Monday, August 27, 2012

Preview - Alverde, new products for Fall 2012

Alverde is one of my favourite brands of natural cosmetics. I especially like their make - up products. They've been consistently good in textures, colours, smells, usefulness and price. Here's a preview of upcoming new products for Fall 2012.

Lipstick Pencil: I will start with my favourite new product! Can't wait to test it when it finally comes to Slovenia! It contains shea butter which nourishes your lips. This product comes in only three shades, 10 berry, 20 nude and 30 red. This product is not vegan!

Lipsticks: My second favourites are lipsticks. They come in three new shades, that could be used for everyday make up. The names of new shades are 26 Softly Nude, 58 Starlight Coral
and 59 Dusty Nude.

Color & Care Lipgloss: One new shade, 50 Blazing Coral.

 Lipgloss: A new shade 27  Starlet Orange.

Mono Eyeshadow: This comes in two new shades 50 Satin Taupe and 40 Golden Orange.

 Quattro Eyeshadow: This comes in a new packaging and in new shades, all are vegan except the berry ones. The shades are 37 chocolate, 38 smokey eyes, 46 fairy forest and
47 pure berry.

Duo - Eyeshadow: They come in four new shades, but I could not find names for all of them.  The second one is 7 Gorgeous Green.

Baked Eyeshadow: This comes in a new shade, 10 Cryptic Green.

Liquid Eyeshadow: Daring colours with metallic effect. This comes in three shades, 10 metallic-anthracite, 20 metallic-turquiose and 30 metallic-aubergine. It's a vegan product!

Duo Kajal Liner: This comes in three shades, 10 graphit-rose, 20 golden-brown and 30 silver-smaragd. It's a vegan product!

Mascara Small Size Star: It has a smaller brush which takes in all the small lashes and gives them a boost :) This product is not vegan!

Eyeliner Flashing Star: Eyeliner with little glitter parts. It's a vegan product!

Lash Booster: It's a 24-h working product. With regular use it gives longer and thicker lashes. It's a vegan product! * 60% of users said they see results as promised. :)

 Mascara Maximize Aubergine: This mascara gives nice cplour payoff, thanks to the brush it gets to the roots of your eyelashes and  gives intensity to your eyes. It contains organic jojoba oil and aloe vera extract. This product is not vegan.

Mascara Black & Blue Highlighter: More volume and more colour! First step is black mascara which gives volume and second step is blue mascara which gives nice colour and intensifies your look :) This product is not vegan.

Coverstick: This product will be now aveilable in a new shade, 20 Beige.

 Mineral Blush Pearls: It gives nice satin glow. It contains nourishing jojoba oil and orchid extract. It comes in two shades, 10 fantastic toffee and 20 wonderful dawn. This product is not vegan.

Cream to Powder Concealer: This comes in two shades, 20 Ivory and 30 Farblos. It's a creamy texture and gives nice coverage to any blemishes or undereye circles.

4in1 Concealer: It's a highlighter, concealer, base and eyeshadow in one. It's got a bit of shimmer in it. Calendula extract and silk proteins pamper the skin. This product is not vegan. It contains 8,5 ml.

4in1 Color & Care Foundation : This foundation combines four effects in one product. It's moisturizing, it's antibacterial, it makes even complexion, it gives a bit of glow. It is also a vegan product! :) The bottle contains 30 ml.
Thanks for reading! :)

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