Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make up Trends for Fall/Winter 2013/14 :)

 Hey there! Fall is making big steps into our lives, from weather to clothes to makeup :) It's time to make a short presentation of make up looks that will be trendy this fall/winter season :)

1. Cat eyes
Eyes are again the focus of the face, along with lips. For the classic 60's style cat eyes look you can get inspiration from Kenzo, Anna Sui and such... Be bold with shape, dots, texture.. mix liquid eyeliner with pencil liner, mix colours from icy blue to violet ... of course black is forever classic and you can't go wrong with that one :P

 2. Orangey Shadow
Glossy coppery shadows, orange tones - use them to look both simple and luxurious at the same time :) You can go as dark as reddish brown, but most of all have fun, experiment and find the perfect bronzy, orangy, goldy fall shade for you :) These colours give a vibrant and diffused strength to the eye :)

3. Red Lips and Wine-Hued Lips
 Yes, I know.. again red lips! Yay for some and suffer for the others :P Red is never really out so for some this is a great news and for some, well if you don't feel comfortable wearing red you can still do what suits you best :) Anyway, for red bold lips enthusiasts - matte red is a very encouraged shade, you can also go for wet looking and shiny, or just apply a stain or a good layer of gloss :)
If you like really deep wine reds, than you can start with a stain and build up :)

4. Prune Eyes
Fall is all about purple, and I think this is really nothing new :) Purple, violet shades have always reigned in fall season :) To be more exact,t his fall is very popular a deep brownish kind of purple. You can go from a very sheer and light purple shade to very dark, as long as you feel comfortable. :)

5. Glittery Eyes
Another trend that never dies is glitter! If you prefer only matte shades than this is definitely not for you, but if you like to add a touch of shine, than you can play a lot  with this trend :) 

 6. Grey Wash
No more classic smokey eyes! Gray finish on lids this fall looks more mysterious and fog like :) Just like autumn! Try some granite gray and shade it up all the way to the brow bone :)

 7. Natural Look
For those of you who like make up but want to look as natural as possible - this is it! Natural look is IN always, at least it seems so to me, and it fits best to most :) Take care of your skin and add just a touch of makeup to cover up any minor imperfections :)

 8. Strong brows
Another trend that is slowly coming back for a couple of seasons now - strong brows! No more excessive plucking! :P 

 My Opinion: Hmm, I like the red lips part... and the purple and orangey shades on eyes, so I'll experiment some more with those colours. But this does not feel as anything new to me, more or less, I feel like I'm reading the same ideas every year. Still there are certain looks that suit me and some I really love making, so I'll stick to what I know looks good on me. :) I do't think I'll experiment much :) Also, here you can check my post from last years makeup trends and you'll see some really do repeat every year :) How about you? Do you follow make up trends? Or do you tend to do what makes you feel best?

Hope this was helpful to you and take care!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Meni je najbolj všeč trend z rdečimi ustnicami, čeprav imam občutek, da bom letos bolj nosila vijola odtenke.

    1. Ja rdeče ustnice so skor must za esen, vsaj zame. Le preredko se opogumim, doma pa taka kolekcija božanskih rdečk... upam da bom letos bolj pogumna :P Vijola odtenki so mi super, samo sem se jih že kr preveč navadila, mogoče letos kaj bolj v oranžnih odtenkih :P


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