Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: AVON - Hollywood Collection - Hollywood Siren lipstick

Hello! Today's quick review will be about a gorgeous lipstick I bought from AVON, it's from their limited edition Hollywood Collection and I must say I don't remember how long it was available because I only saw it once in the catalog. I am really glad I did decide to give this one a try as it's one of the best classics in my lip kit. I got mine in shade Hollywood Siren, a deep seductive red shade hat really impressed me.

If you have ever tested any AVON lipsticks than you already know they have great pigmentation, they are hydrating and very creamy. The same goes for this lipstick and thanks to these three factors the application of this product is easy and smooth. The formulation is not too sticky and glossy or too matte and dry. I also like the packaging of this one, as it's abit more glam and with a golden writting on top with words Hollywood collection. 

As for the shade goes I believe this is a very good classic shade that is a must have of any women, especially for fall/winter time. It goes well with pale skin as well with some more yellow toned and warm skin. The finish of this lipstick is not matte, but also not too shiny, which makes it polished looking but not cheap and also not too goth, I could say the finish is soft matte. It doesn't have any specific scent, not sweet not like creams and such...

I really love the fact that this is so well pigmented and and creamy, it feels really light on the lips, but you do need to be a bit carefull when applying as it's a strong colour and I would suggest wearing it with a matching lip liner. It doesn't bleed out or something like that, but if you smear it on your skin you will have some troubles getting it off and covering it up, as it's really well pigmented. It doesn't feel dragging on your lips and it doesn't tend to clung to your dry patches. One swipe over your lips is almost enough, I tend to to dab some more on at the center of my lips.

On me it lasted for about 3 to 4 hours, which I find pretty good, especially for a deep dark shade that really needs to look perfect all the time.. 

Before purchasing I did my usual research online and I saw this same lipstick on blondes with fair skin, on brunettes and also on blackhaired gals and they all looked stunning wearing this one. It may look better on those with more porcelain skin or more neutral skin undertone, but I think you could pull this off even if you have warm, yellow toned skin tone ( as I have and I think it looks amazing even on me). :)

The price for this one was 4,70 euros I think, which is a very reasonable price for a lipstick of this quality. This one really does feel like 1940's Hollywood glamour

Have you tried any AVON lipsticks? Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Replies
    1. hvala :) priporočam nakup, v koliko jo je še možno kje kupiti :)

  2. Zelo zelo lep odtenek:) Meni se zdaj zdijo super te nove Ultra Color Indulgence, ker so čudovito vlažilne. Mi je pa žal, da Avon več nima Perfect Kiss linije - to so bile moje najljubše šminke od Avona:).

    1. Hvala :) tele nove šminke si tudi jaz ogledujem, bom najverjetneje kupila kak odtenek. Imam pa še njihove Luxe šminke (zaenkrat 3 odtenke) in pa tiste z roza pokrovčkom, ki jih v trenutnem katalogu očitno ni več(?) in so mi res super, tehle Perfect kiss pa nisem nikoli poskusila.


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