestone Studded Hair Clip (click on the name and it will open the page where the product is available). It's very easy to use, you just clip it on your hair wherever you like. I kinda hoped it will be long enough to go under my bun, but it's a tiny bit too short, so I got used to wearing it like it's suggested on the page, on the side. The clip is a bit hard to open and glide between your hair as it's really strong, but it holds in place and doesn't move much, which is what we want once we have our hair done :P As for the price of the product I would say it's pretty reasonable, or some would say it's very cheap and that anyone can afford it. Depends on how well off you are, but in general the prices are really budget friendly and anyone can find something on the site that they could afford. For this particular piece the price is 4,30 USD or about 3,70 euros. I think this is a very good price :)

The second piece is this amazing little dragon earring. I've been wanting to get one for some time now and I had a chance to choose whatever I wanted from the store so of course I had to get this one! This is really, I mean really affordable piece, it's only 1,99 USD or about 1,72 euros and I don't think you can get anything for this price anywhere. I was a bit worried it will be heavy and won't feel good on my ear but it's just fine, it's light enough not to bother me at all, it doesn't move much at all. Well, it does a bit as some other dragon earrings will have a system to clip it on, like a clamp or a buckle down at the bottom of the dragon tail or also at the top of your ear. This one only has one clip and you actually need to squezze it tight to your ear or the earring will fall off. This may not be best but so far I had no problems with keeping the dragon up. I did however have problems with my hair. I don't know how others do it but I swear my hair kept getting stuck and tanglet with the earring so for me the easiest way to wear this is when I wear my hair tied up and really as far away from the earring as possible. Anyway this one looks badass and that's all that matters :P

And the last item I got to choose was this amazingly gorgeous gothic like bracelet! Again another item that I kinda wanted for some time and really fits best with my usual style or better that fits everything I usually wear when going out. I really like the details and the added touch of the linked ring, looks a bit arabic, doesn't it? Well what matters is that it's light and easy to wear, I had no troubles with getting it tangled with my clothes and it looks very chic. The only thing that did bother me is that when I first received this it had the clip system on the other side and it was linked all wrong. As I have tools for working with jewelry I was able to fix this myself and wear the bracelet but this was a bit of a turn down, someone clearly didn't check if a customer will be able to clip the bracelet or not. Also if you click on the link you will see another detail missing, the middle stone under the large big one, that one broke off the first time I wore it. I do have the stone at home but I was unable to fix it yet as I need to buy the little linking circuit in the matching shade to the bracelet and I only have the silver and golden ones at home. It's nothing major but I thought best to be honest and well also tell you what can sometimes happen with the items. As all these were minor troubles I was able to fix myself I am still very satisfied with the bracelet! Plus the price for this one is 3,82 USD or 3,31 euros.

 To sum up the quality of these items is pretty good, especially considering the prices. Even thou I had some minor problems with the bracelet I still think that as the problems were solvable at home and by myself this would still be a good buy. Thou I do believe some people would get annoyed and put off by this, I also think that sometimes these things happen and as long as you can fix them there's really no reason to get in a bad mood. Not to forget, the store ships worldwide and for free. Shipping time for my package was a lot shorter than expected, I have received mine in less than 3 weeks, even thou the estimated time of delivery was 4 to 5 weeks. 

Also, all my readers have a 10% coupon code POOT10 :)

Hope this review was helpful to you! :)

Love, UniqaPoly