Friday, August 31, 2012

[Preview] ArtDeco - Dita von Teese Fall Favorites

ArtDeco already made a collection with Dita Von Teese, it was called Dita Von Teese Classics. This is a new one DVT Fall Favourites. I didn't know that she was going to make two collections with ArtDeco, and I'm glad I decided not to buy anything from previous one, since this one has some really gorgeous stuff too and the budget won't allow me to have it all. :)

There are six intense eyeshadow colours. They are available in : Sable 17, 26 Charmeuse, 27 Champagne, 150 Masquerade, 175 Sapphire,  185 Mystique. 

 Next is beauty trio box, very classy, as usual for AD products :)

False eyelashes are also in this collection, seems like she never gets enough of them. :) They look ok, but the Classics collection had prettier :)

Next is Ultra volume mascara, available only in black.

Eyebrow gel is available in three shades,  1 Crystal, 2 Mink and 5 Midnight.

Longlasting foundation is oil free, comes in three shades, 10, 35 and 40. This also has SPF 20 and is on my wishlist! ;)

In this collection there is also anti-aging concealer, available in 3 Beauty Sleep wall. Looks like you just have to twist it at the end to get the product out.

Next product I would like to try is Fixing loose powder.

One interesting product is also Illuminating baked powder, looks really pretty here :)

There are also two blushers :) Available in 25 She-Shamen and26 Orchidé.

And to my favourite part - lipsticks and lip lacquers :) Art Couture Velvet Lipstick is available in Manslayer 631, 634 Erotique, 650 Tryst, 656 Black Dahlia. Must check them out when they arrive, but for now my favourite is the last one, Black dahlia :) Lip Laquers are available in 29 Lovecraft and 37 Sexpert. Can't decide yet which one is best, I would love to have them both :)

Nail Lacquers are also very pretty and matching colours to the lips :) Available in  24 De Sade and 26 Vanitas.

Also you can get a Mini Lacquer in 05 Paper Moon.

I find this collection so very, reddish, brownish.. really nice colurs :) The nail polishes and lip products are awesome, also the eyeshadows, but I will for now only add one thing to my wishlist, the foundation for sure, unless the shades won't suit me. Than of course a lip product goes with me, even thou I have enough of them already XD The green eyeshadow really stands out from the range, perhaps I end up deciding for it :)

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review of Alverde Ruby lipstick - Ethno Look LE

Alverde launched Ethno Reloaded Limited editon about a month ago in Germany, it just recently arrived to Slovenia. It is available only in DM stores. This limited edition consist of quattro eyeshadows, mascara, kajal pencils, lipsticks, bronzing glow liquid, rouge schimmer, compact bronzer, and a necklace :) I liked most on photos and swatches the green-y shades of quattro eyeshadows and lipsticks.

 The eyeshadows were all gone by the time I got to store, but the lipsticks were there. Three shades, two browny and one browny-red. It looks darker in the tube than it really is. I tried to get it look on the photos as it does in real life, but the light was a bit too strong. It's a creamy texture, goes on smoothly, it's not a very longlasting product. I had to reapply it several times during the day. What I like about it is the shade, very nice daily red lipstick. It will suit better those with warm skin type, it's too browny for cool skin types. Suitable for those who would like to try to wear red lipstick for daily occasions, like to work or classes, but don't know with what kind of shade to start. :) It doesn't have any special smell, the usual one that all Alverde products have. The packaging is rather fragile, its not plastic  but more like cardboard material. The price is very budget friendly, this lipstick cost 3,45 euros.

EDIT: Got this to work and I finally updated this post. It would look better if I could take a photo of my lips in the sun. :)

I also made a photo of how it looks on my lips, but I can not upload it here, seems something doesn't work. :/  I hope you liked this post and that you found some useful information here:)

Thanks for reading! :)

Preview - Catrice LE Upper Wildside

Catrice decided to launch another limited edition. It should be arriving before the 40's Hollywood one. This one is a bit similar to the Essence Wild Craft one. :) But not too much :) This is also arriving in September :)

Long-lasting cream eyeshadows: These have flock applicator, creamy texture, are easy to apply and blend and are very long-lasting. Available in o1 Be Aztec, 02 Urban Outrider, 03 The Place to Be: Prairie. For me the last one would do, such a neutral colour that could be used in so many make-ups, other two don't convince me.
Lip gloss stick: It's gel-like, almost transparent texture. Available in 01 Wild, Wild West-side and 02 Red Rocks! I find these too transparent and daily coloured. I would prefer if they were more creamy and stronger colours.

Sun teint bronzing gel: It's gel-like texture is easy to apply, it is not self-tanning. Suitable for all skin types. Interesting product for fall, would expect this more for summer or before summer.

