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Smoky eyes by Bourjois - review and swatches

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Bourjois is one of the brands that I really love for their eyeshadows, nail polishes, concealers and foundations. The rest I haven't had a chance to try yet. I hear their lipglosses are really great :) In this post I will show you my collection of their Smokey eyes trio eyeshadows. This product has been in stores for quite some time now and I think it will be leaving soon, I noticed really big sales for these in many stores, so I guess we can expect a new product. I couldn't find any other information about it that would confirm my suspicion.

My collection consists of four little pots of baked eyeshadows. Here's a group photo of them :)
I have these in four gropus of shades, they are named from left to right: 04 nude ingenu, 05 rose vintage, 12 gris lilac, 02 or baroque :)
04 nude ingenu, 05 rose vintage, 12 gris lilac, 02 or baroque

First I got 04 nude ingenu, which I used a lot for daily make -up. The rest not so much, even thou I love the colours. I had troble getting the darkest shade to go full on. As I said, these eyeshadows are made by baked technology and sometimes that results in really hard little ball of eyeshadow, that just won't get on your brush. I heard the same problem was common for their blushers, some said they had really hard times applying it. Oh well, at least you can't over do it! XD

Second shade I got was 05 Rose Vintage. It's such a pretty group of shades, and here I had no problems with getting it on the brush. Of course as you can see on the pthoto, every little pot gets it's own very tiny sponge applicator, which I find cute but very useless. You can try applying it with a sponge, sure, but I would really recommend working the colours with an eyeshadow brush. It's much easier to apply.

I bought the last two, 12 gris lilac and 02 or baroque not so long ago, but I had time to test them. Gris lilac really looked so chic I had to buy it, but well, the colour pay off is just not as good as with the rest of them. The two lighter shades were a bit better, a bit easier to apply or swatch, but the darkest one... It did not budge at all, until I scratched it off and worked it in with a thumb. :/ Really too bad, I was so looking forward to that shade. You can also see on the swatch that the colour is barely visible.

Or baroque is a total win! The colours are amazing, the colour payoff is great, the combination is just perfect! I can not say how happy I am I convinced myself to buy this one too! XD As you can see on the swatch it really looks amazing and with some good blending  you can make such a seductive look! ;) Really recommend it to all brunettes with brown eyes, it will make you look extra sexy :)

In general the colour payoff is good, except for the Gris lilac dark shade and Nude ingenu dark shade. On the photos it may not seem like they are not dark enough, probably because I spent so much time trying to get them to look like they do live. So with some work you can get them a bit darker, but I expected even more depth to these two colours. I used Manhattan eyeshadow base and the make up lasted for at least four to five hours, than it started to crease. I do not blame the eyeshadows for this but my base and my own eyelids. The base got a bit old and I didn't have time to buy a new one, so this defenitely helped that my look didn't last as long as usual. Also my eyelids are a bit more greasy and no matter what I do or what kind of base I put on I can never really achieve the 8 hour duration this products promises. This goes for all eyeshadow products, not just for Bourjois ones. Still, this is a really nice product, I hope the rest of you will be satisfied with it too. On the scale from 1 to 5, I would give it 4,5. The reason for it would be that not all eyeshadows were as expected and also that they are a bit pricey, but still affordable and a very good quality.

I hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Tile trojčki izgledajo prekrasno =). Sama nimam nobenega, ampak mogoče si pa kdaj kakšnega omislim, glede na to, da slišim same pohvale =)


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