Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review: Ebelin Pad for Peeling and Massage :)

Hello! I got this Ebelin pad some time ago, check here, and I am finally writting a review :) This is available only in DM stores, but I'm sure a similar product should be available in any drug store.The price is very user friendly, under 2 euros.

So where to start? I use this after washing my face with whatever I'm usuing that day, lately that has been Nubian Heritage, African Black Soap. Wash my face, than still wet and full of water I gently press and massage my face :) It really works well with my skin, also you can apply some  gel or soap or whatever you use as cleanser and than massage your skin. It feels good in general as well as it feels good on the skin, and especially after drying your face. :)

It's a plastic pad, only in pink colour, on one side you have a handle, on the other is the massage head. On the packaging this product claims to be from a plant source, also claims to be vegan. It is very flexible and very gentle to the skin. On the back of the packaging it says you will achieve your best results if you use it together with your cleanser.

 Also how to wash the pad:  use warm watter and gentle cleanser/shampoo, than dry well. Personally I do just that, maybe with a more hot than warm watter. That's more or less it :)

If you have very very sensitive skin, than be careful with this one, just in case, but I think this is soo gentle, you should not have any problems. Also I think I can recommend this to anyone really, anyone who doesn't have extremely sensitive skin or any kind of painfull skin problems. I have mixed to greasy skin lately, with a couple more outbreaks than usual and this really makes my skin cleaner, smoother. After massaging my face with this I feel like my skin is breathing, feels different than other days when I just wash my face with my soap. Also I use less of  other products for peeling, because this does such a good job, I feel like I don't need any other, but from time to time I still use it. Also I have very large pores on my cheeks and forehead and I feel this really helps to clean them much better than any peeling  I ever had, my pores look smaller. Maybe that's just me, but this is something I think is definitely worth giving it a try. :)

 Also I almost forgot to mention - I like the plastic bag, has an easy zip at the side, so you can take this little pad everywhere with you :)

Hope this was helpful to you :) Thanks for reading :)

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Oh, moram po tole gobico... Zdaj sta jo ti in Taya že zelo pozitivno ocenili. :)

    Maja, Pink Mascara

    1. Res je fajn, pa ful paše kr tko mal masirat obraz z njo :) Nisem še vidla Tayine objave, grem pogledat kaj je ona napisala o tej blazinci :)

  2. Jaz sem čisto navdušena nad to gobico, razmišljam, da bi vzela še eno, ker prijateljica pravi, da je odlična tudi za pranje čopičev. :)

    1. Sem brala ja na tvojem blogu :) Kako pa jo uporablja ko pere čopiče? Jih drgne plosko ob blazinico?

  3. Replies
    1. It can be, unless you have sensitive skin. Than I wouldn't recommend rubbing your skin too much.


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