Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labello Sun protect VS. Alverde Sonnenlippen pflegestift :)

Hello! As long ago promised.. I am finally making the comparison between  two sun protecting lip balms. As we all know, summer is time when we are most concerned with our skin and how to protect it, but many forget to protect also the lips. As the skin is very sensitive there, it is also very senstive to sunburn, even thou we don't see or feel it right away. Protecting your lips is quite essential for all who want their lips to look healthy and full for years to come :) I know summer is almost over, but lips need SPF protection in every time of year. I don't mean to overreact with protecting balms and creams and such, but when outside, in summer or winter, lips should not be just forgotten.

So this summer I tested this two lip products containing SPF. First is Labello Sun protect, which I have mentioned in NEW in June. The second is Alverde Sonnenlippen pfelegestift, which I mentioned here.

 Here you have ingredients for Alverde lip balm, but I already threw away the Labello packaging, so I am really sorry, but I can not compare ingredients too.

Let's start with the comparison!
1. Labello has more SPF, SPF 30, than Alverde, which has SPF 20. Both are ok, depends where you are when your skin is exposed to the sun, than you know how much protection you really need.
2. Scent - Labello smells nice, like some gentle cream,... Alverde smells fantastic! A little bit fruity, yummy!
3. Weight - both products offer the same amount - 4,8g.
4. Alverde is natural cosmetics, this product is vegan, also has NaTrue certificate. Labello is not a brand of natural cosmetics, therefore, I can not say if this product was tested on animals or not. (As far as I know company Beiersdorf has been on the black list of those who test on animals for years... :S)
5. Both products promise to be waterproof.
6. Texture - Labello glides on smoothly, is not sticky, leaves a nice pampering feeling on your lips. Alverde is a little bit chalky, and also feels kinda greasy.
7. Colour - here we go... Labello gives just a hint of paleness to your lips, while Alverde.. oh boy, I do look like a white chalk! And it looks eeewww! Terrible, terrible looking!
8. Moisturizing - both are good, ok at that. I can not say one is better than the other.

Right: Labello, Left: Alverde



Final verdict - As much as I love Alverde and it's probably one of my favourite brands...as much as I would always opt for a product that is natural and or even vegan,... this product is not good and I don't like it. Here on the swatches it doesn't look as bad as it does in person. My lips are really white and it looks unnatural .. plus it feels weird on the lips, too greasy and bumpy. So I mainly used Labello this summer and I really liked it. Unfortunately I can not say about the ingredients, so I can not say whether they are good or not. Anyway the feel, the protection and the look on my lips give this product a big bonus. 

Hope this was helpful to you and take care of your lips!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Škoda, da Alverde pušča tako čudno belo barvo na ustnicah. Jaz imam pri balzamih najraje, da puščajo le sijaj brez barve in seveda je pomembno, da navlažijo ustnice.

    1. Mja, sem bila tudi jaz ful razočarana... Vlaži ok, oba sta ok pri tem, noben pa ni nek presežek. Sem imela že boljše balzame kot sta ta dva kar se tiče vlažilnosti.. :)

  2. Super review :)
    Imam tega Labellovega, ampak res ni zame. Se strinjam s Tayo, rada mam brezbarvni balzam, ki da sijaj. Tale od labella pa je cist prevec bel, ko ga nanesem. Res je škoda da tudi alverdejev ni kaj boljši ..

    1. Hvala :) Meni je labello ok, ampak ja, tudi na meni doskrat zgleda preveč bel... škoda res..


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