Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: Bourjois - Color Boost Lip Crayons

Hello everyone! Time to write about three lippies I really love/loved and still haven't posted about. These were really hyped up last year, and well the year before, and I also had to buy them, well, more than one. I got these Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipsticks in shades 05 Red island, 06 Plum Russian and 03 Orange Punch. I think these were the first ones I have tried from this type of lip products, before I usually used regular lipsticks/lipsglosses. 

Packaging fot these is very simply looking, they come in a tube in a similar colour as the product inside. To get the product out you simply need to twist at the silver end. Also, I believe you get a fair amount of product, it may not sound much, just 2,75grams, but if you get it with discount these are pretty much worth the money. I think in Slovenia these cost about 11 euros each, I am not sure. Once opened they should last you at least 18 months, unless you use them up first. And most importantly for those of you who like to take your lip products with you during the day - I find these lids very secure and they have never come loose before, which is great!

As for shades, let's start with the lightest one, Orange Punch. It's basically an orange tint that kinda transforms as a coral on your lips when applied. On me it mostly looks more reddish, but it depends if I just rubbed my lips well or not. If you are not into orange shades, don't be alarmed, this one is very gentle and everday like and suitable for those of you who would like to wear such shades but don't want to over do it or be too bold. Red Island is a beautiful bright red and I find it perfect for any occasion. As it's not a creamy heavy lipstick but a light lip crayon it doesn't look so heavy and well, you could be wearing this one for any special occasion, for Christmas, for a party, for work day... It's a really universal red. Plum Russian is probably one of the most popular shades, at leats according to my friends as they all seem to have bought this shade and even their moms/friends/cousins who don't really use much makeup love this product and the shade. It's a beautiful deep berry shade that can be worn in autumn/winter as well as in spring time. It's a very versatile shade to have as it suits so many skin tones and makeup looks. It can be used as a daytime colour or for an evening out. This one is also just like the other two shades, very light and not so much "in your face" but still pigmented enough to complete your look or just give you a pop of colour. 

These lip crayons are in between a lipstick/lipgloss and tinted lip balm. They have very soft formula, very smooth one, which gives a a lovely amount of colour and shine to your lips. They are not sticky at all, actually they really do feel like wearing a tinted lip balm. They do have a slight scent, which is really light and fruity and doesn't bother me at all. A bonus is also that they have SPF 15, which is always good to know and use. Bourjois also promises that these are waterproof and that they will last on your lips for 10 hours. On me this doesn't really work, but they are really good and the staying power is a lot better than of some tinted lip balm. They do stay on my lips for about 3 hours, max 4 hours, but never ten.  I also like to eat and drink and such, you know... :P

In general the colour payoff of these is good, with a glossy finish. They are moisturizing and easy to apply and use. You can carry them around with you and apply or do touchups even without a mirror and on the go, it helps a lot they are shaped like crayons as you can really just fill in the lips without any smears. As for the moisturizing part, I have read some comments saying these are good for winter time as they are so moisturizing... Well they are, but I wouldn't say perfect for winter, maybe any other time of the year but at least on me in winter time I need a better protection and these don't really help. They normally don't get into dry patches on your lips, but the Plum Russian really doesn't work with me if my lips aren't very well prepared, some time ago I had some serious issues getting my lips in a better shape and nothing helped, and well, these lip crayons looked awful on me.

To sum up - I like the shades, especially the Red Island one and Plum Russian. The Orange Punch is more suiable for spring/summer time, at leats on me.I like the finish, the glossy effect, I like how they feel on my lips, very gentle, I also like they don't have any specific strong scent. They glide on well and easily and they have enough pigmentation, but they will dissapoint you if you expect a classic lipstick in tube, because they are not! I wish they lasted longer on me, but I am good with average three hours. I would definitely purchase more shades, in fact I believe there is one coming out this spring! I would love to try shades 08 Sweet machiatto and 07 Proudly Naked. 

Red Island, Plum Russian, Orange Peach

Have you tried any of these ? Do you recommend me anything similar, maybe another shade?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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