Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Preview] essence trend edition „Wild Craft”

Just a quick preview of a new trend edition by Essence. Should be in stores any time now :)

The variety of products from lipstick with a velvety finish, a highlighter powder pigments with subtle shimmer to a practical duo brush with very soft hair brush! This trend edition has really some nice pieces I want to have!

Mono eyeshadows in this collection are gorgeous, really nice colours. I think I want them all ;) This is available in 01 rosewood hood, 02 out of the forest and 03 mystic lilac.

Second is this Eyebrow set, which looks nice, but I don't need it. It is available in 01 wooden allen.
Lipsticks :) Again two shades, one is quite daily, but the other one, the purplish one - that's something I definitely must try! :)  Available in 01 mystic lilac and 02 rosewood hood.

Highlight powder is available in 01 let's get wild. looks nice, but I really don't need it :)

Duo brush is a must have! I really hope I get my hands on it! I already have some of Essence brushes and they are quite good for the price. This one might be a little harder to store, it would be best to lay it down somewhere. Standing up in a jar or somewhere would just damage it.

Nail polish - some nice shades, but nothing new here. Perhaps the dark violet one would go with me, if I'm lucky enough to get to the stand on time :D This is available in 01 tree hugging, 02 out of the forest, 03 mystic lilac and 04 rosewood hood. 
 So this is it :) A bit late for a preview, but I hope there will be some left to buy and make review ;)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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