Nail polish:  Available in Be Aztec, Hunting Heritage, Urban Outrider, Wild, Wild West-side, Red Rocks! Not my kind of colours, really not even one nail polish would go home with me..
Suede Beauty bag :) Looks really nice, doesn't it? If it's big enough to get all my stuff in that I normaly carry around it's mine! :)

Thanks for reading:)

[Preview] essence trend edition „Wild Craft”

Just a quick preview of a new trend edition by Essence. Should be in stores any time now :)

The variety of products from lipstick with a velvety finish, a highlighter powder pigments with subtle shimmer to a practical duo brush with very soft hair brush! This trend edition has really some nice pieces I want to have!

Mono eyeshadows in this collection are gorgeous, really nice colours. I think I want them all ;) This is available in 01 rosewood hood, 02 out of the forest and 03 mystic lilac.

Second is this Eyebrow set, which looks nice, but I don't need it. It is available in 01 wooden allen.
Lipsticks :) Again two shades, one is quite daily, but the other one, the purplish one - that's something I definitely must try! :)  Available in 01 mystic lilac and 02 rosewood hood.

Highlight powder is available in 01 let's get wild. looks nice, but I really don't need it :)

Duo brush is a must have! I really hope I get my hands on it! I already have some of Essence brushes and they are quite good for the price. This one might be a little harder to store, it would be best to lay it down somewhere. Standing up in a jar or somewhere would just damage it.

Nail polish - some nice shades, but nothing new here. Perhaps the dark violet one would go with me, if I'm lucky enough to get to the stand on time :D This is available in 01 tree hugging, 02 out of the forest, 03 mystic lilac and 04 rosewood hood. 
 So this is it :) A bit late for a preview, but I hope there will be some left to buy and make review ;)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo story - DIY new jewelry project

Hi! Here's a  short photo story of how I make my jewlry. :)

First you need to prepare everything you will need. I sometimes get an idea and than make it just with the few different beads I found in that moment and than later realize I could use some other stuff too. So it's best if you keep everything organized as much as you can and prepare everything before you start. :) For this simple project you will need:
-for necklace: some black cotton cord, wood beads in at least two colours and three different sizes
- for bracelet: memory wire, pliers, wood beads in two colours and two different sizes
- for earrings: wood beads in two colours and all three sizes, earrings hook, pliers, some metal chopsticks with a little ball at the end to hold the beads in.

For necklace you first cut the cotton cord at the wished lenght. Here I made it quite long, so I don't need to put a stopper at the end, you just put it over your head:) Than I used firstly one large red bead, than two small black ones, than two small red ones, and than repeated this two times, than again a big red one and again the same.. With this you get a nice symmetrical necklace, but you can always line them up as you wish, there's no need for any kind of sequence.

Bracelet is also very easy to make. Just cut the memory wire as long as you wish, the more you cut the bigger and more massive it gets, usually I cut at least three or four  circles. Than at one end use pliers and make a little loop, so it will keep the beads in. Start organizing a chain of beads as you like. You can have a pattern (for example: two black, two red, two black, two big reds, two black, two red,...) or you can put them on randomly like I did :) At the end again make a loop. Try to make them as small as possible, but big enough that beads don't go off :)

For earrings you will need firstly two larger red beads and two smaller and four little black ones. First you make the lower part, use the little chopsticks with a stopper at the end, put on black bead and than the big red one, cut the rest of the stick at an appropriate lenght, as much as you need left to make a nice loop. Than take other sticks that have loops at the end, or just sticks and make loops at the end yourself. Put on little red bead and than little black bead, cut at an appropriate lenght and make a loop. Connect the first part to the upper part, an than alltogether to the earring hook. At the end put some silicon stoppers on the earrings hook :)

 And this is the finished project. A set of jewelry in maching colours and materials. You can choose any kind of beads and any kind of base you prefer, also the colour combinations here are very simple. You can always try more daring colours. This is a very classy set of jewelry, very suitable for the upcoming fall :)

Here on the photos you can see still some leftovers of the cord. I tend to really tighten it as much as possible, than leave it for some time, tighten it again and than cut off the rest. Better to be sure it holds than to make the whole thing again :)

I started making jewelry on my own and I can say I'm a self-taught. Making necklaces like this was one of the first things I did, it's super easy, you just need the material, a good idea and some time ;)

Thanks for reading and I hope this was useful to you! :)

Smoky eyes by Bourjois - review and swatches

Hi there!
Bourjois is one of the brands that I really love for their eyeshadows, nail polishes, concealers and foundations. The rest I haven't had a chance to try yet. I hear their lipglosses are really great :) In this post I will show you my collection of their Smokey eyes trio eyeshadows. This product has been in stores for quite some time now and I think it will be leaving soon, I noticed really big sales for these in many stores, so I guess we can expect a new product. I couldn't find any other information about it that would confirm my suspicion.

My collection consists of four little pots of baked eyeshadows. Here's a group photo of them :)
I have these in four gropus of shades, they are named from left to right: 04 nude ingenu, 05 rose vintage, 12 gris lilac, 02 or baroque :)
04 nude ingenu, 05 rose vintage, 12 gris lilac, 02 or baroque

First I got 04 nude ingenu, which I used a lot for daily make -up. The rest not so much, even thou I love the colours. I had troble getting the darkest shade to go full on. As I said, these eyeshadows are made by baked technology and sometimes that results in really hard little ball of eyeshadow, that just won't get on your brush. I heard the same problem was common for their blushers, some said they had really hard times applying it. Oh well, at least you can't over do it! XD

Second shade I got was 05 Rose Vintage. It's such a pretty group of shades, and here I had no problems with getting it on the brush. Of course as you can see on the pthoto, every little pot gets it's own very tiny sponge applicator, which I find cute but very useless. You can try applying it with a sponge, sure, but I would really recommend working the colours with an eyeshadow brush. It's much easier to apply.

I bought the last two, 12 gris lilac and 02 or baroque not so long ago, but I had time to test them. Gris lilac really looked so chic I had to buy it, but well, the colour pay off is just not as good as with the rest of them. The two lighter shades were a bit better, a bit easier to apply or swatch, but the darkest one... It did not budge at all, until I scratched it off and worked it in with a thumb. :/ Really too bad, I was so looking forward to that shade. You can also see on the swatch that the colour is barely visible.

Or baroque is a total win! The colours are amazing, the colour payoff is great, the combination is just perfect! I can not say how happy I am I convinced myself to buy this one too! XD As you can see on the swatch it really looks amazing and with some good blending  you can make such a seductive look! ;) Really recommend it to all brunettes with brown eyes, it will make you look extra sexy :)

In general the colour payoff is good, except for the Gris lilac dark shade and Nude ingenu dark shade. On the photos it may not seem like they are not dark enough, probably because I spent so much time trying to get them to look like they do live. So with some work you can get them a bit darker, but I expected even more depth to these two colours. I used Manhattan eyeshadow base and the make up lasted for at least four to five hours, than it started to crease. I do not blame the eyeshadows for this but my base and my own eyelids. The base got a bit old and I didn't have time to buy a new one, so this defenitely helped that my look didn't last as long as usual. Also my eyelids are a bit more greasy and no matter what I do or what kind of base I put on I can never really achieve the 8 hour duration this products promises. This goes for all eyeshadow products, not just for Bourjois ones. Still, this is a really nice product, I hope the rest of you will be satisfied with it too. On the scale from 1 to 5, I would give it 4,5. The reason for it would be that not all eyeshadows were as expected and also that they are a bit pricey, but still affordable and a very good quality.

I hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! :)

Essence trend edition - Cherry Blossom Girl

Essence - a line of products that I'm sure can be found in any beauty bag! Until now all the fall limited editions have been darker, brown-ish - purple-ish, not much going on. But this one is a complete opposite! A lot of more merry and bright colours! It should be in stores in September 2012.

Let's start with eyeshadow quattro. Two subtle tones in Peach and Nude and two intense colours in brown and red make for endless styles and magic through her silky-smooth texture with shimmering and matte effects a stunning eye makeup. Available in 01 dreaming under a cherry tree.

 With the two sides of the 2in1 eyeliner can - from fine to broad - draw beautiful, precise line. By the semi-permanent texture the eye make-up is nice and long lasting. Available in classic black or natural dark brown, 01 big in japan and 02 my little kimono.

Artistically designed paper lashes - the absolute highlight of this edition trendAvailable in 01 garden hidden in the sakura.

A big trend have become lipstick pencils. Everyone is making them, from Revlon to Clinique, we will see them in fall from Alverde and also here in this edition. Intense and velvety matte finish in bold red and trendy Apricot make practical lipstick pencil to favourite beauty product! Available in 01 cherrycherry girl  and 02 it `s not cherry peach

The fine, delicate texture shimmering in a light rosé gives the eyes the natural rays of an Asian beauty-girls. The highlighter pen comes as a twist pen and is characterized by its easy  application with an integrated brush. Available in 01 konnichiwa girls!

A really nice rosy-peachy blush, available in 01 asian sensation. I think this product will be a must have for me!

Nail Polishes are available in 01 fortune cookie, 02 my little kimono, 03 cherrycherry girl and 04 it `s not cherry peach. Cherrycherry girl will be definitely going home with me. :)

The delicately perfumed body powder with decorative puff gives the face, neck and cleavage a subtle shimmer for a radiant complexion. Available in 01 glitty hello. Seems interesting but I don't think I would be using this product at all.

Thanks for reading and have a good day! ;)